Best Friends...YEAH RIGHT

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Blair is back for more! She has come back from collage to find Nate cheating with her former best friend Rae! :o Now she finds herself falling in love with Brandon...and becoming best friends with Heather and Riley! What is the world coming to?... ;)

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Best Friends...YEAH RIGHT

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Submitted: March 16, 2013



Blair Wolfe parked her shinny cherry red mini car up on one of the many New York road sides, she smiled picking her navy blue duffle bag from the bag seat if the car then locked it excited to see her boyfriend for the first time in almost 6 months. Right now New York was covered in a thin layer of slush and as Blair locked her car she couldn't wait to snuggle up to Nate in front of the fire!

She opened their apartment door calling out. "I'm home!" It sounded cheesy but it felt good, safe like she always did when she was with Nate. He could make her laugh when she felt like crying, and he knew when she wanted some personal space on really bad days.

That's what made his almost irrisistable to her. Almost. She flung her duffel bag on the floor and looked in all the down stairs rooms of her apartment but no one was there. There was a squeak from upstairs, it sounded like the bed maybe Nate was making it for her. She couldn't wait to hear his voice, she hadn't talked to him face to face other than the crackly phone and faint conversations on Skype.

She padded silently upstairs to suprise him and leap on him from behind. Instead she heard a noise from the bedroom, that didn't sound like sheets being tightened over the bed but like them being tussled between two bodies. Slowly, she pressed her ear against the solid wooden door.

She jumped away from the door like it was on fire, she could hear someone shouting."Oh YES NATE YES GOD YES HARDER!" Blair threw the door open to find her exact example of her worst nightmare. There on her bed was her boyfriend Nate tangled with her best friend Rachel whom she'd known since primary school. Nate looked at the door frame away from Rachel's face and saw a gawping Blair there.

Shit. He hadn't even heard her come in! He watched her face fall and saw her eyes twinkle becuase she was holding back tears. "Blair Bear love I didn't know you were coming home this early. I can explain love" Cute. He remembered her nickname shame he couldn't remember her when making out with her best friend. At the sound of Nate's voice becoming serious rather than sexy she followed his gaze to the door frame. "Blair bestie!" She squeaked.

Blair shot him then Rae a cold look. "Don't bother! We're through, and you're not my best friend anymore!" She spat. She turned her head unable to look at them anymore. She stormed down stairs grabbing her duffel bag and heading to her car. Nate grabbed a pair of jeans and boxers from the floor.

He quickly pulled them on and tried to keep up with Blair. No luck by the time he got to the open outside door she was already in her car engine started driving away from the side walk. He hung his head like a misbeahving puppy. Half an hour later Blair was parked in McDonalds wishing her phone would stop buzzing, with endless messages from both her ex boyfriend and her ex best friend! Just as she was about to turn her phone off the was one last message from someone she could trust.

Brandon Census.

He had messaged her. 'Hey Blair Bear! ;)' She gave a small smile and messaged him back saying. 'Hey Bran Flakes not in the mood at the mo!' She didn't expect him to reply but sure enough he did. 'Wanna talk :)' He asked. Blair smiled thinking to herself about the pros and cons of life. Brandon was definatly a pro!


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