My American Tale

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Chapter 23 (v.1)

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hh Lucy’ mom opened the door and pulled me in for a huge over due bear hug

‘hi mom’ i hugged her back, alex was stood behind me looking uncomfortable and dad was stood behind mom, neither could move around us

‘hi alex’ dad held his hand over my head to shake alex’s hand

‘hello’ alex returned the shake

‘your welcome in, when these two cry babies move’ dad tutted which made alex laugh

‘ive missed her david’ mom finally let me go to throw some evil looks at my dad

‘i know you have jane, i know you have’

Me and mom moved out of the doorway so alex could come in and put the suitcases down

‘ill help you carry them upstairs’ i held my hand out to grab a suitcase, where alex slapped my hand away and narrowed his eyes at me

‘erm no you wont’

‘oh no dear, come and have a drink’ mom grabbed my wrist and pulled me towards her kitchen and pointed at the table, i presume for me to sit ‘what do you want to drink?’

‘wine?’ i joked

‘Lucy’ mom said with her warning voice

‘i was joking mom’ i rolled my eyes

‘you can have tea, water, orange juice?’

‘orange juice please’

While mom pottered around the kitchen, making me my drink i looked around her kitchen, it hadn’t changed in the last 3 years, was still orange with black floors tiles, her Victorian styled sink and little marble counter tops, it still reminded me of home

‘are you making coffee?’ dad walked in with a hand drill in his hand

‘if you want one then yes’ mom put her hands on her hips and stared at my dad

‘thank you’ he bravely walked over and kissed her on the cheek, which made her smile aww

‘alex?’ mom looked at the door frame

Nothing came

‘alex?’ mom said abit louder and higher

A ‘yep’ came followed by alex running down the stairs so fast everyone thought he had fallen

‘you alright lad?’ dad asked looking around the door frame

‘yeah yeah im good’ alex came walking in the kitchen out of breathe, i frowned at me so he smiled at me and sat down next to me

‘oh’ mom dropped the kettle and ran out the room ‘mrs walley’ she gushed

‘who’ i mouthed at dad

Dad rolled his eyes ‘next door neighbour’

‘oh’ i got up from my seat and finished making coffee for alex and dad when mom came running back in with a bunch of lillys

‘do come in eileen’ followed by im guessing the woman who was Eileen walley

‘how do you do?’ she curtsied at me and shook mine and alexs hands, where i could see alex trying his damn hardest to not laugh at her

‘hi im alex’

‘oh alex? The man who makes music’

Alex looked like he was weighing up what she had just said to me when he showed his all American boy smile with a very pleased look on his face ‘um yes that would be me’

‘oh ive never met anyone like you before’ Eileen took my seat and held alex’s hand was she flirting with my boyfriend in front of me?

‘well count today as your lucky day’ alex answered still smiling

‘it cant be a good job to be doing if you have a baby coming?’ Eileen said, and the smile dropped right off of alex’s face

‘well my band is quite well known and we make a lot of money, so its not a worry’ alex added flatly

‘and your dragging her to England away from her family when she needs them the most’ Eileen raised an eye brow at my boyfriend, where i could see she was pushing him to his limits before he blew

‘um—‘ alex stared before i cut in

‘hes not dragging me, its my job so im going along, i have my family they are coming to visit me and im sure there are hospitals and medical staff to help me if i need it’

‘oh i- i’ Eileen tried to back track

‘think it might be best if you pop back tomorrow’ dad chirped in sipping his coffe and he still had that hand drill in his hand

‘yes of cousre’ Eileen stood up quickly and scuffed the chair against the floor before she ran out of my moms kitchen followed by mom

I looked over at alex, he had slumped in his chair, crossed his arms and got a pout on, like he was a 14 year old being told off by his parents

‘dont take it personally lad’ dad said before i had time to say anything, alex didn’t even flinch or aknowledge my dad had spoken to him


‘what?’ he answered me


‘dont what? Shes only saying what everyone is thinking, including me’ he stood up and looked at me, his eyes full of hurt, he walked out the kitchen and ran up the stairs two at a time

‘alex?’ i went to follow when dad grabbed my arm

‘just leave him’ dad closed his eyes and nodded at me

I frowned at the stairs not really knowing how to handle this, he had been thinking about it aswell, it hadn’t even crossed my mind, his band was was succesfull and we did have money coming in, i wasnt worried at all

‘dad? What do you think?’

‘well love, i cant say much as its both your choices to make but as long as you have stable money coming in, how long will alex’s band be successfull?’

Oh my god why hadn’t it crossed my mind before now, i hadn’t planned for the future of our baby, what if were homeless with no one money, and alex was a has-been, my eyes started to well up

‘oh no you dont’ dad put down the damn hand drill and pulled me in for a bear hug, just like my mom’s when i arrived ‘it will all be fine, youhave us, and alex’s parents if you need anything’ he stroked my hair while i sobbed into his shoulder

‘oh whats wrong?’ mom appeared in the door way completely shocked of what he had missed and that my dad was hugging me

‘its what your good old friend said that upset alex’ dad explained for me

‘where is alex?’ mom asked

‘he ran upstairs, just giving him time to calm down’ dad squeezed me abit tighter and began stroking my hair again

‘oh dear’

‘hhmm hmmm’ i choked out through a sob

‘i didn’t think she would be much trouble’ mom sounded shocked

‘that comment was a bit uncalled for’ dad was saying exactly what i was thinking

‘yes yes i agree’ mom put her arms around me and dad for a huge family hug

After what felt like hours mom and dad let go of me

‘go and speak to him love’ mom wiped away my tears, i sniffed and nodded and made my way tot he stairs


When i reached the room me and alex were staying in, i stood looking at the door for a second to steady my breathing and my unattractive dry sobs, i clocked the handle to find alex lying on his backon the bed with his arms folded under his head, staring at the ceiling with a death look on his face

‘hi’ i muttered hoping he wouldn’t leep up and shot me

‘hi’ he muttered back not moving

‘are you okay?’

‘what when having your own worries, said out loud by a complete stranger, yeah im good, excellent in fact’ he said with full sarcasum

‘i wasn’t worried’ i added not really sure how to comment on the situation

‘well you should be’ he answered again still not moving

‘why? Has something happened to the tour? The band?’

Alex finally moved and sat up ‘no nothing’

‘then why do we need to worry, we have my parents your parents’ i slowly walked over to the bed and sat on the opposite end to him

‘lucy its just—‘ he scratched his head ‘im the man of the family, its my job to make sure we have money coming in, we have a stable life where you and alex junior feel safe’ he smirked a little

‘i already do feel safe, i have a good job, you have the best job in the world’ i smiled and reached across to otuch his hand

‘yeah at the moment, but what if you leave work to have more kids or look after alex junior and one day ill be a has-been with no income’

‘alex stop putting your self down’ i moved up the bed a bit more until i was sat next to him

He looked at me still with hurt in his eyes ‘i worry’ then he hung his head

I have never seen alex like this before he was so vonruable ‘i know you worry but thats so far in the future, alex junior will be at least 25 when your band decides to take a back bench and you will all want to become family men’

Alex sniffed ‘can you imagine tom with a baby’ he sort of smiled

‘seriously please don’t worry, if you carry on like this you will have a heart attack’ i put my finger under his chin and lifted his head, like he always does to me when ive been crying, and i kissed him gently on the lips

‘you have so much faith in me’ alex muttered against my lips

‘of course i do, i love you’ i hald smiled and looked into his eyes

‘oh lucy i love you too, and baby’ he rubbed my belly

I wrapped my arms around his neck and hugged him tightly, as he wrapped his arms around my waist and returned the squeeze

‘we’ll be alright wont we?’ he asked in my ear

‘more then okay’ i giggled


‘im cooking a home made meal tonight, because well frankly i don’t think you two do much cooking at home’ mom pointed her finger at us like we were being told off

Me and alex just nodded at her

‘ive been in the apartment, there is always pizza boxes everywhere’ she tutted and placed one hand on her hip

‘its nice’ alex answered then half way through regretted talking and it finished in a whisper

‘pizza is not good for you, so im going to cook spaghetti bolgonasie okay?’ mum raised her eye brows and stared at us waiting for someone to say something

‘sounds good’ dad answered for us

‘good’ mom smiled and walked out

‘being silent will not shut up her up’ dad laughed at us ‘agreeing does, take my advice ive got experience’

‘righto’ i looked at dad and gave him a tight smile

‘it felt like i was a kid being told off’ alex whispered at me

‘tell me about it’ my attention was quickly taken away by my mom walking back in the room

‘do you two want a drink?’

Alex to scared to open his mouth, just shock his head at her, and they both turned to look at me

‘no thanks’ i smiled as sweetly as i could

‘thats not going to get you off the hook’ mom smiled back at me


‘id take your fathers advice’ mom giggled as she walked out

‘see i told you’ dad joked ‘expert’ and he pointed at him self

‘agreed’ me and alex said together


‘mom i really cant eat any more’ i rubbed my stomach ‘i ate so much i think im going to have a food baby aswell as a human one’

‘you have only had a plate ful’ mom said with horror

‘it was very nice but im full’ i smiled and slowly breathed out, while alex was shovelling it in his mouth like he was never going to see food again

‘atleast alex is enjoying it’ mom patted alex’s hand

‘hmm’ alex made a noise at her

‘it was lovely dear’ dad said while pushing his plate away ‘i know what you mean by a food baby’

All i could do was smile at my dads comment while my mom looked at him in horror

‘well’ she stood up and carried her plate to the sink ‘ i brought cake’

‘oh cake really?’ i span in my chair so fast i thought i was going to fall off it

‘yes but if your all so full’

‘i can squeeze cake in’ i joked

‘i taught you well’ dad laughed a very hearty laugh

‘hmmm’ alex agreed nodding his head, while chewing a mouthful of spaghetti


‘hello?’ i answered my cell without even looking who it was, i was still half asleep

‘babe, i don’t know how im going to handle you not being here for 6 months if i cant even handle you being away 2 days’ sarah half laughed down the phone

‘we will have to just call each other all the time’

‘agreed, when are you back?’

‘were leaving this evening, did you want to go out?’

‘oh no i have a date’ sarah muttered

‘you have a date, good for you’

‘who has a date?’ alex mumbled next to me

‘sarah has a date’ i covered the end of my cell

‘i can still hear you’ sarah laughed

‘sorry alex is being noisy’ i giggled

‘hes such a gossip’

‘i can hear you’ alex said before rolling over ‘fuck off im no gossip’

Sarah let out a wild cackle down the line ‘you so are boy, anyway lucy?’


‘can i break in to your apartment and steal some clothes?’

‘um can you not use a key?’

‘well yeah but im really asking permission to enter more then anything’

‘oh yeah you can enter’

‘good because im already in your closet’


‘at least i asked before i told you where i was’

‘true, whose your date with?’

‘hes in a band’

‘which one?’

‘you don’t know them’

‘sarah’ i warned

‘okay don’t tell alex’ she said then her voice turned into a whisper ‘its daniel’

‘what?’ i asked half surprised and half happy for her

‘yeah, weve been talking alot lately’


‘yeah is that bad?’

‘no way thats excellent, we can be groupies together’

‘shhh alex will guess who it is’

‘oh yeah’

‘okay who is it?’ alex sat up and stared at me

‘shit lucy’


‘shes going on a date with dan’ i said to alex

‘really?’ alex sounded as surprised as i did ‘well sarah don’t put out on the first date and it will proberly go somewhere’ then he laid back down

‘oh sound advice’ sarah added flatly

‘atleast he didn’t say no’

‘god lucy he isn’t my dad’

‘so what outfits are you stealing?’ i tried to change the subject

‘your pink dress i think and your louboutins and your silver clutch’

‘okay well enjoy, call me later’

‘oh i fully intend to’ she laughed

‘take my advice sarah’ alex spoke loudly making me jump

‘tell alex to shut his mouth, bye babes’

‘bye’ i placed my phone back on the bedside table and snuggled next to alex

‘your to warm’ i immediantly moved back

‘and your nice and cold and refreshing’ he turned over

‘god alex’ i muttered while he wrapped himself like ivy around my whole body

‘hmm’ he smiled and kissed down my neck

‘dont do that’ i giggled and started slapping his arm

‘why?’ he carried one

‘were in my parents house’ i couldn’t help but giggle at him, he started kissing along my chin until he reached my mouth and he stopped, he opened his eyes and looked at me, he lent in and kissed each side of my mouth

‘i love to hear you giggle’

I smiled up at him ‘i like that you make me giggle’

‘me two’

‘are you two awake?’ a knock came on the door

‘yeah’ i answered

‘good’ then mom walked in the room ‘do you want to come to the mall with us?’

‘oh yeah i do’ alex let go of me and sat up, half bringing me with him

‘good were leaving in half an hour, lucy?’

‘uh sure’ i answered not moving

‘good be down stairs in half an hour’ mom turned on her heals and strutted out

Alex jumped out of bed and pulled on his skinny jeans, his converse and a t-shirt from his suitcase, lent on the bed kissed my forehead and run out the room

‘bye then’ i waved as he ran

I slowly sat up, as mom came walking back in

‘here’ she handed me a biscuit

‘whats this?’ i took it

‘a ginger biscuit, they say it keeps morning sickness away, eat it’ she stood over me and watched

‘okay’ i slowly nibbled on the biscuit

‘feel better?’ she asked

‘i felt fine before’

‘oh ill let you get dressed’ and she walked back out


I walked down the stairs and made my way into the kitchen for a drink

‘morning dear’ dad said with a smile

‘morning’ i smiled back, i double took him as i noticed mom had the same grin on her face


‘we have a present for you?’

‘oh?’ i love presents

‘here’ mom handed me a bag, alex came and stood next to me

I dipped my hand in the bag and pulled out something in tissue paper and a little box, i frowned at it as i ripped the tissue paper off, and there was a baby grow ‘i heart my mom and dad’ on the front

‘turn it over’ mom said smiling

i turned it over and it said ‘inherritited looks from my grandparents’ i smiled while tearing up, i placed it back in the bag and opened the box, in the box was a small silver bracelet

‘oh thank you’ i sniffed

‘i know its really early, but as your going away i thought i would give them to you now’ mum smiled

‘i love them’ i hugged my mom and dad together at the same time

‘its tiny’ alex was sizing up the baby grow ‘what if i break it’

‘the babygrow?’ mom asked confused‘no the baby’

‘you wont’ mom hugged alex aswell, while alex didn’t take his eyes off the babygrow in his hands

‘i thought that before we had you and your sister’ dad patted alex on the back but looked at me

‘i want to get married’ alex whispered

‘what?’ me and mom looked at him, i don’t think dad heard him

‘i want to get married’ he said a little louder

‘your already engaged love’ mom said pointing out the obvious

‘yeah but i want to be married to you before we go on tour’


‘what do you think?’ alex stood in front of me andhelf my hand

‘i want to be married to you aswell’ i smiled up at him

‘oh my god, a last minute wedding’ mom paniced

‘we can have something small then have the proper thing when we get back’

‘that sounds easy’ dad said gripping onto the counter top

‘what do you think?’ alex asked me again

‘sounds like a plan’

‘oh’ moms eyes watered ‘mrs jones’

‘can i sing?’ dad looked up

‘no’ mom answered before anyone got a word in

‘we can plan it when we get back, have some of the guys be our witnesses’

‘sounds perfect’ i muttered

‘for gods sake don’t tell next door’ dad chuckled

‘david’ mom put on her warning voice ‘shall we pack?’

‘i think thats a good idea’ i turned tolook at my parents ‘call yours’ i said to alex

We didn’t quite make it to the mall, we didn’t even leave the house, mom and dad started packing to drive back with us, alex was busy calling and telling his parents we were getting married but having the proper do when we get back, and i called beth sarah and gemma all in turn, beth screeched down the phone, gemma didn’t answer and sarah didn’t quite understand what i was trying to tell her, think she was asleep even though she kept telling me she wasn’t, i have known her to long to know when shes lying to me, the house was a mad rush, mom had phoned the registry office back home to see if they had any spaces and the only one they could do was in 2 days time, abit sooner then what i was hoping but either it was in 2 days time or i had to wait another 6 months or longer and i would have a baby by then too. I sat and watched the chaos unfold in front of me but it made me smile, i was pregnant with the love of my lifes baby and of course i was engaged to marry him, my life could not be ay better at this moment in time.


‘the cars late, my dress is ripped and god knows what the ‘church’ is going to look like as i couldnt decorate it, alex is proberly thinking ive got cold feet and oh my god’ i started breathing quickly

‘calm down, its not good for the baby’ sarah slapped my arm

‘we can wait or we can get in a cab, ive told your dad and hes going to pass the message onto alex so he stays put, your dress is fine you cant see it and the ‘church’ will look fine’ mom tried to reassure me

‘just breath into this bag’ sarah handed me a brown bag

‘i cant help it’ i said into the bag looking at sarah

‘calm down’ she warned me

I just nodded

‘the cars here’ beth came running into the apartment

‘come on’ mom and sarah both hooked an arm under mine and pulled me to my feet

We all jumped into the elevator and waited paiently for it to hit the ground floor, it opened and showed the proof that the car had turned up and things were starting to turn around, sarah held the door opened for me while i climbed in the back seat and everyone found a seat around me

‘is my make up okay?’ i asked


‘my hair?’


‘my dress?’


‘okay’ i lent my head agasint the back of the seat and watched new York out the back window as we drove through it, we finally arrived at the ‘church’, we all climbed out, i straintened my dress and took a big breath

‘ready?’ sarah looked at me

‘i think so’ i tried to smile but i don’t think anything showed


‘ill go tell them your here’ beth ran around us and into the main double doors, as i had been standing there for longer than 5 minutes, people became noisy and started to gather around us, all smiling at me

‘ready?’ sarah asked again

‘yes im ready’

Me mom and sarah all made our way to the main doors and walked inside, where i heard the start up of my bridal march, i slowly stepped around the corner to be met by alex’s parents, Emily and his brother, the band, beth her husband and daughter, dean, belle, my dad and gemma, they all turned and smiled at me which made my stress seem like nothing and i instantly relaxed. I walked up the isle arm in arm with my mom and sarah behind us, when we reached the alter mom kissed me on the cheek and walked off to sit down with sarah, i turned to be face to face with alex who was smiling at me, and i smiled back where all my worries melted away.



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