My Little Pony-reveresed

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In this chapter Angel Dah finds herself love struck! :D

Chapter 1 (v.1) - My Little Pony-reveresed

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\"cheeky\"Chapter One!

It was a bright and sunny morning when Angel Dash was lazying on a small compact yet oddly comfortable cloud overlooking where her friends lived in Ponyville. There was no plans to where today would lead her so she was left to pick out what she was going to do? She could go over to Juicy Pumpkin Patch and watch a new barn being built up be her friend Pumpkin Tart and the rest of her over friendly family. 'No I don't feel like walking on my hooves today after all I am an airborn pony daughter of the great Rainbow Dash and Soarin Wonderbolt! Two of the best flyers in all of the Empire!' She thought leaving over the cloud on her stomach. Angel Dash sighed loudly wishing something good would happen to her.

She flew in the air a little and flipped her self over then landed softly back on the cloud without a sound, laying on her back. She stuck up her front hoof in the air admiring the way the light caught on the cyan fur, she had fur like her Mum AND her Dads's and grassy green eyes just like her Dad's but the feature she loved the most was her inheritnece of her Mums rainbow coloured mane. Dashie looked into the sea blue sky and thought of her other friends who were in Ponyville. Emerile, the gem hunting unicorn, afraid to get her hooves dirty, nah no fun although it would be nice to get another outfit for any parties she had. What about Haloboom, daughter of Fluttershy and Big Mac, no she would be with all the woodland creatures.

Eclipse Sparkle would be unwilling to come out of her libery due to fact she had a starnge obsession with studdying! Dinkie Doo was probbley in her shop serving customers with the ever growing Mr and Mrs Cake. She hadn't seen her Mum and Dad in a while do to her heavy work load and meeting with her frieind but now all her friends were busy, she could meet up with some of her pegasus friends? She lived on a large patch of cloud not far from Cloudsdale, but close enough to say that she lived in Cloudsdale. She knew that today was the best day to find a colt to marry, Emerilie and her Mum and Dad had been going on at her for not having a mate yet! She knew she didn't have to have one.

That was all she heard everyday-why havent you met any colts yet?Emerile was always chasing colts sometimes even resulting to jelousy and underhoof tacticts because they were taking much more attention of Angel Dash's mane and the way she suductivley swished her tail as she went by.But she saw how happy mares and colts were when they were married.Would somepony look at her with as much adoration as Rainbow Dash and Soarin? She shook her head so hard that her eyes jiggled around in their sockets, no she would practice some tricks today and learn some more maybe. Flying was to be taken seriously. Was that all she could do-fly all the time-yes she could to get away from all the troubles of life she would fly!

A soft thump of another pony landing on the cloud made her thoughts weiled and jumble up like spagettie. There was a nervous cough disrupting what thoughts she had left, but it sounded like a colt's cough. She looked around to see a colt with shinny blue fur a little like hers, and stunning orange eyes that reminded her of someone famous. His mane was dark blue with a slightly faded yellow stripe through both his mane and his tail. He looked gorgous Dashie just wanted to melt into his body like butter on a hot pan. He himself gave her a once over as if checking out her body, she knew she was hot but 'damm gurl' she thought. From what she was told she had curves in all the night places and just enough mucscle.

Her wings still tucked up she stood up looking in his eye coldly he looked like he slept with a mare every night, he didn't look like he would stop looking a mares rump if he hd he best one in his arms. She felt like pushing him of her cloud when his eyes trailed to her rump and onto her cutie mark, which was a pair of rainbow coloured angel wings and a lightning bolt running through them. HIS was a single dark blue wing highlited on an orange lightning bolt, she loved it and wanted to feel how it felt....'No Dashie they're all the same! Every single colt one thing on his mind, the bloody bedroom..' The colt opened his mouth which was turned into a smirky sort of smile.

"Hey gorgous that rump looks good enough to eat darlin" He muttered flicking his head back to control his wild mane.She swooned, daughter of Rainbow Dash actually SWOONED at the sight of a damm Prince Charming! She unfolded her wings ready to ignore and take off without a second glance, but could she rip her eyes away from this tall dark handsome stranger? Nope. "Hey sorry but I take after my brother or should I say try to and often it lands me into a whole lot of trouble but I like the way girls swoon around him and not me, so I thought instead of living in Manehatten I would come here to Cloudsdale and do some resurch on them" This made Angel Dash laugh out loud, oh what an idiot!

"Seriously thats how you would react around a girl?!" She fell on her back rolling with laughter and her face blushing bright tomato red when he peered down at her. His face was so close to her's she stood up imediently brushing herself down and holding out a hoof to handsome colt face. "Angel Dash daughter of Raindow Dash and Soarin Wonderbolt wht about you?" She peeked under her lashes at his gorgous face. He bellowed with laughter back at her when she said that. He crinkled his mouth and muttered. "Nice to meet you Miss Dashie, I'm son of Spitefire and Fleetfoot Wonderbolt, don't call me Fleetfire call me Skyfall" Dash shook at the way his voice dropped to a whisper when he spoke his name to her.

She blushed harder her face ducking she avoided all eye contact from the handsome colt, he looked flash cool almost just like her Mum and Dad! "So I need to learn about filly's and how they act around young colts, then I need to move onto the mares if you please!?" Skyfall trotted over to her smoothly his wings folded behind his back. Angel Dash thought of taking him to her friends but why should she share such a god with them? No she could take him to see some of the pegasus fillies or her racing buddies that all had been married themselves? "Well first I need to know where you're staying after all it's near noon now soon it'll be getting dark?" Angel Dash questioned the dashing brilliant colt.

"Well..." Shyfall looked down blushing himself. "I was origanally going stay with my Mum and Dad but then I decided I'm old enough to stay some where else, I just have go collect my stuff from their house and bring it to where ever I'm staying?" Angel Dash grinned to him and amazed herslef by finding herslef saying. "Well my house is way too big say why don't we go an get your bags now so we can take them and buy some food after dropping them off" She smiled at his nervous face, which peered at her from under his darkened fringe. Her heat thumped madly in her chest she forgot to breath even if it was just for a second, 'look at yourself falling for a fsncy pants colt!' a voice inside her mind sneered.

"That would be the bomb" He muttered looking at her under his fringe. "Lets go!" They flew fast and stopped only to pull a few tricks on the way impressing each other and Angel Dash could'nt stop grinning at the colt who had stolen her heart. "My Mum did the sonic Rainboom!" Angel Dash shouted, she voice imedently cut away but Skyfall caught it and sped up to catch her. 'How much I look at him and how I must look such a silly filly by having a school girl cruch on him, if they stopped at her parents house after his, she could beg money off them instead of going to the bank?' Angel Dash thought. It took her a few seconds to reaslie that they were flying past Cloudsdale way way past her home town.

She looped the air gaining more momentom in her movements before shootiong up in the air, and gently flapping her wings to be racing again with Skyfall she brushed against something warm at first she thought it was Skyfall but at closer inspection is was her pegsgus friend. Hey Dashie! Rarity and Emerile want to talk to you they sound angry!?" Skydancer shouted, she dived to the side flapping away. Angel Dash pulled back for a second, she saw him looking behind before knowticing her expression and stopping to a halt, he brushed his mane out of eyes and used the tops of his wings to flutter over to her. "Hey are you okay I saw that pink pony come over and talk to you are you okay?"

"Yeah she's called Skydancer, she told me that I have to go back to Ponyville and get some stuff that are on sale, then pick something up okay?" She frowned at the fact she couldn't spend some more time with him....her dream pony. It couldn't be helped when Rarity or Emerile wanted help it was impossible, as she knew from self experience and through her Mum. So she muttered quickly and thickly. "Hey do you know where the Ponyville Town Hall is?" He looked at her his head in deep thought, he tilted it slowly then nodded uneasily before giving her a short tight smile and saying. "Yeah I'll find it I don't want you getting in trouble go for this collectable item then we can grab some food on me as a treat for helping with the resuch"

"Oh thank you, thank you I LOVE YOU!" She pushed him onto the closest cloud before knowing what she had done backing away on the cloud and taking off embarraesd wishing she could just disapear in a black hole int he ground! She literly dashed off till she got to the grounds on Ponyville where she walked up to the boutique that was shared by Mother and daughter, Rarity and Emerile. "Hello any pony home, Mrs Rarity Emerile are you here yet Skydancer told me that you told Dinkie Doo to tell me that I had to come here!?" The lights flashed on once again leaving Angel Dash sights of beautiful cloth and outfits. "Hello Dash is there something you want to tell us hmmmmm?!"

That was Emerile's voice, lights flicked on and there was the rest of the young mane six standing positions just like their parents would have. There was abolutly no sign of Rairity or the rest of the grown up mane six, just their daughters and Spike. Emerile magiced a chair, and sat on it while the rest of the ponies plunked themselves on the floor looking at Angel Dash who was now blushing bright red. "Well he has gorgous orange eyes, more yellowy, and a gorgous mane and tail you should see him Emerile some pony who I know you'd like for sure!" Emerile gasped holding a hoof upon her head as if taking real consideration on what the other pony had just said. She got off the chair and walked slowly to Angel Dash thinking

"So" She swished her tail wondering what to wear and how to act if this colt came by her houe this very night! "Is he royal, is he rich? What's even his name Angel, is he even a pegasus or a unicron, he could be an alicorn!" Angel Dash gulped she she even say hat he was called, should she keep him for herself, no too many colt's have gained her trust way too easily over the past few years now was not the time to be giving in so soon! But his eyes and the way he spoke!? Dinkie Doo laughed and began to bounce on the spot, while Eclipse Shine frowned at her, then said. "We should all get to meet him, but how do you supose we do tha..."

"I'm throwing a party tonight for Gummy's birthday ask him to come stop by then we can ALL see this sexy pony!" The rest of the young mane six laughed at her enthusiasom! Emerile began sewing and making materials, measuring all the ponies up to see what they would like to wear. Pumpkin Tart looked nervous all of a sudden then spoke in her usual tone of voice. "Do we have to wear this clothing what in tarnation, we're ponies!" Emerile frowned at her, her posh voice suddenly leaking a little bit of venum. "Well from an earth pony I would expect that kind of atutide would I!" Dinkie Doo stopped bouncing, Haloboom stopped shaking and looking shy.

"Please you lot just Emerile sort the outfits, take down notes now on what colours and styles the ponies want, Pumpkin Tart you sort out the food, Dinkie Doo we need ballons and streemers! Haloboom organise the guests and Angel Dash while I'm getting a letter ready for Celstia can you convince this colt of your that we're not crazy and to come to our party?"

"SURE THING!" Angel Dash gulped.

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