My American Tale

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Chapter 13 (v.1)

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Submitted: September 22, 2012





rom: Kris Parkinson

Subject: book deal

To: Lucy Winter

12/29/10 09:36

Dear Lucy,

I just want to confirm it is still okay for the boys to come for the interview on the book signing deal


sent from my iphone

I emailed back straight away as they were supposed to be here in 24 minutes

From: Lucy Winter

Subject: book deal

To: Kris Parkinson

12/29/10 09:38

Dear Kris,

Yes the interview is still on are you still arriving at 10am?


P.A to drake Teely at Teelys international

I push away the keyboard in frustration; Beth walks in my office with a cup of coffee

‘Thought you could do with this?’ she placed in on my desk and sat in the seat opposite my desk

‘Thanks’ I sipped my coffee heaven

So what time are the boys getting here?’

‘Well whenever they decide to turn up, there appointment is at 10 but there manager is emailing me asking if the interview is still on so we will be running late’

‘Do you think we will be finished by 1?’

‘Ill make sure we are don’t worry’

‘Okay’ Beth sat sipping her coffee as I checked my emails again.

From: Kris Parkinson

Subject: book deal

To: Lucy Winter

12/29/10 09:41

Dear Lucy,

We are on route to you as we speak, see you shortly


Sent from my iphone

As I re-read the message I sit and wonder if he wrote the ‘sent from my iphone’ so I would think he was on his iphone, I looked up at Beth.



‘Do you know much about iphone?’

‘A little why?’

‘When you email off of it does it sent a message at the bottom of your email saying sent from my iphone’

‘Yeah I think it does, you can change it to your name and everything’

‘Oh’ damn ‘they will be here shortly’

‘Oh’ Beth jumped up from her seat spilling coffee on the floor ‘I want to meet Alex’


‘I’m totally in love with him; don’t you think he’s fit?’

‘Yeah sure, in an obvious way’ I took a swig of coffee to mentally prepare myself for this meeting

‘I’ve heard he’s good in bed’ I then spit out my large mouthful of coffee


‘You okay Lucy?’

‘yeah yeah fine’ doing a little cough to pretend I just choked on my coffee and not spat it out thinking Beth was going to bust me

‘oh that’s my phone’ Beth ran out of the room, I pulled some tissues out of the box I had on my desk and started wiping away my spat out coffee all over my computer monitor, my phone then rang

‘Hello Luc-‘

‘Its Beth the boys are here and there on the meeting room meet you there?’

‘Yep’ and I put the phone down

‘right Lucy keep it together breathe breathe’ when I had told myself I was ready I picked my all that I needed for this meeting minus the scotch and made my way to the meeting room, as I reached it I pulled the handle down with my finger and bummed it open, I sat at the head of the table, and sorted through my paper work not lifting my head to look at everyone

‘Hi Lucy’ matty said breaking the tension, I looked up at them all

‘Hi you okay?’

‘Yeah were great, we haven’t been up this early in years’

‘Right’ I then grabbed a pile on paper stood it on end and hit it to line them all up

‘You know each other?’ Beth added in from the corner

‘Yeah. Lucy came and watched us practise the other day and then stayed at Alex’s’ I instantly crumpled my face up and rested my forehead on the desk

‘Shut up’ I heard Alex whisper to Matty

‘What?’ Beth had frozen completely in the room staring at me ‘can I have a word?’ as I got up from my seat to follow Beth out I shot Matty a deathly look

‘What happened?’

‘nothing, it was the day after I came out of hospital and I needed somewhere to go, so I called Alex and I watched them practise, I slept in his bed and he stayed on the couch, and I went home Christmas morning’

‘Oh my god’ she started flapping her hands in front of her face ‘what’s his place like?’


‘No, why didn’t you call me or Cathy or your friends or family?’ she ordered poking me in the shoulder

‘I needed to get away from everything I knew, they were all so sad’

‘And so they should be, do you remember what happened last week?’

‘Of course I do’ I sniffed

‘Lucy I didn’t mean to make you cry, but you have jack you can’t be staying at another man’s house even if nothing happened, where does jack think you were?’

‘Yours’ I sobbed

‘Right okay, I’ll keep this one to myself but if it happens again I want you to phone me before you go to another man’s house’

‘Okay’ I ran my index finger under my eyes to get rid of all the extra mascara and tears and breathed in

‘Ready?’ Beth asked as Cathy came running towards us


‘Guys?’ Cathy said out of breathe

‘What’s up?’

‘I just needed to give you this’ and he handed me a tiny pile of paper that meant nothing to me

‘Um thanks’

‘no worries’ and she ran off, I put the paper under my arm and walked in behind Beth back to the meeting we were holding, I did one last rub under my eyes as I sat down

‘Are you okay?’ I looked up to see concern on Alex’s face

‘Yeah I’m fine’ he half smiled and nodded at me

I put the pile of paper Cathy gave me on the desk, and sort out some contracts while Beth started talking to them about the book, as I wasn’t ready to talk yet I looked through the paper from Cathy when I saw us weekly I picked it up and instantly regretted it

‘WHAT THE FUCK?!’ I shouted standing up flicking the magazine open

‘Lucy are you okay?’ Beth asked with a look of what-the-fuck

‘I’m in us weekly leaving Alex’s place with a title saying Alex has a nice Christmas present this year’ I said then threw the magazine on the desk and turned to walk out

‘Wait’ I heard Alex shout after me but I had already left, Alex came running out after me ‘Lucy?’

‘I’m sorry I can’t’ I sobbed but carried on walking, Alex had caught up to me in no-time, because he was wearing sensible shoes

‘Wait’ he held my hand up ‘don’t worry’

‘How can I not worry?’

‘It doesn’t mean anything and I’m sure jack will understand’ he still had hold of my hand

‘Lucy’ I turned round to see beths head hanging out the door ‘Sarah on line 1’

‘Shit its already started, go back to the meeting I’ll be there in a minute’

‘Okay’ and he reluctantly let go of my hand, I ran to my office as fast as I could and picked up the phone ‘hello?’

‘Lucy please don’t panic’ Sarah started

‘Sarah I know’

‘You do thank god’

‘Yeah what am I going to do?’

‘All you have to say is you had to drop a contract off to him Beth was with you, but they cut her out’


‘Yeah’ she confirmed

‘Okay so jack won’t be mad’

‘Oh I don’t know honey’

‘Shit’ I sniffed

‘Please don’t cry’ Sarah said sniffing back to me

‘I can’t help it’

‘Don’t make me come down there’

‘I need a Sarah hug right now’

‘I have a break soon if you want me to come?’

‘Ill pay your cab fare’

‘okay ill be over there in 20’ and she hung up, I put the phone down and again wiped under my eyes, stood up straightened my skirt and made my way back to the meeting room

‘Hi’ I mumbled as I walked in

‘Hi’ Beth beamed at me

‘Catch me up’

‘the boys have defiantly decided to come with us for the book deal, they want their own sections which provides full names parents high school there dreams and whatever they want to add in, they want us to cover their tour and have picture pages


‘And they have asked if the front cover can be drawn in pencil’


‘I’ll draw it’ Tom held is hand up in the air which made me smile

‘Yay a smile’ Beth whispered to me

‘we have a album cover that we all like so I’m going to draw it, so we can have the front cover as a pencil work picture’

‘Okay that sounds pretty cool’

‘Thanks’ Tom said with a smile

Just then ‘life is a highway’ started playing, we all looked around the room till Kris stood up ‘sorry I have to take this’ and walked out

‘It’s properly about the magazine’ Alex looked at me



‘I have to explain it to jack later’

‘What you going to say?’ Beth said while spinning in her chair

‘I need to talk to you about it’

‘You’re going to drag me into this?’ Beth smiled at me

‘Yeah I’m afraid so’ I half smiled and shrugged

‘Oh okay what’s the story?’ Alex smiled at me

‘Me and Beth came over to give you a contract but they cut her out the picture’

‘We should hire her to come up with reasons when we get papped’ Tom said laughing

‘It’s not a bad idea’ Alex said half smiling at Tom

‘Just have to say we went after the office had shut gave him the contract and went home’

‘Okay ill do it’ Beth shock my hand

‘thanks’ and I leant over and hugged her, the phone on the meeting table started ringing, the boys felt awkward so answered it while me and Beth were still hugging

‘Lucy Sarah is down stairs’

‘send her up to the meeting room’ I said while letting go of Beth, Lewis repeated what I said and put the phone back down, Kris then walked back in the room with a less than happy look on his face

‘What’s up?’ Tom and Lewis asked at the same time, laughed at each other and high fived, me and Beth looked at each other with raised eye brows

‘The label aren’t happy about us weekly

‘Yeah but they don’t know the story’

‘What is the story’ Kris looked straight at me

‘Me and Beth took a contract over to his house after work, but they cut her out to make it look like it was just me and Alex’

‘Oh’ Kris actually was speechless, a tiny knock at the door made everyone turn to look at it

‘COME IN’ I shouted, and Sarah came walking through

‘Hi’ she said shyly, I patted the seat next to me for her to sit down, she walked over quickly and sat down

‘Hi’ Erupt said to her all at once


‘This is Alex, Tom, Dan, Lewis and matty’ I pointed at them all in turn

‘I know who they are’ she winked at me

‘Sarah is a massive fan’

‘Well we both are, we used to go to see you at gigs, had t-shirts posters everything’

‘Cool’ Dan answered

‘Sweet’ Matty followed

‘I’m Kris by the way’

‘Oh hi Kris’ Sarah waved at him

‘Oh sorry Kris, this is Erupts manager’

Sarah picked up us weekly and flicked to the pages of me and Alex and Beth wink wink, she started laughing to herself

‘What?’ I asked

‘There not very good with words’

‘What do you mean’ Alex looked confused

‘The picture of you two at his front door, it says, Alex got his Christmas tree up in time for Christmas’

Beth sniggered with then made me laugh, ‘that’s awful’ Beth giggled

‘They obviously don’t know me very well to think that getting my ‘Christmas tree’ up was a problem’ Alex joked

‘then there’s the other picture of you two just looking at each other it says, looking at those legs, Alex has been a bad boy so Santa won’t be visiting him this year

‘What? That doesn’t even make sense’ Alex laughed

‘You have got good legs though’ Sarah looked at me smiling

‘Wow a bit of girl on girl action here’ Tom joked

‘Right is there anything else you want to talk about or ask about the book deal? Before Tom starts an orgy’ Beth said through us all

‘Love it’ Tom laughed

‘No I think we have everything we need’ Kris said looking at a piece of paper ‘boys?’

‘Were good’ Dan finally spoke

‘So if you’re done you want to go to Betty’s? Sarah asked me

‘Yeah, I have another meeting with Carly Jacobs at 1 so as long as I’m back in time’

‘Were being two timed’ Matty joked

‘What’s betty’s?’ Lewis asked

‘It’s a really fatty café near where I live; we eat there all the time’

‘Oh sounds healthy’ Tom said

‘You can all come if you want?’ Sarah quickly added

Alex looked at his band mates with a awkward look and shrugged ‘sure’

‘Beth? Kris?’ I looked at them

‘I can’t I’m sorry I have something I else I need to do’ Kris answered without looking up from his papers

‘Yeah I’d love to, I’m up for eating fat’ Beth laughed

‘I love watching girls eat greasy food’ Dan said

‘That’s a weird fetish mate’ Alex slapped him on the back

‘Yeah like your fetish’ Dan shot back, which left Alex wide eyed

‘What fetish?’ I asked before my brain even thought of the questions

‘He likes-‘

‘Nothing’ Alex interrupted him ‘nothing’ and gave him a warning look

‘Right shall we go?’ I asked really distracted by the fetish thing

We all stood up from the table and gathered our stuff. We all flagged down cabs; I climbed in the back with Beth and Sarah

‘One day I want to jump in a cab and shout follow that cab’

‘You’re mad’ Beth laughed at me

‘I’m kind of used to it’ Sarah tutted

Our 3 cabs arrived outside betty’s and all 8 of us climbed out the cabs, I pushed open the door to see jack and dean at our usual table eating and talking, dean spotted me first and signalled at me for jack to look at me, jack smiled at me so he obviously hadn’t seen the magazine, the smile vanished to a shocked look when 7 people followed me in, I smiled and gave a small wave, the waitress came over and also gave a shocked look, she pointed us over to a booth and pulled a table near by up to it so we could all fit around one table

‘Jack?’ Sarah pushed through everyone ‘dean?’

‘Alright? Jack answered with a mouth full of bacon

‘You coming to sit with us?

‘no I have to go back to the office in a minute’ jack answered, he got up, walked over to me and kissed me, probably because Alex was here and he was telling him I was his ‘see you later’ and he slapped my ass, dean walked past after jack and kissed me on the check and winked at me ‘bye dean’ I smiled

As it hit 12 and everyone had emptied their plates

‘We should get back’ Beth said

‘Yeah we have Carly Jacobs coming in an hour’

‘Good luck with that’ Tom laughed ‘she’s up her own ass’

‘Oh ill watch for that’ I looked at Beth confused

‘I best get back I’ve been gone for over an hour, will you make burgers tonight’ Sarah said while stroking my arm and giving me a one arm hug

‘Okay ill ring you later’ I hugged her back

‘Bye boys’ Sarah winked at Matty

‘Later I’ll call you’ he winked back at Sarah

Alex just sat there the whole time not really saying much and he wouldn’t look at me

‘You okay mate?’ Lewis whispered to Alex but loud enough for me to hear him

Alex just nodded and leant his elbows on the table

‘I need to get home I have some things I need to do’ Alex looked at Dan

‘doing Charlie’ he joked, my eyes shot straight to Alex’s just as his eyes shot to mine, I looked away embarrassed I reacted to it

‘No I don’t see her anymore’ he mumbled

I took my phone out just to make myself not look at Alex why was I jealous? I shifted nervously in my seat till Beth picked up that there was a problem and grabbed my hand


‘Yeah thanks boys, I’ll talk to you later’ I looked at them all except Alex

‘Later’ came from Dan

‘Bye’ From Lewis and the rest gave a little wave while on their phones; Alex looked up at me and smiled

Beth hauled a taxi outside Betty’s as we climbed in

‘So what was that between you and Alex?’ she asked with folded arms

‘Something happened’ I closed my eyes to stop the tears

‘I knew it’ she unfolded her arms and leant into me ‘spill’

‘It’s what I said the other day, went and watched Erupt practise and went to his but we slept together in his bed’

Beth gasped ‘oh my god’ she put her hand on my leg ‘does anyone else know?’

‘No just you me and Alex’ I rubbed away a tear

‘Don’t worry, have you seen him since?’

‘No but I want to’


‘I really want to see him again’ I wiped my nose in the least lady like way

Beth screwed her nose up ‘oh babe’

‘It’s so complicated’

‘I know but we will work it out, we will get Carly Jacobs out of the way and then we will sort it okay?’

I nod at her while I quietly think of Alex looking at the city out of the cab window; I get interrupted by an elbow in my ribs

‘Were here’ Beth said half out the cab

‘oh’ as the streets were quickly busy for lunch time, we both half ran to the elevator to make sure we weren’t late for Carly Jacobs, when we reached the 18th floor I ran to my office and launched my stuff at my desk and ran to the tiny kitchen for my cup of caffeine

‘Same idea’ Beth winked at me

‘Oh defiantly’

We both walked to the meeting room and again with our piles of paper, as I bummed the door open and joking with each other we didn’t realise Carly Jacobs and her manager were sat in the corner

‘Hi’ me and Beth both froze and slowly turned round, when we made eye contact I gave her my brightest smile that I could manage without me looking like I slept with a coat hanger in my mouth ‘hi’beth just stood there staring

‘So sorry were late?’ I turned around to look at the clock

‘Oh no were way early sorry’ Carly half smiled while her manager tutted

‘As we weren’t expecting you to be 20 minutes early will you bare with us for a couple of minutes while we get ourselves together’ Beth said while taking a seat

‘Sure thing’ Carly smiled ‘where can I get a coffee?’

‘We have a kitchen if you want me to get you one’ I looked up at her

‘Oh no, I’ll go it’s something for me to do while you set up’

‘Oh okay there’s one outside the building or there’s a star bucks a block away’

‘Okay great’ Carly and her manager got up and walked out the meeting room, as Beth raised her eye brows at me

‘High maintence much?’ Beth giggled

‘I think she’s fine but it’s that butt munch of a manager’

‘’hah yes asshat’

‘We can sit here thinking of names all-day but we do really have to get ready’

‘Yep is drake going to show for this interview? Or are we halving his wages’

‘Halving his wages’ I joked

‘Ill keep my wages thank you ladies’ Drake spoke behind us

Me and Beth automatically blushed head to toe

‘Hi drake’ I mumbled

‘Hi is Carly here yet?’

‘Yes but she and her manager went to get coffee while we set up’

‘You kicked her out?’ drake raised his eyebrows at me

‘No no she offered to go after I offered to make one’ I frowned confused by my own story

‘I would pass on a coffee made by you Luc’ Drake joked

I gasped at him offended ‘sorry Luc’

‘Nah I would to’ I agreed

After 10 minutes Carly and her manager john by the way after he introduced himself made their way back in to the meeting room and he got two big notepads out of his bag and 3 different coloured pens organised drake introduced us three, and to my surprise Carly was very nice and not up her own ass as the boys told me, I instantly relaxed when Beth started her presentation to win Carly and john over, I nodded in the right places as did drake and we laughed where Beth made unfunny jokes, and I think she killed it, Carly was smiling a lot and asking questions while john sat there writing the whole time rude

‘So what do you think?’ Beth finally said

‘I like it, I’m totally excited for this’ Carly smiled

‘John?’ Beth asked

‘um some ideas where good but some I have issues with, you don’t seem to have any control over the book contents, you should be telling us what we want in the book not asking us’ john listed

‘well the book is about and from Carly Jacobs, we put in the book what her fans want to know, and we need to know what she wants to say, because god forbid you would protest if I put in something that you didn’t agree’ Beth answered back while the rest of us including john looked at her with our mouths open

‘R-r-right’ john staggered his answer ‘if Carly’s happy then so am I’

‘I’m cool about this’ Carly smiled ‘where do I sign?’

Beth slid a contracted across the table for them both to sign ‘you can call me or Drake or Lucy if you have any questions or anything’

‘Sure’ Carly autographed the contract while john did the tiniest scribble I’ve ever seen

‘thank you, after the new year is out of the way, we will contact you for another meeting, for photos, front cover design and the main interview’ I said while Beth was neatly piling her papers

‘yeah that’s cool, thank you so much for having me and I look forward to seeing you again’ Carly got up and grabbed her bag, as she walked past us she hugged all of us in turn and left the room, while john scurried out after her with his head hung, as soon as Beth was confident that they were out of ear shot, Beth gave me her biggest smile and high fived me

‘That was such a rush’ Beth squealed

‘You did good, didn’t she drake’ I said

‘She did well’ he confirmed

We all walked back to our offices all feeling very good about our last 2 deals confirmed; as we arrived at Beth’s desk her phone rang

‘That’s good timing’ Drake joked and walked off to his office

Beth answered the phone and smiled at me, I smiled back and walked to my office, picked my things I launched across the room and sat and thought about Alex again, I pulled my phone out and text him.

Hey are you okay? You seemed upset? L

I sat back in my chair and stared at the ceiling, I flicked my computer on at the wall just as my phone beeped into life

I’m fine you?

So Alex wasn’t okay, I picked up my phone and dialled his number. He answered on the first ring


‘Yeah what’s wrong?’

‘Nothing I said I was fine’

‘You don’t seem fine, what was wrong at Betty’s?’

Alex was silence, I thought he hung up


‘Nothing Lucy okay?’

‘I’m only trying to help’

Alex went silent again

‘It’s about me isn’t it?’ I said

Alex went silent again

‘Alex with you just answer me’

‘Yes it is you’

‘What about me?’

‘I like you Lucy’

‘Oh’ I was shocked I wasn’t expecting that answer

‘Yeah, I got angry when jack kissed you in Betty’s because you’re not mine and I can’t do that to you’

‘Oh’ now I couldn’t say anything


‘Do you want to talk about it?’

‘Um what?’

‘I can come over tonight if you want?’

‘You can’t in case of photographers’

‘Oh meet me somewhere’

‘Where?’ Alex sounded intrigued


‘Ill text you later where to meet me okay?’

‘Yeah okay bye’

‘Bye babe’ and he hung up

I felt a little happier now I knew I was going to see Alex later on, I logged on to my emails and saw an email from jack

From: Jack Base

Subject: tonight

To: Lucy Winter

12/29/10 16:25

Lucy I won’t be home tonight, I have to stay late and them I’m going out drinking so I’m going to crash at Marks

See you tomorrow ill take you to dinner

I.T manager at freshman’s LTD

I picked up my phone and text Alex

My place will be empty tonight, jacks away x

I reply back to jack.

From: Lucy Winter

Subject: tonight

To: Jack Base

12/29/10 16:30

That’s cool have a good time see you tomorrow night, I’d love to go for dinner

P.A to drake Teely at Teelys international

Just as I saw in the corner of my eye my phone starting to ring, where’s Alex’s name flashed on the screen


‘Hi’ Alex answered clearly happier then he sounded before

‘You okay?’

‘Yeah, so yours tonight yeah?’

‘Yeah jacks out with friends for the night’

‘Are you sure?’

‘Yes I am, so meet me there at 6?’

‘yeah okay babe see you then’ and he hung up, my smile worked its way onto my face, then it disappeared as I remember I was betraying my friends and jack by meeting Alex in private and meeting him at mine and jacks place, the end of the day couldn’t have come sooner, I decided I deserved a early finished so packed up my things and turned off my computer, walked out of my office to find Beth still on the phone, I leant on her desk with my elbows and waited for her to finish

‘Bye Margaret’ Beth said as she put the phone down

‘Lucy?’ she beamed

‘Hi I’m going home early and have my eye brows and nails done’

‘Oh I’m coming with’ Beth grabbed her stuff and strutted around her desk till she was next to me and we walked to the elevator.

After 2 hours of girly time I felt well and truly pampered

‘God I feel good’ Beth smiled at me from the cab

‘Me 2, what you doing tonight?’ I asked Beth

‘Nothing you?’

‘I’m going out for dinner’ I smiled

‘Oh sounds nice’

The cab pulled up outside my apartment building, I paid my bit kissed Beth on the check

‘See you tomorrow beautiful’ I said to Beth

‘right back at ya’ she laughed and the cab left, I made my way up to my apartment and sighed with happiness knowing I was home and I would be seeing Alex soon, I ran to my room quickly changed into my sexy interview dress. I placed my bag on the sofa as the bell buzzed yay


‘Hi’ came Alex’s voice

I buzzed him straight up and the butterflies in my stomach started running around, I held the door open for him when he walked out the lift, he slammed my door shut and locked it, and pulled me into a kiss while running his hands all over my body.

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