Romance in the pack!

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Lara wants a normal life but can she have one? Jack wants to be normal too, he hates what he becomes on a full moon together can they fight against whatever the odds and get their forvere piece? Read more and find out...

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Why can I not be normal!

Submitted: October 22, 2012

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Submitted: October 22, 2012



Lara Woods wanted to be normal, who didn’t want to fit in High school and be the popular kid who got all the attention? Lara peeked at her long black naturally straight hair in her short mirror, she groaned. Her hair looked really greasy! ‘I hate my hair, I HATE THIS new place and I hate my Pack for brining me here!’ She thought while wincing at her hair. She padded down stairs to face her Mum and Dad as they were getting ready for work. “Be home straight after school my cub, tonight is the night okay?” Mum laughed at her hair, and ruffled it. Her Dad joined in with her Mum laughing, Lara scowled at them flashing her eyes golden. “Mum leave off I’m 15 and I’m not a cub I’m a wolf now!” Lara shouted, she never screamed like most girls her age, only shouted. Dad smiled at her “While your under this roof your our cub” This made Lara wanted to pull her hair out and snarl at them her wolf joined in with this though enthusiastically. ‘We’re getting out of here’ Lara thought, her wolf stopped panting, then settled back down sleeping letting Lara calm down for a little a while. She picked up her school bag and thought of starting a new school over again, for the eighth time this year and it was only November! Her Dad and Mum walked behind her taking in her comfy black converse, her old gray hoodie and her rough timeless jeans. Her mum sighed at her. “Lara, cub listen to me I was just like you then I met my mate” She looked at Lara’s Dad with a goofy smile on her face. Lara rolled her eyes she hated anything to do with love, the very word sent shudders down her spine, and it was time to change the subject before the dreaded question came round again the one her Mum loved to ask! The ‘If you found your mate you will be so much happier’ question.

"Bye" She shouted leaving the house thankfully arrived at her front gate to see her best friend, and Pack sister, Cassie Deven there with a smile on her face. At the sight of her cheerful best friend Lara had no option but to laugh. She could imagin Cassie in wolf form, her friends auburn hair blowing gently in the wind, her tail wagging for no reason just for the hell of it. As Lara thought about it she laughed to herself quietly.

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