America's Sweetheart

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Submitted: April 04, 2013



I woke up very early into the next morning to find it was Tuesday and one of my worst day of school. But the reason I had woken up was because of a strange groaning sound that continuessly echoed around my roomed and the sounded bounced around my head.

I peeked over the edge of my just the right warmth dark blue duvet to find Guinness layed in front of my bedroom door head layed on her paws and she was either snoring or growling.

I reaslied it was growling when I heard my Dad curse at her. "For fucks sake dog let me come in" She didn't lift her head from her paws to knock the growl into a higher noise. I stayed silent and still.

"You don't scare me dog" But he sounded unceartin. Eventually he went away leaving Guinness to rest her head back on her paws again.

I smiled until I heard my Dad slam the front door and hear his car speed off to work.

"Guinness?" I patted the side of the bed allowing her to lay next to me. She looked at me for a second then sloped off round the side of my bed and jumped on settling down beside me. I smiled at her.

"What did Dad want" I wondered out loud, then muffled my voice to a whisper in case Louis or Mum heard me.

"Guinness Dad is a very BAD man and I know that I sound like a five year old for using the word Bad and all that but seriously I hate him. He hurts Mum sometimes if he'd really drunk you know"

I sighed and in an even lower voice I added. "I wish she'd leave him and find someone else he's not good for her, or us either for that matter!" I checked the time on my phone it was only 5:45.

I fell back asleep again dreaming of a plesant young man who made Mum smile and blush rather than make her face red because he'd slapped her instead.

Seriously, she could do so much better than him.

I woke at 7:00, to find that Guinness let Mum into my room as long as she didn't touch me or come too close to the bed the same rules applied to Louis. If either of them ventured too close she gave a soft growl.

It was nothing like the vicous growl she'd made at Dad this morning.

"Cassie I'm not sure keeping Guinness is such a good idea what if she snapped at Louis she could really hurt one of us!"

I sighed, trying to think of a way to stick up for my dog. "But Mum she won't hurt Louis or you I'm not so sure about Dad he tried to come into my bedroom this moring and she really had a good growl at him nothing like she did to you" I protsted bitterly.

She sighed and shook her head but made no futher comment. Louis left my room with Mum to meake breakfast and I looked at my phone to facebook message some people before school.

I sat up leaning back on the pillows with Guinness's warm fluffy head on my knees. To Emily I sent. 'Hey Em you awake then gurl? :)' I sent it.

Then to Brandon I typed and messgaed him. 'Heyyy:) moring wake up and see the sun!' I sent that and flung me phone back down on the bed not really expecting a reply so soon or anything.

My phone buzzed madly twice. I had a message but who from? My stomach knotted and fluttered wtith excitement at the thought he'd messaged me back so soon! Or she! I reminded myself that I'd sent Emily a message too.

I picked up my phone shaking slightly. It WAS FROM BRANDON! :D

He'd sent. 'I already head been for the last 30 minuet's morning how are you then;)' I almost died with excitement so I sent another messga etlling him how I was but seriously guys shouldn't message expecting a reply and then just look at it?!

How can they do that you?!

I was now in a huff with Guinness looking at me sadly I jumped at hearing a clatter down stairs and Mum swearing madly then hearing Louis copying her. She instinty told him off but not too madly.

Safe to say I could confess to Guinness without them hearing. "That was Brandon. He put a winky face on the firt message but now when I sent him on back he just looked at it"

I looked into Guinness eyes wishing she could talk back to me.

"And now always when I feel in a good mood so I message Brandon or he messages me and something happens in a bad way and I get put out"

Guinness looked at me as if she wanted to wipe away the tears that somehow threatened t spill down my face. Instead, she nosed away my tears and licked my wet cheecks with her wet rough tounge.

I smiled at her greatfully.

"Cassie breakfast's ready darling come down and get with while it's freshly made okay!"

Mum called from down stairs. I squared my shoulders and got dressed quickly then ran down stairs with an Irish Wolfhound at my heels.

Other people could be scared of my dog and that made me think differenty about how I saw her. It was such a different type of dog since this morning, now she was calm and placid such a different dog.

"So what are your plans for today darling going out after school I don't mind if you decide to? It'll do you good to get some fresh air" She offered me a tight smile.

I munched on some toast which I'd picked up from the toast rack and drank some orange squash that Mum had poured in a plain glass cup. Louis complained into his toast and milkshake, but ignoring him and soggy toast complaint's I looked at Mum wistfully.

"Erm I thought about taking Guinness in the local park after school, or take her round to Emily's I'll text you as soon as I know what I'm going to do. It'll be only for an hour or two though" I told her.

I didn't want her and Louis to be alone if Dad was going to shout and make them cry.

Sometimes I feel like I'm the strongest in my family half the time. Mum touched my hand, her hand felt smooth and cold like a Twilight themed vampire.

"Well have fun then darling" She took away my empty cup and it into the sink. "You don't have to come back so soon" She added. I shrugged kissing Louis on his little fore head. Then hugged Guinness hard.

"I know" I told her. "But I want to" She looked at me hard and I wondered what she was thinking. Was it about Dad?

I called Emily when I got into my car and started to drive hoping no policemen were watching out for me. "Heya Emily just wondering if you're okay and coming to school?"

She sniffled down the line, I was almost at her house by now and I hoped she was okay and was coming to school. If she didn't what was I going to do? She sighed on the phone and sniffled again.

Her Mum was in the back ground I could hear her voice. "Yeah I'm coming to school but I really want to talk to you about something. Seeya in five then!"

She said it really brightly and I wondered if she was acting only for her Mum. Did her Mum know about the baby. Shit this was bad news if she did! Emily was waiting at her house when I came. Her eyes were slightly red and I wondered if her Mum had noticed that.

"Hey. Sorry about that on the phone Mum was listening in I told her where she could shove it though!"

She wiped her eyes on her sleeve of her brown jacket and snuffled again without words I patted her back and gve her a comforting smile.

"Can you bring Guinness round after school? It's just that she's a really awsome listener and I love the way she looks like she wants to comfort you but can't find the words.

I got onto the phone to Rick by the way and he swore on his Mum's grave that he DID wear a condom but you know what boys are like.

Your so lucky to fancy Brandon.

At least if you had sex with him he'd wear a condom and be totaly honest with you!" I rolled my eyes at her wishing she knew what I was thinking about right now. Brandon was SOOOO complicated!

"If only you who" I muttered to myself.

"What was that?!" Emily frowned at me. I kept my eyes on the road and became a stiff rigid statue. "Just about that maybe guys are just like that?"

"Oh hell yes we need to become Nuns don't you think?" Emily suggested waving her arm about in the air in a commandable fashion that made me giggle at here.

She let out a snort with laughter too.

"Fuck yeah!" I told her hastily avoiding an old woman on our way to school. She peered out of the back window and saw the old woman stick her finger up at us. This just made us laugh more.

"You seem diffent today if you don't mind me saying Cassie, ooohhh something happen with Brandon then?" She winked at me sugestivly.

I sighed.

"We're not like that, honestly we're just friends Em but it's..." I trailed off unable to comment further.

"Why what did that bastard do to you now I swear to god if he hurts you mentally again I'll get that dog of yours to rip his head off alright okay keep driving woman!" she yelled.

I shrunk from her high voice.

"Nothing forget it nothing okay it's just me making a big deal out of something that mosy girls over look" I hastily muttered ignoring her.

"WHAT. THE. FUCK. HAS. HAPPENED?" She growled getting suddenly impatient.

"Fine" I took a deep breath blushing mad red. "I messaged him this morning and he messaged back but then when I sent another one he just looked at it and never replied! See just me over reacting like I always do"

She burst out laughing like it was the most funniest thing she'd ever heard. I glared at her in annoyence. "What's the joke?" I snarled at her.

"I'll have to sort him out for you then won't I?" She winked evily at me then snag along with the newly turned up radio.

God I was now shitting myself. What the fuck was she gonna do?

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