The Games

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Chapter 5 (v.1)

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Submitted: February 22, 2014



Part Five

Wyatt and Juliet stared at each other.

“Uh,” Juliet said. “It all depends.”

“I tend to run from a lot of scary things.” Wyatt nodded.

“You will both see, then,” the teddy replied mysteriously. “Let's head out now. Juliet, you need your back mended; that is your top priority. And Wyatt...” The teddy paused. “I mean no offense by this young man, but you look terrifying. When I awoke to see you smiling down at me, I almost thought you were going to eat my stuffing.”

Wyatt grinned freakishly in response. “Maybe I will, teddy.”

“Stop that immediately.” The teddy sounded scared.

“Only joking.”

Juliet tilted her head curiously, as she pulled away from Wyatt's hold. “Do you know the way there, teddy?”

“Of course!” the teddy announced loudly. It glowed purple with pride. “I know the way to everywhere in this realm! Juliet, get onto the back of your man-knight and we'll head off to our next destination.”

Wyatt reached down and picked up his sword, wielding it gently in his hands. “Is there a sheathe for this?” he asked the teddy. “I might cut off my own hand if I don't put this somewhere safely.”

“Unfortunately not,” the teddy answered. “Perhaps we can find material at our resting place and fashion your sheathe there.”

Sounded like a good idea to Wyatt, even though he didn't know how to make a sheathe. He shrugged, as Juliet weakly clambered onto the back of her white knight.

“Ready to head out, are we?” the teddy asked, sounding excited in the still-bloodied arms of Wyatt. “Let's head out!” The teddy coughed dramatically. “Onward march, my people! Leeeeft! Right! Left! Right!”

Juliet stared in disbelief. They hadn't even taken one step yet, despite his two 'left's' and two

'right's' already called out.

“Not this again,” Wyatt groaned and they walked in the direction the teddy agreed with.

The darkness surrounded them, as they walked. The knights gave off an eerie glow, and Wyatt couldn't help but feel a little vulnerable. They were silent, he noticed. Could they talk at all?

Juliet was feeling very comfortable. Not only did she not have to walk, but she was safe with her friends/comrades. Teddy was back, and Wyatt wasn't injured. Her knights would protect them.

Twenty minutes later, teddy called for a halt. Wyatt stopped.

“What is it, ted? Is something out there?”

“No,” the teddy answered, pausing. “It's just... I can not remember.”

There was a moment's silence.

Then, very suddenly, the white knight reached over and yanked the teddy bear out of Wyatt's arms. Holding up his sword also, the white knight motioned to spear the poor plushie, as if demanding, 'Remember now or die!'

No!” Juliet commanded, worried. “Don't do that!”

Indeed!” the teddy cried out. “I'm very old, sir knight! Please! I ask for forgiveness! Allow me to recollect my memories!”

Wyatt hastily took back the teddy as the white knight rolled his light blue eyes. The lady knight patted him on the shoulder in approval, a broad grin on her face. On the back of the white knight, Juliet nearly smiled. Everyone here was weird.

“So scary,” the teddy whispered hoarsely. “Well, take a left here then, Wyatt.”

“You sure?” Wyatt asked, cautiously. He didn't like the idea of being lost in this darkly vast place.

“Of course not,” the teddy remarked. “But I don't want to die. Let's go!”

They headed left, not feeling reassured at all, and walked. Both Wyatt and Juliet had no idea where they were headed but, this resting place... it couldn't be as bad as dragons, could it?


Wyatt sighed. Looking back at his group, he eyed how tired Juliet looked and how intimidating the knights appeared as they calmly took in their surroundings.

They had been walking for nearly an hour, and nothing had come up. Wyatt suspected that earlier before, they probably shouldn't have turned left.

He wasn't happy. The dragon's blood now reeked and filled his nose; his clothes and cloak were damp with sweat; his hair felt funny; and his tennis shoes were ripped at the heels. Wyatt was also hungry- all of this was not a good combination.

“Are we there yet?” Juliet asked monotonously. She was tired, and her lady knight- who could sense her sleepiness- gently patted Juliet on the head in encouragement.

“I don't think so,” Wyatt answered glumly. He looked down at the bear in his arms. “Are we, ted?”

“I can feel it,” the teddy whispered. “I feel it. One of them.

“One of what?” Juliet questioned, scared. She didn't like the sound of teddy's mysterious voice- maybe another scary, mythical beast was coming after them? What would it be this time, a phoenix? As if sensing Juliet's fear, the knights gripped their swords tightly. Wyatt noticed this, and did the same. He held his bright sword aloft, ready in case something struck them unexpectedly.

Then, the ground shook. Everything trembled violently, threatening to send Wyatt falling.

“What is this?” he asked indignantly, holding teddy in his arms tightly. The teddy gave off a red glow.

“It's them,” the teddy replied. “Do not worry, friends, they are allies. Do not strike them when they appear. I assure you, they are buddies.”

The ground's shaking began to recede then, as the small group stood there. They watched as, in the darkness, a small, glowing, figure approached them.

When the figure was finally visible, it was all Wyatt could do from laughing his head off. Juliet was having a hard time, preventing herself from fainting on the spot.

It was a walking hamburger.


The teddy glowed green. “There are no urges to run, are there?” it asked, worriedly.

A corner of Wyatt's eyes twitched as he shook his head. “Nope,” he said, trying to sound completely serious. “Nope, not at all.”

Juliet could not believe her eyes. There walked a walking hamburger: ground beef, lettuce, ketchup, everything, the works. She had felt deliriously hungry before, but this sudden turn of events had changed everything.

The hamburger was large- roughly the same length of a football. It had no face, but despite that, it looked up at Wyatt. “Players survived the first task, I see,” it said in a deep voice. “Come with me. You must rest.”

“Long time no see, Stefano!” the teddy spoke, sounding jolly. “It's been a while, old friend!”

The hamburger laughed joyously. “Oh! Teddy bear! What a delight!” it cheered. “How have you been, friend?”

Wyatt and Juliet exchanged glances. They didn't trust themselves to speak. Meanwhile, the knights eyed the hamburger with interest.

“Go along, Wyatt Jones!” the teddy bear exclaimed, as the hamburger turned around and walked away. “Stefano insists we live at his place- we're so lucky!”

“Uh,” Wyatt said. He followed after the hamburger under the teddy's orders and everyone else followed.

Juliet felt mystified. There was such a thing as walking hamburgers?

Fifteen minutes passed, and no one said a word. Stefano the walking hamburger continued its quick pace and before they knew it, they were approaching what seemed to be a small village.

“Oh... 'kay.” Juliet gaped openly. The knights seemed to quietly chuckle, as their shoulders shook.

They walked into the village, taking in the plain wooden houses. Other hamburgers swarmed themselves around them, and Wyatt instantly felt claustrophobic. He had eaten plenty of hamburgers in the past- what if they ate him now? For revenge? Wyatt gulped guiltily.

“Who are they, Stefano?” asked a random hamburger.

“Players in the Games, two knights, and teddy,” Stefano replied, but Wyatt could no longer tell him apart from the others. The hamburgers all came in varying sizes, the small ones being children and the biggest ones being older.

The teddy bear was thoroughly excited, Wyatt noticed. “Superb!” it shouted happily. “Haven't been here in ages, and this place hasn't changed!”

“Of course not.” Stefano chuckled. One of the hamburgers- apparently, he was Stefano- turned to the large crowd. “Which one of you are willing to give yourselves to our new heroic players?”

What?” Juliet gasped, horrified.

No!” Wyatt shouted, looking disgusted.

Stefano's voice sounded curious. “Don't worry, mortals! We taste just like the hamburgers in the human world!”

“That's not what we're worrying about!” Wyatt snapped angrily. Juliet nearly fainted.

The teddy glowed orange. “Accept their hospitality,” it said, calmly. “They would be proud to be eaten by two players who have survived this far.”

“Uh, no,” Wyatt answered. But Stefano wasn't going to have 'no' for an answer.

“Who here wants to get eaten?” Stefano shouted to the crowd, encouragingly. “Nice, healthy, mortal children they are! I'm sure they'd chew you all up beautifully!”

“Me!” a hamburger squeaked. Then, more hamburgers began to chorus, “Me!”

“No, me!” ten other hamburgers insisted.

No! Me!” twenty hamburgers argued.

Several minutes passed, and Wyatt stood there- his brain refusing to function. Juliet had fainted two minutes earlier already, and the knights currently looked as if they wanted to kick the hamburgers for making such loud ruckus.

Just then, a hamburger holding what seemed a baby hamburger in it's stick hands, approached him. “Hello there,” it said.

“Uh.” Wyatt was confused. “Hi.”

“Here,” it said, holding up the baby. “Please, eat my baby.”

Wyatt's eyes flew open. “What?”

“Please!” the hamburger pressed in on him, holding up the small fidgeting hamburger in its hands. “Please! I want you to eat my baby! There'd be no higher honor!”

“You've got to be kidding me,” Wyatt said, stepping backwards and shaking his head. “No.”

The teddy was beyond enraged. “Wyatt!” it shouted. “What are you doing? Advance on that baby hamburger and eat it right now!”

“You're crazy!” Wyatt yelled, continuing to step back.

The rest of the hamburgers seemed to notice Wyatt walking back. They ran forward in a flood of hamburgers, yelling, “Eat me! No, me! Eat me! I want you to eat me!

A fight between two hamburgers broke out to Wyatt's left. One of the hamburgers ripped out the lettuce from the other. Snarling with rage, the hamburger retaliated viciously, slapping the bread of the other so hard, ketchup squirted out.

I'm out, Wyatt thought as he ran back towards the entrance of the town. That's it, man, I'm out. “Let's go!” he commanded the two knights, who immediately jumped up and ran after him- with the fainted Juliet in the lady knight's arms.

They ran out of Hamburger Town. After what Wyatt judged to be a safe distance, he fell onto his knees and laid himself out on the cold ground, lightly tossing the teddy bear to the side. Behind him, the knights knelt and placed the sleeping Juliet on the ground.

Teddy sounded completely shocked. “Why did you run? I told you not to run before.”

“That was before you showed us the walking hamburgers,” Wyatt replied shakily. “Don't ever take us back there again.”

“Rest assured,” the teddy answered, “I won't. In fact, if I had legs, I would have ran out myself.”

Wyatt raised an eyebrow. “Why?”

The teddy glowed silver. “Hamburgers smell atrocious.”

Juliet's eyes fluttered open. Panicked, she surveyed her surroundings, and was relieved to find that she was no longer in Hamburger town. Her knights smiled down at her, as if reassuring her everything would be alright.

“What now,” the teddy muttered, “what now... hmm...”

“Let's just go to sleep.” Wyatt yawned.

“What, here?” the teddy asked. “But you two haven't eaten yet!”

“It's fine,” Juliet answered, looking at Wyatt, who nodded in agreement. “I'm sure we'll find something tomorrow.”

“Yeah,” Wyatt said. “If anything, there's still you teddy. We can still eat you.”

What?” the teddy exclaimed. “You refuse to eat a baby hamburger, but wouldn't hesitate to eat me?

“Bears always taste good,” Wyatt said, grinning as he laid down.

“I can not tell if you're joking, Wyatt Jones,” the teddy remarked. “Well, go to sleep then, mortals. I will wake you both up when danger comes.”

Juliet crawled and laid down next to Wyatt, facing him squarely. They looked into each other's eyes and smiled.

“Good night, Juliet,” Wyatt said.

Juliet closed her eyes, grinning. “Good night, Wyatt.”

The darkness around them drew them into fast sleep, as the two knights sat on either sides of them. The white knight, several seconds before, had retrieved the teddy from the ground and now held the stuffed bear in his arms.

Tomorrow would be a new day in this realm. The second trial of the Games would begin.

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