America's Sweetheart

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Chapter 9 (v.1) - Smoldering Looks

Submitted: April 25, 2013

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Submitted: April 25, 2013



The worst possible thing happened. No there was no natural disaster, no serious case of the apocolypes but to me it was the end of the world! Brandon was not at school. My mood was soooo different from yesterday!

Yesterday it felt like I was on cloud nine because of Brandon's words ringing in my ears. When Emily had said if he was going to come with us or not. "Although I might just come if your off Cassie" I remmembered how deliciously my stomach had flipped over turning strange new twisty sumersaults.

I wanted to melt my body into his, run my hands in his soft thick floppy hair. I wanted to lose myself in his eyes. Chey waved her hand in front of my eyes.

I sit next to Chey in my form room she is a good loyal friend to me, and I don't know what I would do without her crazy weird outlook on things to get me through the day. It was nice to have someone make me have a different outlook on things whilst Emily kept saying the same thing. "Ask him out!" I couldn't though.

How could I dare to? Loads of girls liked him and how could I compare to them, I didn't want to think about this. Because, right now I was in my form room practically mouring the fact that he wasn't here.

Emily knew what I was doing and did her best to try and make me laugh but I missed him that much that all I could produce was a small smile.

Emily sits at the back of my form room despite how many times she come over and sits near me our teachers says that a break if healthy. How can a break from your best friend possibly be healthy for you?

If I could slap my teacher I would without a second thought, but she had a kind streak in her.

Guilt washed over me when I thought about wanting to slap her again. What would Brandon think of me if I got up off my chair and slapped her?

"Oi Cass! Wake up stop daydreaming" Chey almost shouted at me.

I blinked once. Twice. Then shook my head free of thoughts of Brandon. Talk about the impossible. I'm not usually like this when it comes to a person not coming to school. WHERE WAS HE!?

"Sorry Chey! I was thinking about Bran...flakes yeah ca-ray-zee about that cereal!"

I lied quickly, crap, if I had said his name in front of the entire form classroom what would they have said.

My life would have been over litrely! I prayed she would think I was weird enough to be thinking about breakfast rather then...talking about football matches next week or FIFA as the boys liked to talk about. When will they grow up!?

"I know what you were going to say, it's OK by the way I understand why don't you message him when you get home ask him if he's coming to school tomorrow?"


She told me sensibly.

But Form was a long time ago now and I didn't know how much longer I was going to cope. I was in English class, my third class of the day. Well I was stood outside of English hearing Emily nattering on.

Waiting to be let in and get this dragging day over.

I'd take my dog for a walk. Get her some excersize maybe go running as well tonight?

I pulled out my phone while Emily was in the middle of raving about her mad Spanish teacher. I messaged her, I didn't have his number so I used the next best thing. Facebook messanger.


I pressed send hoping without all my life that he would message back or something because I was so bored and wanted to speak to him. Nothing happened I put my phone into my breast pocket.

Fifteen minutes left of English. My brain was ozzing out of me ears I was that bored.

My arm was holding my face up but it pressed my phone against my chest tighly but all my hope was drained that Brandon was going to message. Instead I distracted myself by talking to Emily.

Ten minutes left. The whole class was silent because of the ongoing assesment we were taking.

My phone gave an audiable buzz.

Emily looked over at me and I mirrored her wide-eyed shocked look. It could have been anyone who was off school it didn't mean it had to be him did it? Emily kept her eyes on the teacher, and her voice equally low.

"You wanna see what it says don't you"


She whispered quietly. I nodded I couldn't keep the silly wide grin off my face. "Why don't you?"

"I can't"


I clung to each of my hands wringing them out. I prayed for the self control to not look at my phone. I will not look at my phone. I will.....not look at my phone.

"Why? Just take a quick peek in case it is Brandon"


She smiled slowly lazily.

"No it's not in that pocket. It's in my shirt pocket I can't get it out in case the teacher looks our way Em. It might not be him it could have been loads of people!"


I insisted hastily because the teacher was turning her head our way.

We pretended to work for a few minutes, chewing our pens thoughtfully waiting for her to turn her head back to her work or another student.

Eventually, she looked away.

"Fine cover me"


I whisper-hissed. I dove into my front pocket and pulled out my phone shoving it into my sleeve. She narrowed her eyes at out female teacher and leaned over so no one could see the glow on my phone.

It was a Facebook message. My stomach flipped rotating in wild oval hoops. I pressed in the password for my phone and pulled down the bar that showed me who was messaging me.

I had been right. Emily was right. I felt like I wanted to scream for joy! It was him! He had messaged me when I was at school and everyone had heard the buzz!

I wanted to jump up and down in clear excitement! HE MESSAGED ME! :D

He had put: 'Heyy there :)' I typed back then deleted what I was going to say. What could I say that was exciting and smart? 'Lol in english how are you? :)' God.

But I pressed send anxious to what he was gonna say. I don't think he expected me to message back straight away but I was glad I did because he messaged back right away. In the same minute.

'Nothing much. Bored. Feeling sick :(' Aww that was cute that he showed a soft melting side to me. 'Awwww hope you feel better real soon'

'Thanks :)' He sent back. Somehow I felt like today was not going to drag as much....

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