My American Tale

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Chapter 6 (v.1)

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Submitted: August 10, 2012





inally were on the train to Portsmouth Harbour, but getting off at Petersfield, it was quite an easy trip actually now I get to sleep for an hour and a half, I get woken up by the train guard asking for my ticket, I sleepily look at him and point to dean and say ‘he has it’ and go back to sleep, what feels like a minute later I get woken up again by dean,

‘Were here’ he says to me with a massive grin on his face

‘really that was quick’ I sleepily get up and grab my case, I see Belle standing on the platform waiting for us, I find a little wave and smile, we walk out to the front of the station and climb into a cab waiting outside, belle is talking to the cab driver and its interesting listening to the way they speak to each other, he starts driving on the wrong side of the road, it’s strange, Petersfield is deserted.

‘What time is it here?’ I ask

‘11am’ the cab driver barks back

While we ride in the cab I look out the window watching the streets as we go, after a couple of minutes we arrive outside a house after the very familiar manic cab driving, it looks like mansion, it has a caravan on the front drive with an old looking car and 2 newer looking cars on the road, belle deals with the cab cost and says goodbye as we all grab our suitcases and scrabble out, me and dean stand on the pavement like lost sheep waiting for belle to finish talking another language with the driver. She looks at us both and says ‘follow me’

We both kick our cases onto the wheels and pull along the sidewalk, we follow her into the house as we are met by the loveliest sound, the family are talking amongst them self’s and laughing, it reminds me of the house me Gemma, jack and dean grew up in and I smile, belle introduces me to her family after they have all hugged and said hello to dean again,

‘This is my mother Angie’ belle says I shake her hand

‘This is my father Michael’ I shake his hand

‘This is my younger sister Meg’ I shake her hand

‘My younger sister molly’ I shake her hand

‘And finally this is my brother tom’ I shake his hand, they all have similarities, molly looks a lot like belle, I smile as I look around the room,

‘Your house is lovely’ I mutter

‘Thank you very much’ Angie answers

‘Anyone want some tea or coffee?

‘Oh yes please, black coffee thanks’

Everyone in the room sits in silence, instantly I feel awkward, I look out the window, to my surprise I see chickens

‘I love this house’ I whisper to myself

Angie walks in with our tea’s and coffees and they all ask about our trip, mostly talking to belle and dean, I study the room, it’s a light green with brown leather sofas, pictures everywhere of the family, plants and flowers, I feel at ease in this house.

While I try and seemed involved in the conversation I finish my coffee and clutch the cup ‘want to go for a walk around the heath?’ dean looks at me

‘Sure’ I answer, ‘I need some air before I fall asleep’

‘Jet lag will do that to ya’ Michael adds as I thank Angie.

As we walk along the streets almost everyone stops to speak to belle, it’s like a story you read in a book, a while after, we reach the heath, its breath taking, there’s a kids playground on my left, with big willow trees, ducks and swans floating on the pond, the kids running around in wellie boots and big coats giggling with glee, we take a peaceful walk around, we see people walking their dogs, it’s wonderful, we take a slow and wonderful walk around the big heath, it’s beautiful, as we reach where we started belle leads up some steps and slowly stroll down a long road with big beautiful trees each side, it’s extremely peaceful here, we reach a small town with some shops, belle walks us to a café.

Dean turns to me ‘go find somewhere to sit Luc ill be 5 minutes’

I go inside and find a nice seat,

I shudder not realising how cold I was until I walked into the heat, dean comes in and sits opposite me,

‘Belle is going home to speak to her family’ he sighs

‘So were hanging out here till she’s done?’ I ask

‘Pretty much Luc’

He looks really sad and twiddles his thumbs and looks at them, I’ve never seen him like this before, and my heart reaches out to him.

‘So what we going to do?’ I say making dean jump

‘Sit here’ he answers

‘Is there nothing else to do around here?’

‘Yeah properly, but I don’t know’ he answers,

‘Want a drink?’

Dean shakes his head; I get up and go over to the worker behind the bar,

‘Is there anything to do around here?’ I ask

The worker replies ‘depends what you like’

‘Were up for anything we have to kill 3 hours’ I respond

‘Well the best way to occupy your time is to go the arcades down on the sea front, south sea’ he says

I raise my eye brows and look around at dean, he’s still sad looking at his hands

The worker picks up a napkin and a pen and starts writing something down, he then hands it to me, I read it, I realise it’s instructions on how to get to this south sea, I jog over to dean grab his arm and pull him up to his feet

‘What you doing?’ he looks at me

‘Were going to some arcades and a sea front’ I add, grabbing my stuff

‘You don’t know where you’re going’ he sounds angry

I hold up the piece of napkin and flap it in the air, ‘I do actually’ as I pull dean out the shop I shout ‘THANK YOU’ to the worker, he waves after us, we walk back up to the train station after asking about 7 people directions, I read the napkin and crinkle my brow.

At Petersfield station get on a train heading to Portsmouth harbour, the fast one not the slow one (ask the train man)

Stay on until it says Portsmouth harbour (the last stop)

Get off, down the steps and walk around the barriers and walk to the taxi rank and ask for a taxi to south parade pier or a bus and get the bus or passengers to tell you when to get off

‘WHAT’ I can’t handle that in a place I don’t know, I run up to a taxi and say ‘south parade pier?’

The cab driver looks at me ‘yeah okay love, it’s going to be pricey’

I shrug and hola dean over and we climb in the cab.

Were driving for a while, and I couldn’t see the ocean, but I could smell it,

‘Do you know where you’re going?’ I ask the cab driver

‘Yes love, it’s my job’

I spot the sea on in front of us, almost leaning over the cab driver to see it, there’s joggers, people walking dogs, people flying kites, and lights flashing, and a cheery tune playing inviting us to the arcade, the cab stops, I’m so amazed how picture perfect this place looks, I don’t even know how much the ride was.

I run across the road dragging dean with me, we enter the arcades, there is lots of machines, and I walk over to the person sitting in what looks like a cage with CHANGE COUNTER above them,

‘What money do I need?’ throwing the change from my pocket on the counter

‘The man scoops up my money in his hand and grabs a blue pot, he puts some big brown coins in the pot and hands it all back,

‘The money in the pot is for the 2p machines’ he points at my hand

‘Okay thanks’ I add with a smile on my face, dean has instantly cheered up.

For the next couple of minutes we play on the 2p machines until I run out of money,

‘Want to walk on the beach’ dean asks while grabbing my hand

‘Sure’ I answer,

As we walk outside the wind hits us in the face and my hair stands on end, we both giggle, we stroll along the beach,

‘I thought beaches had sand’ I ask confused

‘Yeah me too Luc’ dean looks at me with a crinkled brow

As we sit in a café having a coffee, dean’s phone rings and we both stare at each other.

He reluctantly gets it out his pocket and answers it

‘Hey belle’ he raises his eyes at me

‘Yeah…were at south sea….cab….yeah….yeah she’s here…..okay……..yeah now…okay bye’

I look at him waiting to hear what she had to say

‘She’s finished’ dean says

‘Okay we can go find a cab back then’ I says

‘Yes please’

‘Did she say how it went’ I ask wary

Dean just shakes his head, I grab my bag and Dean follows me as we find a cab.

We arrive in Petersfield outside belle’s house, we walk up the drive and the door swings open before we even reach it, belle has a massive smile on her face that makes me and dean smile, and she nods and hugs dean.

I wait awkwardly behind them until they break from the embrace they had, it makes me miss jack, no cut it out.

We all make our way into the house and all our case’s are sat in the sitting room,

‘Ill give you a lift back to Gatwick shall I?’ Michael says making me jump, I quickly turn and he’s in the door way holding car keys.

I kick the bottom of my case to set it on its wheels and say my good-byes to everyone on the way out the door, belle and her family hug and her mom cries, which makes my eyes water, I look away and wait outside before I become a blabbing mess.

A couple of minute’s later dean and belle emerge from the house, Michael loads out cases and we wave good-bye once more.

I wake suddenly by smacking my head on the window as my hand slips from my chin,

‘Are you okay?’ belle asks

‘Yeah I’m fine are we here?’ I look around half asleep

‘Nearly about another 10 minutes’ Michael says from the front seat

‘I’ve slept more in England then I think I ever have in the York’ I say

‘True that’ dean nods, he looks like him old self again, happy-go-lucky.

‘Is there an internet café in the airport’ I ask suddenly remembering I haven’t emailed Gemma since I left, or spoken to jack

‘Can I phone the York in the airport’ I add, fidgeting in my seat

‘I’m not sure Luc, I’ll ask someone’ dean says and we come to a stop in the car, Michael gets out so we all follow.

‘Bye bells’ Michael says as he is wrapping his arms around her

‘Ill see you at Christmas wont I?’ she sniffs

Oh no please don’t start crying again, I’m so tired I don’t need a reason to cry.

‘You will see us at Christmas bells’

‘Good, I look forward to it’ they hug once more,

Michael shakes dean’s hand and says ‘look after my little girl’

‘I fully intend to sir’ dean says

Michael hugs me to my surprise ‘thanks sir’ I whisper

‘See you kids very soon’ waves to us and gets back in the car

As we stroll through the airport I see a set of pay phones,

‘Dean’ I say and run off

I scurry off to the phones and read a list next to the phone which has different countries written on it with numbers, I skim down the list until I find New York, I drop my cases and reach in my pocket for my change, as I fill the machine up, I quickly dial 002 and then type in my home number,

‘Hello’ a voice on the other end of the phone answers

‘Hi it’s Lucy who’s this?’

A screech comes through the phone ‘its mom’

‘Mom’ I sign so glad to hear her voice

I instantly relax ‘how are you mom?’

‘I’m fine dear so is your dad, jack has been looking after us very well’

‘Good, were at the airport now, we have to wait another 2 hours for our flight’ I add

‘What time is it there dear’ mom asks

I glance around for a clock ‘6pm’

‘Ill be in the York at about 11, is jack there?’

‘Okay, we can stay again and wait for you’

‘Yes mom please. Can I speak to jack?’ I ask

‘Of course hunny’

The phone ruffles around for a bit and I hear whispering in the background

‘IM PAYING A FORTUNE FOR THIS CALL’ I shout down the phone,

Someone quickly comes on the line

‘Hello?’ the voice says, I recognise it instantly and I melt inside

‘Jack’ I say

‘Yes what’s up?’ he says not very happy to hear from me at all

‘Can you get us from the airport at 11ish tonight your time?’

‘If I have to’ he says

I crinkle my brow ‘if you don’t want to jack just say no’

‘Lucy I’ll be there okay?’ he says sounding angry,

Belle and dean both watching me, frowning listening to my side of the conversation.

‘Okay thank you JFK yeah?’

‘Yes at 11 I heard you’ he says

‘I’m bored of your attitude jack put my mom back on’

The phone then ruffles again and I hear a faint beep beep beep.

And the line is dead. SHIT.

‘What happened?’ dean says looking confused

‘Jack sounded angry, but he’s picking us up at 11ish’

Dean senses from my tone not to ask any more questions, belle opens her mouth to say something, and then dean cuts in ‘drinks?’ then gives belle a look and shakes his head.

I smile to myself; I’m really looking forward to seeing mom and dad, oh and Sarah,

‘Is Sam still at yours?’ dean asks bringing me to life from my thoughts

SHIT. I totally forgot

‘I don’t know’ I then sit and wonder

‘You don’t think he ticked off jack, do you?’ dean says not making eye contact with me

‘Oh god’ I never thought of that

‘What?’ belle asks not understanding what we’re talking about?

‘Nothing’ dean adds and we don’t say anything else on the matter.

We pretty much sit in silence for the rest of the wait, belle reading a book,

‘What you reading?’ I ask belle

She ignores me until dean elbows her and puts her book down and looks at dean, he points at me with his chin, belle then looks at me

‘Sorry Lucy?’

‘What you reading?’ I ask again

‘Breaking dawn’ she answers

I look confused and then mumble ‘what’s breaking dawn?’

She stares at me in disbelief, I instantly regret asking this

‘It’s from the twilight saga’ she states

‘What’s twilight?

She slaps her book on her legs ‘have you never heard of it?’

‘No’ I whisper feeling embarrassed

Dean suddenly stands, we both look at him ’there calling us’

I sit on the plane uncomfortable in my seat, not ready for an 8 hour flight back to the York, put my head on the head rest and sigh, the flight attendant at the front of the plane waving her arms around and smiling, I stare out the window.

I feel a tap on my shoulder I look around and see another flight attendant stands there smiling, ‘would you like a drink?’

‘Oh yes please, something alcoholic please’ and I look away, she returns about 5 minutes later with a small bottle and a glass, and I smile.

I get to the bottom of my building and a taxi pulls up and dean and jack get out, dean grabs my case and jack stands in front of me, WHAT? This has happened before. Jack stands about an inch in front of me, puts his left arm on the bottom of my back and the other behind my head, for a moment I freeze thinking he is going to kiss me, but he just hugs me, as I pull away his hand on my back pulls me against his body and pins me there, and he leans his head down to mine and kisses me right on the lips, I take a second to kiss back as I’m frozen to the spot, he pulls away and as he does I open my eyes and he flashes me his perfect smile, he leans to my ear and whispers ‘ill see you when you get back’ and slaps my ass as he enters my building, I squeal not expecting the slap.

I jolt and wake up on the plane, ‘oh god it was a dream’ I whisper wiping the sweat from my forehead.

Sat there confused of why I dreamt of the moment I left jack before I went to England.

We touchdown in the York, collect our suit cases, and I already feel settled knowing I’m back home. We all fight our way through the crowds and wait out the front looking for jack; jack is nowhere to be seen.

‘Where is he then?’ dean pipes up

I shrug my shoulders ‘I told him we would be here at 11ish’, at that moment we all jump as we hear a car horn, we look to our left and a cab pulls up, jack jumps out.

‘if you weren’t driving we could have got a cab on our own’ I say walking straight past him to put my case in the boot, belle and dean follow me, we all climb in the cab and sit in awkward silence until we reach my building, I get out and jack follows me, I grab my case, hug dean and belle and say good night.

‘Ill buzz you tomorrow dean, bye belle’ they both wave at me and the cab carries on.

‘Why did you get out?’ I snap at jack

‘Whoa Luc what’s eating you?’

‘What?’ ‘WHAT’ I repeat

Jack just stares at me

‘You were so rude to me on the phone, I don’t want to be around you at the moment, I’m so tired, and I’ll see you tomorrow’

Jack just stares at me as I walk in the building, I call the lift, walk in and slump against the wall, it dings on the 6th floor, I reach my apartment, swing the door open, and walk in, Sam is on the sofa with the TV on,

‘Hi Sam’ I shout over the TV

‘Oh hi’ she turns the TV off and gets up

‘Did you have a good time?’ she asks eagerly

‘Yes thanks’ where are my parents?’ I look around

‘In my room asleep’

Oh shit I slammed the door open.

I sit on the sofa next to Sam and immediately stand up

‘I’m going to bed Sam, I’m exhausted’ I say while yawning

‘Okay night’

I wake up from the sun shining in my bedroom window and can hear some birds; I sit up ‘what’s the noise?

I open my bedroom door still in my clothes from last night; my mom is in the kitchen singing slow dancing in a burning room

‘I like that song’ I whisper through a yawn

‘Me 2’ my mom answers’ it’s mine and your dads first dance song from when we renewed our wedding vows’

I aww at her, I can see she didn’t appreciate that.

‘What are you doing today? I quickly ask her

‘Spending the day with you jack and dean’ she says smiling

‘Oh that’s nice’ I smile back

‘They will be here soon, I’m making breakfast for you all, so you don’t need to eat at that greasy café’ she says looking me up and down

I instantly feel self conscious, I leap of the worktop and stalk out the kitchen, I sit on the breakfast bar the other side, and turn my laptop on, and oh I have an email from Gemma.

From: Gemma Winter

Subject: ENGLAND!!!

To: Lucy Winter

11/18/10 17:57

ENGLAND!! For heaven’s sake why?

Be safe I know what you’re like………

Gemma xx

I hit reply.

From: Lucy Winter

Subject: homeward bound

To: Gemma Winter

11/19/10 09:47


I had a fun time actually

I fell over in the airport but other than that it’s all gravy babies

Luc x

The apartment door knocks jack belle and dean stride in, jack doesn’t make eye contact with me, they both hug mom and dad,

Belle walks up to mom and dad ’hi I’m belle’

‘Oh your deans girlfriend from England’ mum squeals

‘Yes’ and lets out a little giggle and everyone sits around the table, I grab plates and cutlery, hand out drinks. We all eat our breakfast in silence with just mom asking questions and receiving short answers.

‘What the hell is going on’ dad bellows and makes everyone looks at him

Me and jack look away.

‘What is going on between you two?’ asks just directly to me and jack

I go red and get up from the table and stalk off to my room

‘David you’ve upset her’ mom says and runs after me

I can hear mumbling from the other room; mom puts her arms around me

‘What’s up darling?’ look into my eyes

I tear up ‘mom’ I sob


‘Jack kissed me before I went yesterday, and was rude to me on the phone’

‘So you’re upset about jack?’

I nod ‘I think I have jet lag’

‘That won’t do will it my sweet’ mom says as she wipes the tears from my face and straightens my hair.

I shake my head and my steady my breathing, she gets up opens my bedroom door and shouts ‘JACK’

I hear chair legs squeak across the floor and jack walking towards my door

‘You two need to talk’ mom pushes him in my room and shuts the door behind him

Jack sits on my bed looking awkward ‘what’s wrong?’

‘Don’t start that jack’ I sniff

He moves closer and hugs me, kisses my head and we sit like this for a couple of minutes

Jack then speaks into my hair ‘I like you Luc you know that, I’m just waiting for you to let me know when you feel the same way back’

‘I know’ I sniff ‘I do’

He lets me go and holds me at arm’s length ‘you do?’

I nod my head and wipe my nose with my sleeve in the least lady like way.

‘How long have you felt the same?’ he asks pulling me closer

‘For the last couple of weeks, when you kissed me I was surprised but happy you did’

He smiles, ‘I didn’t know you felt the same way, that’s why I was snappy on the phone’

‘Oh’ is all I can think of to say back to that

There is a tiny knock at the bedroom door

‘Come in’ I say trying to stop crying

Mom walks in and see’s us hugging she smiles

‘You kids going to finish your breakfast?’

We both get off the end of my bed and follow her out

As we start eating again there is no awkward silence everyone is talking trying to be heard over each other, laughing and having a good family moment.

I help mom clear the table and wash up, while the guys all go to the sofa and turn on the football.

‘You two made up then?’ she smiles

‘Yeah sort of’ I smile back’

‘Do you mind if me and your dad stay again’ she asks

‘No I love you being here, all of us being together, it reminds me of when we were all younger’ I look at the mug I’m drying up

‘We like that two, we love being here’ she smiles and hugs me

‘Do you mind if I go and see Sarah for a bit?’ I ask

‘No of course not dear, go see your friend’

I walk out the kitchen, grab my bath towel and head to the bathroom, have a lovely warm long shower, I’m in there longer then I normally am. As I walk out jack looks at me like he caught me doing something I shouldn’t be, I frown and close my bedroom door, slump on the end of my bed and pick up my phone from the bed side table.

Hey Sarah what you doinggg? Want to get drunk? L x

I put my phone on my bed as I dig out some warm clothes, my phone beeps and I jump with joy, its Sarah.

Hey babes I’m doing nothing YES I would like to get drunk on a Sunday afternoon where we going? S x

I punch the air with excitement; I walk out my room with black skinny jeans on, beige UGG boots, a white floaty top, with a red scarf on.

‘You look nice’ mom says

‘Thanks mom’

‘I don’t want to sound mommy but are you drying your hair, you will get ill’ she shows a small smile

‘Of course mom’ I turn on my heels and march back in my room and blow dry my hair.

I walk back out and my mom smiles at me.

‘Going anywhere nice?’

‘Not sure yet, I’m going to meet Sarah and it will properly be the first bar we see’ I see the frown mom makes

‘Oh mom’

‘Yes dear’

‘You and dad can sleep in my bed; I’ll sleep on the sofa’

I grab my coat, do it up, grab my bag and shout ‘BYE’

I get off the bus at Sarah’s place, ring on her buzzer a crackled voice comes through.

‘Ill be right down’

‘You better’ I answer

Sarah comes running out the door, we walk arm in arm down the road, until we see a bar and walk in, take the comfy seats and order cocktails, and we giggle and chat.

My phone rings ‘its jack’ I frown


‘Lucy what time you back?’ jack orders

‘I don’t know why?’

‘Let me know when you’re on your way home’ and he hangs up

‘What’s up?’ she ask

I shrug ‘I have no idea’

We talk about Sam, my mom and dad, Gemma, jack and dean, my trip to England while downing pitcher after pitcher of cocktails.

Sarah look at her watch ‘we have to be up early, we should go’

We both down the rest of our drinks and slam the glasses on the table and smile at each other, we once again walk arm in arm, and I get my phone out and text jack just as I was asked to do.

Butthead I’m en route to my apartment

That will tell him I laugh to myself, actually quite happy with my text, I say my byes to Sarah and I grab a cab, not in the mood to walk, I reach my building and see no sign of jack, I pay the fair and fall into the lift, reach my apartment, fumble with the keys in the lock finally I get it open and I freeze there are candles everywhere, and slow dancing in a burning room playing quietly on the stereo system, I drop my bag and abandon it. I’m speechless looking around the room like I’ve never seen it before, the door behind me closes, I swing round and there’s jack, hands in his pockets.

Tears stream down my face and I fall to my knees, jack rushes over falls to his knees and hugs me,

‘What’s wrong?’ he soothes

I say nothing, look into his eyes and kiss him, he kisses me back.

We lie in the middle of the sitting room floor, his arm under my head and I’m lying looking at him.

‘What’s this for?’ I finally say

The candles randomly going out as they have reached the bottom of their wicks.

‘I wanted a simple way to say I love you Luc’

My tears appear in my eyes again

‘Please don’t cry’ he strokes my hair, he places his right palm on my cheek his fingers in my hair and his thumb brushing against my face

‘I missed you so much’ he adds

‘Then why did you ship me off to England?’ I say with a tone

‘I thought you might like England and you wouldn’t have offered’ he says

‘I did have a good time actually’

I can feel his smile against my face.

I sit up suddenly ‘where are my parents?’

‘Out to dinner then to the movies’ he says

‘Where’s Sam?’ I ask

‘At work’ he adds

‘AT WORK?’ I say louder then I should have

‘Yeah she got a job at betty’s’

‘Oh I’m happy for her’ my voice doesn’t sound convincing

Jack sits up and stands up, switching the stereo off helps me up and slowly blows the candles out and pulls me into my bedroom.

I get woken up by my alarm at 07:30, I groan and press snooze, I sit up suddenly as I smell toast and hear the kettle whistling. I look around my room, jack isn’t in my bed, but his underwear is on the floor with his t-shirt and trousers, I smile at the memory of last night.

I put on his t-shirt and walk out my room, to find him butt naked in my kitchen buttering toast, I stand and stare, I watch him from the door way of my room, he walks round the breakfast bar whistling, he sees me, flashes me a gorgeous smile, I melt. I slowly walk over to him; he looks me up and down ‘that t-shirt suits you’

‘Thank you’ and I curtsy in it.

He points at the chair at the table for me to sit, I switch my laptop on as I turn to look at jack he walks to my room and comes back out with his boxers on, and I pout.

‘What are you pouting for?’

‘I liked the show before’ I say, not being able to stop the smile spreading across my face.

‘I have to go home soon’ jack says, that wipes the smile off my face


‘We both have work and I have to get changed, I can’t go to the office in jeans babe’

‘I suppose, why don’t you bring some work clothes with you here and leave them, just case this situation happens again’ I say

‘Oh so this is situation will happen again?’ jack grins a boyish grin

‘Only if you want it to’

‘It’s your choice Luc’ mine? That’s weird.

‘Eat up; you have to get ready for your first day’

‘Oh yeah’ I say, I’m excited about my first day but I’d rather stay in bed with jack all day, oh two emails from Gemma.

From: Gemma Winter

Subject: homeward bound

To: Lucy Winter

11/21/10 14:26

Glad your home safe….did you have a good time??

How is everyone??

I’m home soon YAY YAY

Gem x

I open the second email.

From: Gemma Winter

Subject: your first day

To: Lucy Winter

11/21/10 23:45

Hey good luck on your first day, call me the night to tell me all about it

Love you lots

Gemma xxxxx

I smile to myself.

I finish my coffee and toast, I sniff myself and head to the bathroom, jump in the shower, to my surprise the bathroom door opens, I peer round the curtain and jack is taking his boxers off.

‘What are you doing?’ I ask

‘Having a shower’ he replies with a smirk

‘Oh I see’ I answer shyly

He stands about an inch away from me, with is left hand on my lower back and his other in my hair and kisses me, just like he did before and just like in my dream, I walk backwards till we both under the water, I pull away and see him frown

‘I have to be quick’

He smiles and starts washing his hair

After we finish showering I jump out and grab my bath towel, jack whips it from me

‘HEY’ I shout

He puts it over his shoulders

‘I need a towel for my wet hair’ he smiles and he strides out of the bathroom,

Eventually I get another towel and I wrap my hair in it, I look in my wardrobe for something to wear on my first day, I pull out the dress that I wore for my interview and jack snatches it out of my hand, I look round at him

‘No this dress makes you look to sexy and I can’t have other men staring at you’ I frown, but as I turn round with my back to him I smile, I find a grey pencil skirt, and white blouse. Perfect. I put on bra and pants and slip on some stocking, I bend over to dry my hair, I don’t want my mom telling me off again, I slip on my skirt and blouse and wear the shoes I got for my interview, put on some mascara and lip-gloss.

‘Are you ready to go?’ I ask while walking out my room

‘Yes’ jack answers and I feel his eyes on me, I look up and he’s staring at me with his mouth open.

‘Catching flies again?’ I ask feeling good about my joke

‘You look a...a...amazing’ he stutters

‘Can you take a photo of me’ I smile handing him my phone, I stand in my door way, with my left hand on my hip and arch my back while pouting,

I laugh to myself ‘Sarah will find that hilarious’

I walk back over to my open laptop and email Gemma back quickly.

From: Lucy Winter

Subject: my first day

To: Gemma Winter

11/22/10 07:35

Attachment .jpeg

Everyone is good, I’m having breakfast with a naked jack………I have a lot to tell you

Can’t wait till your home, I miss my sister time!

Thanks for the good luck; I’m very nervous I’ve emailed a picture of me in my first day clothes

Loves you lots

Luc xx

Turn my laptop off and grab my coat and my bag and we head out the door

‘What time is it?’ I look at jack

‘8:15’ he puts his watch in my face, so close I can’t even read it

I smack his hand away tutting; he grasps my knee and squeezes it

‘Are you going straight to work or you coming up?’ jack asks

‘ill come up for a bit I have 45 minutes till I have to be at my desk’ I smile, we stop at his building, enter the lobby and file in the lift, he presses the button for floor 21, I grab his hand, GEEZ. I forgot how far up he lives, I haven’t been to jacks apartment in months, we finally reach his place, he fumbles with the key, he opens the door, and I stare around as I walk in

‘You changed it?’ I say surprised

‘Yeah it looks bigger doesn’t it’ he say’s really happy

His apartment used to be extremely dark, he had 1 wall red brick and the others deep blue, dark blinds, it used to look a perfect place for bats, well for men anyway with Xbox’s, now it still has the red brick, but white walls, laminated floor, brown leather furniture, cream curtains, I feel very comfortable in this new apartment. He disappears to his bedroom.

‘Wow nice table’ I spot his dining table

‘Thanks, dean made it, apparently it wasn’t good enough to sell and was going to throw it, so I grabbed it’ shouting from his room

‘Good save’ I smile as I hold my hand in the air, we high five each other. Random. Whoa he looks handsome, black suit pants, white shirt, he’s styled his hair as well, and I catch my breath.

‘Ready?’ he asks while holding his hand out for me to hold

‘Yep’ I answer, closing the door behind me

I arrive at the front desk of teelys international,

‘Can I help you miss’ the blonde haired receptionist asks

‘Yes it’s my first day here and I have no idea what I’m doing’ I answer

‘Right’ she says

‘I know I have to see Drake Teely’ I say

‘Oh that helps, thanks 1 second’ she picks up the phone

‘Hello Mr Teely, I have a…’ she stops and looks at me

‘Oh Lucy Winter’

‘A Lucy Winter here for you sir’ she nods and puts the phone down

‘He will be right with you, if you would like to take a seat’ and she points to her left

I smile at her ‘thanks’

As I sit on the chair in the waiting area, I get a horrible feeling in my stomach, nerves maybe?

The receptionist looks at me and says ‘Lucy you can up to Mr Teelys office, floor 18’

‘thanks’ I get up and walk the way I had on Wednesday, I reach floor 18 and Drake is waiting for me, he’s on the phone, he ushers me over, and points to a room off his office, I walk into it as he follows, there’s a wooden desk, it looks familiar, with an office chair, a flat screen computer and the main wall full floor to ceiling with books.

‘I love it’ I turn to look at Drake, who has just finished his phone call.

‘Good’ he replies with a smile, ‘ill leave you to it, if you need me I’m in the next room or extension 38’

‘Okay thanks’

‘I’ve left some manuscripts on your desk, to start you off slowly’ and he’s gone, I sit at my desk and turn my computer on, log onto my emails and there’s already 2, to my disbelief one from Sarah Wildon and one from Drake Teely.

From: Sarah Wildon

Subject: your first day

To: Lucy Winter

11/22/10 09:00

Hey I’m emailing you while I’m at work, do you feel posh now?

S x

Personal shopper, Bloomingdales

And Drake Teelys.

From: Drake Teely

Subject: first day

To: Lucy Winter

11/12/10 08:45

Hope you have a good first day; remember I’m in the next room if you need anything.

Drake Teely

Editor at teelys international

How did Sarah get my email address? I’ve never known Sarah to email anyone.

From: Lucy Winter

Subject: my first day

To: Sarah Wildon

11/22/10 09:25

How did you get my brand new email for the job I started for the first time 25 mins ago?

And how are you emailing me at work?

This is a new experience for me with you

Luc x

PA to drake teely at teelys international

As I shrink the page to my emails it tings. JACK?!? How does everyone have my email address?

From: Jack Base

Subject: your first day

To: Lucy Winter

11/22/10 09:27

Hey luc how’s your first day going? Is this freaking you out yet?

Jack xx

I.T manager of freshman’s LTD

Has it freaked me out yet? They all planned this; this plan stinks of Sarah, my email tings back, ahh Sarah.

From: Sarah Wildon

Subject: new experience

To: Lucy Winter


We arranged this the other night, when drake was there he gave it to us to freak you out, is it working?

And I’m emailing off my blackberry, I told you it would come in handy when you and dean were telling me to turn to the iphone revolution

Love ya S x

DRAKE! Hhmm I don’t answer them two back, to be honest that did freak me out. I email Drake though.

From: Lucy Winter

Subject: giving my personal details out………

To: Drake Teely

11/22/10 09:37

Hello Mr Teely,

I regret to inform you that I haven’t started my working day as of yet, because someone gave out my work email address to my friends, and I’ve been harassed by them, I do not appreciate this type of behaviour and I plan on giving no mercy to the person responsible.

Yours Sincerely

Lucy Winter

PA to Drake Teely of Teelys international

I press send, and grin to myself, I pick up the pile of manuscripts on the desk and find a small envelope, with Lucy Winter written on it, I open it, it has a big black and white flower drawn across it and with a thick black pen, and it has

Dear Lucy,

I made this Desk for you as a present for your first day, hope you love it.

Dean Xx

I start to feel tears in my eyes. I pick up my phone and immediately text Dean.

Dean, this desk is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen, thank you so much Lucy xxxxx

I slip the note in my bag with a loving smile on my face.

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