My American Tale

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Chapter 24 (v.1) - EPILOGUE

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he baby is looking good and healthy so far’ dr chris smiled up at me

‘great’ i beamed back at her

‘ill print out a new picture for you’

Dr chris pressed some buttons and out popped a black and white picture of mine and alex’s baby

‘sorry alex couldn’t make it’ i apologised to the doctor, not that she cares

‘dont worry im sure hes busy getting ready for the tour’

‘he is yeah, hardly seem him the last two weeks’

‘well make sure he looks after you’ she smiled

‘oh i will don’t you worry’ we giggled together


As i left the doctors office i headed straight to the subway, as alex had been practising for this tour of his, he was living back at his so he wouldn’t keep waking me up at stupid hours if i had work the next day and so i wouldnt stress the baby out he was such a love, my phone flashed into life


‘hi babe, have you left already?’ alex asked out of breathe

‘yeah ive just left’

‘oh i finished early and i thought i would make it in time’ he explained sounding upset

‘oh im sorry, i was just getting on the subway to show you the new picture’

‘your getting on the subway?’ alex asked in disbelief

‘um yeah?’

‘cant you get a cab?’

‘im not made of money alex’ i still had money left from vegas so i was really

‘yes but its safer’

‘where are you?’

‘near the doctors office, where are you?’

‘outside the doctors office’

‘oh wait there’ and alex hung up oh so now it was okay to hang up on me

I crouched down and put my bag on the floor to begin my search for the scan picture, but where was it

‘hey’ alex stopped in front of me, hands on knees and he was breathing quite heavily

‘you ran?’ i looked up confused

‘yes because you like to wonder off’ he smirked ‘let me see then’ he held his hand out

‘im trying to find it’ i replied with attitude

‘its in your pocket’ he reached forward and pulled it out

‘oh yeah’

‘so this is alex junior?’ he smiled with pride

‘yes but its not being called that’ i linked alex’s arm and pulled him down the path

‘whats wrong with the name alex?’

‘nothing but i cant deal with two of you called alex’

‘thats alexist’ alex put his arm round my shoulders and pulled me in towards him and kissed my forehead

‘thats not even a thing’ i giggled

‘are you hungry?’

‘um’ i screwed up my face

‘let me rephrase hungry, you need to eat and so does baby’

‘i cant really argue with that can i’ i smiled up at him

‘good, sarah and beth are there’


‘yeah’ he looked at me


‘sarah kept phoning me and asking me questions but i didn’t know the answers’ he shrugged and half smiled

‘ahh sarah never changes’


As i stepped in the door to bettys, sarah and beth screeched together, with everyone in the cafe covering there ears for protection

‘Lucy’ sarah called while waving her hands around

I slowly walked over with alex behind me gripping my hand for dear life

‘hi’ i smiled sweetly at them, i sat down in the booth and pulled alex with me

‘lets see then?’ beth beamed at me

I handed over the scan picture and let go quickly so i wouldn’t loose my hand

‘awww its so cute’ sarah stared at the photo

‘why are girls so wierd when they look at pictures of babies?’ alex looked at me

‘because there cute’ sarah threw in before i could open my mouth

‘what can i get you’ the waitress came at the right time

‘hi ill have coffee and pancakes’ alex cut in before anyone

‘orange juice and toast please’

‘sure’ the waitress answered while writing our orders down

‘ermm ill have coffee and pancakes too’ sarah said

‘ill do the same’ beth ordered ‘thank you’

The waitress nodded and walked off

‘tell me about your plans for England?’ sarah asked while handing me back my picture of the baby

‘we will be in London in june, so feel free to come over then’ i smiled at sarah

‘and we will be in hotels because of miss pregnant here’ alex pointed his thumb at me and rolled his eyes

‘your leaving next week’ beth said with a sad face

‘its gone so quick’ sarah agreed

‘i will miss you at work, ill come over and see you’ beth smiled

‘yeah sure, dean and belle are coming over in july because we will be closer to her parents then, and mom and dad are coming over while were in london’

‘you wont feel home sick with everyone from home around you’ sarah laughed

‘well yeah’ i nodded accepting my glass of orange juice from the waitress

‘has belle taught you more English slang?’ beth asked before sipping her coffee followed by an ‘ahh thats good’

‘um pants to them are panties’ i pulled a face

‘well good luck with that’

‘i think we will be okay, ive been there loads of times and im still welcome’ alex added

‘yes but were talking about Lucy here’ sarah raised an eyebrow

‘good point’ alex nodded

‘hey im not that bad’ i tried to defend myself

‘we will just have to see about that’ sarah beth and alex all laughed at my expense


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