America's Sweetheart

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - :) puppy days

Submitted: March 29, 2013

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Submitted: March 29, 2013



I'm not gonna lie when I say that my school is not like other schools, this is way more boring! Me and Emily were in Morrisons checking out the meal deals hey if I can have a coke, a chicken wrap AND some crisps for £3 I'm a happy girl.

I picked up a basket on my way in and right now it was filled with a chicken wrap, prawn cocktail crisps and a bottle of cherry cola. I smiled happily this was the life, until some one tapped my shoulder. I jumped.

"Are you okay this morning Cass?" Emily regarded me taking my at arms length and staring at me as if I was a spy come to take her alive to a secret layer. I doubled up and had to kneel down to clutch my stomach.

I wipped her hands off me laughing still holding my belly.

She put her own basket on the floor and gave a little smile but still looked concerned at me. "Oh nothing, sorry I..I'm....Brandon messaged me this morning saying hey, I mean I said morning first but still he messaged me back Em! I'm sooo happy!" I almost yelled beaming at her, I felt like I was glowing.

Emily's face broke out into a smile at me. She was soon happy too when I told her that yes she could be the chief bridesmade of my wedding. There was gonna be no wedding, I knew that but if it kept Emily happy... We payed for our food, and got back into my car. Okay. Now for the tough part of the day. School.

When we got to the parking lot, we went to out lockers then went and stood outside of home room or form as I call it. Here was like a game of snakes and ladders if you had a reputation people here would try and break it. You were judged on how you reacted and acted towards a situation.

Now as I was peeking over at Brandon I knew he wasn't really popular or sporty he was a gamer, xbox was all his physical activaty. Hmmmm Brandon's physical activaty.... We went inside when our tutur let us in and sat in our spaces.

Me sat next to him was both a mixture of heaven and hell. I struggled to maintain coolness around a table full of guys and the Greek God. Then it was maths. Hm. Could have gone better I guess. Who needs maths!

Seriously I have been stranded in this classroom for days now and it's taking the piss. Me and Em were in different maths sets but that didn't mean we didn't still talk to each other. 'Soooo bored!' I sent Emily to hear my phone buzz 5 mins later.

She'd put. 'IKR! I can't wait to eat! Starved m8. Nosh. Nom.' I smiled and settled into my usual 'I'm a good school girl' rountine. By the end of the day all I wanted was to go home. I had History last, and Emily had Goegraphy so I waited outside my car for her to come and meet me. She arrived looking deflated but determand.

Oh God what now? Why does drama follow me around all the time I will never know. "Hey" I greeted her short, simple sweet get on her good side before she acts stupid and shows us both up by yelling at me.

She gave me a tight smile not saying a word. Have I done something wrong then? We got in my car and as I drove out of the school gates she exploded it was hard to hear what she was saying, but I think I caught most of it.

"Can you believe that Charlotte trying to go for the guys that I like! Toby didn't flirt back so I guess there is a god in life. She's throwing a party tonight and invited us. It starts at 9. We're going! Revenge is gonna be sweet" She gave a horrifcly evil giggle which supirsed me and raised more questions than it cared to answer.

I was now growing very suspicious, why would a girl like Charlotte want us at her party? "Are you sure she invited us? We are so not going!" I told her. I was using my formal voice to show I meant no funny buissness. Silence fell on us like a soft tense blanket, one of us wa going to say something.

Was this an argument with my best friend? No we never argued we always agreed it was pathetic to fall out so easily. I frowned thinking about it. It would be nice to get out more, I had friends but Emily always came first she was my best friend.

Now that sounds childish. "Come on live a little Brandon's going to be there!" Wow she bargined hard! But she knew me well enough to know where to strike now I defanatly wasn't going! Still if he was going to be there then maybe it wouldn't hurt would it?

Pulling the car up onto her drive I turned at look at her ready to let her down gently, but she pouted like Louis had this morning. "Fine we'll go I'll pick you up at 8:30 sharp" I rolled my eyes at her. She grinned hugging me.

Then threw the car door open and danced to her front door waving goodbye before she dispeared. When I got home I rehersed what I was going to say to my Mum in my head. She was in the kitchen making tea with Louis who seemed so much happier than this morning.

"Hey Mum, heya there Lou you helping Mummy make tea?" I asked dropping my school bag on the floor forgetting momenterily about the party. Aw well you couldn't blame me for it. Rarely Louis is quiet and I have time to think.

"Yeah we're making a cake after aren't we Mum and we're gonna put a dog on it!" Louis yelled racing for me food all over his face. Mum laughed at him. She was still in a good mood, and with Louis around she couldn't shout that much could she?

Okay here goes then.... "Mum there's this party tonight at a friends house, Emily's going as well can I go. It starts at 9 sharp I'll be home for 11 I promise?!" I told her calmly and slowly letting each word sink into her head. I could see the clogs in her brain spin and whirl into life.

Then the fire alarm went off beacuse tea was burned again for tonight. She flapped the air with a tea towel looking like she was 60 rather than a nicely aged 38 year old woman. I didn't say anything because then a party dress would have been the last of my worries.

"If you're back by then I don't see why not. Have you seen your farther he's not back from work yet?" She worridly bit her lip staring at me like I was the Mum of the house. I smiled at her. "Don't worry Mum I'll be back and so will Dad."

Reassuring her as best as I could. I should have told her there would be drinks and drugs that would have stopped her surley? I didn't know there was gonna be drugs? Or drink?

But sure enough Charlotte's counrty house in the middle of a wood there was the entire school wrecking her house up a demalision would have been better! I frowned into my cup where was Brandon? He was the only one who wasn't here! And some of his mates.

Emily wanted me to wear my white summer dress, nah I told her oppting for fresh jeans and new dark green hoodie. Emily wore an elegent blood red dress imidiently regretting it when she saw a gang of hoodies wink at her as we entered the house.

It was all too much for me right now I wanted to be back at home reading messaging Brandon if he talked back that is. Still anywhere was better than here I guessed!

Wishing I wasn't so gullible for believing what Emily had said I shyed away from everyone. Someone offered to pay me to have sex with them, I'm 17 for gods sake Brandon woudn't do that.

I stepped outside into the cooling air and walked down the house porch and into the woods. The moon was full and look quiet nice. I heard a small soft whimper, then a straggle of a howl coming from the woodland area.

The noise made me stop and think.

What the fuck was that? Where the fuck is my car? Oh right round the other side? So what was that noise then? I followed it expecting to see a wolf or maybe a boy from the party becoming a werewolf.

Suprising I found a silver grey puppy whimpering. It looked like a wolf, but slimmer and it had wire hair not the sort a wolf would have. Although, no it couldn't be could it?

I started down at the Irish Wolfhound shocked. It howled at me.


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