America's Sweetheart

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Chapter 5 (v.1) - Fallin' love all over again! ;)

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Submitted: March 31, 2013



I had left Emily's house after a good long time just to annoy her Mother, which made me laugh quite a lot. Before I left I had been made to swear to an acient friendship promise, on a oath. 'Don't tell anyone about this baby lark' She whispered lowley shuffling out of the house.

'And bring that dog again soon if ya want she's a good listener you two make a good pair!' She'd yelled at me thankfully wearing her old casual, easy going Emily smile.

On my way home I called into the local pet shop in town Guinness ,being a dog, was also allowed in with me. An added bounes. Together we found the basic equpment needed to keep a large dog happy and healthy.

When everything was piled high on the counter the little old lady behind it, took of her glasses and rubbed them with her sleeve as of staring in disbelief at my dog. She instintly made a fuss over her giving her little treats that were for REALLY good dogs.

I smiled at her as she exclaimed. 'Oh if you don't mind me saying Miss, but this is a wonderful specimen of an Irish Wolfhound! Fabulous coat, most people opt now a days for orritating small rat like creatues heaven only knows why"

She was on my Christmas card list. Harrah! Another big dog fan for the club.

"Do you know how old she is?" I asked with genuine intrest. "It's just that I sort of found her and no body wanted to keep her, she had obviously been dumped and in a bad way. I reckon I saved her life, sorry I don't mean to brag" I blushed getting carried away with explaning.

The woman grinned back at me.

"Nonsence you have a BIG dog to be proud of why not show her off!? To be honest she looks around 6 months and looking very healthy at that age too. Did you know that Irish Wolfhounds are VERY loyal dogs and good companions!"

"Nope. Well now I do but I didn't know that before gosh! I have made a friend for life then haven't I?" I couldn't stop my grin from getting wider at that sudden thought.

The little woman smiled back. She gave a tinkily laugh at me. "You seem to like it here then urmm..?"

I placed Guinness's lead into my left hand and shook the old ladies hand with my left, still smiling. "Please I'm Cassie, and this is Guinness, I live just a little out of town near the woodland so she is garenteed to have a LOT of exersize. I do love it though"

"You knew we do need the staff these days, tell you what I'll have a word with the boss write your number down? My name's Jean Greenfield by the way" The woman, who I now knew was called Jean muttered wistfully.

"Really? Like an actual job!"

"Sure we need the younger genaration to become excited about hampster food, and puppy kibble right? So there we go and I'll ring you in about a week? If not come next Saturday? I may forget" She laughed again. "Memory like a goldfish!"

Guinness was making such a good reputation, and now I couldn't wait to tell Mum and Dad this news, a Saturday job! So having a dog is a good thing after all!

Before I set off did two things, I stapped Guinness into the seat with her new dog staftey harness and then texted Mum like I'd promised I would do.

'Just come out of Pet's 'N' Paws. Got FANTASTIC news. Be back soon. Love, Cassie. :)

Then, just as I was about to set off, I was just fishing the the boot of my shinny cherry red mini car for a carrier bag with Guinness's treats in when I heard someone shout my name. It was a male voice.

Although, thinking it would be someone like Nathan, an annoying guy at school would followd me around I got the shock of my life. Brandon and Jackie walking over to MY car smiling shyly.

My knees wobbled.

"Hey Cassie!" Brandon smiled at me. I noticed that he was wearing high tops, light brown chinos, a belt with a woman on it and a dark red jumper with an amazing dark brown open coat to finish.

"Wow imagien meeting you here!" He laughed when he caee into ear shot. Fuck me. That voice was ulimatly sexy! So deep! Hmmmmm.

I wanted to respond with something funny or suprisingly witty. Instead Jackie shouted, "Shit is that your dog?"

He pointed to the diresction of the car where Guinness was laying on the backseat taking it all up with her enormous already body.

"Yeah why Jackie are you scared of my ickle 6 month old doggie?" I teased poking him in the arm.

"No but I thought your dog died on you, and I'm sure this isn't a border collie Cass" Jackie grinned at me, less shy unlike Brandon I would like to add.

"Yeah she dead bless her, nah this is my NEW dog, she's called Guinness and she'd an Irish Wolfhound" I held my head up slightly and proudly. Brandon avoided my eye contact again. AGHHHH! GUYS!?

"Anyway we just came to say hi soooo..." Jackie smiled and began to walk away but then Brandon opened his mouth. He threw a dirty look at Jackie as if to say 'why are we going now?'

"I have a dog too as you know a staffie called China yeah she's old now but still getting along!" He chuckled darkly.

I simply smiled at him. "Yeah I remember, like when I used to joke about it in our old Geography class when doing that China assesment"

He burst out laughing. "I didn't know you had a set of wheels Cassie?" He told me matter of factly leaning next to me against the now closed car boot.

I turned round to hug my car resting my head on the smooth cold, hard shape. "Yeah she's still new aren't cha baby!" I joked patting the top of the car.

I saw out of the corner of my eyes, Jackie was rolling his eyes at Brandon. I sighed deeply unaware of the fact they might do this. Oh yes take advantage of the not so popular because she has a car.

"Well this was nice but you know before Guinness get's annoyed with me and all that other stuff " Backing away edging for the front door, mentally slapping my fore head. What the hell was I thinking? 'And all that other stuff!'

Brandon frowned at me.

"Message me tonight then" He muttered so Jackie wouldn't hear him, then he slouched away leaving me heart broken and in tatteres with him. When they disapeard I slammed my head on the steering wheel of the car.

"Shit. Guinness why did I have to say that it could have gone on much longer what do you think? D'you think Brandon likes me? He's the hot one by the way!" I informed her clearly excited now.

She woofed at me.

"Sorry" I sighed. "I don't speak dog laungage maybe they have a book on it, or some kind of mad scientist to concokt a crazy poptation that let's us read each other's minds" I shook my head at myself. "I'm being daft now aren't I?"

"We can all dream on I supose and one other thing ten to one I bet he won't message me tonight and i'll cry in your fur" My bottom lip wobbled at the last thought.

"Do you think he's leading me on Guinness if you could talk I think you'd say 'snap out of it and ask him out' like Emily does.

Emily's the one who got knocked up though.

I wonder what this Rick looks like girl? Maybe he's fat shit we need to get home and here I am blabbering on like a fool's game. That's what I am Guin a fool!" I started the engine and stepped on it.

As soon as I stopped the car engine I saw Louis run out of the house and open the door allowing Guinness the freedom I think she craved. Unlike other dogs who shoot out onto the road, she sniffed the air.

Then tentativly she padded out letting Louis stroke her but refusing to move inside the house without.

She was a loyal dog then.

"Something's wrong with doggie Mumeeee!" Louis shouted to Mum who was helping me with transport the bags to the door.

"Leave her be Honey it seem's she's formed a strong bond with you my girl, so what's this exciting news then I was waiting for you for ages. Even Louis was getting impatient was it heavy trafic?"

"Louis leave her alone please Jesus Christ! Come on Darling!" I called to her, then dragging myself inside the house I concentrated on Mum. "No but I saw Brandon and Jackie as I was pulling away then wanted to talk"

I clamped my mouth shut tightly, why had that suddenly slipped out. Mum looked so interested now.

"And might I ask who are Brandon and Jackie?" She asked sweetly putting the shopping on the floor.

"Just friends Mum! I keep telling you I don't want a boyfriend and if all's goes to plan I might have landed myself a Saturday job as well thanks to Guinness!" I told her proudly.

"Well I'm glad things are working out for you and wow that dog is really something else, she landed you with boys to talk to and a new job!"

"It's not suicure yet Mum! It started when I was in the basket isle and free till there was this little old lady and she was called Jean....." I distracted her easily talking about puppy milk and puppy kibble then all the new things I'd bought.

"Wowee!" Mum cried out with joy. She picked Louis up and whirled him around and around. "My little girl I'm almost glad you convinced us to keep the young pup!"

Louis stopped making aroplane noises and began burbling about windmills instead.

I grinned at her. "Like I said it might not be for reals yet but hey ho!" I even let out a whoop of joy I was that happy looking down at my dog.

Guinness thumped her tail on the ground getting excited that she was centre of attention. I bent down a whispered to her softly in her silky ears. "Love you my good luck pup"

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