My American Tale

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Chapter 11 (v.1)

Submitted: September 19, 2012

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Submitted: September 19, 2012





orning Lucy’ Beth said across the foyer

‘morning Beth’ I answered while sipping my coffee

‘morning ladies’ Drake said popping his head out his office ‘Lucy can I borrow you for sec’

‘sure give me a minute’

As I made my way to my desk, I slumped in my seat thinking about last night, logged on to my computer and checked my emails. Nothing. I slowly stood up leaving my bag and coffee behind and walked through the adjoining door to Drakes office

‘ahh Lucy’ he said while picking up some paper work


‘oh what’s wrong?’ Drake walked around his desk and put his hands on my shoulders

‘its nothing’

‘is it jack?’

My eyes shot up to his ‘yeah’ I nodded, I slid my jacket off of my shoulders just as Drake leaned in and kissed me

‘what is going on?’ came a male voice from behind us, Drake immediately dropped his hands as I turned round to see jack standing in the doorway

‘is this why you said no last night?’

‘no jack its not, its not what it looks like’ I tried to plead with him

‘why else would you be kissing your boss?’ he smacked the papers onto the floor as Beth came running in

‘what’s going on?’

Jack and Beth both looked at me for an explanation

‘can I speak to you in my office jack?’ I said as I grabbed jacks arm towards the adjoining doors leaving Beth and Drake in his office, as I shut the door I heard Beth say what the hell and slap Drake with Drakes girlish oww

‘jack this is not what it looks like, sit ill explain’

Jack stood in the doorway not knowing whether to sit or go

‘sit’ I ordered while pointing my finger

Jack sat in the chair opposite me with his puppy dog eyes that makes me want to cry, he must be heart broken, me saying no at his proposal and then him seeing me kissing Drake

‘Drake called me in his office and asked me what’s wrong, he guessed it was you, I slid my jacket off as he kissed me, I was as shocked as you were’ I explained

‘then why didn’t you stop him?’

‘it happened the second before you walked in, literally’ I shifted in my chair and kicked off my shoes, jack was still staring at me

‘jack please say something?’

‘so you weren’t leaving me for Drake?’ he asked with tears in his eyes

‘no way’

‘then why did you say no last night?’

‘jack I have my reasons, but I don’t want to upset you even more’

‘do you not love me Luc?’ he asked as a tear ran down his face

‘oh god jack, of course I do’ I kneeled down in front of him

‘I said no because I don’t want you to feel you have to marry me because im pregnant, I want to be sure its your child before I marry you, so you don’t leave me, I want to me su-

Jack kissed me before I could even finish

‘Lucy I love you and I want to marry you, I want you to be Mrs Base, I would love for beano to be mine, and ill love it either way, but we have the rest of our lives to make more that are mine’

Now it was me that was crying, sat on my knees on the floor in front of jack



‘yes I will marry you’

‘oh my god, you have made me the happiest man in the world right now’ jack replied pulling me up from my knees and wrapping his arms around me in a hug

‘I love you jack’

‘I love you too Lucy’

There was a tiny knock at the door ‘come in’

‘hi’ Drake entered my office

‘hi’ I answered

‘I’m so sorry I don’t know what came over me’

‘it’s okay Drake, don’t worry’ I let go of jack and hugged Drake

‘I heard your news though, congratulations’ Drake hugged me back and shock jacks hand


‘sorry to interrupt though but I need you Lucy in the meeting room in 5 minutes’

‘sure ill meet you there’ and Drake left my office

‘should we tell people first or update it on Facebook’ jack smiled at me

‘I haven’t been on Facebook in weeks, I don’t even think I said I was in a relationship’

‘ouch’ jack smiled at me again

‘but id love to tell everyone, ill call mom and dad tonight but I want to tell Gemma in person she will be here tomorrow’

‘okay we can get dean and Belle over, Sarah and Gemma and have a party’ jack said while putting his coat on

‘sounds good’ I gave jack a soft kiss

‘see you tonight Mrs Base’

‘were not married yet’ I smiled at jack as he left

I quickly picked up all the paperwork from my desk, grabbed my bag and my phone and ran to the meeting room, opened the door with my butt again and dumped everything on the big table

‘hi’ I smiled at Beth, Drake and Cathy staring at me

‘Congratulations’ Beth said while getting up to hug me

‘I’m not a hugger but congratulations’ Cathy said while I was mid hug with Beth

‘right lets get down to business’ Drake interrupted us

‘I have some good news’ Beth squealed ‘I have had a reply from Alex, Daniel, Lewis and Tom from erupt and they want to have a meeting with us about a book’

‘oh my god, that excellent’ I said as I jumped out of my chair

‘when are they coming in?’ Cathy asked a little more contained then I was

‘on the 7th of January 2011’

‘were aware of what the year is’ Cathy laughed at Beth

‘so ive booked them in this room at 10am on that day with me and Lucy for the book interview, then Cathy if they like the idea you will then go through with them front covers, pictures blah blah blah and Drake all you have to do is say yes’

‘yes’ Drake replied

‘good boy’ Beth said stroking his arm like a dog

‘so all engines go’ Cathy said

‘god I’m excited, you know I won’t sleep properly till then’ I squealed

‘me neither’ Beth squealed back

And we started jumping on the spot together

‘if you two have quite finished’ Drake interrupted us ‘I have some news also’

‘oh okay sorry’ Beth mumbled as we both sat down again

‘I have an interview booked with Carly Jacobs’

Beth gasped so much that I thought she was going to faint ‘The Carly Jacobs’ she said with her hands flapping around in the air

‘yes the Carly Jacobs, she has been looking to do a book and with the good things I offered she took our deal’

‘oh my god’ Cathy popped up, it made me jump so much I spat coffee down my top

‘so Lucy has had some good ideas for the company, so she may have saved our jobs’

‘yay for Lucy’

‘when is she coming in for an interview?’ I ask while getting the office diary out

‘29th December at 13:00’ Drake said reading off of a piece of paper


After our 4 hour meeting, sorting places, interview’s and getting everything sorted before we went home for the night

‘any plans tonight Lucy?’ Beth asked across the table

‘yes were having a party to celebrate the engagement’

‘oh that’s nice’ Cathy smiled at me

‘yeah you 3 can come if you want?’

‘oh really? Beth clapped her hands

‘I can come for a drink’ Cathy winked at me

‘I don’t think that’s a good idea after this morning’

‘it’s fine Drake it’s all sorted out, it was a miss-understanding’ I said while patting Drakes hand

‘Can I bring my husband? Beth asks while tapping on her phone

‘Yeah sure, what about your daughter?’

‘She’s at a friend’s house tonight’

‘oh, im just going to text jack and let him know’

Hey babe beth, Bradley, cathy and drake are coming for drinks tonight xx

As we all head off to our offices to get our stuff and turn off our computers my phone buzzes in my hand.

Babe that’s cool, see you shortly beautiful xxxx

I check my emails when I reach my office and I have one from my dad?!?

From: David Winter

Subject: internet

To: Lucy Winter

12/21/2010 16:45

Hi love me and your mom just got the internet

Love mom and dad

This is weird

‘you ready?’ Beth’s head pops around my door


‘yeah drake is letting us leave early, with all the good work we have done today’ she smiled at me

‘oh great yeah 5 minutes’ and her head disappears

I log out my emails and turned off my computer, grab my bag and phone and headed outside.

As us 4 pile out of the cab at my apartment and make our way upstairs to Sarah, Dean, Belle, Nick Jack’s friend and Jack waiting for us.

I get my phone out of my bag and check it and I have a missed call from a number I don’t recognise. Hmmm

As the night comes to an end Beth and Bradley say their goodbyes and leave with Drake and Cathy, Dean and Belle leave so its just me, Sarah, Nick and Jack left

‘im sorry but I have to go to sleep night’

‘night babes’ I kiss Sarahs cheek

‘you two can stay in the guest room, Gem’s not back till tomorrow’

‘okay night night’

I wake up at 6:00 am on the dot with jack half laid on me, as I lift his arm off and I crawl out and make my way into the living room.

I sit in the arm chair with my legs hanging over the arm rest and I press my index fingers to my temples ‘please don’t get a headache’ I mumble to myself

‘talking to yourself Is the first sign of madness’ comes a voice that makes me jump

‘oh god’

‘sorry’ nick replied sitting on the sofa opposite me

‘I think not drinking gives me more of a headache then drinking’

Nick laughed a belly laugh and stood up and held his hand out to me, I take it and it pulls me up and pulls me towards the kitchen, nick pats the side ‘sit’

I slide up on to the side

‘right as your up the fluff you need looking after’ nick says filling up the kettle

‘oh right thanks’

‘coffee? Breakfast?’

‘yes and yes toast please, and something for my head ache’

I point towards the cupboard on the other side of the kithen, were nick walks over and rummages around till he finds some pain killers, I hold my hand out

‘hold up, I need to see if its safe for beano’

I smile at myself then I hear Sarah yawning coming out of the guest room, she double takes me and smiles

‘what you doing up there babe?’

‘nicks looking after me’ I smile back at her

‘want coffee Sar’ nick asks her

‘yeah please’

‘these are safe Luc, its fine’ nick handed me 2 tablets and a glass of water

‘what’s going on in here then’ jack said while stretching

‘looking after the pregnant woman’ nick smiled and handed jack a coffee

As I jumped off the side onto my feet, I wrapped my dressing gown cord to keep my dressing gown shut and sat on the sofa next to a half dead Sarah

‘want to know some really cool news?’

Sarah sat bolt upright ‘your having twins?’

‘oh no, Teelys are publishing an autobiography for Carly Jacobs and maybe Erupt’

‘what’ Sarahs mouth hung open in disbelief

‘what’ I answer with a smile

‘the Carly Jacobs?’


‘’ Sarah said slowly so I could understand the information I have just given her

‘yes’ I laughed


‘shhh Sarah its only 7am’ I stood up and put my hand over her mouth

‘I want to meet her’ she said while pulling my hand from her mouth

‘what’s going on?’ jack sat in my arm chair and patted his lap

‘Teelys are publishing Carly Jacobs autobiography and maybe Erupts’

‘Oh that’s cool I love Erupt’ nick mentioned before being over spoken

‘Oh yeah there all fit’ I pointed at Sarah

‘Yes they are, remember when we went to see them’

‘Oh yes I do, I loved them I always wanted to marry Alex’ I added cupping my heart and sighing

‘Which one is he?’ nick asked me and Sarah

Me and Sarah looked at each other and back at nick

‘you don’t know which one? Oh my god’ Sarah screeched

‘Alex jones is main singer, Dan Armstrong is the bassist, Matty land is the drummer, one guitarist is Lewis hardy and um the other guitarist is um’ I answered counting them off on my fingers

‘Oh what’s the guitarist’s name?’ Sarah joined me in a frown

‘Woman and men in bands’ jack quietly said to nick

‘Tom Richards’ I screeched

‘Yeah that’s him’ Sarah then smacked me on the back

‘Jesus you two you need to calm down’

As me and Sarah are laughing my phone starts to ring, I jump up and stare at the screen

‘Who is it babe?’ Sarah calls after me

‘I don’t know it’s a number I don’t recognise, they’ve rung me twice already’

‘answer it’ Sarah ordered

‘hello….yeah im Lucy….oh…okay…how did you get my number?.......oh you could have left a message at the office…yeah let me get a pen and paper…..’

‘who can that be?’ I heard Sarah whisper as I walked into my bedroom

I storm out my room ‘ I have to be in the office early this morning’ and run to the bathroom to take a shower

‘Why’ Sarah came running after me

‘I’ll explain in a minute’

As I get in the shower a massive grin appears on my face, I just spoke to lead singer Alex Jones from Erupt on the phone and he wants to meet me in the office, I get an over excited feeling of butterfly’s in my stomach, I finished washing in record time and jump out the shower and run to my room, not just fast walk, I legged it like I was racing someone, I pulled my panties on, and stockings, my plunge bra and my tight fitting, mouth hanging open interview dress god I feel good I kick my bedroom door while ill blow drying m hair to get someone’s attention

‘You alright’ Sarah asked yes my plan worked

‘Yeah can you do my hair in a wave my hair please? And do my make-up’

‘Sure, now will you tell me what the phone call was about and why your tarting yourself up’ Sarah looked at me from the corner of her eye

‘Okay but don’t scream, or squeal, or screech or anything, promise?’

Sarah held her hand out to shake on the fact she wouldn’t make any of those noises ‘promise’

‘Alex Jones phoned me to ask if he could move the interview we had to Thursday and he wants to see me about it’

‘Oh my god’ Sarah mouthed to me

‘Breathe Sar’ I tapped Sarah’s shoulder

‘Oh my god’ she mouthed to me again

‘Yes I know, so I’m tarting myself up so I look good for Alex Jones’

‘Oh my god’

‘Sarah can you say something else’

‘oh my god no’

‘well that’s a little better, snap out of it so you can do my hair and make-up’

After half an hour me and Sarah emerged, me dressed like I was meeting the royals and sarah still not saying much more then oh my god

‘Me and nick are going to betty’s so we will see you later’ jack said trying to kiss me as I was ducking around him

‘Don’t kiss me on the lips I have lip gloss on’


‘Or on the cheek’

‘Right um hand okay?’

‘Yes’ I held my hand out for him to kiss

‘I’ll catch you later babe’

Nick and jack left the room and Sarah then started jumping around now whispering oh my god

‘Right I have to leave, I’ll call you straight after’ I promised and air kissed Sarah

‘You better’

I arrived at the office at 08:15 and I know it was way to early for Beth to be here, I was a little upset we didn’t do our morning ritual of good mornings, as I made for my office, I slung my bag on my desk, turned my computer on just as my office phone rang


‘well hello Lucy Winter, this is the front desk, I have a very gorgeous, stunning, god chiselled man on my reception asking for you’

‘thanks can you send him up please’

‘I will in 5 minutes so I can stare at him some more’ I giggled to myself as I put the phone down, at least it will give me some time to check my emails and get my self together, as I opened my emails, I see I have one from gemma and mom and dad.

From: Gemma Winter

Subject: homecoming

To: Lucy Winter

12/22/10 07:36

Lucy I have to stay an extra day but I will be at your office at about 3ish Thursday see you then xxxxxx


And the one from my parents

From: David Winter

Subject: internet

To: Lucy Winter, Gemma Winter

12/22/10 08:13

Dear Grils,

Me and your mom now have the internet, I sent you and Gemma and email yesterday but neither replied so im guessing you didn’t receive them, but I think ive worked it out and hopefully you will get this one.

Me and your mom will be traveling to your apartment on 12/24/10 to spend Christmas with you.

So please reply so I know you have received it

Love you lots

Mom and dad

As I finished reading the email I heard the lift ting, ill email them back later, I jumped up from my chair and run towards my door, I poke my head out to see Alex Jones standing in the reception area, in his black skinny jeans, white queen t-shirt and a black leather jacket yummy

‘hi’ I said that echoed more than what i thought it would

‘oh hi’ Alex answered

‘please come in’ I watched Alex walk across the reception to my office, while putting his phone in his jacket pocket, his blue eyes and his black slicked hair, when he smiled at me his dimples in his cheeks stood out, and his perfect teeth, i felt like a teenager staring at his poster all over again

‘hi sorry for calling you on your number but the lady that called me and left a message she didn’t leave a contact number, but at the end of the message, she didn’t put the phone down properly and I heard her read a number out that someone had just given her and said her name, so I wrote it down and called it’

‘oh yeah that would be me’ I smiled

‘so yeah sorry for changing plans but we go on tour 2 days before I arranged to come in, so I needed to change it will tomorrow be okay for the band to come in?’

I was absolutely completely star struck and all I could manage was a creepy smile and a nod

‘yeah were really excited about this book deal’

‘that’s cool’

‘are you okay?’ Alex frowned at me

‘yes I fine, why do you ask?’

‘you just seem..i don’t know..weird no offence’

‘Absolutely non taken, I’m sorry I’m so in love with you, me and my friend used to go see you at gigs, we have all your albums and posters and I used to think I would marry you, so actually meeting you is a massive slap in the face’

‘right’ Alex raised an eye brow ‘well its always nice to meet a fan’

‘thanks’ I gushed

‘your pretty fit though I wouldn’t mind marrying you’ Alex said while getting his phone out his pocket

‘oh I um thanks’ is all I could pull out my mouth

‘sorry that was a bit up front’ he put his hand in his perfect shaped hair and fiddled with it

‘no worries’ I set my face to creepy smile again

‘ive just been invited to a party would you and your friend like to come? Its James Lloyds party’

‘really?’ oh my god I just got invited to a famous persons party

‘yeah sure, im getting a car there so I can stop by your place and pick you both up’

‘that would be so freaking amazing’

‘cool ill call you later’ Alex lent forward and rip some paper out of my pad and started writing something down ‘here’

I took the piece of paper and studied it

‘that’s my number’ he winked at me

‘oh right thanks’ I folded it in half and put it in my bra


‘can I ask you a few questions for the book before you go?’ I asked not making eye contact with him and grabbing a pen and paper

‘shoot’ Alex pointed his finger at me and leaned on his elbows on my desk

‘will the book be about the whole band?’


‘do you want it to cover your tour?’


‘do you want it to cover personal things, like place of birth, parents, siblings?’

‘erm maybe’

‘do you want to have your own sections with your information or the book to be a big questions and answers’

‘own sections is that cheesy?’

‘no not at all’ I managed

‘can I ask you some questions?’ Alex winked at me again, if he carried that on I would melt in this seat right now

‘yeah sure’

‘whats your full name?’

‘Lucy Winter’

‘how old are you?’


‘cool where do you live?’

‘5th avenue’

‘awesome, I live in Brooklyn, are you single?’

‘yes?’ NO what was I doing

‘even better, want to go to dinner with me tonight before the party?’

‘sure’ NO! what power does he have over me

‘great, ill call you with the time and place’ Alex stood up and came round to me on the other side of the desk, I stood up, he stared into my eyes grabbed my hand and kissed it ‘was an absolute pleasure meeting you Lucy will see you later’ and he left, I slumped down in my chair and put my forehead on my desk ‘what the hell’ I whispered to myself, I picked up my phone and dialled the only person I thought would understand

‘hello Sarah Wildon’

‘Sarah I need to talk to you urgently’

‘okay I don’t have to be there til 10, meet me at Clives’ I put the phone down just as it buzzed into life from a text.

Its Alex meet me at the plaza at 6pm x

‘oh my god its started’ I whisper aloud, my wildest dreams have come true and I cant do anything about it, I run out to the reception scribble a message for Beth


Ive been in this morning and had to run out quick can you let drake know please

Lucy x

I bolted for the lift and waited patiently for the lift to reach the 18th floor, as it dinged I went to step in, but was stopped by someone pushing me out I looked up to see Beth

‘hi doll where you going?’

‘sorry Beth im in a rush I left you a note ill be back in a bit’ and jumped in the lift as the doors were closing

As I made my way to the front door of Clives I saw Sarah immediately, Clives was a little restaurant that looked like we should be in Paris

‘babe whats up? Is it jack? Is it beano?’ she touched my tummy

‘neither’ I looked away from her ‘can i have some wine’

‘um no you cant whats up?’

‘diet coke’ I shouted at the bar keep while tapping the bar

‘Lucy’ she said in a tone that sounded like my mother telling me off

‘Alex jones came into the office yeah?’

‘following so far’

‘he asked if I was single and I said yes, and he asked me to dinner and I said yes and I said me and you would go to a party at James Lloyds house with him tonight’

Sarah gripped onto the bar so tight her knuckles turned white

‘were going to James Lloyds party with Alex Jones? Am I awake?’

‘did you listen to the first bit?’

‘not really’ she downed her drink and gave her empty glass to the bar keep with a nod

‘Sarah I lied to Alex, what am I going to do? he doesn’t know im engaged or pregnant’

Sarah choked on her drink ‘don’t tell him he might un invite us’

I raised my eye brow at Sarah ‘really? That’s dreadful’

‘oh my god im totally getting with James’

‘oh god maybe you weren’t the person to talk to’

‘yes I am, don’t worry go on the date tell jack it’s for work, he won’t mind, you’re not marrying Alex so you don’t have to tell him anything’

‘I don’t? I always wanted to marry him’ I scrunched my face up

‘and he still asked you out’


‘jesus girl your going to marry Alex’ Sarah then let out a witch cackle laugh

I paid the cab driver as we reached the plaza, I stood outside and looked up, my stomach was going mental with butterflys, I felt my phone vibrate in my clutch bag

Its alex im running 10 mins late, sit and order what you want ill be with you shortly xx

Okay the butterflys died a little knowing I wasn’t going to see him for another 10 minutes, time to console myself, the door man opened the door for me and gave me a smile like he knew my whole secret, I shifted inside and became face to face with an extremely attractive girl

‘hi do you have a reservation?’

‘um yeah im meeting Alex Jones’

She quickly sat bolt upright and looked me up and down

‘I love your chanel dress, oh and your louboutins, very sexy’

‘um thanks’

‘im marie’ she held her hand out for me to shake it

‘hi im Lucy’

‘please follow me’ she stood up and grabbed two menus, as I followed her through the restaurant she pointed me in the direction of a corner booth, with candles

‘this is Alex’s favourite seat’

‘thanks’ I said as I climbed in

‘oh not that he comes here a lot’ she smiled at me

‘okay’ not really sure how to answer her statements

‘can I get you a drink?’

‘sure diet coke please’

‘coming right up’ and she ran off, only to return 2 seconds later throwing the menus at me

‘sorry I forgot to give you these’


I pulled my phone out of my pocket to text Sarah.

Sar this place is amazing….

As I pressed send I saw my diet coke being placed in front of me ‘thanks’ I muttered, I slipped my phone back in my bag, as I reached out for my diet coke I saw Alex sitting opposite me with a sexy half smile on his face

‘hi’ I whispered out, Alex was dressed in suit pants with a white shirt tucked in, un buttoned at the top and a suit jacket on, he looked fit

‘hi’ he answered me back ‘you look gorgeous’ he kissed my hand

‘thanks’ I smiled at him mesmerised by him

‘do you want to order?’ he asked picking up his menu

‘sure whats good here?’

‘everything this is the plaza, can I ask you something?’

‘sure’ I answered not moving the menu that was covering my face

‘how is such a gorgeous girl single?’ I hooked his finger over my menu and pulled it down

‘I don’t know’ blushing while I answer

‘hey excuse me are you Alex Jones from Erupt?’

Alex looked up at a fat guy standing next to him chewing very loudly on his gum and a note pad and pen

‘yeah who are you?’

‘im gus can I get an interview?’

‘are you kidding were having dinner’

‘is this your girlfriend?’ gus asked pointing his pen at me

‘were just friends’ I added with a tight smile to gus

Then gus starting writing something on his pad of paper and nodding

‘hey what are you writing?’ alex reached up for the pad and snatched it from gus’s manky hands

‘hey give it back’ gus shouted at alex

Alex then stood up towering over gus ‘leave us alone’ and threw gus’s pad across the restaurant

‘hey just because your famous doesn’t mean you can be rude’ a girl shouted at alex while helping gus up to his feet

‘I would like to have a quiet meal with my friend without people like you ruining it’ alex shouted pointing at them both

‘alex please calm down its fine’ I stroked alex’s arm

‘yeah do what the dog says’ shouted the girl who helped gus up

‘WHAT?’ now im mad, I went marching over to the girl and slapped her hard around the face, Alex came up behind me wrapped his arms around my waist and carried me backwards away from the crowd of people that had formed

‘ASSALT’ shouted the woman

The crowd started closing in on us, people were shouting and pushing each other, me and alex got parted, then I felt a punch to my stomach, I fell to my knees ‘beano’ I whispered to myself

‘LUCY’ I heard alex shout, when a man picked me up from the floor and carried me throw a door at the back ‘I just got punched in the stomach’ I said through sobs

‘I know I saw love you okay?’

‘no im pregnant’

‘oh shit, im calling an ambulance’ the body guard said while putting me down on a couch and pulling his cell out his jacket

I screamed in pain as a scratching pain surged through me, I gripped my stomach and started to cry ‘beano please stay with me’

‘Lucy? You okay?’ alex was by my side

‘ahhh no im not’

‘your bleeding’

I lifted my hand and looked at it ‘im not bleeding’ I looked up at alex as he pointed between my legs with a horrified expression

‘ambulance is on its way’ the body guard told me while stroking my hair, I started to feel tired, I was desperately trying to fight my eyelids

‘did you get stabbed?’

I sleepily shock my head as darkness overtook

‘shes pregnant’ was the last thing I heard the body guard say

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