My American Tale

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Chapter 21 (v.1)

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Submitted: March 17, 2013








ou want to take 6 months off work?’ drake repeated like a parrot

‘yes drake’

‘jeez, lucy’

‘i know its short notice, but i can really get everything done for the tour for their book, and i can meet up with publishing houses who want to pair with us’

‘i suppose it does make sense, but 6 months?’

‘yeah thats how long their tour is’

‘right okay’

‘shall i give you a minute?’

‘no its fine, i will give you this AS LONG as you actually do the work and email it to me every week, pictures, interviews any thing you have, so i can show dad, so he believes you’

‘oh my god thank you drake, i promise’

‘theres one problem’ drake stared at me

‘whats that?’

‘do you have a laptop?’


‘oh well then there is no problem’

I looked confused at him, but ignored it ‘thanks drake you will not regret it’

‘i better not lucy, it will be both our jobs on the line if you screw this up’

‘yeah i understand’

‘good i will tell dad today and i will make sure you still get paid etc’

‘thanks drake, best boss ever’ i smile and hurry round his desk to hug him

‘okay thats enough, get back to work’ drake smirks at me

As i make my way out of his door, i walk into beth whose waiting for me on the other side

‘well?’ she asks

‘he said yes’

‘OH MY GOD’ beth screeched and jumped up and down on the spot

‘shhh’ i giggled

‘when are you telling alex?’

‘i cant wait long, i might get him to come here’

‘do it do it’ beth said still jumping up and down

‘okay’ i pulled my cell out my pocket, took a deep breathe and dialled alex’s number

‘hello?’ he answered half asleep

‘your still in bed?’

‘huh? What?’ he sounded more awake now



‘are you alright?’

‘yeah, hang on’ i heard shuffling around ‘oh its you’

‘yeah who did you think it was?’

‘i didn’t know who it was, i just woke up on tom’s couch, was a bit confused’

‘right’ i made a face at beth

‘what’ she whispered

I shock my head at her ‘what you doing today?’ i asked alex

‘nothing babe whats up?’

‘can you come to my office soon as’

‘cousre, is there a problem?’ he sounded paniced

‘no don’t panic, theirs no rush’

‘yeah there is’ beth shouted in the background

‘whats up? Tell me’ he sounded nervous now

‘seriously don’t panic, just get here when you get here’

‘okay be there shortly’

‘okay love you’

‘love you’ and he hung up

‘what was the face for?’ beth asked me from behind her desk

‘he sounded really confused’

‘because you just woke the poor guy up, he proberly spazed out’

‘yeah he did’ i laughed

‘so hes coming?’

‘yep, ill be in my office’


As i trotted off to my office, i powered up my computer and checked my emails, feels like i haven’t spoken to gemma in a while, nothing from anyone. So i thought i should email my parents and gemma.


From: Lucy Winter

Subject: Im alive

To: Gemma Winter; David Winter

01/18/2011 09:45


Dear people who find my life interesting,


In march (not sure what date) im going to England for 6 months on a researching visit, to write a book on behalf of erupt


Love you lots



PA to Drake Teely at Teelys international


As i pressed send, i regretted the title oh well sent it now, almost immediantly i got a reply from gemma.


From: Gemma Winter

Subject: oh dear god

To: Lucy Winter; David Winter

01/18/2011 09:50


Dear sister,

I don’t normally find your life very interesting UNTIL i read this email, and all i can think to say back is.....




Gemmas reply made me laugh, as i set to write back i got another email pop up, oh from dad


From: David Winter

Subject: What??

To: Lucy Winter; Gemma Winter

01/18/2011 09:53


Lucy- that is great news, well done, will you be paid for this time away? What will you do about your apartment? Where are you staying in England? Hotel or bus?

(by the way this is your mother asking questions)


Gemma- mom said don’t use god’s name like that, or be mean to lucy


Love you lots

Mom and dad


‘wow thats alot of questions’ i muttered out loud


From: Lucy winter

Subject: interrigation??

To: Gemma Winter; David Winter

01/18/2011 09:57


Mom- i will call you later and fill you in


Dad- thanks J


Gemma-  yeah don’t be mean to me ;)


Lucy winter

PA to Darke Teely at Teelys international


From: Gemma Winter

Subject: Gang up on gemma

To: Lucy winter; David Winter

01/18/2011 10:02


I wasn’t being mean?


Im genuinely excited for her


From: Lucy winter

Subject: ill phone you

To: Gemma Winter; David Winter

01/18/2011 10:06


Ill phone you both later xxxxx


Lucy Winter

PA to Drake Teely at Teelys international


I got no reply from anyone, well that was an eventful conversation, then comes a knock on the door followed by alex rushing in

‘hey’ i look concerned

‘hi’ he mutters

‘whats wrong?’ i ask

‘oh nothing, i feel sick, what did you want anyway’

‘right ill get straight to the point shall i?’


‘whats up with you at the moment?’ i couldn’t help my self asking

‘nothing lucy’ he wouldn’t make eye contact with me, but he pulled out the box that held my engagement ring out of his pocket and fiddled with it

‘is this because you think im going to leave you?’ alex’s head suddenly shot up and make eye contact with me, he looked young, with bags under his eyes, his eyes looked tired


‘well anyway’ i cut in before he could finished ‘im not okay’

‘okay’ a hint of a smile came to his lips

‘why did you bring the box?’

‘so when you said you were leaving you could keep the ring safe in its box’

‘oh alex for heavens sake, have i given you any signal to say im leaving you?’


‘well then...what?’ i suddenly took in what he said

‘you wont come to London, so it means we will break up’ he looked like a sulky teenager

‘i haven’t said i wont come to London, i said i needed to think about it’


‘but i do have some important news for us both’

‘oh god, are you pregnant?’ i had his attention once again

‘erm no’


I got up from my desk and walked over to him, alex shifted in his chair so he was sat up right not hanging off it, and i knelt between his legs

‘give me your hand’ i held mine out, palm up waiting for him to give me his hand

‘this sounds very much like the end’ he muttered

‘you don’t have much faith in me do you?’

‘i have trust issues’

‘yeah i can see that!’ i added flatly ‘anyway i was speaking to drake this morning and we have come to an arrangement’

‘okay’ alex looked at me with an interested look

‘im doing some research for a book, with a very famous band, and they have requested that the book we are publishing covers their tour’

alex frowned at me ‘yeah’

‘so im going to London for 6 months with erupt, paid and have to take pictures, write articles, and interview them all for this book’


‘yeah i kinda have to aswell, because im totally in love with the lead singer, oh and engaged’ i moved my hand up so i could flash my ring

‘are you serious?’ alex was sat bolt upright in his chair, gripping my hand

‘yes’ i smiled up at him

‘are you FUCKING serious? Your coming to England with us?’ he stood up dragging me with him

‘yes i am fucking serious’ i added while laughing

‘so your not leaving me?’



‘oh my god’ he wrapped his arms around me and pulled me in for a tight hug and looked up at the ceiling ‘thank you god’ he said

‘your reglious?’

‘no but i had to thank someone’

‘is everything okay?’ beth rushed in my office, me and alex in turn swang round to look at her

‘yeah why?’

‘i heard alex shout fuck, and i thought he was angry, so i was checking you were alive’ she blushed

‘im fine, i just told him im going to england’ i smiled

‘oh yay’ beth half smiled and left

‘i cant believe this’ he hugged me again

‘why did you think i was going to run?’

‘well to be honest luc, all my other girlfriends have either run when ive mentioned a tour or come with me and fucked every guy they see, and i didn’t want you to do either’

‘and im not going to, im going on tour with you as your fiancé and i will be your fiancé until we agree a date to marry, im not running or leaving you, i love you’

‘i love you lucy, but you will have to bare with me until i can learn to trust again’

‘i know, ill wait for you’ i smiled up at him

‘i know you spoke to tom aswell’ i felt him smile in my hair

‘you do?’

‘yeah he told me, you were worried about me’


‘i love that you worry about me, shows me you care’

‘you were so closed off, i paniced’

‘its all sorted now, and no one in this world can wipe the smile off of my face’

‘im glad’



‘hi mom’ i picked up my office phone

‘dear, when are you leaving for England?’


‘oh so 2 and a half months yet’

‘yeah im not packing up and leaving tomorrow’

‘okay, i was just checking, what are you doing with your apartment?’

‘well im getting paid for this work, so i was just going to carry on like normal, its their for gemma if she needs it or you and dad’

‘oh okay, and whats sarah doing?’

‘she is going to come visit me’

‘oh that would be  nice, maybe me and your father can come visit you aswell’

‘i would love that mom’

‘us too sweetheart’

‘i don’t know where were staying at the moment, not sure if it will be hotels or tour bus’

‘do you know when your going to be in London?’

‘i think alex said it would be july time, were starting at the top of the country and working our way down’

‘okay if you find out the dates i will book us to stay in a hotel’

‘okay mom i will let you know’

‘okay bye love’

‘bye mom’

I check out the time on my computer, 5 oclock?!? Where did the day go?, i turn off my computer and start collecting up my stuff, i stand up and get a bit dizzy oh head rush, i sit back down.

Beth came into my office to check i was still alive as she had noticed i hadn’t left the office yet,

‘are youokay? Your so pale?’

Yeah, just got a head rush’

‘oh i hate those, im so bloated at the moment, stupid monthly’

‘your on?’

‘yeah why?’ beth asked with a weird look on her face

‘we normal go on the same time’

‘im nearly finished’

‘what?’ i look up at her

‘oh my god’ she slowly smiled

‘not again’ i groaned

‘oh shall we get you a test’

I slowly nodded while pouting


I make it though my apartment door, to alex cooking


‘hey babe’

‘what are you doing?’

‘im cooking dinner, im making tacos’

‘okay, i need to talk to you’

‘okay talk away’

‘im late’

‘late for what?’ oh the classic male brain not putting two and two together when a woman says that

‘my monthly visitor’

Alex stills over the cooker and turns to me

‘your not?’

‘i don’t know’ i wave the stick around in the air ‘i haven’t done it’

‘shall we do it now?’ he turned the cooker off and walked over to me

‘if you want to’

‘i want to know’ he held his hand out and pulled me to the bathroom ‘go’ he pointed


‘i will wait out here until you have finished peeing then im coming in to wait’

‘bossy’ i smiled and shut the door


After i had kind of successfully pee’d on a stick, i call alex in the bathroom

‘how long do we have to wait?’

‘3 minutes’


Alex holds me hand and sits ont he edge of the bath while i sit on the toilet, lid down, we seemed to be waiting a life time, 3 minutes felt like 15

‘okay 3 minutes is up’ alex announced looking at his watch

‘im scared’ i slowly picked the stick up from the edge of the sink and gazed at it, while reading the instructions

‘hold this’ i handed it to alex, alex took it like it was some kind of diseased animal

‘wait 3 minutes, it 1 lines appears then it means you are not pregnant, if 2 lines appear then it means you are pregnant’ i read aloud from the panthlet

‘well how many lines?’ i look at alex

Alex moves his head to the left and right, like it was a cumpus

‘well?’ i asked again

‘it looks like 2 lines to me’

‘what?’ i snatched it from his hand and double checked, i shock alex off of my other hand and stood up

‘looks like were going to be parents’ alex stood up next to me

‘looks that way doesn’t it’ i said while staring at the pregnancy test numb

‘are you happy?’ alex asked

I shrugged ‘are you?’ i asked him

‘i wouldn’t mind a mini me running around, aslong as we get married first’

‘you don’t mind?’ i looked up at him

‘of course not, ive got my girl right here, were engaged and now ive just found out shes pregnant with my child, how can i not be happy?’ alex smiled a reassuring smile

‘i didn’t see the signs’ i tried to explain myself

‘so its not the end of the world, we mighthave to end tour a month or so early but who cares, can i tell the guys?’ he looked like a kid in a candy store


Alex legged it out the bathroom, 2 seconds later came running back in with his cell ‘sit down’ he said while sitting back on the edge of the bath tub

‘hey its me, im going to put you on speaker’

‘hey’ alex repeated

‘hi mate whats up?’ i recognised lewis’s voice

‘are the guys with you?’


A mumbled noise of mens voices came from the back ground

‘i have some good and bad news’

‘okay?’ lewis sounded curious

‘firstly lucy is coming to London with us, thats one bit of good news’

‘oh excellent’ and was followed by a cheer

‘the bad is we will have to end tour a month or so early’


‘because lucy is pregnant’

‘WHAT’ came 4  surprised voices

‘yeah dude, so she will be due around the end of tour, we haven’t seen a doctor yet, but babys take 9 months to cook so ya know’

‘oh my god im so pleased for you man’

‘thanks guys, im cooking dinner you can come round if you want, im making tacos’

‘count us in, be there in half an hour’





I arrived outside Teelys international the next morning to be welcomed by Claire from reception

‘hi lucy right?’

‘yep’ i smiled

‘this came for you’ she bent behind her desk and emerged with a big bunch of flowers

‘wow’ my eyes widen as i reached over for it

‘you have an admirer’ she smiled at me

‘yeah’ i laughed and started walking towards the lift, i couldn’t walk and read the note at the same time, so i had to wait until i was upstairs to find out who had sent them, bet it was alex, hes so romantic

The lift dinged on the 18th floor where beth gasped at me across the lobby

‘who are they for?’ her mouth hung open

‘me’ i smiled and walked straight into my office, where of course was followed by beth

I placed them on my desk, dumped my bag and searched for the card.



I very much regret what happened, but i know there is no real reason for it. I love you very much and that wont leave me. But i have to let you go.  I hear your happy with alex and your now engaged, so i wish you all the happiness in the world with your new life. 


Have fun


Jack xx


‘jack’ beth repeats in horror ‘i thought he had already left you alone’

‘me too’ i frown while reading the card over and over again

‘is this a good bye message? Like forever?’

‘i don’t know, shall i talk to him?’

‘no’ she replied quickly ‘maybe, yeah you should call him’

‘i should?’

‘yeah, just check hes okay’ she shrugged


I sat in my chair and dialled his work number

‘hello jack base’

‘hi its lucy’

‘lucy?’ he asked alittle confused


‘oh lucy, sorry’

‘i just got your flowers’

‘did you? Okay’

‘what does your message mean?’

‘it means what it says’

‘yeah i get that, is it a final farewell? Or a friendship?’

‘well i hope we can be friends, but its more of a piece offering’

‘oh right’

‘do you like them?’ he asked in a half whisper

‘yeah i do thank you’


‘right well i must go’

‘okay, thank you for phoning’

‘no worries, bye jack’

‘bye’ and i could hear him breathing and just waiting, so i slowly put the phone down to find a text message from alex


What does jack want?


How does he know?! i replied back straight away


Just about flowers xx


Alex text me back immediantly




As i felt this was an interrogation, i waited a few minutes before texting back. An email pinged in


From: Beth Ryan

Subject: Alex

To: Lucy Winter

01/19/2011  09:34


Lucy alex just phoned through, but i didn’t know it was him and let it slip you were speaking to jack




Beth Ryan


Teelys international


bit late beth!


From: Lucy Winter

Subject: Alex

To: Beth Ryan

01/19/2011 09:36


I know i just got a text from him, don’t worry x


Lucy Winter


PA to Drake Teely at Teelys International



I picked up my phone to text alex back as it started flashing


‘hi why haven’t you text me back? Alex sounded pissed off

‘i was emailing an important document’

‘after you spoke to jack?’ he pressed

‘yeah it was marked urgent’

‘right, what did jack want?’

‘i called him to ask why he sent me flowers’

‘he sent you flowers?’ he was getting more and more worked up


‘was there a note with them?’


‘what did it say?’

‘Lucy, I very much regret what happened, but i know there is no real reason for it. I love you very much and that won’t leave me. But i have to let you go.  I hear your happy with alex and your now engaged, so i wish you all the happiness in the world with your new life. Have fun Jack xx’

‘and what did he have to say?’

‘he said he meant it as a peace offering’



‘ill see you later’ and he hung up

Jesus! I just cant keep up with alex’s sudden moodiness, maybe he’s tense because his parents are here, which reminded me that i haven’t met them yet, so i call alex back


‘oh hiya, nice to speak to my finace aswell’

‘babe whats up?’

‘when am i meeting your parents?’

‘um tomorrow, we can go to a restaurant okay?’ he sounded like he was trying to get rid of me

‘okay, is everything okay?’

‘yeah yeah its fine, got to go love you’

‘lov—‘ alex hung up


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