My American Tale

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love story

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Submitted: August 09, 2012




My American Tale






y name is Lucy Winter

I’m 23 years old

I have many skills…

No! That sounds too stupid, I’ve just found my perfect job on the internet and I’m having a hard time trying to apply for it, why can’t I string a normal sentence together? Let’s try again. More formal this time.


Dear Sir,


No. what if it’s a woman?

Oh my god.


Dear sir/madam,


Please find attached to this email, a copy of my resume, for your kind consideration. I feel I would be an excellent candidate for your above vacancy as it closely matches my skills and experience. I look forward to hearing from you.


Yours sincerely


Lucy Winter


As I get off my breakfast bar stool with a smug look in my face, I catch a glimpse of the clock that says 17:15. SHIT! I have to meet jack in 15 minutes. I run into my bed room change into a deep blue dress that comes just above my knee and clings to all my curves in all the right ways, run to the bathroom to pull my hair band out of my hair to make sure I look presentable, my long brown hair falls just below my shoulders and it has a nice curly thing going on from where I’ve had it up, I wipe away my smudged mascara from under my eyes with a make-up wipe and re-apply, I use a small amount of eye liner on the top of my eyes so it makes my blue eyes piercing, as I’m running to grab my bag, I hop trying to put my shoe boots on, grab my bag, my keys, my phone, and slam the door behind me. As I run down the steps from my apartment I look out the window and see the bus is reaching the bus stop, so I pick up my pace, my attention is taken from me by my phone ringing in my bag, panicking running down the stairs and searching for my bag, I grab it, ‘hello?’

‘hi its jack‘

I instantly Holt on the stairs, and try and steady my breathing,

‘Hi jack you okay?’ I whisper,

‘Yeah I’m okay I’m running 10 minutes late Luc is that okay?’

I let out a sigh of relief and answer ‘yeah jack that’s fine I’ll see you soon‘, the call is over and I slowly step down the stairs, not minding that the bus has just gone past my stop. I finally get to the bottom of the 6 flights of stairs and take a deep breath and sign in annoyance wondering why I didn’t just use the elevator, I step out the lobby and breath in the cold sharp winter air of new York, I walk over to the bus stop and check the time of the next bus, 20 MINUTES? I shout without realising how loud I just said that, it’s only 5 blocks away I think I can walk there and properly get there at the same as jack, as I start strolling along the sidewalk swinging my hand bag back and forth, I stumble abit in my heels and decide to shout for a taxi, as I wave my hand out and shout ‘TAXI’ but they all just glide past me like I’m not even there, again shouted ‘TAXI’ and again they ignore me, I get a little angry and shouted ‘AM I INVISBLE TO YOU PEOPLE’ then from behind me a deep soothing voice bellows ‘TAXI’ and a young male steps out and hauls a taxi, as I stare at him in disbelief he holds the door open and says ‘hi I’m Drake, after you miss’ and points to the cab door. As I’m sat all stiff and upright next to this stranger I feel abit uncomfortable and awkward, he then broke the silence and said with such a smooth voice ‘are you okay miss?’ I mumble ‘hi yes I’m fine, I’m Lucy’ and I hold my hand out to shake his, he shakes mine back. I then leant forward and said to the driver ‘I’m going to west 69th street’

‘Oh me too’ drake chirps up and makes me jump,

I look at him and give an awkward smile and look out of the window, as we pull up outside the bar I hear my cell ringing, I quickly try and find it as embarrassingly Aqua is singing I’m a Barbie girl as my ring tone, I turn crimson as I see in the corner of my eye him smiling at me

‘Hello….mum? Are you okay?

She shouts down her cell and she doesn’t think people can hear her clearly

‘Mum please don’t shout I can hear you’I answer while pulling the phone away from my now damaged ear drum,

‘Mom yes you and dad can stay with me, can I phone you tomorrow I’m busy’

‘Love you to mum’

I look round at drake that is red in the face desperately trying not to laugh at me, while I blush,

'Sorry' storing the urge to hit him for giggling at me

‘No worries’ drake replies,

I then started to study his face, he has jet black hair, that looks like bed hair style, big green eyes, perfect looking lips with the most gorgeous smile I’ve seen in a long time, my thoughts are rudely interrupted by the cab driver as he grumbles ‘west 69th street’

‘Oh thanks how much?’ I ask

‘$16’ the cab driver mumbles

Drake then sits forward and hands the driver $20 and flashes me a smile and says ‘I’ve got this‘,

I let out a giggle like a school girl and instantly regret it as he looked at me confused with his right eyebrow standing on end, I tried to climb out of the cab gracefully, drake came to my side and shoke my hand ‘until next time Lucy’ he flashed me a smile and he vanished round a corner.

As I seemly stare down the road like a lost puppy I hear someone shout my name,

'LUCY?’ I turned round to see jack running towards me, he picked me up by my waist and span me round with a smile on his face, ‘ready babe?’

‘Yep’ I reply trying to get my balance back

Jack grabbed my hand and pulled me into the bar behind him, we stopped at a table and he turned to me with both his for fingers and thumbs like guns ’what you drinking?’

’vodka and coke please’

'Oh cut loose, have a cocktail or a shot'

'Nah I’m fine just that to start with'

Jack span on his heals toward the bar, I stare at him wondering why I’m not attracted to him, it baffles me, he’s defiantly handsome, longish black hair which is styled, blue eyes, and very white teeth, he could easily be mistaken for a model that’s how perfect he looks, his six foot tall muscular body, about a head and a bit taller than me, he actually works as a I.T consultant in a very big company, and he loves it. We’ve been friends since high school, he was the grade above me and his brother dean but we lived just down the road from each other and we were in separable, he has liked me since then and he often tells me but I find him more of a brother then a lover, we still have a very good relationship but having different lives it’s difficult to hang out like we used to, jack comes bunderling back over with our drinks and disturbs my thinking.

‘So what’s new Luc?’ Jack says

I shrug my shoulders ‘nothing much you?’

Jacks lifts one eyebrow and copies me like a parrot ‘nothing much?’

I look up while slurping from my drink and nod my head,

Jack then says ‘not found a job yet?’

‘No not yet, I found my dream job on line today and I emailed my resume just before I came to meet you’

‘Oh that’s great’ jack shouts as he gets up to hug me

‘I only applied I didn’t get it’ I answer in defence,

'Yeah I know’ jack mumbles ‘but its good you have found something to apply to’

‘Oh my parents are coming up on Friday’ I say trying to change the subject

‘we should all go out for a meal, when there here, I’d love to see them’ jack says all excited, jack and dean’s parents and younger brother Brad died in a car crash while we were all in high school, they were on the way food shopping and a lorry driver fell asleep at the wheel and they died instantly, jack and dean then came to live with us and they grew up in my house with me and Gemma my younger sister until jack went to college, after the tragic accident dean found life very difficult to deal with and often bunked school and got in a lot of fights, my dad took him under his wing and taught him carpentry and now dean and my dad have a very successful company in carpentry, dad has since retired but helps out over the phone if needed,I suddenly think about dean, I turn to look at jack ‘is dean still coming?’

Jack smiles ‘yes he is, he’s running late, as usual’, we both giggle, dean likes to look at himself in the mirror, every given chance you will catch him looking at himself or correcting his hair, he looks very much like jack but has brown eyes like his dad, they both look like their dad in different ways. There mum, Jackie, she was breath taking, long blonde hair, big blue eyes, perfect cheek bones, beautiful lips, she was also very kind and I was always round there house following her around like a fly. jack jumps up out of his chair as we hear someone shout ‘GUYS?!’ we both sharply look in the direction of the noise and dean is walking over to us, I jump up from my chair and run to him I hug him tightly, I haven’t seen him in about 6 months, Dean has been away travelling around Europe, 4 months of it in London.

‘Dean did you have a good time away?’

‘Yeah I loved it, especially London, I really want to go back’ dean answers with a massive grin on his face.

‘Where did you go in London?’ I ask really intrigued in his holiday

‘Trafalgar square, London eye, the queens palace, river Thames, nelsons Colum, Piccadilly circus, Covent garden’s, m & m world, madam Tussards, I met a girl and I visited this little village you would have loved it Luc’ deans lists, over excited while catching his breath back

‘Dean what do you want to drink?’ jack interrupts

‘Vodka and coke please mate’ dean quickly looks at jack and turns back to me, eager to finish my questions.

‘What’s the queens palace like?’ I ask eagerly

A girl? I quickly add like I wasn’t listening properlyand slowly processed the information he just throw at me,

Dean claps his hands together and gasps loudly, and shifts to the edge of his seat, ‘well Luc it’s massive, they had those guards with the red coats and tall black fluffy hats, and there were loads of people trying to make them laugh and yes you will meet her tomorrow’ he says really happy with himself.

‘Wow dean that sounds amazing’ I nod really interested in his answers,

‘Here you go mate’ jack puts his vodka and coke in front of him,

‘Enough of my stories, let’s get drunk and have a good night aye?’ dean picks up his drink and downs it,

I look at him in surprise, nod my head and down the rest of my drink, jack then follows, dean then looks at us in turn and says ‘whose round is it?’ dean flashes his gorgeous smile at me, so I reluctantly get up and collect orders.

‘Jack?’ I ask as if I’m a waitress

‘Ill have a shot of apple sours and a vodka and coke’ he smiles at me


‘Ill have the same as jack’ he winks at me

‘Okay I’ll be back in a minute’ I slowly walk to the bar, while trying to find my purse, I lean on my elbows on the bar to get the bartenders attention, he quickly walks over to me.

‘What can I get you love?’ he asks while looking me up and down and smirking.

‘Ill have 3 apple sours, 3 vodka and cokes and 3 JD and cokes please’ I say trying to square off my shoulders.

‘Drinking on your own are you?’ he asks jokingly

‘Ha-ha no I never drink alone’ I say with a bitchy tone to it,

‘Your abit aggressive aren’t you?’ he states while winking at me

‘Well I do get that way when my drinks take so long’ I then wink back

‘Oh and very feisty, I like it’ he laughs while placing all my drinks on a tray,

‘the JD’s have the straws in’ he quickly adds in, 'and this is my number so you can call me, my name is Jarvis' he winks at me turning to the till to tot up my drinks, I look at him up and down, he’s so confident the way he stands, the way he winked at me, he obviously knows he’s attractive in his tight black jeans, and tight white top, my attention is quickly taken to the half naked girl screeching the bar tenders name, ‘JARVIS’ he also quickly turns to the noise, all the men then turn and wolf whistle at her, she loves it twisting and twirling for them, her long bleached blonde hair, heavy make-up, her belt she obviously calls a skirt, her boob tube and her knee high boots, I smile to myself as I see the resemblance to pretty woman, when Julia Roberts was the hooker, Jarvis turns to me and say ‘27 dollars please', I hand him the notes I’m already holding in my hand, before he gives me my $3, he lent over the bar so we were face to face 'so what’s your name?'

'You’ll have to try harder' I wink at him and lean out of his face

'I’m detaining your change till you tell me' he says not breaking eye contact and closing his hand on my change

'Fine keep it'

'I’m keeping it as a tip see you later on sweetheart’ Jarvis answers smirking and moving to the next customer

As I try balance the tray to pick it up,

‘Here let me’ says a voice I don’t recognise, I quickly look up at the stranger and I’m startled to see its drake, from the cab,

‘Oh…..t…t…hanks’ I stutter, shocked to see him,

‘where are you sitting’ he asks over his shoulder, I point to the table just as dean waves in my direction, I follow drake through the crowd trying to push my way through after him as it‘s getting busy now, drake places the tray on the table, 'hey guys' Drake nods at Dean and Jack, turns to me winks and walks off, I blush and melt a little inside.

Dean looks at me with a smile and before he says anything, I hold my index finger up in the air, dean smiles and uses an imaginary zip to zip his mouth shut, I notice jack scowering after drake. I slap jack on the right shoulder and mouth ‘cut it out’, jack childishly rolls his eyes and downs his shot.

‘Hey’ dean shouts to jack, ‘we were supposed to do them together you ruiner’ he gives him the eye, 'to your trip’ I say clinking my shot glass to his, he nods and we down them together.

The music in the bar starts to get a bit louder as it gets later, and everyone has started finishing work, a couple of rounds later, and I’m feeling a little light headed, I sit back down on the chair to catch my breath.

‘Jacks getting another round, what do you want?’ dean shouts in my ear,

‘No thanks I have to go home I have loads of things to do’ I lie to him so they don’t think I’m a lightweight

Dean taps jack on the shoulder and shouts in his ear, jack nods and comes over to me,

‘You going?’ jack shouts at me,

‘Yes I am, I’ll phone you tomorrow? Yeah?’

jack nods, strokes my hair and kisses my forehead, Dean gives me a big hug, as pull away I huff to myself as I have to try get through the crowd, after a couple of pushes and sweating people I step onto the street, I shiver, I didn’t even bring a coat. Stupid.

I stumble along the pavement to try find a taxi as I’m not steady enough to walk, as I spot one and try to pick up my pace, but as I have downed a few too many and gravity was working double time tonight my feet lost the floor, and I was well and truly lying on my front doing the actions for a backwards snow angel on the very cold pavement.

I fly off the floor and back onto my feet, extremely embarrassed of what has just happened, I kick my heels off and sit on the curb, a few people came over to me to see if I was okay, as they all reached me they gasp at me, I touched my face and felt a warm liquid coming from my nose. Great.

‘Can I call someone for you?’ a girl looks at me worryingly

‘Yeah actually, my friend jack’ as I get my cell out my pocket, she unlocks my iphone, she takes me hand in hers and shows me my cell

‘Jack base or jack Fenton?’

‘oh erm base’ I answer quickly, her male friend tells me to sit down on the cold floor, and checks me over for any other injuries, I can hear that girl with my cell talking quietly into it, I can’t hear what she’s saying as her friend is asking me question, she again knelt down next to me and held my hand, ‘your friend is just coming now’ she looks at me sympathetically, a couple of minutes later jack and dean come running towards me and stopped suddenly at my feet, they both gasp in horror like my face had melted off.

‘Luc you okay?’ jack grabs my face in his hands,

‘Yeah I’m fine, I just wanted to see the pavement closer’ trying to make a joke of this, the girl touches jacks shoulder

‘Shall I call an ambulance?’ jack looks at me for an answer,

‘no….no… I’m fine, I just want to go home’ I answer kind of rudely which makes me instantly feel bad as there all only trying to help me, jack looks up at dean,

‘Do you have anywhere to be or do tomorrow mate?’

‘No nothing’ dean replies,

Jack then looks me in the eyes with my face still in his hands,

‘Were both come to yours and stay the night’ I start shaking my head, while jack just nods his back to me,

‘Just in case’ he adds, dean also is nodding at me; I slump on the spot and reluctantly reply ‘okay’,

‘can we go though my ass is numb from the cold floor’ jack smiles at me and helps me up from the floor, dean grabs my cell off the ground, shakes the guys hand and thanks the girl for coming to my rescue, we start slowly walking down the road, with dean on my left and jack on my right, I’m draped over jack as I feel light headed from standing up, and dean carrying my shoes and phone.

Dean hauls a cab and we all climb in, with me in the middle using them both to sit up right,

‘Fifth avenue’ jacks say to the driver.


© Copyright 2017 Eden Wallis. All rights reserved.


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