Lily Potter and the Secret of the Black Lake

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This is the story of young Lily Potter, daughter of Harry and Ginny Potter. She is now eleven, and inrolling at Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry.
Will she find friends and hope? Or will it turn out to be a awfull mistake...

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The beginning of forever.

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Submitted: January 29, 2010



1: The beginning of forever.

"Shut up, Lily!" Albus said. He was annoyed, I could tell.

"Sorry." I mumbled. Albus was my twelwe year old brother. James laughed. He was now thirteen, and going to his third year.

But, poor me. I was going to my first year at Hogwarts.

"What is going on back there?" my mother, Ginny asked, while we were walking through Diagon Alley.

"Ginny is piss..." Albus started, but mom cut him off.

"Where do you learn these words?"

While they argued, I watched the shops. Wands, kettles, owls, brooms, magical books. You could get everything here. We had just been in the bank, and now, mom stopped outside Ollivander's. An old wand-shop.

"Now, you guys are going to the bookstore, while I'm taking Lily to buy a wand, uniform, and a pet. We'll meet here in exactly one hour." mom commanded. James laughed, when Albus sighed.

"Yes, mom." Albus said, and dragged James after him. Sometimes, it seemed like Al was the older one.

We went inside the shop. There were so many wands, it was totally confusing.

"Ah, what can I help you with?" a young man asked. Mom smiled.

"My daughter needs a wand." she explained.

"All right then. Let's get started!" the man said. I noticed a sign on the desk saying: Herman Ollivander. So, he had to be related to the original owner.

He gave me a long wand, asked me to swing it, and I ruined his chair.

"No, no no no..." he mumbled. He gave me another one. This one was even longer. I swung it, and suddenly, beautiful flowers jumped out of a glas of water on a little table in the left corner.

"Yes. This is it. This is the most perfect match, I've ever seen." Herman said. He smiled down to me. "This is a good wand. But rather special, though." he mumbled the last thing.

My mom payed for it. I wondered, what he'd meant by 'rather special'.

We went to the pet store.

There were so many animals. I knew, what I wanted. Either an owl or a cat. I looked at the owls. Both James and Albus had owls. Albus even had a snow-owl, like my dad's old owl.

But then I saw a kitten. It was white, and had deep, blue eyes. It was wonderful!

"Mom." I said. "I want this one." I told her, when I took the kitten.

"Are you sure you don't want an owl..."

"No. I want this one. Please?" I begged. She sighed, and then smiled.

"All right, you'll get a cat." she said. I smiled.

We came out of the store. I held the little kitten in my arms. The nice women behind the desk, told me, that it was a female. I was just thinking of names, when my mom asked: "Do you have a name for her?"

"No. Nothing fits." I told her. She smiled, and said: "Maybe, if you named it after someone..." but I cut her off.

"Hayley!" I said. Hayley was the front singer, in my favorie band, Paramore. Mom sighed. They never understood, why I liked these muggle bands.

We met James and Albus at the bookstore. Me and mom went in to by me my schoolbooks. There were a lot of people around, gasping when they saw us. But I was used to that. A family walked by. The tall man, was blond, and had narrowing, grey eys.And his wife was blond too. But she had beautiful, warm brown eyes. They had a son. He seemed to be about twelwe. He looked like his father, but his face was rounder, and his eyes were warm and brown, just like his mother's. But his hair wasn't blond. I couldn't decide the color.

Suddenly, the man stopped, and turned around to look at my mother. He smiled an evil looking smile.

"Ginny Potter. It's been too long, don't you think." he said.

"One year soots me fine, Malfoy." my mother answered, with a calm voice.

"You have already met my son, Scorpius, I assume?" Malfoy asked. The boy, who apparently was named Scorpius, blushed. It didn't seem like, he wanted to be the center oft heir talk.

"Yes. This is my daughter, Lily." mom introduced me. I looked at Scorpius again. He was very, very handsome. His face was perfect. Every feuture of his, was obviously wonderfully, perfect. I blushed.

I shock hands with him. His skin was soft. And why the bloody hell, was I noticing that? i asked myself.

"I'm Scorpius Malfoy." he introduced himself. His voice reminded me of Albus, just lower, and much more appealing.

"I'm Lily Potter." I introduced myself. He smiled.

"It was nice, meeting you Lily." he said, smiling a wonderful smile.

I just nodded. My mom looked at the clock, that was hanging above the desk.

"Uh, we need to get home now. Your dad will be back soon." she said, and pushed me outside. She didn't even wave, at the Malfoy family.

My dad, Harry Potter, was an auror in the Ministry of Magic. He couldn't join us today, because of some trouble with a creature in a forest somewhere in Sussex.

We found my brothers at the café. Albus looked annoyed. Sometimes, I wondered why he was always acting like that.

When we drove home, my mom told him about our adventure at the book store.

"... and then, we met the Malfoys." she told them. Albus sighed.

"Was Scorpius with them?" he asked her.

"Yes, he was. For a Malfoy, he looks really good. He's a very handsome boy." mom said.

"Why don't you like him, Al?" I asked my older brother. He smiled, his first smile today.

"Because, he's a Malfoy. And he's Slytherin seeker." Albus told me. Albus was Gryffindoors quidditch-team seeker. James hadn't been on the team last year. But he was going to this years tryouts, though.

"Is that a reason?" I asked him. I lked the Malfoys. Okay, not mr. Malfoy, because he was rather scary. But mrs. Malfoy seemed okey. And Scorpius was ... Perfect, beautiful, looking like a supermodel ...

"Yes, Lily. He's also a Slytherin. And I assume youre going to be Gryffindor, so then you'll understand."

"You know, it's still not a reason."

We argued all the way home. We lived in a big white house, close to the rest of our family. Uncle Ron, aunt Hermione, and our cousins, Hugo and Rose. Then, there was uncle Bill and aunt Fleur, who had a daughter, Victoire, Dominique, and Louis. Uncle Percy lived in London with his wife, Audrey, and kids Molly and Lucy. But we didn't see him much. Uncle George lived in London, as well. He was married to Angelina, and had two kids, Roxanne and Fred. Our grandparents lived almost right next door, which was very nice.

"Oh, good, Harry isn't home yet." my mom said, in relief.

We all stood out of the car, and went inside. My mom went straight to the kitchen to make something to eat. James and Albus were fast in the garden, practising Quidditch. I wasn't bad at flying. But Quidditch never really interested me. I loved to read. My dad always said, that I looked really much like my grandmother Lily. She was dead.

When my dad came home, my mom ran out to the hallway, to kiss him. I always wished, that I someday, would find this kind of love.

"So, what did you get today, sweetheart?" dad asked me, when we all sat down at the kitchen table.

"Books, uniforms, and a wand." I told him, "Oh, and also a kitten." I lifted Hayley from the floor. Dad smiled.

"I bet, your mother wanted you to get an owl." he said, smiling.

"Yeah, she did." I said. Then, everybody started laughing.

When I got to my room, I was tired. In one week, I would be going to Hogwarts.

I brushed my long, red hair, and looked into my own, brown eyes. I was proud of, having my mothers looks. She was so beautiful. But, I was more quiet then her. And I often did embarresing things.

I laid down, and as I got more sleepy, my thoughts wandered to Scorpius Malfoy. I remembered his too perfect feautures, his beautiful, dark eyes ...

And then, I felt asleep.


Albus was the last to come through, on platform nine and three quarters. I was still stunned by the big, red train. There were many people here. Owls, cats, and todes, were everywhere. My mom held my hand.

"Are you ready to leave your mommy?" she asked me. The thought of, not seeing my mom for the next couple of months, made me sad. I wouldn't see them in a long time. I hugged her.

"Oh, these months will pass by fast." she mumbled, while she nudged my hair.

My aunt Hermione was about to hug her kids, and uncle Ron and dad talked together. James was talking to five others. This was his 'gang'. Albus went over to a dark brown haired girl. As far as I knew, her name was Jessica.

I saw the Malfoy family. I noticed Scorpius. He looked exited.

"Oh, the Malfoys." dad sighed. We walked over to the train. It was leaving in thirteen minutes.

We were now standing right next to the Malfoys. Scorpius smiled friendly to me. I smiled back. He couldn't help, how beautiful he was. Mr. Malfoy narrowed my dad and Ron, with his eyes.

"Potter, Weasley." he said.

"Malfoy." my dad said, and I could see, that he had a hard time, keeping his voice calm.

"Ten minutes."mom said, and started to hug us all, tightly. My dad gave both Albus and James a shouldeclap, and hugged me. It was so sad, leaving them.

"Oh baby! Are you crying?" mom asked, as she joined the hug.

"I'll miss you two so much." I told them. Five minutes.

Mom pushed me on the train, and kissed my forhead. Albus was standing next to me. James was already gone, with his friends.

As the train started, all the young wizards and witches waved to their parents. I was still crying, when my parents had dissapeared.

Albus said bye, and walked over to his friand, Jessica. I was all alone.

I tryed to find an empty spot. I finally found one, in the end of the train. I sat dow, with Hayley on my lap.

"Eh, hi!" an unfamillar voice said. "Can I sit here?"

I looked at the girl. She was tall, with long straight black hair. She had grey eyes, and was pretty. I nodded.

She sat down, and smiled.

"I'm Helena Wonderwood." she introduced herself. "And you are?"

"I'm Lily Potter." I told her. She gasped.

"Potter? Your dad is Harry Potter?"she asked me, in surprise.

"Yes." I answered.

"Cool!" she said. "My mom adores your father."

"Well, my mom adores him too." I joked. We laughed for a while.

"So, youre almost full blood?" she asked. I nodded.

"Dad is half, mom is full." I explained.

"I'm muggleborn." she said, and blushed.

"That's cool. My aunt Hermione is muggleborn too."

"Oh, Hermione Weasley? She's Hugos mom, right?"

"Yes, why?"

"Oh, I just think, that he's kind off cute." Helena said, and giggled.

"Well, he's my cousin. And a third year." I added.

"Yeah, I know, that I'm just first year. But you can always dream, right?"

"Believe me, I know exactly, how that feels." My thoughts wandered to Scorpius.

"And have you seen Scorpius Malfoy? Yummi!" she said, and giggled. I giggled too.

"Yes, it's incredible, how perfect he is."

"Yes. Especially his eyes. And his voice." she sighed.

Suddenly, the door opened. And, speaking of the sun ...

"Hey, Lily." Scorpius said. He smiled friendly. "Who is your friend?"

"Helena." I told him, while I hoped, that he didn't hear our conversation.

"Okay. I just wanted to say hi." he said. And then, he actually blushed. He turned around, and walked away. We both giggled.

We talked, the rest of the way. Helena told me, about her family, and I told her about mine.

Finally, the train stopped. We were finally there.


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