Far from a happy ending

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story about a famous actress just ditched her on screen and real life love at the alter, she now has to battle to keep her job, make new friends and find her real friends....will alice be able to cope?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Far from a happy ending

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Submitted: January 26, 2013



Far from a happy ending


‘do you Alice Jade Bell take Bradley David Thomas Collins to be your wedded husband?’

I looked over my shoulder at all the guests that were sat waiting patiently for me to say ‘i do’ but i just couldn’t do it, i frowned at them all, as they all copied my expression, i turned back to the priest and a worried looking Bradley

‘im sorry i cant do this’ i whispered, then came a surround sound of gasps from the guests

I took my hand out of Bradleys and stepped off the mini stage we were stood on, and walked as quickly as i could in my stupidly high shoes out of the church. As i reached the doors i pushed them both open, the warm july air hit me in the face, i looked up at the sky for some strength not to cry when i saw a bench, i kicked my shoes off and left them on the path and half ran to sit down.

‘Alice?’ i heard the familiar voice of my best friend poppy, i looked up to see her covering her eyes with her hand and scowering the grave yard for me

‘alice? Where are you? This isnt funny’ she shouted

‘oh god has she legged it?’ i heard my extremely gay friend Jake come running out the doors

‘you cant say god, while were at a church stupid’ poppy turned round to face him

‘sorry mrs Sunday school’ jake bowed in front of her, which made me smile.

I stood up ‘hey’ i waved my arm until they both saw me and they came running

‘what the hell babe?’ poppy was first to reach me, she knelt in front of me not bothering about her bridesmaid dress

‘im sorry i just cant do this, i don’t think i love him anymore’ i sniffed desperately trying to hold my tears at bay

‘who would think a soap star having drama outside of work’ jake said out of breathe when he finally reached us

I was a very well known actress in England, on a very famous soap and the worst thing is Bradley was my on screen love aswell, we had met when we first started at the same time 2 years ago, and having to spend so much time being a loved up couple, we became a real life loved up couple.

‘who knew’ i tried to joke

Poppy slapped my knee ‘shut up din!’ she shot at jake ‘how long have you felt this way?’ poppy stared at me with her big Disney princess eyes, her blonde hair gently blowing in the wind, i had known poppy since i was 11 when she moved here from wales, i had to show her around the school and be nice and we instantly became best friend, she was the same height as me, 5’10 and a petite size 8 bitch, jake on the other hand, i had met at college in drama class he was an actor but only small parts as he didn’t want it to go to his head, jake was handsome, dark brown hair and brown eyes and natural tanned skin but as gay as the wind, which he never hid and i loved him for that, but over the years we had all become the best of friends and i couldn’t imagine my life without them

‘i have been thinking it for a while, but thought it was cold feet’ i answered poppys question while fiddling with my hands on my lap

Jake took the seat next to me and put his arm round my shoulder ‘why didn’t you tell us?’

I shrugged and sniffed ‘i don’t know’ i whispered out

‘oh babe’ poppy put her hand in the mix of mine

‘alice?’ me, poppy and jake all looked in the direction of the voice, it was my mum

‘pat?’ jake shouted to get her attention then as she saw us she hurried over

Jake got up from the bench and offered my mum is seat such a gentlemen

‘thanks jake’ mum patted his arm and took over from his job, she placed her arm around my shoulder and pulled me into her for a hug, which made me cry

‘hush hush’ mum patted my head as i sobbed like a baby

‘im sorry’ i sobbed

‘alice?’ came another voice, but i couldn’t move as my mum held me so tightly

‘get down’ i saw poppy pull jake to the floor

‘i can see you ya know’ the voice got closer, it was Bradley

‘your such a heartless bitch’

‘hey’ jake got up from the floor and stood face to face with Bradley, Bradley instantly holted

‘can i get around please’ Bradley asked jake

‘i don’t think so’ jake managed to say in a very manly voice, even though jake was gay he was hugely toned and not many people tried anything funny with him

‘i want to talk to—‘ Bradley tried to explain

‘are you deaf?’ poppy added in’

‘mom’ i patted her hand as an indication to let go of my head, when she did she handed me a hankichief

‘can we talk later?’ i tried to talk to Bradley around jakes towering body

‘i want to talk now, i have my whole family in there, and they were watching when you ran off’

‘yes i rememeber what happened’ i said flatly

‘are you coming back in?’ poppy, jake and mom were sat on the bench watching me and Bradley had a high voiced ‘conversation’

‘no im not’ i sniffed

‘your not?’ Bradley stepped closer to me

‘no im sorry but i cant marry you’

‘you cant or you wont?’ he had abit of anger in his voice


‘this isn’t the time to be cryptic alice’ she lifted me face up with his hand so i was looking at him

‘i don’t think im in love with you’

‘oh for fuck sake, and you couldn’t have told me this before today’ he shouted which made me jump

‘i thought it was just cold feet’ my face still suspended with his hand

‘you-you- i have no words to call you right now’ Bradley dropped my face and span on his heal, and marched off towards the church, mumbling to himself

‘can we go home please’ i wiped my nose with the back of my hand

‘such a lady’ jake screwed his face up at my nose wiping

I sat on the end of my bed still dressed in my wedding dress

‘come one get out of that’ poppy came in my room without knocking

‘i want some booze’

‘well let me undo the dress and we get get drunk’ she smiled at me

‘sounds like a good plan’ i turned around so poppy could start untying the ribbon

‘im ordering dominos’ jake announced as he walked into my bedroom, like poppy not knocking, and by jakes horror i was half dressed ‘oh put some clothes on girl’

‘knock then’ i laughed for the first time in days

I stepped out of my dress as it pooled at my feet, i walked around my bedroom in my bra and pants

‘oh my days, your not even weaing matching underwear on your wedding day’ poppy covered her mouth in shock

I smiled and pulled on some sweat pants and a white tee, pulled my hair up into a bun on the top of my head, and started frantically wiping the make-up off of my face

‘im ordering the pizza now, pops do you have any money on you?’

‘oh uh no’ poppy frowned

‘i have cash in the living room, ill pay’

‘thats not fair’ jake badly acted in front of me

‘it doesn’t matter, i have more money than both you off’ i walked towards jake and slapped his bum ‘now get out of my room and order whatever you want’

Jake happily skipped out of my room followed by poppy, obviously the promise of food fixed everything, except being the dumper of someone at the alter

‘come on’ jake shouted from the living room

I walked out of my bedroom and i dumped myself in between my two best friends on the sofa

‘how you feel doll face?’ jake hugged me

‘abit hollow if im honest’

‘to be expected’ jake patted my head, the door bell rang and we all looked at each other

‘that cant be the pizza, thats way to quick to be dominos’ poppy frowned

‘ill go shall i?’ i smiled and pushed myself off the sofa, as i swang the door open i was surprised to see Bradley, still dressed in his wedding suit, with red eyes and tear stained cheeks

‘brad? What you doing?’

‘well i wanted to talk to you, and i need to get some stuff’ he sniffed looking at his shoes

‘are you drunk?’ i asked as i got a wiff of booze

‘yes! Ive been to a party, you know the reception after a wedding’

‘it happened?’ i asked in shock

‘yes what else are the guest suppose to do when the bride runs’

‘oh well—um’ i didn’t quite know what to say

‘yes exactly, can we talk then?’ Bradley asked again while trying to keep himself standing up by leaning on the door frame

‘is it a good idea, as it only happened a couple of hours ago and your drunk?’

‘who is it?’ poppy shouted from the living room

‘oh poppy and jake are here?

‘yeah’ i lent against the wall

‘guess i should leave then’


‘alice are we even together still or are we broken up?’ Bradley sniffed and itched his head

‘oh thought you had gone to narnia’ poppy appeared behind me opening the door to see who it is

‘hi poppy’ brad said through gritted teeth

‘oh brad’ she froze ‘i thought you were the pizza’

‘nope just me’ he sighed ‘ill see you at work tomorrow’ he turned and walked away

Poppy slammed the door shut and leant against it ‘oh my god’ she mouthed

‘yeah, I need a whole tube of pringles to myself’ I screwed up my face and hung my head

‘we can send jake out’ poppy put her arm around my shoulder and we wondered back into the living room

‘oh so you are still here, I thought you had both fucked off’ jake said then downed his glass of wine

‘brad was at the door’ poppy whispered at jake as we walked past

‘oh shit, you alright doll?

‘yeah I feel bad for him’

‘I want to call him a prick but he hasn’t really done anything’ jake shrugged

‘and what happened to team alice’ poppy narrowed her eyes at him

‘guys please, I want to eat until I fall into a coma’ I picked up a bag on skittles and shoved loads in my mouth

‘or get diabetes’ jake snatched them off me, I frowned at him and tried to climb over him, I straddled him because it creeps him out so he handed them straight back, as I sat back in my seat with a smirk on my face my iphone flashed into life

‘its jenny’ poppy screwed up her nose and handed me my phone

‘hi jenny’

‘babe what the hell’ she screeched down the phone

‘who told you?’

‘well brad phoned alex, alex phoned jeff, jeff told sally and sally text me’ she listed

‘oh right’

‘so ill ask again what the hell?’

‘I just don’t love him’

‘and you waited until the actual wedding day to run away and you didn’t even tell him’


‘what were you thinking?’

‘I thought it was cold feet, so I didn’t say anything’

‘oh god, this is bad, what are you going to do at work?’

‘im just going to turn up and explain to alex’

‘you need jeff and neal to write that you break up, you cant be acting with him that your in love’

‘can alex not?’

‘no alex is only the director’


‘its going to be so awkward’ jenny breathed

‘im sorry but I couldn’t marry him’

‘you don’t have to explain anything to anyone’ poppy said in the back ground

‘and you can tell poppy to keep her nose out, im trying to be supportive about work’ jenny retaliated

‘I know you are and I love you for it’

‘so tell poppy to fuck off’


I covered the end of the phone ‘jenny says hi’ I smiled

‘I heard that….so ill see you tomorrow yeah?’ jenny asked

‘yeah see you at 11 bye’

‘bye babes’

I slumped down in the chair ‘will you go to tesco?’ me and poppy both looked over at jake

‘me?’ he held his hand flat against his chest with an open mouth

‘yes please, your stronger so you can carry more bags of fat’

‘jeez what I do for you girls’ he tutted and got up ‘what do you want?’

‘literally loads of crisps and sweets’ I smiled sweetly

‘and coke’ poppy bounced up and down

‘you mean the drink yeah?’ jake raised an eyebrow

‘of cousre’ she stopped bouncing and pouted

‘fine ill be back in a jiffy’

‘alice im sorry I cant just change the script at the last minute’ jeff rubbed his chin ‘we have no intention to break up your characters on the show’

‘oh’ I put my head in my hands


‘unless what?’

‘we kill you off’

‘what?’ I asked in shock

‘we can kill off your character lindsey’

‘I don’t want to leave’ I whispered trying to hold back my tears

‘you either stay and your characters Lindsey and peter stay together or we kill you off?’ jeff looked at his sheet of paper

‘can I let you know by the end of the day?’

‘yes, we have to start recording soon, so go get your hair and make up done’ jeff smiled and walked out the room

I again put my head in my hands and started to sob, I either stay in an on screen relationship with brad or I leave the show, I love this show

‘babe’ came a whisper from the door

I sniffed and looked up to see jenny’s head around the door

‘can I come in?’

‘sure’ I sniffed again, jenny knelt down in front of me and placed her flat hands on my thighs

‘I know this might sound heartless, but you need to get ready’

‘okay im coming’ jenny stood up and held her hand out for me to take, we walked out of jeff’s office and along the sets until we reached hair and make-up

‘you look like shit’ Sally the make-up artist said with horror in her face

‘yeah thanks’ I muttered

‘go easy on her sal’ jenny looked her up and down

‘sorry’ sally ducked her head, sally was the best make-up artist in the country, she was from Newcastle but moved to London for her big break, she was also conveniently married to jeff, so she had a job the whole time he did, she tried her damn hardest to make my face look perfection, after I had cried my face was red and blotchy, she didn’t say a word to me the whole time I sat in her chair until she was finished

‘there you go, im finished pet’ she smiled and turned away, I climbed out of the chair and slowly made my way to Marcus the hairdresser

‘hheeeeyyy’ he waved at me

‘hey’ I smiled a tight smile

‘oh someones not happy today, want to tell uncle Marcus about it’

‘im good’ I knotted my hands ‘thanks though’

‘fair enough’ he started pulling on strands on my hair and styled it into a hippy styled hair do, loose waves, I had long black hair that was down to my waist, with green eyes, slim size 10 figure but like every girl I had fat days, and that’s what my bridget jones sucky in pants were for, they were classed as my best buy.

‘all done, got to see Claire in wardrobe babe’ Marcus kissed me on the cheek ‘chin up’

As I made my way to Claire I saw Bradley in the distant, laughing with a girl and they were both holding cups of coffee, I slowly walked up towards them with a smile on my face, but bradleys face dropped when he noticed me


‘hi alice how are you?’ the smiley girl talking to Bradley jumped in the conversation

‘im okay thanks you?’

‘im good, how did the wedding go? Brad wont tell me anything’ brad visibly tensed

‘uh id rather not talk about it’

‘whats the big secret? Did you not turn up?’ she laughed

‘i ran out’ i whispered

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