My American Tale

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Chapter 20 (v.1)

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Submitted: January 16, 2013





s we stood in the elevator to my apartment, i felt like a teenager again, and couldn’t take my hands off of Alex

‘easy girl, atleast wait until were inside’ alex kissed behind my ear, which of course sent shivers down my spine

‘oh if you want me to stop i wouldn’t do that’ i closed my eyes

‘what this?’ alex kissed behind my ear again and started kissing along my jaw line, then down my neck

‘yeah that’ i cling to his neck

‘come on’ he grabbed my hand and pulled me out the elevator and unlocked my apartment door, to a crowd full of people in my living room, i dropped my purse with surprised when they all shouted ‘CONGRATULATIONS’

‘oh hiya’ was all i could manage

A huge crowd of people gathered around me and all shared me around while all hugging me, and kissing me and talking to me but i was just frozen to the spot my whole family knew i was getting engaged? What if i had said no?

‘what if i said no?’ i whispered out loud

‘what love?’

‘what if i had said no?’ i frowned at my mum

‘would you have said no?’


‘then why worry?’ mum patted me on the arm and kissed my cheek

‘i don’t know, wheres alex?’

‘with your father and dean’

‘is jack here?’

‘he was invited but he didn’t want to come’


‘enjoy yourself’ sarah hugged my head and handed me a glass of champagne, then snatched it back

‘hey’ i tried to grab it

‘is there anything you want to tell me first?’ sarah raised her eye brows

‘um no’ i frowned

‘just checking your not preggers dude’

‘have you been drinking sarah?’ i giggled and snatched the champagne of her

‘maybe baby’ she giggled and hugged me again ‘congrats though baby girl’

‘thanks, you kept this secret very secret’

‘i know i was good’

‘yes you were’

I felt some hands appear around my waist ‘hey mrs jones’ alex whispered in my ear

‘hey’ i lent my head back onto alexs shoulder with my eyes closed

‘my family are coming over tomorrow?’

‘oh i get to finally meet them?’ i turned round so i was face to face with alex

‘looks that way’ he smiled

‘im so excited’

‘really?’ alex raised one eyebrow

‘yeah i haven’t met them yet and if im marrying you i have to meet my in-laws’

‘they will be at mine at 1ish tomorrow’

‘ill come over after work then’ I smiled

‘lets celebrate’ alex smiled at me

‘PICTURE’ sarah shouted

Everyone started to gather around us, where my dad pulled out a sign with


Sarah put the camera on the TV unit and quickly ran over to the crowd ‘say cheese’ sarah giggled, everyone answered in chorus ‘cheeeeese’ snap

As I woke up i was surrounded with darkness, i couldn’t see my hand in front of my face, bright lights suddenly turned on temporily blinding me

‘ouww’ i winced covering my eyes

‘your such a waste of space’ a booming voice echoed

‘always drunk’ came another voice

‘mom?’ i asked

Suddenly i started falling down a dark hole just like in Alice in Wonderland, with furniture around me, when a hand appeared so i grabbed it

‘ive got you’ when i had climbed over the edge to my surprise it was alex

‘where are we?’ i asked him, but he just stared at me with a smile on his face like he was posing for a picture

‘alex?’ i lent forward to touch his face and it disappeared

‘what the hell is going on?’ i asked my self out loud

Four big flood lights flicked on in turn, as i was looking around people wearing black floorlength hooded gowns starting walking out from the darkness towards me

‘hello? Where am i?’ but they all ignored me ‘hello’ i asked panicing alittle more now

‘girl you are to be banished’ a mans voice boomed over head

‘me? Why?’

‘death by water’ he kept talking


One of the people dressed in a clock ran over to so quickly i couldn’t move and through a glass of water in my face

‘hey’ i said while wiping my face

And another did the same

‘stop it’ i groaned

‘hmmm’ came the reply

‘stop it’ I wiped my face again, I opened my eyes to find myself laying in the bath tub upside down in my bathroom, with my face under the faucet, as I work my way out and sit up, I look over at the toilet to find sarahs face in it

‘what a weird dream’ I clutch my head ‘ouch’

‘hmmm’ sarah replied

As I climbed out the bath tub, clearfully stepping over my best friend, I walk into the living room to find another sorry state, I heard people talking as I looked around into the kitchen to find my mum, dad and alex chatting over tea

‘where were you?’ alex looked concerned and walked over

‘asleep in the bath tub’ I frowned and rubbed my temples

‘oh that was you?’ alex hugged me

‘yeah sarah is in there being sick, and my head is killing me’

‘here you go dear, have some advil’ mom handed me 2 capsuls and a glass of water


‘maybe you should set a late new years resolution’ mom eyed my up and down

I frowned at my mom, surely she knows ive just woken up and don’t understand hints

‘think she means cut back on drinking love’ dad muttered while washing up

‘ooohhh’ click

‘might be a good idea’ alex nodded ‘not all together’ he held is hands up in defense

‘ill cut back and stop getting wasted, i just had the weirdest dream’ i half sleeply agreed


‘nothing it was to freaky to relive’ i patted alex’s arm ‘im going to get ready for work’

‘okay babe’

As i made my way back to the bathroom i knelt down next to sarah

‘i need to get ready for work, can i have a shower while you puke?’

‘ya huh’ she said without moving

As i climbed back over my friend to get back in the bath tub to shower i started thinking about my dream so strange, i wonder what it could mean

‘are you going to work?’ sarah gumbled at me

‘yeah im going to get dressed in a minute’

‘okay can you help me up when you leave?’

‘sure’ i smiled to myself, as i rinced out the suds from my hair i turned off the shower, i turned back to climb out when i suddenly slipped, grabbing onto the shower curtain for guidance and ended up talking it with me, obviously while screaming

‘oh my god are you okay?’ sarah tapped me with her toe ‘i cant move ill barth’

‘shit my back’

‘is everything okay in there?’ alex knocked gently on the door

‘im on the floor wrapped in the shower curtain’ i answered back, but it was silence

‘alex are you laughing?’

‘no babe’

‘alex don’t laugh i really hurt my back’

Still silent

‘fine ill get myself up, still want a hand sar?’

‘no im good’ she replied balancing her cheek on the toilet seat

‘sarah thats dirty’

‘clean more often then’

As i swang the bathroom door open i found alex on his knees and red in the face

‘such a great help’ i climbed over him

‘’ he said through laughing

The elevator reached the 18th floor and i hobbled out like an elderly woman

‘what on earth’ beth stared at me

‘i fell out the shower’

Beth squeezed her lips together to sustain a smile

‘alex laughed too’ i side smiled and hobbled to my office, i sat in my desk chair and breathed out a sigh of relief and closed my eyes

‘oh by the way’ beth came in

‘oh’ my eyes shot open

‘sorry but i forgot, we have a meeting today with james’

‘what time?’ i huffed

‘at 10’

‘oh i need bacon’ i rested my forehead on my arm on the desk

‘that sounds good, oh and pancakes, and syrup hmmm im hungry now’ beth made a sad face

‘wheres the nearest ihop?’ i smirk

‘theres one on Lex?’ beth answered

‘lets go then’ i giggle

We pulled up in a cab outside our building at the exact same time as James

‘GO’ beth patted me on the shoulder as i tried to climb out the cab

‘im trying’

‘ahh girls, good timing’ james held his hand out to me

‘oh hi james’ i turn round and make a face a beth and whisper ‘opps’

‘hi james’ beth waved over my shoulder at him

‘thanks’ i let go of his hand as he leans around me and takes beth’s

‘jamess over here’ and then an almighty flash appeared

‘whoa’ i covered my eyes

‘oh my god its james lloyd’ then suddenly there was a huge crowd around us

‘ladies’ two big men dressed in black put their arms around all 3 of us and ushered us inside

‘hectic’ james laughed

‘i don’t feel—‘ and i barthed all over the lobby floor

‘jesus christ’ beth was at my side in seconds, pulling my hair off of my face

‘i feel like im going to faint’

‘dont you dare’ beth warned,

‘here’ james passed me a paper cup of water

‘thanks’ i mutter

‘want a chair babe’ james grabbed my chin with his thumb and index finger and lifted my face

I slowly shake my head at him

‘are you feeling better? Can we go upstairs?’ beth looked at me with raised eye brows

‘oh my god wheres bill? Oh my god wheres bill?’ ryan the extremely gay receptionist started shouting while running around us

‘yeah im good’ i looked at beth trying not to laugh at ryan

As me beth and james slowly made it to the elevator followed by the two burley men, i started to feel alot better

‘maybe you ate to much at iHOP?’

‘you went to iHOP? Oh im so jealous i love that place’

‘it was gorgeous’ i joked trying to rub it in

‘god im starving’ james rubbed him stomach

‘we have a cathetria here’ beth hald smiled

James looked at her not really sure if she was joking or not

‘anyway’ he took his eyes off of her ‘whats this meeting about?’

‘oh um’ i looked at beth which made james look at beth

‘i don’t know, your assistant set it up’ she shrugged

‘oh well in that case ill ring tony’

The elevator finally arrived so we called clambered in

‘hi tony its james....what is this meeting for at Teelys?......oh right....okay bye’ james hung up put his phone in his pocket ‘he said he doesn’t know’

‘this is strange’ beth looked confused

The elevator door pinged open on the 18th floor to find drake with a massive smile on his face

‘ahh james hello?’ drake held out his hand

‘hi’ james shook his hand

‘so glad you could make it, today were doing a little interview for your book release for tv commercials and a photo shoot’

‘ohh okay’ james smiles and nods

‘is that okay?’ drake frowns

‘yeah sure, can i request something?’


‘can i get some pizza delivered?’

‘oh um yeah sure, please use the phone in my office’

Me and beth grin at each other as james follows drake into his office, with a confused look on his face.

‘ready ladies?’ drake pokes his head round my office door

‘yeah’ me and beth both leap up grabbing all our stuff for the meeting and make our way to the meeting room, james walks in and holds the door open for us as beth giggles

‘thank you’ i mummer

Drake picks up the phone on the table ‘hi greta, its drake when a pizza is delievered for james let me know on this phone and send them up, thanks’ and he hangs up

‘rude’ beth giggles

When i finally make it though the door to my apartment i see alex asleep on the couch, i look around ‘looks like a bomb went off in here’

‘hmm’ alex mumbled and rolled over

I dump my bag of the dinner table with my phone and big pile of papers, when alex’s phone rings scareing the living crap out of me

‘hello’ i answer

‘hi’ a girl giggles

‘whose this?’ i ask with a frown

‘charlotte whose this?’

‘alex’s fiance’

‘shit she answered’ i hear her talk to someone in the back ground and they hang up, i flick to his caller list to redial but they phoned from an unknown number shit

‘who was that?’ alex croaks from the couch as he leans up on his elbow


‘who?’ he frowns

‘i don’t know thats all she said, oh and she giggled’ i add flatly

‘why didn’t you ring her back?’ he slowly sits up

‘unknown number’

‘oh never mind’ he shrugs, leans over and grabs a can of beer on the coffee table, shakes it to see if its got anything in then drinks from it ‘hmm that was warm’

As i start to clear the kitchen i bash a plate against another

‘easy Luc’ alex stands and walks over to me ‘it was proberly just a fan’

‘how would she have got your number?’ i cant help the hurt in my voice

‘i don’t know, desperate fans find ways’

‘okay’ i mutter

‘its not my fucking fault is it’ alex half shouted which made me jump and drop the plate, and it smashes at my feet, my eyes start to water

‘oh sorry, are you alright?’ alex rushed round to me, carefully stepping over the shattered plate, he puts his arm around me and walks me out of the kitchen

‘sit here’ he pulls a chair out for me to sit on ‘whats wrong?’ he crouches in front of me and places his hands on my knees

‘i didn’t mean to make you jump’ he carries on talking to cover the awkward silence and my sobs

‘or get angry, im sorry Lucy’

‘i know’ i whisper

‘why are you crying?’ he looks up at me

‘i don’t know’ i whisper again

‘thats helpful’ he smirks which makes me laugh

‘im sorry’ i sob

‘what for? Im the one whose the dick’ which makes me smile again

‘do you want to go out tonight?’ he puts his index finger under my chin and lifts it up so im looking at him

‘no i want to stay in and eat til im sick, oh and i want ice cream’ i half smile

‘that i can do’ alex stands up and bows in front of me which of course makes me giggle like a school girl

‘i love your laugh’ he bent down and kissed me

‘just that’ i pouted and did my best impression of cat from shreks puppy eyes

‘no, i love your mouth’ and he kissed the corners of my mouth

‘i love your nose, your eyes, your cute little ears’ he kissed them all in turn and left a small kiss behind my ear

‘you know what that does to me?’ i squirm

‘and whats that soon to be mrs jones’ he smirks and does it again

‘it makes me want you’ he kisses me once more behind the ear and brings his head back and rests his forehead on mine

‘just that’ he smirks

‘of course not’ damn he’s turned my own question on me

‘i love your mouth’ i kiss the corners of his mouth

‘that’s cheating you cant steal what i said’ he stood up, crossed his arms and pouted

‘why not’ i looked up at him

‘thought you wanted ice-cream anyway’ his mood suddenly changed

‘whats wrong?’


‘are you hungry?’ i look at him not really sure what to say

‘sure’ suddenly his phone started ringing which made up both jump

‘hello? im with luc.....haha very funny....we were going to order food why?.....i don’t think tonight will be good mate’

I looked up at him ‘who is it?’

‘hang on mate’ alex said and then pulled the phone from his ear and placed it into his chest ‘its the guys they want to practise tonight’

‘oh right, goif you want’ i offer, hoping it will put him in a better mood

‘no no its fine’ he answered me as he picked his phone back up

‘come here’ i stood up and swiped his cell straight out of his hand

‘hey its lucy’

‘hey luc’ the reply came with a chorus from the other guys, i can never tell who is who

‘alex will be right with you, i can handle being on my own tonight’

‘aww luc you legend, hes coming’

‘he will see you shortly’

‘alright bye’

‘bye’ i hand alex back his phone

‘you sure?’ he looks at me confused ‘its not a test’

‘oh shut up, you were a band before i came into the picture, go’ i smile and point to wards the door

‘i love you lucy winter’ he snakes his hands around my waist

‘when have i ever stopped you doing anything?’ i rest my head on his chest

‘never, but my ex would always stop me’

‘well as im sure im not her, you can stop thinking that’ i wrap my hands around his neck

‘sorry’ alex bowed his head and rested it on my shoulder

‘your going to be late’ i whispered

‘yeah, ill be back later’

‘i hope so’ i laugh

Alex smiled at me and kissed me very gentley on my lips

‘i love you so much’ he whispered agasint my lips

‘i love you too alex’

He let me go, grabbed his cell ‘bye gorgoeus’

I waved at him and made my way to the couch and plonked down

‘ahh silence’ i said aloud, i reached over to the other couch where my phone was lying and called tom, from erupt

‘hello tom speaking’

‘hi its lucy’

‘oh hey lucy, you alright?’

‘yeah, alex has just left but i just wanted to ask you something before he got to you’

‘okay ask away’

‘is he alright?’

‘what do you mean? What mentally?’ tom laughed

‘no i mean in him self, since we got engaged he seems really distracted and sad’

‘to be honest lucy, the only thing i can think of that is making him feel that way, is that you wont give him an answer about England, i think he thinks your going to say no and then you will leave him, he loves you very much he doesn’t hide that and i don’t think hes handling it very well, hes getting him self ready for you to say no’


‘were you not expecting that answer?’

‘no i thought it would be something else, like he was cheating’

‘god! You don’t think very highly of him then’ tom laughed

‘no its not that, i love him very much, but living in England for what 6 months away from my job, friends and family its very difficult for me’

‘i totally understand, but hes just found the love of his life and had proposed to her, now he thinks hes losing her’

‘right okay, and the only way to fix this is to come to England?’


‘would you guys not mind?’

Tom laughed a belly laugh down the phone ‘course not’


‘we like you lucy, and we like you more because you make our best friend happy’

I smiled at the phone ‘aww thats cute, i kinda like you guys too’

‘good, alex will be here soon and i don’t want him thinking im trying to steal his girl’

‘oh god yeah, thanks tom, have a good practise and ill see you all soon’

‘bye lucy’

‘BYE LUCY’ came the chorus in the background from the other guys

I giggled ‘bye’ and i hung up the phone with an idea of how to make alex a happier person

Could i live in England on a bus?

I don’t see my parents that much, i could still phone them and gemma

‘ahh’ i pick up my cell and phone sarah

‘hi whats up?’

‘nothing, what you doing?’

‘not much babe’

‘can you come over?’

‘sure whats wrong?’

‘i need to speak to you urgently’

‘right say no more, be there in 10’ sarah hung up, i jumped up and ran to the kitchen and put a bottle of wine in the fridge, so it can have a head start at being chilled.

Exactly 10 minutes after the phone call ended sarah was buzzing at my buzzer, i let her straight up and held my apartment door open in anticipation

‘girl i hope you reilese how much i rushed and how unfit i actually am’ she said out of breathe and she walked in my apartment

‘did you run here?’ i ask confused of her breathlessness

‘no cab’

‘how are you out of breathe if you got a cab and used the elevator’ i smirk

‘shut your mouth im here aren’t i?’ she smiled and dropped on the couch

‘drink?’ i hand her a glass of wine

‘please babe’ and she downed the glass

As i look surprised sarah looked at me ‘what? You know what im like by now surely’

‘sure’ i answered into my glass

‘so whats up?’

‘alex asked me to go on tour with him’

‘oh my god thats so cool’ sarah answered before i had finished

‘in england’ i continued


‘for 6 months’ i ignored her question

‘6 months? England?’


‘are you going?’

‘i don’t know i need some advice, i spoke to tom’

‘whose tom?’ sarah raised an eye brow at me

‘from erupt’

‘oh right yeah tom, and?’

‘well alex has been acting all strange and sad around me, so i asked tom what was wrong with him and he said its because he thinks i will say no and walk away’

‘but you said yes to marrying him’ sarah double checked with me

‘yes so i thought that was enough for him to think im sticking around, but England im not sure’

‘why not?’ sarah said which surprised me

‘what do i do about work? You? Gemma? Mom and dad?’

‘you don’t see gemma or your parents much anyway, they do have phones in England you know’

‘yeah but work a whole six months’

‘cant you claim it as um i don’t know, say your going with the band to do research for their book’

‘research?’ i repeat while thinking about what sarah said

‘yeah’ sarah replied before she downed her second glass of wine

‘what about you? And beth?’

‘hell i will come to England, ive always wanted to go’


‘cousre i will, be a groupie of the best band in the world’ sarah smiled

‘it doesn’t sound to bad, when you say it like that’

‘you can always come back for a week or so, you will still have this place’


‘see it was a good thing i came round wasn’t it?’

‘yeah, you always make me see sense’

‘so your going to England?’ sarah asked while moving to the edge of her seat

‘it looks that way’ i look at my engagement ring

‘yes i get a holiday to england’ sarah stood up

I sniffed ‘i best talk to drake tomorrow’

‘have you eaten’ i look over at sarah scanning my cupboards

‘no are you hungry?

‘yeah starving, and i know from previous experience that i cant drink wine if im not eating, and lucy you have no food’

‘yeah i know’ i laugh

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