Far from a happy ending

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Chapter 10 (v.1)

Submitted: March 17, 2013

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Submitted: March 17, 2013




‘Morning beautiful’ Jake sang to me as I walked into the dining room for the amazing looking breakfast buffet

‘Morning’ I smiled

‘Morning’ poppy said with a mouth full of egg

‘Thanks for the wonderful view pops’ I giggled; poppy opened her mouth and showed me the contents

‘Eurgh’ I looked away

‘How was last night?’ Jake asked while tapping his knife on the table

‘Good, we had dinner and walked on the beach and came back’

‘Good girl’ Jake half smiled

‘You didn’t do the dirty?’ poppy looked horrified

‘Erm no’ I answered while eyeing up the food ‘I’ll be right back’

Poppy and Jake just made grumble noises at me, I got up and walked over to the big table with food all along it, I picked up a plate, I couldn’t decide what to have.

‘Morning beautiful’ I felt a hand on my left shoulder, I turned to round but there was no-one there, when I looked back at the food there was a sleazy looking guy to my right

‘Oh hi’ I jumped a little

‘Why hell-llo’ he extended the word as much as he could

‘Hi’ I said again, and picked up a croissant, some bacon, scrambled egg and some toast

‘Why so fast?’ he asked, I quickened my pace again and just picked up stuff, and a jug of orange juice and walked straight back to the table

‘I don’t think you’re supposed to take the whole jug’ Jake pointed at it with his knife

‘That creep was making me uncomfortable so I just picked it up’

‘Which one?’

‘The one that looks like Mrs Hannigans brother from Annie’

Poppy burst out laughing ‘he so does as well’

‘Why do you have milk but no cereal?’ Jake asked picking up stuff of off my tray

‘Like I said I just grabbed stuff and came back, who can say no to donuts, croissants and pastries in the morning?’

‘A diabetic’ Jake added flatly

‘Well yeah but I’m not and I’m on holiday’

‘Fine get fat’

‘Jake don’t be rude, just because your sexual frustrated’ poppy slapped his arm

‘If you get too fat and you get free parking, I’m stealing that’ Jake said while drinking a cup of coffee

‘Nice’ poppy laughed

‘Will you drive me around?’ I asked Jake

‘No I’m using you for free parking’

‘But you don’t even have a car?’ poppy half asked

‘Yes but ill steal Alice’s because she’s to fat to fit in the car’

‘Oh thanks’ I agreed and shoved as much food in my mouth as I could

‘You can get a feeder?’ Jake said

‘A what?’ me and poppy both asked

‘A man who just sits and feeds you all day’ Jake explained

‘No thank you’ I frowned at poppy

‘Jake what the hell?’ poppy asked, Jake just shrugged

The rest of breakfast was eaten in silence and Jake didn’t look up from his plate once.

‘So’ poppy said looking around the table

‘I’m going to finish packing’ Jake scuffed his chair back and walked off, poppy span round in her chair, frowned at me and waved her hands around.

‘I have no idea pops, I’m quite worried’

‘Me too, he’s never acted like this before’

‘I know’

‘Do you think he will talk about it?’ poppy asked me

‘No, I tried the other morning, when you were throwing up he wouldn’t say anything’

‘He needs one of us to be musical’ poppy said with a thinking face on

‘Why?’ I asked confused

‘Because in films, people can always sing and they make everyone feel better by bringing the person who is upset into the song’

‘That’s got to be the weirdest thing I’ve ever heard you say’ I said surprised

‘I come out with some right corkers’

‘Yes you do’

‘It’s bloody brilliant I tell you know’ poppy laughed

‘Do you miss home?’ I asked poppy, thinking about how her accent keeps popping up

‘Yeah a bit’

‘Why don’t you visit?’

‘Because I’m scared I’ll miss it that much that I won’t come back to London’



‘We can go on holiday if you want when we get back?’

‘You will come with me?’ Poppy sat bolt upright in her seat

‘Yeah I love wales’

‘Shit!’ poppy said then started crying

‘Poppy what’s wrong?’ I got up and ran round the table and put my arm around poppy

‘Sorry, I just miss my mam’

‘Oh babe’ I hugged her tighter

‘I’m really excited though’ she half smiled and wiped away her tears

‘Me too’ I let go and sat back

‘I’m going to phone my mam, tell we’re coming’

‘Okay what about Josh?’ I asked

‘Oh god yeah’ she took a sharp breathe in ‘he can wait a few more days right?’

‘Yeah course’ I patted her hand

‘Jake can stay and sulk with Ed’

‘What am I doing?’ Jake said behind us, which made us both jump

‘Me and pops are going to wales when we get back to visit her mum’

‘Oh lovely’

‘Yeah I’m excited’ poppy smiled

‘You packed quickly’ I said to Jake

‘I got bored’ he slumped in his chair

‘What time is our taxi?’ I looked at poppy then at Jake

‘In like 2 hours’ Jake answered looking at his watch

Poppy started shovelling the rest of her food from her plate into her mouth ‘I’m ready’ she announced with a mouthful

‘Let’s go pack’

After a 2 hour rushed packing session, we had made it to the lobby just in time for our taxi arrival; we forced our bags into the boot and all climbed in the backseat.

‘Going home are we?’ the cab driver tried to spark up a conversation with us, but we were too tired from the packing and eating enough food for 7 people

‘Hhmm’ I answered

‘What country are you from?’

I rolled my eyes and lent my head on Jake’s shoulder ‘UK’

I think from that the cab driver got the idea, none of us wanted to talk to him, so he left us alone.

We finally reached the airport, Jake had found some energy and was doing Poppy’s head in, while I was used to it

‘Are we getting drinks?’ Jake asked clapping his hands

Me and poppy frowned at how he had suddenly cheered up knowing we were going home ‘yeah sure’

Jake carried over 3 plastic cups of beer.

‘Beer?’ poppy asked

‘Yeah’ Jake answered


‘Why not?’

‘Jake none of us drink beer, that’s why?’ poppy put the cup down on the table

I took a sip and retched ‘it’s vile’

‘It’s a manly drink’ Jake downed the whole cup

‘What is with you being all manly all of a sudden?’ poppy asked

‘Ed said I’m too feminine’ Jake picked up poppy’s drink and downed that

‘Ed said that?’ me and poppy looked at each other

‘Yeah’ Jake reached over to grab my beer

‘Uh no’ I took the cup out of his hands ‘they won’t let you on the plane if you drink any more’

‘I’m not a light weight’ Jake stared at me

‘Err yes you are’ poppy answered before I could

‘Am not’ and Jake hiccupped

‘Your gut just answered my statement’ Poppy tutted

‘Fine, I want some lemonade’ Jake got up and walked back over to the bar

‘I cannot believe Ed told Jake he was too feminine’ I leant into poppy

‘I know, how dare he’

‘That’s probably why Jake has been acting really weird the last couple days’

‘What you ladies talking about?’ Jake suddenly appeared back at the table

‘Wales’ poppy quickly chirped in

‘oh that’s boring’ Jake grumbled and slouched in the chair

‘so uh how is Ed?’ I asked, knowing that poppy was staring at me

‘he’s fine, having trouble at work with some guy’ jake lent forward over the table, put his drink down and the straw in his mouth and lent on his hands

‘What kind of trouble?’

‘He keeps ringing and texting him, and he won’t leave him alone’

Poppy looked at me ‘have you seen the messages?’

‘No, he won’t let me see them’

‘Won’t?’ poppy repeated

‘Yeah he deletes them’

‘Ahhh’ poppy nodded at Jake, as soon as Jake wasn’t looking she made a what the fuck face at me

‘Oh that’s our flight they’re calling’ Jake sprung up from the chair

Me and Poppy tried to forget about the Ed and Jake situation, while we assisted Jake to walk.

‘I’m all good’ Jake peeled my arm from his waist and stroked my face

‘Sure you are’

Jake actually managed to walk on his own and act sober in front of the stewardess, which came to a surprise to me and Poppy.

‘Have a nice flight’ she smiled at us and she let us pass

‘Shhh don’t tell her I’ve been drinking’ Jake said overly loud

‘If you say it any louder, you will be telling her’

‘Your stressy when you don’t have sex’ Jake giggled and walked off

‘Has he been taking some kind of drug today?’

‘Bloody seems it’ Poppy laughed as she answered

‘Can you two hurry up the plane might leave without us, and I need to get back to the queen’ Jake said

‘Were coming babes’ Poppy answered

‘It’s like I’m walking down a cat walk’ Jake announced as he started walking like a model

‘Sure is’ me and Poppy agreed while trying not to laugh

‘If only Ed can see me being a super model’ Jake tutted and stopped, he span round and threw his phone at me ‘take my picture, no film me’

Jake ran backwards a bit so he had a longer walk up to the camera, I held the phone up and filmed him walking, he reached the camera, blew a kiss in it said ‘I love you Ed’ and strutted off

‘I’m so fit’ Jake shouted back to us

‘I’m sure Ed will love that video’ Poppy smiled at me

As we took our seats, Jake sat down next to the window and fell asleep within seconds

‘Can I get you anything?’ the stewardess asked me

‘Can I just have some water please?’

‘Sure and your friend’ she pointed at Jake

‘He will hopefully be asleep for the whole flight, but can I have a sick bag just in case’

‘Of course’ she smiled at me with her pearly whites and walked off

‘I hope he sleeps the whole flight’ Poppy said to me while looking at Jake

‘Me too, but 14 hours is a long time’

‘I’ll make a bet with you’ Poppy moved round in her seat so she was looking at me

‘Okay’ I laughed

‘I bet £10 he sleeps the whole flight’ Poppy held her hand out to shake on it

‘Okay I bet £10 he doesn’t sleep the whole flight’ I shook Poppy’s hand

‘Can you please sit properly and fasten your seatbelt’ the stewardess said to Poppy while handing my bottle of water

‘Yep’ Poppy span round in her seat

‘Thank you miss, take off will be shortly’ she smiled at us once more and walked off

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