America's Sweetheart

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Chapter 4 (v.1) - Mother's

Submitted: March 30, 2013

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Submitted: March 30, 2013



The sun beamed down on my car, it was still early in the morning. The same morning that my best friend had called stating it was 'the most important thing ever get your ass down here'

Following orders I got ready and grabbed my car keys. The weather was adiquaite.

I headed off to see my best friend with my new dog, it seemed life was looking up. Although, my mind kept lingering with why Emily was so stressed she wanted to go to the party.

What if it was something REALLY imprtant like she got raped while I had gone for a breather? Hastily, I shook my head furious with myself. Knowing Emily it was probebly something like her Dad had grounded her for not coming home earlier enough.

Frowning as I slowed the car at the round about just before her house, I let my hand slip to the radio and soon the car was filled with instant rock music. I sighed happily, thank god for THREE DAYS GRACE!

Right now was 'Operate'. One of my favourite songs apart from 'Unbreakable heart' and 'Broken glass'.

Guinness howled along as I sang the words. "I wonder what she wants Guin, she sounded pretty unhappy about it what ever it was!" Guinness looked at me, dark blue eyes sparkling with hints of gold like flakes of sunshine.

"Hopefully nothing too unhappy to spoil our day eh Guin?" I ruffled her fur and pulled up into the Bakers drive imediently spotting Emily's shinny silver volvo.

Her Mum's car wasn't there, neither was her Dad's they must be out somewhere. As I got out of the car hauling the female dog with me, Emily opened the door her eyes red and puffy.

She led me through to the kitchen where she burst afresh into tears.

"Oh god I've fucked up my shitty life Cassie! I've gone and fucked it all up haven't I!" She shrank into a ball hugging her knees on the floor and blubbering like a beached whale, even though she's vERY skinny like me.

"Why don't you tell me what happened then we'll go from there?" I told her gently taking control of the situation, this would comfort her surly?

She sniffed upwards rubbing her sad sore eyes then nodding feebly.

"Okay" She whispered barely audiable. Guinness took her leave, and she sat on the floor panting heavily looking mournful. I sat in between them both and took a deep breath in waiting for Emily to begin.

"Right!" Emily nibbled her bottom lip. "Can you shut that dog up it's giving me a right headache Cassie!" She snapped. Great now she wasn't even in a good mood anymore! Where do we go from here?

"She's not doing it intentionaly Em give her a chance she's a good listener! So go on then from the start" I managed to get her back on track, she nodded limply and began her tale again.

"It was last night you know Rick from school don't you?" She asked her eyes watering again.

"Yes?..." My voice left a question, I think I knew Rick so it wasn't a total lie. "OMG Emily did he RAPE YOU?!" I shouted unaware of the paper thin walls.

"SHHH KEEP YOU...keep your fucking voice down will you. No he didn't RAPE me! But we sort of did it you know, just in one of the rooms upstairs and that's why I didn't want to go so early he left I had to find him. Had to ask him somehing."

Her eyes were cast downwards. I tilted my head to one side what would she need to ask Rick that was so important? I suddenly got it! "Jesus you wanted to ask him if he was wearing a condom right?"

She sarcastically clapped her hands in front of me, her face twisted into a snarl. "Well fucking done sherlock!"

"Well give us a bloody chance it's all a bit too much to get my damm head through it let alone yours. How must you be feeling Ems?" My voice quitened when I looked at her again.

She hung her head in real shame. "Sorry for this Cass. I don't dare tell anyone else I've done it let alone that I'm pregnant!"

"Hang on there Ems!" I raised my hand to stop her. "You don't know that, he could have worn a condom and besides there's a 50/50 chance that you are eh think about that?"

"You wanna know what I think?" Emily groaned at me. "I think that what you've just said is a load of bollcoks! Have you even seen Rick I bet he pounds girls for the fun of it!" She was back to bitting her lip again.

Sudden insperation struck. "Hey what about the morning after pill, that way it could help clear your concience AND forget about this mess. No baby." I said proudly. Guiness wagged her tail at the sight of me happy.

"Too late already thought of that one. As soon as Mum and Dad left I was up like a shot in my lil volvo to the Chemist, no aparently I have to get Mummy and Daddy to buy them because I'm too young."

"That's rediculous! Don't they want more people to have safe sex in this counrty" I exploded thinking about a newly corrupt NHS system.

"Aparently not! The woman behind the counter looked at me with a smirk and was all like 'so where is your Mummy then' like I was a 3 year old. I wanted to slap her so much!"

"You didn't did you?" I asked sounding less confident by the second.

"Nah I decided she wasn't worth it. Didn't want to police on my tail" That was Emily speak for 'I simply stormed out of there with my tail held high' or as the expression is 'going out guns blazing!'

"Have you tried to get his number, Rick I mean maybe he can shed some light on this situation seeing as he could be a Daddy and therefore by some pills for you?" I asked half joking.

"That'll go down well me just at his door step. 'Hi you may remember me I'm the girl you fucked last night we could be having a baby in nine months' Well at least I'll be 18 then that's a good thing I suposse!"

She groaned holding her head in her hands. She looked so young, I wanted to punch this Rick for doing this to my best friend.

"I don't know what else to do Cassie. I'm scared" She wimpered. I hugged my sniffling friend scared as well for her, what would her Mum say? Scrap that! What the hell would her Dad say to this He'd shoot Rick in the head!

We stared at the floor in despair when Guiness nudged over a little eyeing Emily precariously. I carried on stroking her smooth silky fur coated back -my dog not Emily- wondering how a dog would cope with this.

Emily frowned at Guiness then muttered to me. "You don't mind going up stairs to fetch me some more tissue do you? It's just that..." I was already on my feet leaving Guinness behind to help her out.

Dogs are very soothing creatuers and are totally the opposite of men I think.

I went up the stairs to grab another box of tissues, all the ones down stairs were already used, I couldn't believe the mess Emily had gotten herself into. As I padded down the stairs I heard Emily speaking to Guinness softly.

"I didn't mean what I snapped earlier. I know I sound pompous talking to a dog, and snapping at you but I feel like you can really understand what I'm saying. Don't fuck up your life too okay?

And don't let Cassie fuck her's up either. It's my job to fuck things up but not Cassie she's a good girl..." I didn't let her finish as I leaped off the last step causing a small thud for them to hear.

Emily walked out of the kitchen with my dog at her heels, at sight that made me smile a little.

"I don't want to put a damp cloth on your good mood Emily but what will you tell your Mum?" I pondered the question out loud knowing Emily would ask it herself, or had been asking it for the past few hours.

"Oh shit. I never thought of that what will my Dad say to this let alone my Mum? But I know I want you there with me when I tell them, they can't shout too much if your with me can they?"

"They better not shout at you in your condition!" I murmered proudly that I was enough of a friend to be used as a way to escape a beating. Not litrely. I hoped anyways.

"Just stay with me bestie!" She grinned.

"Sure thing and I want to be an auntie!" I exclaimed to her pulling her into a tight hug laughing a little.

Then we heard the door open and in walked Emily's Mum. "Hey girls nice hug and what the hel...oh my it's a dog heaven help me if it's your's Emily Baker!" Her Mum snapped sternly.

God she was a bit of a bitch then. I mean I always found her so sweet what the fuck had happened to her?

"Actually, she is mine she's called Guinness, Irish Wolfhound. Good girl aren't you girl" I patted my dogs head allowing a grin when I saw Mrs Bakers smile get very thin.

She was not going to insult my dog though. I would NOT let that happen if she did there would be hell to pay around here. I hoped Emily would understand if I knocked out her Mother.

"Oh well dear did you just pop round for a chat..." Her voice trailed like she expected me to leave. No fucking way!

"MUM!" Emily snapped back. "Cassie's come round for homework help, and I said yes because we're best friends. She came for a good cuppa too" She lied holding her hands on her hips.

I smiled at her greatfully. "Erm yes...pythagarous is a dangeress game Mrs Baker that's why I asked Em here"

"That's nice dear did you have to bring that with you though?" She pointed to my dog as she walked towards the direction to the kitchen. I felt like shouting. 'She's not the only female dog here!'

Somehow that would have got me into a boat load of trouble so instead I gave her my best winning smile and sauntered after Emily to her room without replying, Guinness followed us.

Much to Mrs Baker's dismay I though gleefully.

When we got the her room and closed the door so her Mum couldn't hear us Emily apoligised again and again. "Sorry about my Mum, Cassie she get's a little you know sometimes"

Crazy. Weird. Fucking phyco. I thought. "No it's okay I don't mind really Emily you should see my Mum sometimes!"

At least my Mum liked my dog.

"I just wish that sometimes she would stop and listen to me though. Like your Mum Cassie" She crossed her arms and sat on the bed flopping out like a star fish.

I burst out laughing hanging onto Guinness for support. "You gotta be kidding me!"

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