My English Tale

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Submitted: January 25, 2013



My English tale



ake up, wake up’

I opened one to eye to see alex jumping up and down on the bed

‘alex?’ I croaked

‘yep’ he stopped bouncing and sat on the bed

‘your not helping my sickness’ I flung an arm over my eyes

‘babe come on get up, we have to go sightseeing’

‘in a minute’ I tried to roll over, but alex grabbed my arm to stop me, he lent over me and started kissing my cheek, and made his way down to my neck

‘if your trying to get me up your going about it all the wrong way’ I giggled as he kissed me gently on the lips

‘ill stop then’ he smiled and sat up

‘no’ i crossed my arms and pouted

‘if you get up now and come out with me then ill carry it on later’

‘oh kinky’ i giggled, alex picked up my wrist and pulled me up so i was sitting

‘nearly there’ he smirk ‘im giving you 10 minutes so be ready to go’

‘okay okay’ i smiled back and he left the room, i quickly jumped out of bed and had the quickest shower known to man, quickly dressed and made my way to the dining room

‘morning’ erupt all said at the same time as they looked up to look at me

‘hey’ i waved and sat between tom and dan

‘what canny get ya?’ a young girl came over to me

‘sorry what?’ i frowned

‘oh sorry your from America! What-can-i-get-you-to-eat? She said to me slowly

‘toast? Orange juice?’

‘sure’ she smiled a tight pissed off smile at me and walked off

‘did she speak English?’ i nudged tom’s elbow

Tom let out a huge chuckle which made everyone on the table look at him ‘yeah she did’

‘do you understand them?’

‘sort of, weve been here before, you learn the slang’ dan nudged me back, i smiled at him and saw alex giving me an narrowed look across the table

‘what?’ i mouthed at him

He shrugged and rolled his eyes before getting back to his conversation with matty

‘whats there to do around here then?’ i tried my best to engage in a conversation with tom and dan

‘loads’ tom looked at me as if i had just said the world was flat ‘are you coming out with us or are you and alex going out alone?’

‘im not sure to be honest’ i shrugged and accepted my orange juice from the waitress

‘im sure he will want to take you to all the romantic places’ dan turned his back to me and tom and started rubbing his hands up and down his back, trying to indicate two people making out

‘ah man’ tom laughed lent over me and pushed him, where dan nearly fell off his chair

‘guys cut it out, your not 5 years old’ kris their manager half shouted towards them, which made us three giggle like 5 year olds

‘really?!?’ kris held his hands out in front of him and shock his head ‘control lucy will you mate’ he said looking at alex

‘hey’ i answered

‘well your not a very good influence are you’ kris half shouted at me, while slaming his hands on the table, the whole of erupt jumped out of their skin and looked up at kris

‘why should i be the good influence, im the youngest one here’ i shouted at kris and stood up

‘your a girl you should have the intelligence to not act like a dick’ kris stood up and shouted his answer at me, while the boys watched us argueing, looking at us each in turn like they were watching tennis

‘noone is acting like a dick anymore than you’ i stared at kris

‘so you cant come on a free holiday and be sensible’ kris spoke with air quotes around the word free

‘oh fuck you, i don’t need this im going home’ i pushed the chair out from behind me, me and kris had the attention of the whole dining room

‘good no one asked you to come’ kris half spoke

I stopped dead in my tracks and quickly span on my heal and marched over to kris so i was standing right in front of him

‘actually’ i raised my voice ‘im working because you came to teelys for a book deal and part of that was coverage of the tour, alex asked me because im now his wife’ i put my left hand in kris’s face ‘and im also pregnant with his child, and he didn’t want me to be alone during it, nor did he want to miss it and cancel the tour, so i came to make sure the tour still went ahead’ i felt like a stroppy teenager so for good measure i pushed kris. Hard. And he fell over his chair

‘bitch’ i flared my nostrils and walked off towards my room, i heard some of the guys get up from the table fussing around kris, while alex came running after me


I carried on walking i didn’t want alex to see me crying after having such a public performance with his manager

‘luc’ he shouted again, he finally caught up with me and ran in front of me so i had to stop, i looked at the floor while trying my hardest not to sniff

‘what’ i spoke hiding my wobbly voice, alex wrapped his arms around me tightly and just held me ‘im sorry’ i whispered into his chest, and i started full on sobbing

‘shh its okay’ he squeezed me abit tighter ‘kris is the dick not you, his girlfriend dumped him before he came out’

‘oh’ i sniffed and tried to push out of alex’s grip ‘why?’

‘because she cheated on him and she said she didn’t love him, so he wanted it to be a big lads holiday’

‘i should have been nicer to him’

‘no way’ alex held me at arms length ‘he was way out of order’

I looked at my feet ‘i feel bad for him now’

‘i didn’t tell you so you would feel sorry for him’ alex tried to back track

‘i know but it cant be helpful an angry pregnant woman getting in his way’

‘he has known you were coming for ages, just ignore him’ alex pulled me on for a hug and stroked my hair

‘mate’ i heard behind me, i pushed off alex to see matty running towards u ‘you alright?’

‘yeah’ i nodded my head

‘ignore that prick’ matty smirked ‘he was totally out of order’ he patted me on the shoulder

‘where is he?’ alex asked

‘gone out for a walk, he said hes sorry’ matty frowned at alex ‘he said hes still messed up from aimee dumping his moody ass’

‘i want to speak to him, where is he?’ i looked up at matty, who looked at alex for approval, alex must have nodded because matty told me where to find him

Alex told me he would sit at the table where the arguement broke out to watch out the window, so he could come to my rescue he it went down again, as i walked out onto the grand outside the hotel back door, i saw kris slumped over head in hands on the bench, i walked over and sat next to him, he double took me

‘lucy?’ he asked in shock and sat up

‘are you alright?’ i put my hand in his

‘im so sorry’ he sniffed ‘just had a shit time at the moment’

‘i know im so sorry, do you want a hug?’

Kris looked at me like i was a zombie ‘uh i don’t think thats a good idea’

‘why? alex wont mind’ i held my arms open for him, he reluctantly moved closer until we were hugging

‘your one of the good ones, you know that’ kris muttered in my ear

‘if i was in your situation i would need a friend, who was willing to give me a hug, hugs fixed alot’ i smiled at him as he let go and sat back

‘i do feel abit better’ kris half smiled

‘well you know where i am if you need me, no hard feelings?’ i held my hand out where kris smiled at me and shock it

‘cheers lucy’

‘anytime are you coming out today?’ i asked as i stood up to leave

‘i don’t know’

‘you know you want to’ i tapped his shoulder ‘sorry for pushing you over’

‘i deserved it’ he quickly made eye contact with me and looked back out to the sea view ‘yeah i might come out with you guys’

‘come on then’ i held my hand out for him to take, he stood up hit my hand away and put his arm around my shoulder which made me giggle.

‘wow, Glasgow was so beautiful’ i said happily jumping on the bed to lie down

‘it is isn’t it?’ alex came over and sat next to me

‘i wish we were staying longer’ i said not taking my eyes off the ceiling

‘me too, i wont be able to go out with you for long tomorrow’

‘why?’ i frowned and stared at alex

‘the gig?’ he smirked ‘you know the reason why were even here in the first place’

‘oh right yeah’

‘but were going to Edinburgh the day after, so you can visit the castle they have’ alex said while nodding

‘what we doing now?’

‘nothing planned, why what have you got in mind’ alex gave me the dirtest smile ive seen in a long time

‘well that would be nice’ i smiled a shy smile ‘but i was hoping to eat or to have a bath’

‘well we can eat’ he bend down and kissed me ‘then we can have a bath’ he kissed me again ‘then we can’ he raised his eye brows ‘ya know’ then nudged me

‘sounds like the best plan to me’ i sat up and sat on my knees in front of him

‘well mrs jones, do you want to eat out or order room service?’

‘room service’ i smiled and winked at him

I was woken up by alex singing in the bathroom, i smiled to myself, what a perfect feeling

‘morning’ alex walked through the bedroom

‘hi’ i stretched my arms above my head and waved my hands

‘what you doing today?’ alex walked back into the bathroom

‘i miss sarah already i might skype her’

‘already youve been apart 2 days’ alex answered still in the bathroom

‘yeah i know’ i giggled and sat up on the edge of the bed

‘are you coming to the gig tonight?’

‘if you want me to be there’ i got off the bed and opened the curtains to let the sun in

‘of course i want you to be there’ alex came back in the room and looked at me confused


‘ill get kris to bring you later after weve sound checked’ alex kissed my cheek and went back into the bathroom

‘what are you doing in there?’ i stuck my head around the corner

‘i was shaving, now im doing my hair so it looks sexy’ he smiled at me in the mirror

‘you look sexy all the time’ I giggled

‘you have to say that’

‘im phoning sarah while you make yourself pretty’


‘hello?’ sarah answered her phone

‘hi its lucy?’

‘oh my god hiya’ sarah screeched

‘hi how are you?’ I asked

‘no way are we talking about me, how is London?’

‘im in scotland’ I giggled ‘and I argued with kris’

‘oh why?’

‘his girlfriend dumped him, and he got pissy and we shouted at each other’

‘oh babe’ sarah answered

‘its okay though’

‘how is baby?’

‘baby is good’


‘alex is good’

‘okay that’s good’

‘sarah are you not going to ask about dan?’

I heard sarah giggled ‘yeah, how is he?’

‘he misses you’

‘he does?’ she gushed

‘of course, why wouldn’t he?’

‘because we went on 2 dates’

‘I think hes smitten’

‘oh stop it, I miss you’

‘I miss you too sarah’

‘its been so long’ she sniffed

‘oh please don’t cry’

‘why?’ sarah said through tears

‘because you will start me off, and im an emotional wreck with the baby’

We were both sat sobbing on the phone, when alex walked back in the room double took me and ran over to me

‘whats wrong?’ he took the phone from me ‘hello?’

‘hi alex, its sarah’

‘sarah your crying too? Whats happened?’ he asked concerned


‘nothing?’ he frowned

‘we just miss each other’ I sniffed and snatched the phone back

‘girls are weird’ alex half smiled and walked off

‘stupid boys’ sarah started crying again

‘I know’ I cried again

There came a knock at the door

‘hang on sarah’ i got up from the bed and opened the door to find dan ‘hi dan’, i heard sarah stop breathing

‘hi sorry to come by so early but can i speak to you?’ dan said while looking at his shoes

‘me or alex?’ i asked confused

‘you please about sarah’

I heard sarah take a sharp breathe in

‘yeah sure come in’ i held the door open for him, i covered the mouth piece on my cell ‘babe ill call you back’

‘okay’ i hung up my phone and placed it on the bed side table, i sat on the bed next to dan

‘who was that?’ alex shouted from the bathroom

‘dan’ i looked back at dan ‘whats up?’

‘is it to early to propose to sarah’

My eyes shot open ‘what?’

‘oh i knew it would be’ dan stood up ‘alright mate’ he said to alex

‘alright?’ alex half asked him

‘yeah i wanted to talk about sarah’

‘oh ill go and get breakfast while you talk’ alex kissed my cheek and left

‘sit’ i patted the bed ‘talk’

‘i know its really early, but ive been on a couple of dates with her and i just cant stand not being with her’


‘is that stupid’ he looked at me

‘no not at all, me and alex didn’t know each other that long’

‘i want to propose to her but i cant exactly leave england’

‘how about i try get her over here?’ i raised an eyebrow with a sly smile

‘would she come?’

‘yeah of course she would, she was just on the phone’

‘what? So she heard i wanted to talk to you about her’

‘im afraid so’

‘shit, shes proberly thinking i want to break up with her’

‘let me call her back and try get her over’

‘okay thanks’ dan stood up gave me a small smile and left the hotel room, i phoned sarah back because i know she would be stressing about it, i explained that dan was only worried at how he would deal with not seeing her for 6 months and how he would miss her lies but she fell for it and seem to calm down almost instantly, i also asked if she would come over and she pretty much brought her ticket there and then.

I made my way down to the dining room for breakfast

‘so?’ dan asked

‘she will be here next week’ i smiled at him and sat next to alex

‘great, i best go shopping’ a smile appeared on dans face, it looked like he had slept with a hanger in his mouth

‘whats going on?’ alex whispered in my ear

‘not much’

Alex gave me a wierd look, i tried to concentrate on my breakfast but i could see alex trying to get my attention to fill him in, he is such a gossip.

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