My American Tale

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Chapter 22 (v.1)

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i lucy, ive been waiting so long to meet you’ alexs mom gushed

‘oh thank you’ i blushed at her compliment

‘im judy’ she said with a smile before pulling me in for a hug

‘hi’ i muttered into her hair

‘mom’ alex tried to pull us apart, as i was stuck with my arms by my side and judy clinging onto me for dear life

‘sorry’ she sniffed

‘hi im peter’ alex’s dad held his hand out to me and frowned

‘hi im lucy’

‘ive heard a lot about you’ he smiled and put his arm around judy

‘come on’ alex ushered us all inside the restaurant

Once we were seated and alex ordered a bottle of champagne, i made a face at him as he reliesed i couldn’t drink ‘oh and some lemonade please’

‘sure sir’ the waiter walked away

‘its so nice to see you’ judy smiled at alex with pure love for her son

‘mom, we have some news’

‘i know’

‘you do?’

‘yes im a woman i can tell’

‘oh’ alex was gobsmacked

‘the only thing i have a problem with is that i don’t see a wedding ring on her finger, i don’t want my grandchild being a bastard’

I sniggered and tried to hide my smile

‘well mom we also are engaged’

‘oh’ judy looked surprised and started to cry ‘im sorry, i just never thought this day would come’

‘mom whats wrong with you?’

‘alex’ i scold

‘what’ he shrugs

‘shes just a tad emotional son’ peter chipped in

‘your drinks sir’ the waiter interrupted us

‘oh thank you’ alex smiled and started pouring drinks

Peter raised his glass and said ‘to alex and lucy, to the wedding and child’ where judy started sobbing again

‘cheers’ alex replied to his dads toast and tinged glasses, i smiled and took a huge gulp of lemonade

‘when is baby due?’ judy asked before taking a swig of champagne

‘we haven’t been to the doctor yet, but our tour is being cut early so were in America for the birth’ alex answered happy with himself


'Dr chris will see you now' the receptionist said to me across the lobby, alex jumped straight to his feet and tried to pull me up

'come on' he said like an excited child

'i feel sick' i replied, i felt more then sick, nervous even

'ah you must be lucy' dr chris stood up as we walked in her office

'yeah hi this is alex my finace'

'hi alex nice to meet you' dr chris shock alex's hand

'hi like wise' alex smiled

'so i believe your pregnant' dr chris looked at her computer monitor

'yes, i took a test a day or so ago, and it said positive'

'right okay, have you had any symptons?' she pulled a pad out of her draw with a pen and stared at me, which made alex look at me too

'not that i recall, ive not been feeling myself recently but i never in a million years put it down to being pregnant'

'right okay' dr chris wrote down what i said

'this is your first pregnancy?'

'um no'

'oh' dr chris looked surprised

'she had a miscarriage' alex added in, as he saw the look of hurt cross my face

'oh' dr chris quickly wrote that down too ‘do you mind if i ask how? Was it naturally?

‘um no i was punched in the stomach’

‘oh im sorry’ dr chris look awkwardly away from me at her computer monitor

'thats okay, i was only 12 weeks, but i had morning sickness with that, thats why i was confused that i didnt pick up the signs for this one'

'right okay' as dr chris finished writing all the information down, alex squeezed my hand 'shall we get you on the table'



After i had taken my pants off and was laid on his table with my legs spread, dr chris opened the curtain and pulled over the familiar machine

'im just going to put some cold gel on your tummy, and then we can see how old baby is'

'okay' i grabbed alex's hand, while he stood frozen to the spot staring at the screen

'here we go'

'ohhh' i know dr chris warned me but jeez that is cold

dr chris started running what looking like a portable mens razor across my stomach spreading the gel around, when suddenly a heart beat kicked in, me and alex were both staring at the screen when a small shape that sort of looked like a baby showed up

'wow' alex whispered

'thats your baby' dr chris smiled at us 'and it looks to be roughly 8 weeks, so if you give me a couple of minutes ill work out your due date'



'ive got a rough date of 24th of august' dr chris pointed at the screen

'okay so we will have to come back in time for the birth' alex said not taking his eyes of the screen

'are you going away?' dr chris asked

'yeah my band is going on tour and lucy is coming with us'

'right i dont recommened flying past 27 weeks, if your still over there near your due date, i would say you will have your baby born where you are'

'oh' alex looked at me 'we will have to cancel the tour then'

'no you cant do that'

'i want our baby born in america, and that means you cant come on tour with us, i want to be with you during the pregnancy'

'ill give you a minute' and the doctor left

'this is my job aswell, i will just have to have the baby in england, i dont want you to cancel your tour'

'lets ask everyone there opinion and then decied'

I frowned at alex not understanding what the problem was having a baby in another country, atleast it would be safe and we would have insurance, its not like England are going to keep it and send me, alex and the band packing back to America without it

‘it wil be fine don’t panic’

‘but i do panic’ alex frowned back at me

‘yeah i know, but i cant let you cancel a tour while there are hospitals all over england’

‘okay, can we talk about this later though, this place makes me feel uneasy’

i raised an eye brow ‘okay’

Alex lent his elbows on the edge of the couch i was lying on and held my hand and smiled at the computer screen that was frozen on our baby.

After about 10 minutes 'hi' dr chris poked her head around the door 'is it okay to come in?'

'yeah sure' i answered

'i will print out your scan picture for you and i will need you to come back in to see me before you go away'

‘okay thank you’

‘your most welcome, here are some pathlets for you to read through, but if you have any questions or concerns then please give me a call or book an appointment’ dr chris smiled at us and handed me the picture of the baby, the doctor pulled the curtain around me and instructed i should get dressed again

‘when can we find out the sex?’ i heard alex ask

‘when lucy is 17-20 weeks’

‘okay i have some names already’

‘whoa calm down’ i interrupted their conversation through the curtain

‘someones happy to be a father’ dr chris laughed ‘dont get many of them at your age’

‘im really excited’ alex replied

‘thats so lovely to hear’

‘well thanks again doctor’ i added while emerging from around the curtain

‘no worries lucy, just remember what is said’

I smiled and walked out of her office, i turned round to speak to alex but he was to busy staring at the picture of our baby, he was struggling to get his phone out of his pocket, once he had managed he took a picture of the scan

‘what you doing?’ i ask intreged

‘setting at my back ground on my phone’ he answered like i was stupid ‘and sending it to my parents’

‘oh i should tell mine actually’ i suddenly thought, they were so distraught last time when i lost it

‘yeah you should’ alex looked up from his phone ‘ive just sent them a picture’


‘i knew you wouldn’t so i emailed them a picture along with my parents’

‘im going to send a group message out, i cant be bothered to call everyone individually’

‘okay atleast they cant say you didn’t tell them’ alex smiled at me and pulled me in for a hug

‘true’ i lent my head against his chest, and i noticed his heart was beating fast ‘why is your heart beating so quickly?’

‘im so excited luc, i cant control it’

I giggled at him

‘we best move before were photographed and spread around the magazines before our family find out’ alex gripped my hand and pulled me towards the door

‘to late’ i said as i noticed a man standing behind a tree with a camera

‘ahh shit, get in’ alex quickly opened my car door and pushed me in, slammed the door and ran round to his side

‘easy im pregnant’

‘sorry babe’ he lent over and lightly kissed my lips

I picked up my cell out of my bag, while alex drove us home


Hey i have some news, im pregnant xxxxx


I ran through my contacts and picked the few people i wanted to tell, so Sarah, beth, gemma, dean, belle, my mom even though she never charges her cell, even though alex had already emailed her, as i pressed send my phone lit up with a call from my mom

‘hey mom’

‘hello, your dad just received a picture in an email from alex of a scan’

‘yep, im pregnant’

‘oh david it is hers’ mom shouted in the back ground, which i heard a mumble of dads voice reply

‘yeah alex sent it to you and his parents’

‘hes so thoughtful’ mom gushed

‘he is’ i smiled

‘how far gone are you?’

‘8 weeks’

‘8 weeks?’


‘so your due while your in England?’


‘you cant fly past a certain month how are you going to get back for the birth?’

‘just have to have it in England mom’

‘but then it wont be a American citizen’

‘yes it will, all its family are American, they wont ship it back’

‘i suppose, when are you coming to see us’

‘soon, it will be on a weekend’

‘thats fine dear, when are you finding out the sex?’

‘doctor said 17-20 weeks’


‘FUCK OFF’ alex shouted next to me which made me jump

‘alex’ i cover the end of the phone knowing full well its to late

‘is something wrong?’ mom asks

‘paps are following us, they saw us come out the clinic’

‘oh dear, be safe darling, don’t want to lose another grand child’

I frowned and said nothing

‘sorry dear i didn’t mean it like that’

‘no i know mom, ill call you later

‘lucy im sorry i didn’t mean it to sound so harsh’

‘no mom its fine, i need to get inside, love you’

‘love you’

I hung up my cell and dropped it back in my bag

‘what did your mom say?’ alex asked

‘she was happy, but she said to be careful she doesn’t want to lose another grandchild’ i blinked back my tears

‘lucy you know she didn’t mean it to be like that’

‘i know it was just a shock to hear’

Alex didn’t reply back, but checking and watching around him while driving to make sure no one was still following us

‘i think i lost them’ he says with a proud of himself smirk


‘hi emily’ i picked up my cell, which as soon as i had finished a heart stopping scream came out the other end, which sent all my hairs on my body on end and made alex freeze while making coffee

‘I cant believe your getting married and having a baby’ Emily shouted down the phone

‘sorry i didn’t hear you now im deaf’ i answered while Emily giggled to me

‘sorry im just excited for my ugly brother’

‘you don’t mean that’ i joked

‘ha-ha sort of’ then she giggled again

‘so how do you feel about being god-mother?’ i pulled my cell away from my ear ready for another scream as alex smiled knowing what will happen but nothing came

‘emily?’ i asked checking the screen thinking i might have accidently cut the call

‘sorry’ she sobbed

‘are you okay?’

‘id love to be a god mother, but i don’t think id be very good’ she sniffed

‘you wil be great, you can take the baby shopping, your be the best god mother’ i treid to reassure her

‘you think so?’ she asked

‘if your as awesome as your ugly brother then you will be great’ i smiled

‘hey’ alex shouted from the kitchen ‘no name calling’

Emily half laugh and half sobbed ‘can i come and visit you?’

I let out a little laugh ‘of course you can’

‘you don’t mind?’

‘no i would love you to come and stay with us, i love your brother but i need some girl time too’

Emily immediantly cheered up ‘yay can i come this weekend?’

I looked over to alex who obviously didn’t know what Emily was saying

‘um alex are we doing anything this weekend? I asked as he walked over to me and sat on the coffee table in front of me

‘i don’t know ive got a gig, not sure about you, you don’t pay me enough to be your personal assitant’ alex joked while stuffing as many chips in his mouth that he could humanly fit in there

‘i don’t think im busy, so yeah sure come over’

‘oh my god, im so excited’ she breathed down the phone

‘just let me know when you wil get here, so i can make sure im home’ just as i finished my sentence then buzzer went off which made me jump

‘okay ill call you on Thursday’ Emily said with a laugh in her voice

‘okay bye’

‘byeeeeeee’ she extended as much as she could before i hung up

‘its belle and dean’ alex said slumping in the armchair

‘oh really?’

‘im not going to lie am i?’ alex smiled shoving more chips in his mouth

A little tap happened on the door before dean came walking in with belle in tow, they both made a face

‘whats wrong?’ i asked confused

‘bloody hell it stinks in here’ belle chirped in

I frowned towards belle then looked at alex who had frozen mid chew to also frown at her

‘open the windows guys, have you emptied the rubbish lately, or cleaned the bog’ she said towards us while opening the windows

‘what?’ i asked still frowning

‘weve been in England for last 2 weeks’ dean answered my question ‘so she has been reset to English slang’ he continued

I turned to look at alex who was following her round the room with his eyes and still frowning

‘rubbish?’ i asked

‘trash’ dean translated


‘toilet slash bathroom’ dean translated again

‘right’ i rolled my eyes ‘ do i need to learn a new language if im going to England for 6 months’

‘proberly’ belle answered for me while putting the kettle on ‘cuppa?’


‘cup-of-tea’ she said slowly as if i was stupid

‘um no thanks, im confused can you give me a crash course on how to speak british’

‘sure, a couch is a settee but most people will know what you mean by couch’


‘cell is a mobile’ belle ticked off her fingers

‘okay shall i write this down?’ i lifted an eyebrow

‘im not going to give you an exam’ she smirked

‘okay’ i looked at alex

Belle pointed at alex’s bag of chips ‘these are called crisps, oh and you should try pickled onion monster munch and salt and vinegar crisps’

‘oh okay, anything else?’

‘loads but i cant think of anything at the moment’

‘im scared now, what if someone talks to me and i don’t understand what they say?’

‘just say your American can you repeat in English, id stay away from cockneys’ belle laughed as she sat down with her ‘cuppa’

‘oh ive heard of them’ i made a face

‘there not zoo animals’ belle answered in shock of my comment

‘no like when i watched gold member’

‘right’ belle eyed me and sipped her tea

‘can we change the subject?’ dean added in before i opened my mouth with another England question

‘yes’ alex answered for us all

We all sat in silence for a moment before dean lent forward again ‘do you want a boy or a girl?’

Alex jumped right in to the conversation ‘i want a boy, there awesome girls are hard work’ alex double took me ‘i mean i don’t mind’ alex changed his answer looking at my hurt expression and sat back in the chair

‘what about you lucy?’ dean tried to hide his smirk from alex’s ‘girls are hard work’ comment

‘i don’t mind’ i said while thinking in my head, i totally wanted a girl so we could team up and out vote alex, i smiled to my self

‘what?’ alex looked at me


‘hmm’ alex narrowed his eyes at me

‘when will get to England?’ belle chirped in

‘we arrived in Edinburgh in march and work our way down the country’ alex answered so easily, he was always at ease answering question he knew the ins and outs of, but throw him a question on a subject he was keen on and you could be there for days.

‘so you going to all the major cities?’ belle asked the right question, now alex wont shut up

‘yeah i got a list of the cities, ill grab it’ and off alex jumped out of the chair, literally seconds later he reappeared

‘glasgow, Edinburgh, Newcastle, Belfast, leeds, Manchester, sheffield, liverpool, Nottingham, leicester, Birmingham, London, reading, bristol, Cardiff, bournemouth and portsmouth’ alex read without as much as taking a breathe

‘whoa’ belle blinked

‘there will be different venues in each area’

‘of course’ belle answered

‘we were asked to play at an isle-of-wight festival but we just don’t have time’ alex replied


‘yeah were not near enough to be able to go’ alex explains

‘oh okay’


‘and now its been cut short because of the baby so its only just over 4 months long now’

‘oh yeah of cousre’

‘did i go to the isle of wight?’ dean asked belle

‘no you were to scared after my dad told you that the people who live there have 3 arms and 5 eyes’ belle laughed

‘oh that place’ dean made a face and sat back on the couch

‘it doesn’t just to clarify’ belle held her hands out in front of her

‘good to know’ alex shook his head while smirking at dean

‘im starving’ i covered the awkwardness

‘not surprised it is nearly 5, we didn’t have lunch’ alex said, alex was always looking to fill his stomach with anything so he knew if we had missed a meal

‘god i can see you wasting away’ belle giggled

‘i am’ he pouted

‘your not going to waste away that quickly’  i added

‘we will go so you can eat’ dean pulled out his phone and text someone

‘we can get pizza’ alex jumped up like a 5 year old hyped up on sugar

‘how are you not over weight, you eat so much’ i let alex pull me up

‘it will hit him when he reaches 40, just plump out’ belle smiled looking up at us both

‘oh god’

‘i will have to get a wheelchair and you will have to push me round’ alex smiled like a goon

‘can we not talk about you being to fat to walk if were ordering pizza’ i sulked and pouted


‘morning Lucy’ beth sang at me as i stepped out the elevator

‘morning’ i smiled back, beth always knew how to make me smile

‘whats on today?’ beth jumped off of her chair and followed me like a lost puppy into my office

‘um not much i don’t think’ i shrugged at beth


‘i think i have a box on manuscripts to be sorted through and read’

‘oh any i can read?’ beth eyes brightened up

‘always’ i smiled back

‘great, gimme’ beth walked over to my desk and made for the box

‘i need to go shopping’ i pouted

‘want to or need to’ beth asked not taking her eyes off the box of manuscrispts

‘need to’ i giggled ‘i still have some money left over from vegas’

‘just some?’ she frowned at me ‘you spent it all?’ she emphasized of the word all

‘oh no i still have alot of it left’ i smiled an all American smile

‘i was going to say’ beth answered with some kind of relief in her voice

‘im going to go to Bloomingdales i think’

Beth sigh ‘oh what its like to have money’

‘you have money’ i sort of stated and asked at the same time

‘hmm’ she made a noise while flicking through the box still

‘are you having troubles?’

‘oh no no no no’

‘so ill take that as a yes?’ i raised an eyebrow at her

‘no no no’


‘okay yes, Bradley is having trouble at work and my bonus and pay check just about covered us this month’

‘why didn’t you mention it?’

‘because its embarresing?’ beth stopped looking through the box

‘beth im your friend, you can ask or tell me anything’ i stood up and opened my arms for beth to walk into them if she wanted, it was like waiting for a wild animal to trust you, beth thought for a second and walked over and hugged me. Tightly.

‘do you want to borrow some money?’ i said into her ear and getting a mouthful of her hair

‘no ill be fine’ she sniffed

‘if you need anything just ask okay?’


‘you have my number, ring me, text me, turn up on my doorstep i don’t care’ i smiled at her

‘thanks your such a lovely person, alex os very lucky to have you’

Really?!? Alex is lucky, i thought i was lucky for bagging the man i had loved since i was 16, when i had his band posters all over my bedroom wall

‘want to spend some money in Bloomingdales?’

Beth looked up at me with of-course-i-do face and nodded while wiping her nose on her sleeve lovely


‘britney liked everything i picked out, brought it then sent it all back saying it wasn’t right for her to tour Europe in, like what the hell is that about? I got a bit mad and if i had seen her i would have told her what i thought about it, so ive lost my commission on her buys’



‘breathe and calm down’ i laughed at sarah, trying to explain her story, eat and drink at the same time

‘i got to keep some of my commission because it was Britney and she was here for like 4 hours, running me like a bitch’

‘its Britney bitch’ beth added before stuffing fries in her mouth

‘maybe thats where she got it from’ sarah shrugged ‘so what did you come here for anyway?’

‘i wanted to get some clothes, and spend some money and get out the office’ i explained then followed beth in stuffing fries in my mouth

‘so have you planned England at all?’ sarah asked me

‘belle was teaching me what slang they use’

‘like what?’ i had sarah and beths attention now

‘like chips are called crisps, couch is a settee, and she said something about a bog’

‘whats a bog?’ sarah asked mouth full

‘toilet slash bathroom’ i said in a posh voice

‘are you going to have to eat scones and drink tea all the time?’ beth asked

‘im sure they have other food’ i joked

‘so do you know what cities your visiting?’ sarah was in with the questions today

‘yeah theres loads i have no idea what they are’ i put my hand in the air to get the waitress’s attention to order more fries

‘are you going to come back talking like the queen?’

‘i doubt it, ill be with alex and the guys so i wont pick it up that easily, and you lot will come visit so ill be surrounded by Americans the whole time really’

‘true true’ sarah smiled at the waitress for dropping two plates of fries on our table, she bent over and blew on them

‘eww don’t spit on the fries man’ beth waved sarahs face away

‘easy you two’ i laughed ‘no fighting in here’



Once we had filled our stomachs so much that we were on the urge of barthing, we decieded to leave and actually do some shopping

‘i want some new wedges’ i pouted looking at all the high stilettos

‘we had some new stock in today?’

‘yes please’ i answered her unasked question


I fell in the front door with handfuls of bags full of clothes, shoes and everything else i could fit in them

‘thought you were at work?’ alex looked confused, i double took him he was sat crossed legged on the floor playing his gutair with bits of paper everwhere

‘um i was but beth got upset so we went shopping’ i dumped the bags on the floor

‘why was beth upset?’ he didn’t take his eyes off the paper he was reading, so i could tell he was interested

‘bradley is strugging at work and they don’t have that much money’

‘huh? They have no money but yet you went shopping?’ alex frowned ‘i don’t understand women at all’

‘well yeah and no! I went shopping and brought some things for beth’ i smiled as sweetly as i could

‘oh with your riches from vegas’ he added, i wasn’t sure sarcasticly

‘are you jealous?’

‘um no’ alex added flatly which means he was ‘i brought you something’

A smile spread across alex’s face before he even turned to look at me ‘really?’

‘yeah but if you don’t agree with spending my riches ill take it back’

‘um i totally agree with you spending your riches’ he stod on the couch cushions and jumped over the back of the sofa so he was standing in front of me, he put his hands on my hips and lent down and starting kissing my neck

‘well as you seem so happy that i brought you a present, i have some good news’

‘hmm’ alex mumbled

‘i got you two’

He brang his head back up and looked down at me with a smile ‘and where are these presents?’

I turned round and pulled a box  wrapped in silver paper out of one of my massive bags and handed it to alex, he shock it

‘dont shake it’ i grabbed the box

‘oh’ he lent it against the back of the couch and ripped through the paper

‘oh’ alex repeated

‘is that a good oh or a bad oh?’

Alex just stood staring at the box but i couldn’t read his expression ‘alex?’

‘there amazing’ he finally answered me

‘really? Are they the right size?’

‘there amazing and yes’

Alex pulled out a black converse with a batman symbol on the sides out of the box and started playing with the laces

‘what about your other present?’

‘oh yeah’ he dropped the shoe in front of him and looked at me

‘i don’t have your other present with me’


‘you have to pick it up tomorrow’ i handed him a business card out of my pocket for the guitar shop just around the corner

‘serious?’ he kept looking at the card and me

‘yeah, your other gutair is a disgrace, specially as your a famous musican, its embarrassing’ i smiled at him

‘well i was meaning to buy a new one, just haven’t got round to it yet’

Which i knew that, thats why i had just done it for him, he was a man after all it would have taken him 4 years to buy a new one even though he doesn’t do very much during the day except get up late and eat

‘i know, this is your congratulations on going on tour present’

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