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Alpha team is only called in to battle when overlord knows there is no hope. No trace that they were ever there. They must save the president from a full out war. With a new enemy around each corner, a new obstacle for Alpha to overcome. But can the team accomplish their missions before it's too late?

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Submitted: April 17, 2013

Reads: 226

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Submitted: April 17, 2013



Alpha teams headset buzzed alive as overlord started to brief them. "Alpha team, China have taken control of one of our cargo ships. We have cargo on that ship that are vital to our presidents safety. Go in eliminate the enemy and get out quickly. Remember we we were never there. Now get it done. More information will appear on your heads up display. Overlord out." Grizzly stood up and started his pre mission speech to his squad. "Alright team! We are leaving no one behind. Like overlord had said, we were never there. The Chinese have taken over a US ship. They started this fight, we're going to end it. Now lock and load men."

2k grinned at the captain. "Captain don't you think the same speech before each mission gets old. Maybe you should come up with better material." He said sheepishly. Grizzly chuckled and looked the whole team up and down, then replied. "Yeah, well until you all learn to listen and not to your music-" Grizzly leaned forward and pulled the ear buds out of Ghost's ears. "Then maybe I wouldn't have to repeat the same speech before each job." Ghost stared at Grizzly while reaching for his ear buds. "Don't take my fucking music. I don't care who you are." 2k stared at Ghost. Grizzly glared at Ghost, speechless to what had just happened. No one has stood up to the captain before.

Nightmare was studying the briefing on his HUD. Since someone on this mission needed to know all the information. He was sitting against the wall staring out the window, taking in the view of the ocean. Nightmare jumped up, grabbing the cable bars and pulling himself up as 2k threw Ghost's music player. "2k watch where you throw toys around. You almost hit me." 2k smiled and put his hand up as if he was saying sorry. Nightmare was getting sick of this. He lowered himself back to the floor in the chopper. "Sir, what's the ETA." Grizzly put on a serious face and looked Nightmare in the eyes. "We will arrive at oh eight hundred.

2k looked at Grizzly. "Uh, sir that's in ten minutes." He looked down at his wrist. "So it is 2k...Team get your gear we have to be ready before touch down!" The team rushed from side to side as they gathered their gear. All but Nightmare, he was ready since they got on the helicopter.

"Three minutes left! Get your cables ready!" Two men on each side of the chopper. Ghost attached his cable first and leaped out of the helicopter. Followed by 2k, then Nightmare. Grizzly looked back at the driver nodded then fell forward. After all had touched down to the cargo ship, they looked around securing the drop zone. The word clear rang out from all around. Grizzly called the group to the DZ. “Alright men. We need to split up and find the target. Use brutal force if needed. We cannot let this ship get back to the U.S.” Grizzle motioned to Ghost and then to Nightmare. “You two will work together and secure the objective. 2k, you’re with me. Lets go!”

Nightmare followed Ghost into the cargo bay. “This is going to take longer than a few minutes. Nightmare, we need to split up and find whatever it is that we’re looking for.” Nightmare glared at his partner. “Ghost, look for the most guarded crate and we will find what we are here for.” His face went blank as he looked at Nightmare. “I guess that would work-” Ghost was cut off by an ear splitting screech. Ghost dropped to his knees gripping his ears. Nightmare stood there smiling and positioned his ear plugs better. Then tossed a pair down to Ghost.

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