America's Sweetheart

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - Guinness

Submitted: March 29, 2013

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Submitted: March 29, 2013



"Cassie what time do you call this young lady?" Dad shouted at the top of his lungs marching into the hallway his face stormy like Scottish hurricane. Any second now I bet you a £10 pound note he'll foam at the mouth.

"Shhh you'll wake Louis, Mark don't go on at her she's only 5 minute's late after all!" Mum protested, but she scuttled after him clutching his arm, his placed his arm around her thin skimpy shoulders. She didn't meet my eye. What the hell?!

I bet people like Charlotte were like two whole hours late, or promised to be home by 10 and came back at 12 the next day! I wasn't in the mood for this. Brandon hadn't come, and I'd left with Emily annoyed.

Okay so it was 11:05 well now that I was in the house waiting for Mum and Dad to shut up it was 11:13. So what it's not like I was half an hour late like Emily had wanted. Okay, I didn't usually lie but now was the time to bring out the big guns.

"Mum, calm down okay you too Dad. Come on five minutes late and you have a go at me? At least listen to why I didn't come home at 10:30!" I held my ground firmly wondering how to tell them about Guinness, the dog I'd found.

The Irish Wolfhound I'd found.

Dad raised his eyebrow at me prefounded at my sudden outburst. "Go on then..." He actually smirked at me.

"Well" I smiled back sweetly to show that I didn't need to pause because I had this all figured out what I was going to say to them. "Emily wanted us to stay until half past and I had to convince her to come in my car back home. I didn't want her to go home in a strangers car did I?"

I crossed my arms defensivley. "Don't be so defensive darling we believe you honey oh maybe we are over reacting Mark?" Mum hugged me hard. I hugged her back then stood back to face Dad.

Dad nodded at Mum then his face broke down and he looked far away for a second. He huggged me too. "Sorry Cass I know your not a baby anymore. But you'll always be my little girl" He told me smiling.

"Thanks Dad" I beamed. Now for the not so good news, the dog part.

"How was it then darling? Meet any boys?" Dad demanded looking sternly again at me. I shook my head at him keeping my arms crossed looking at Mum to back me up this time after this mornings encounters.

"Yes what did you do there, what are teenage parties like these days" Mum had a twinkle in her eye.

No. And this was a real answer this time. Since Brandon hadn't come. "We had such fun in our time didn't we Jenny?" Dad winked at her and pulled her to his side. I cringed away from them, this should not be seen in public!

"Actually I met someone who wants to stay with us and I said they could because they mean so much to me Dad, Mum" I pleaded looking them both in the eye. Both of them frowned at me unexpecting what I was going to say next.

"I found a dog"

I looked at the floor. "YOU WHAT? YOU THINK YOU CAN JUST WALTZ IN HERE AND BRING A DOG WHERE IS THE MUTT THEN CASSIE!" Dad roared at me. I kept calm acting like he was a child throwing a tantrum because he couldn't have sweets.

"Mark calm down here what she has to say first. Cass where is the dog then?" Mum hugged her slim self looking me full in the eye. I had one parent on my side.

And that was a start I guess.

"I think it's an Irish Wolfhound Mum. Dad it's in the car, my car so you can't moan about dog hairs. Look it's a girl, she seems friendly and I think she was close to death. I gave her a name and she knows when to come when I say it already" I paused letting it sink in.

Then I added helpfully. "You know you can trust me to look after Guinness, I'm 17!"

Mum tipped her head considering that. Dad frowned but made no comment on that he looked thoughtful. "It's a big responsibility Cassie, and one sight that she attacks or goes for Lou she's out got it"

I nodded drinking this information in. I hoped to god Guinness would behave, she seemed like such a nice dog. She listened to me when I talked about the party, Emily's weird behaviour and my crush on Brandon.

"I know and I got this okay have a little more faith, I'm also gonna go to the pet shop as soon as I wake up and get some things for her. All I had time to get was a color and lead for her, brown leather"

They crept outside to my car with me and saw the big strong Irish Wolfhound staring contentadly back at them. Her tail thumped on the seat. "Hey girl" I softly murmered.

She slipped out of the car I grabbed her lead, she was microchipped, her name and our house phone, and my mobile on her color already. I was fast.

"So erm hey there Guinness" Dad pattered her head then found like I had, her fur was suprisingly soft. I grinned at Mum who grinned back equally happy that Dad was acting this way, he was happy for once!

"Now" Dad turned serious again. "Both of you, bedtime!" He told us.

"Alright Dad" I tugged on my new dogs lead. We went up to my bedroom and I saw that Brandon had left me a message on my phone. 'Hey did you go to Charlotte's party? :)' I smiled at with Guinness by my side messaged him back. Again. And again.

In the morning when awake Lou came crashing into my bedroom joyfully finding me curled up with a rather large Irish Wolfhound. "Mum Dad Santa's come early this year and left a dog with Cassie!"

She was suprisingly gentle with Lou guiding him to safety. Once this morning he slipped down the stairs and she rolled under him so she got the full force of the pain. I admired her for that, she saved my little brother from serious damage.

Both Mum and Dad saw that. They admitted that they were now keeping her forver, she followed Mum into the kitchen for breakfast. "I'm glad you came Guin, you've really brightened up my day so far." Mum told the dog.

I walked into the kitchen bright and happy from yesterdays events. I felt like shouting 'happy Saturday!' Even though I'd stayed up till 2 in the morning just talking with Brandon about anything and everything.

As I sat down with my ceral my phone buzzed frantically telling me someone was calling me. I checked who it was. Emily.

"Hey Em!" I cheerfully burbled down the phone, patting Guinness's head.

"Hey erm I had the most weirdist dream about you driving me home from the party with a shaggy dog" She laughed. "It was so real, a bit fuzzy like as if I'd been drinking"

I looked over at my Mum hopeing she was way too occipied with Louis to notice me and Emily taking about party and drink in the same sentence.

"Emily I don't know how to tell you but that wasn't a dream, although hey I got a dog wooop woop!" I wooped down the phone. Lou prodded Guinness in the eye, I pushed his hand away from the big dog.

"Ah then the rest might not have been a dream either..."Emily trailed off sounding scared and desperete. But about what, I asked her the obvious wondering what she'd say.

"What do you mean, the rest what did you do when I was in the wood finding my dream dog? She really is good with Louis even Mum and Dad love her!" I beamed in the direction of Mum and Lou. Then knelt down next to my new dog.

"Enough" Emily shouted down the phone abruptly. Silence.

"Oh god Emily! What happened how serious from 1 being so not and 10 being I'm not joking serious!" I demanded whispering in case Mum heard, luckily Louis was singing 'singing in the rain' rather loudly.

"10!" She shouted. "Come round to mine right now Cass I have something to confess to you!"

"Can I bring Guinness with me?" I asked hopefully looking down at the elephant sized dog who was warming my feet. She lifted her wirey grey head and licked my leg.

"WHO THE FUCK IS HE?!" Emily screamed.

"She. She's my dog Em" I told her frowning into the phone.

"Fine" Emily muttered sulkily before hanging up the phone, I got uo brushing myself off and reaching out for the brown leather lead. "Mum Emily's having a mental break down over math homework I'm gonna go help her then go to the pet store, I'll call you when I'm on my way home"

"Okay honey oh take this!" She thrust two £20 notes into my hand.

"For the dog and bring back something for yourself you deserve a treat!"

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