America's Sweetheart

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Chapter 6 (v.1) - Guard Dogs

Submitted: April 01, 2013

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Submitted: April 01, 2013



Usually at the dinner table there was the regular chit chat, about school grades and other boring subjects! Tonight was a rare ecception and unthankfully it was NOT in my favour. It was about Jean Greenfield and the Saturday job.

The time was around 7:30 sharp. Our curtins were firmly closed and the lights were flickered on allowing a dim glow through out our cosy house.

Mum had wonderfully cooked us gamon and chips with pineapple to garnish. I was sat at the right side of the dark oak table releshing at the fact Guinness was resting her narrow head on my feet warming them.

"So what your trying to tell me" Dad snapped at Mum. "Is that horse of a dog landed my little girl with a job when she's not at the legal age yet!?"

He threw his knife and fork down looking at his food like it was infested with beetles.

"No Dad! She asked if I was interested in working alongside dogs and other domestic pets it would look great if I'm trying to get into Vet school!" I soothed him giving him a small smile.

"Janet I refuse to let her do this imagien one of our kind working in a tacky pulic store!" Dad wrinkled his nose.

Mum looked at me helplessly. Then agin would Dad listen to her?

"And what is OUR kind Dad?" I muttered darkly making sure he heard. Why couldn't he just see me!? Was it that hard to listen to what I wanted for a change?


"Hello Dad this is MY life with a job to earn money a chance to get some experience in life and why would I throw that away?" I snarled.

"Oh yes I can see you with a bunch of smelly animals Cassie!" He raged back at me spit frothing at his mouth. I stood up violently trying to intimidate him.

"MARK! Please your upsetting Louis, now both of you calm down for gods sake what will the neighburs think of us being frightfully noisy! Cassie will you sit down you silly girl!" She snapped at us. I sat with a thump back on my chair.

Hopeing Mum would get through to Dad I sat in silence.

Guinness, much to my disapointment, had gotten off my feet and was now resting her head upon my lap her eyes wide open and shinny. Knowing that dogs could sense emotions I tried to calm down for her benifit.

"Now..." Mum started looking at us again. Louis had gone silent too, this was a change for once!

"NO FUCKING WAY IS SHE HAVING THAT JOB I'D RATHER DIE!" Dad shouted his face turning red from bellowing. I kept my cool, collected self and thought of counter arguments against him.

Fat chance.

"WELL GO TO HELL!" I screamed unexpectedly standing up shaking with anger. Dad stood up too and strode towards me I felt a shiver run through me again and the phrase, 'if looks could kill'.


Dad raised his hand like he was going to whack me against the wall. I knew what was going to happen I would wake in Hospital or something to that account.

Maybe this was Gods way of telling me that Saturday job at Pet's 'N' Paws was a bad idea. Something inside of me disagreed. This was an amazing oppitunaty that I just coudn't miss out on!

Why was Dad so against that?

Was he ashamed at me? Dad roared again like a battle warrior and I saw his hand slash across the air. I closed my eyes but all I felt was a massive gust of air brush past my face and clothing.

Slowly, I opened my eyes and saw a blur of grey.

Guinness landed with a thump on my Dad's chest with a thump casuing him to stumbled backwards and back away. I didn't know if it was the way the light caught my new dogs facial features and coat.

She stood her hackles raised up defending me. She suddenly seemed a whole lot like a docile creature, and more like a vicious beast of a creature. She had her lips curled into a snarl, her sharp long teeth showing GLEAMING in the dim lighting.

She even had hher long slim tail errect making sure she had perfect balence. I gasped glad she was on MY side, if a dog did that to me I would certinly be scared out of my life!

A low vibrating rumbling noise echoed out of Guinness's throat, it rotated all around the room. Dad seemed shocked. "Easy girl what's got into you all of a sudden you hungry eh?"

He stuttered holding his hands up showing that he wasn't dangerouress but Guinness still continued to growl not taking her keen eye sight off of him.

I frowned at him reaching out to my dog and mubling her name in attempt to sooth her. "Easy Guin, come on who's a good girl then for protecting your best friend then? Wow Irish Wolfhounds are loyal dogs aren't they Mum?"

Guinness's leaned into my touch uttering a soft murmering noise that was very much different from the one she made to Dad.

Louis burst out laughing. "FUNNY DOGGIE!" He screamed causing us all to wince. I saw Dad's face turn hard like stone again, I knew this would repeat, Guinness was going to sleep in my room tonight no arguments made.

She was MY dog after all. "Off to bed Mum, night Lou, we'll discuss this later if you've calmed down. Come girl." I called to Guinness. We got up to my bedroom when I burst into tears. Why was this happening to me?

One word, well two words I whispered into Guinness's fur while I sobbed. "Brandon, Guinness, Brandon, Guinness!" I cried softy wishing I had just agreed to it now. Too late for that now.

And what was I thinking that Brandon would just fall for me like that obviously not!

Well I didn't need boys now did I in my life, I had a dog who was like the ones I'd only read in a story book. They didnt seem real before but now they did because it had just happened to me.

Thank god for dogs. And thank god for Guinness! My faithful hound and companion.

Guinness's POV:

I am a dog. You know that already though. I want to help this girl crying into my fur but how can I do that when I cannot find the words to sooth her scarred soul with?

I am a fighter a protecter to who ever I owe a favour to. This girl, Cassie, saved my life and now I stay with her till death do us part. We're now curled up on the floor she was sleeping.

I was keeping an eye out for that nasty man. If he ever touched her again I would break his neck in two.

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