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I'm not sure about genre, but I think it's flash, since it's more than 1000 words lol...

And, this is a bio, it's a fake bio I just came up with ...


Chapter 1 (v.1) - Sarah McFreely ( Bio Novel )

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Sarah McFreely
Sarah McFreely was born in a log cabbin in 1983. She was born with Tay- Sachs. Because both parents had it. Tay- Sachs causes Mental Retardations, Blindness, Siezures and even death. Luckily Sarah was temporairy to the diesease, and she was only blind. Through the years she had this awful sickness, she was made fun of, she was caught in the hands a fate for being different. She could dress her self, feed her self, and even swim while blind. She used to even help her dad with the horses. She was a cow girl. She loved to play with her cat, Mittens. She'd climb trees with it right when they sun was about to go down, then she'd watch the day turn to night with Mittens. All night she'd sleep, peacefuly. The blindness faded away after 11 years. She was kinda happy to get to see, everything was so beautiful and colorful. But, she did miss blindness, she loved to only guess where she was going, and plus she was so used to seeing nothing. Sarah was a growing girl. She grew all the time. By the time she was 8, she was bigger than a 9 year old. She was always a few inches ahead. Her friend Rose LOVED to hear her stories of being blind. Rose replaced Mittens, because Mittens had died just a bit after Sarah losted her Blindness. Sarah missed Mittens and her climbing up the trees and watching the sun, and even sitting beside the fire every night when it was cold outside. But, she tried not to think about it. Rose was all she needed. Even though she had alot of friends now that she was in 5th grade and not blind anymore. There was Rose, Daffney, Heather, Star and alot more. Infact, Star and Rose were sisters, Star was 11, Rose was 10, and of course Sarah was 11. Sarah's hair swayed in the wind. In the distance, she saw a girl running to her. " SARAH SARAH" it yelled, trampling over her words. "Star? Is that you?" said Sarah, trying to keep her cool. Just then Star ran torwards her " YES IT'S ME IDIOT!!". "Sarah, I need you're help with-" then Sarah ipterutped, "YES? I WILL HELP YOU WITH ANYTHING" just then Star said "... Homework". Sarah looked at her confused. "Homework? Why do you need help with Homework?". "Hey, You DID say that you would help me with ANYTHING..." snapped Star. "Fine, I will HELP. But just so you know, the deffinetion of HELP, is when the person who needs HELP has to put in effort too..." said Sarah sighing. Star gazed at her in anger. "Bu-" said Star being interupted by Sarah. " No if's and's or BUT's about it, k? I said I will help, but you have to help me as well, Putting some effort in will help alot... now instead of arguing, let's go to you're house, and get cracking, OK?". Star and Sarah walked to Star's house, slowly regretting the argument, it was they're first. Star slowly opened her mouth and said trimbling " sorry, Sarah...". Sarah gave her a look, a sad look. "It's fine... I am too.....". They held hands and skipped inside. They planned what else they were going to do that day. They were planning to go to Aunt Claritee's house, and then go to ice cream, then go horse back riding on Sarah's horses. Aunt Claritee was Star's aunt. She loved the kids. She'd take them on tours to different parts of town, since she 75, she knew alot of places. Stars WHOLE name was Star Annah Claritee. Sarah's was Sarah Minne McFreely. Just then Sarah's dad called. She hung up after the conversation, to bring Star into the bad news. Star looked at her "What's Wrong?" she asked curiously. Sarah sighed in dispair "I am moving...". Star turned red with anger. "WHY, AND WHERE???" shouted Star aggressivly. "QingHai, China..." said Sarah, a tear drop falling from her cheek, to the floor. "How many more days till you leave?????!" asked Star. "Only 15....". "Why must you leave, Sarah?". Sarah sighed, "Because me great grandmother died, and her funeral will be held where she died... - QingHai... And, my parents are saying I just might be able to come spend the summer's with you guys..... But then again, it'll be hard to live in china and fly ALL THE WAY back to England every summer..... We really don't have the money...". Star began to cry, Sarah tried to confort her, But it didn't work. "Look, I feel worse than you do, Because I am the one MOVING. I know you'll be sad,... But what happens, Happens... My dad has a email, you can email me.". A smile crept across Star's face, "I can?". "Yes, you can... Tell the others that they can too... I am gonna tell them when I get home today anyways though... but just incase they forget.....". Sarah wrote down the email, then looked at Star. "Dad also said I have to go home,... now... I am sorry Star.... I really loved my grandmother though... and when she moved it broke me, But not only that, I can't be left alone in England while My dad and mom fly to China, Now can I?". Star held her smile and showed Sarah the door, then she watched Sarah walk away. Star tried to hold herself together without falling apart, it was hard, but she believed she could do it. This was anouther reason Star didn't like death, not only was it scary, but it was sad, and especially when a friend had to move, AND the pain you feel for them having to go through it. Star slowly stood, and went back in the house to try to sleep her pain away. Soon 15 days whiped away, the friends spoke more often, and spent the nights, and tey tried to have the best last days with eachothers. A day before the last day Sarah began packing, she packed her memories and some toys that meant alot to her, and some nice clothes, not all of them though, since she'd be getting some new ones in China. She got her friends help her pack, and some even spared some memories they had of them, so she can remember them. And of course she spared some, too. The next day, early in the morning, Star woke up to see Sarah walking out the door to her car to go to the airport. Star, Rose and all the others came and hugged her. And then watched her head tot he airport. Heather began to cry "Oh why, Oh why!?!" she shouted, she was always Panicky. Sarah missed them as soon as she started to drive off, but when she got to the airport she missed even more. She hoped they could remember her email. They then got out of the car, and before Sarah could say "Machgrande" she was in a plane going to China. She looked out the window, It was beautiful, yet scary to be so high up in the air. She heard someone call "Sarah!, Sarah!", Sarah turned around to see an old good friend from 3rd grade. "Oh my Gosh, Amie!!!" said Sarah remembering Amie's voice. "Wait, how'd you know it was me?". Sarah smiled, "Well, I am no logner blind, Plus, I remember you're voice...". Amie was confused "No longer?", "Yep, no longer, Tay- Sachs was temporary for me..., remember?". "Oh yes, and What part of China are you going to?" said Amie said smiling. "Qing-Hai..." Sarah sighed. "Gansu...." Amie replyed. Amie was always a bit smarter than most. "Well ... Qing-Hai and Gansu are right beside eachother... sadly they are FAR apart in real world, but if you look at it on a map, they are RIGHT beside eachother by a couple inches it seems.". Sarah smiled "really?". "Yes, actually, Gansu is a bit futher up North than Qing-Hai, BUT, are still close, the troubles of water await though, see, they are both seperated by water... and of course rough land." Amie said, she was sad about not being able to see Sarah again. Sarah smiled "I have an email, Write to me on that..." said Sarah. "Yay! I will, and also, Check out the website Google Earth, you'll see what I mean about closeness between Qing-Hai..." said Amie giving a delighted smile. They kept talking and talking, when nights came they'd sleep, and wake up again, and start another day. Finally they reached Qing-Hai, China. "Bye!!" Amie whispered. "Bye.." said Sarah. Then Sarah got off the Plane. They took a bus to a shop in China, where her grandfather lived, he'd show them where they should live. "Hi Grandpa!!!" exclaimed Sarah running behind the counter and hugging him. "Well, Hello Sarah, How was the trip?" He said with delight, he was an older man, but he still was as if he were around 23 still. "It was great Papa! I was so excited, then again it upseted me, about having to leave my friends, and also Grandmama dying... it hit me so fast" Sarah said smiling up at the tall man. He looked at her "It is sad, indeed. But- you will be confortable, I have bought an large apartment next to my house, the apartment is exactly what you need while living in China, protected and cozy." Sarah smiled and gracefully skipped into a back room to adventure, Papa didn't stop her so she figured she could. When she went inside she starred in amazment. "Oh wow, China decorations! It's beautiful, and Look! There's the Chinese Dragon I always see in Chinese books! And the Lanterns are extrodinairy!". Papa walked in, "This is where we store each decoration made. We will soon be using them, for there is a Parade being held not so long from now...". Sarah looked at him "Oh Papa, Can I go? I have always though it'd be exciting to get to watch the BEAUTIFUL chinese parades! Books don't give alot of information these days, but the real deal gives alot!!!!!". Papa nodded, and slowly ran his fingers through her hair. She ran into the room deeper, to find alot more decorations. "How do they make these things, Papa?". "It's a secret, Maybe one day I'll tell you, Until then just guess, you're a smart girl, you'll figure out" he then gave her a lantern, to test to figure out how it was made. She smiled and held the lantern protectively in her arms.
  (Chinese Lanterns produce light in parades held at night or just to entertain viewers.)

"Papa, What are these words on the Lantern? I know they are chinese letters, But I don't know what letters.". Papa looked at her and smiled "I don't know, I have only lived here long enough to learn a few things. Ask a man that's spent his life here, Like ol' Grants outside, but he'll probably be grouchy, so not right now.". Sarah smiled and went ahead and helped her self to an adventure through the room. "Papa, are there any popular chinese plants?". He smiled, "Plenty.... go across the street and ask the women at the door to the flower section, then adventure through all the magical plants and flowers.". Sarah qiuckly told her parents, then ran out and went across the street. "Can you take me to the flower section?" asked Sarah tot he lady. "Yes, follow" and the women showed her to the section. She found dozen's and dozen's of beautiful pink and blue flowers, white and red, all different types. She felt like she was gonna melt, where had China been all her life? It matched her so good. She missed her friends, but China's BEAUTY overwhelmed her and completely over stood her sadness. She wondered the WHOLE shopish storeish place. She wandered to the clothes. The clothes were rich and fine. She loved the beautiful patterns and colors they used while making the beautiful dresses. Her favourite was the 4th on the left, it was red and gold, it was long and short sleeved. She grabbed the dress remembering she had 15 dollars in her pocket. The girl that was working told her it wasn't enough, plus it was english money. "Oh please! It's my first day in China!!! And I REALLY want something! I havn't ad enough time to get the Chinese money stuff!!!". The lady looked at her "Fine, I will let you get away with it, go... and have the dress.." she sighed. Sarah looked at her and ran out the door.She qiuckly stuffed it in her baggy and went to Papa. "Papa! I bought something!!! I really want to show it to you!" she exclaimed. Papa turned to her "What?". She pulled out the dress, "Isn't it great?!?" she said. "Oh, it's Beautiful, Sarah- Just like you.". Sarah blushed "Thank you, Papa... I take you're compliment to the heart." then she smiled and walked on to yet another room in the store where Papa worked. It was filled with Chinese Foods. She enjoyed the food she ate in England that was Chinese. Papa came in "Sarah... Would you like to try a food?"he asked. "Of course, Papa!" said Sarah. Sarah was obviously always open to try new things, even if it looked gross, like the time she tried frog legs, but actually, they were PRETTY GOOD, it just took so Gosh dern long to cook 'em. - Sarah was obviously not Patient at all. "Choose a food plate" he said. "Ok." she choose a spicy, yet cooling looking plate of noodleish looking food with what looked like Sesame chicken. She took a slow bite, and she about bursted in flames -Them were some HOT noodles! "Wow, That's hot! Really hot!! Infact so hot I turned red. she picked up the water she had been carying and chugged half the bottle down. "It's ok, The noodles are hot, but good. Now try the chicken..." said Papa. She tried the chicken, it was awesome to her, So evedently she loved most Chinese foods. Like Papa said, the noodles are hot, but good- Yes indeed, Hot. Soon it turned night. "Where do we sleep, Papa?". Papa led her to the car where her parent's were sitting. She got in the car, and went a few miles to south, and came apon a BEAUTIFUL apartment. They hopped out and whent in. They chose a room for a bedroom, Sarah's room had a balcony. With a BEAUTIFUL scene. Her bed had curtains around it. They swayed in the wind, finally Sarah Hopped in bad and whent to sleep. Soon morning came. Sarah brushed her teeth and got on her beautiful dress she had bought the day before. It looked great on her. She then brushed her hair, and whent to the livingroom. "Mom, Dad? What about school..." asked Sarah going down the stairs. "In a few days, you will go to Pudong Campus Middle School...". Sarah smiled, she was finally gonna be in 6th grade! Sarah got on her computer and checked her father's email, there was a message from Heather and another one from Rose and Star. She looked at Heather's, it read: "Hi, Sarah! How's China? I have been studying it now... because I wanna make sure you're in a great inviroment! I hope you have a great expeirience, Please reply. I gotta go, my dog's are annoying me for my sandwhich, haha.". Sarah smiled and replied with: "Hi Heather! Yes, China's GREAT. I bought a new chinese dress, It was SO cold last night, I didn't know it got cold in China! Haha. I am SO glad you decided to E-Mail me. I am happy that we can still stay intouch with long distance on our hands, well, Bye, and Haha! I WANT YOU'RE SANDWHICH, HEATHER!!". Then she read Rose's and Star's they said: Rose and I miss you, already Sarah. I truely wish you could gain money to come back every summer! Ugh, My dog, Lily, died yesterday, :( I feel terrible, first I lost a friend, now a dog. Well anyways, How's China? Please tell me it's good! Are you happy? I hope so.... I love you Sarah. And so does Rose, Bye!!! Love, Star & Rose!".  Sarah laughed and replyed to it with " Hi, Star and Rose :), I am good, And China's great. I just replyed to Heather's E-mail. I am having alot of fun. And, Oh no! I loved Lily :(, Well, I am extreamly busy, so I gotta go, and, I love you 2. *Love from China, Sarah.*" then she closed the lap top. Just then she heard a beep, Heather had replied! Heather said "No! You have NO sandwhich, This is MY sandwhich, haha. Oh I forgot to ask? What school are you going to?". Sarah replyed: "I gotta go, Sorry, can't talk. And my school is Pudong Campus Middle school, Love ya!" then she closed her lap top. She went outside to watch Ma and Pa garden. The planted seeds for hours, which finally got boring and Sarah decided to walk around. She came across a beautiful land. Sarah was amazed. Every single rock was even amazing. She suddenly had a craving for them Hot Noodles. She turned around, then, she saw a stand, SALING THE HOT NOODLES FOR FREE! She grabbed a plate and the man smiled as she ate, she drunk all of her water she had gotton from a fountain not so long ago. Sarah's blonde hair stood out, SHE WAS DIFFERENT THAN THE OTHERS. She ran to her Pa and Ma, "Pa, Ma!!! Can I dye my hair black????". "Why would you want black hair?" said Papa, "Because, all the other little girls and even grown girls have black hair! I kinda wanna fit in!" said smiling. "Well everyone's ALSO tan, unless their American's like you and I". Sarah considered what her Papa had said. She was looking at all the 9 and 10 year old's cross the street - It was there time to practice spelling so they could be prepared for school, at Pudong. The name "Pudong" ran all through Sarah's head. Her brain filled with the new things she might learn. - Including what the letter's said in the Chinese Lanterns. Well, in an hour she'd go to spelling, she had to get her sleep now, she'd be up all night without sleeping, then in the morning the High School student's would begin spelling. She went to sleep, after slipping on a t-shirt with only her underwear aswell. So she went to sleep, wearing a smile, still having "Pudong" move through her head. Well, before she could say Grande, she was combing her long curly brown hair. She had very brown hair, It looked ALMOST black, if not that a real light black. - But she REALLY wanted all black hair, that she knew was REALLY black, not a brown- black. She went on putting on her chinese dress and beautiful shoes she had also bought, actually her parents bought it for her. She walked into the spelling group, around 40 kids were in there, and 7 were grown. "Ok, to start the night ahead of us, we must INTRODUCE our selves. Correct?", Sarah said "Oh, Yes!". The teacher looked at her, and said "Well, you start". Sarah stood, "Hello, My name is, Sarah. I am 11, and I am NEW to China, I am Originally from England. I am looking forward to this..." then she smiled and sat back down. Then the NEXT girl beside her stood "Hi, My name is Alisha, I am 10, and I have been in China fro 5 years, and I am orriginaly from Paris, France." she said. Sarah smiled at her, and whispered "France, Ey? I always wanted to go!", Alisha looked at her and whispered back "I will tell you about it when we walk back down the street to our houses.". So, the class kept on Introducing themselves, and after it wad done, they began class. Then, In the morning, they left to go back home. "Paris is a beautiful place. The foods are great, the people are fabulous, and It's a great place to grow up, In my eyes. But, there are times where it get's bad, but it is beautiful, and it is a great place to start doing art, because you get so many idea's from Paris!" said Alisha, walking with Sarah to her house. "I grew up in England, and have always lived there, up until now." replied Sarah. "Paris sounds wonderful" continued Sarah. Alisha smiled "I have an accent from Wyoming though, since I am from there. I stayed there for a month, then moved, I was a month old when I moved to Paris." Alisha smiled. "My parent's are tavelers. You never know when I migh leave. That's why I don't like my life. It's hard to leave friends. I really miss them... and I haven't talked to them in years. Uhg, It is such a bad thing. I hate to move!" said Alisha. Sarah could tell Alisha didn't try to make friends, or get attached to anyone- so she wouldn't have to feel as much pain if she moved, again. "Oh, I had to leave my friends, too. It's very hard. And, I am very sad. Usually I am way more Lively, but lately I have been down. I have been as blue as Midnight." said Sarah trying to look happy. Alisha smiled, and slowly whispered "This is my spot" and she went in a house, waving at Sarah. Sarah walked a few miles down the raod and came to her house. "Sarah! School starts early this year! Pudong needs to know everyone early, but this means a 4 day weekend instead of 2." said Sarah's mom, Jannett. Jannett was always glowing, but now she was down, like Sarah, she was sad to leave her father who was nearly dead in England, and actually deal with the death of her Husband's mother. Daddy was always down as well- I mean? It was his MOTHER! Sarah went up to her room and took our her Diary. "Dear Diary- 1/4/2001, I have been down lately. You seem to be the only one I can talk too. I am hoping for a well balenced life hopefully in a week. I feel like it's been forever since I have seen Star and Rose and all my friends. I have a new friend though, Her name is Alisha. Her parent's are travelers, so, our friendship won't hold for long, I have the feeling she's about to move again, I really do. She seems to understand my problems, because she's lives them too. I am extreamly fusterated with my father at the moment, he hasn't told me he loves me in a week. I think Grand Mama hurt his feelings when she died. I don't really feel anything, because I hardly knew her... But I was sad when she left. My handwrighting seems to be getting better, .... I am also studying hard, and my question, FOR YOU Diary, is What do the letter's on Chinese Lantern's say? - Sarah Minnie McFreely
" She was glad she had finally spilled out her feelings, she seemed to know noone in this strange new country. Jannett, Sarah's mom of course, popped in "Sweets, I have to tell you something..." she began then plopped down on the bed "Daddy and I are divorceing, you will have to go back to England", Sarah didn't know rather to be happy or sad or both, She was happy to go back to England, she could see her friends! But, then again, she'd have to leave Alisha, and deal with the Divorce of her parents. "Am I going to be held by you? Or daddy?" asked Sarah sadly. "Me, since I seem to be to upset about leaving my father, and I talk to much about it, me and daddy got in a argument, leading to the agreement, of divorcing.". Sarah frowned, "when are we leaving?", Jannett looked at her "tommorrow,...". The next day, Sarah told Alisha she was leaving. Alisha cried, she was heartbroken. They hugged, and then sighed. Well withen the next day they were back in England, just now getting to the house. Star ran up "Why are you back, Sarah!!!??" she cried. "Mom and dad are divorcing, .. so I had to come back". Star frowned as Sarah walked back into the house, grabbing her diary and began writing: "Dear diary, 1-6-2001 - Life's getting harder. Mom and dad are divorcing, And I had to get rid of Alisha. I am very down, I heard my favourit Uncle broke his hand... - It don't suprise me. I had a good laugh, mother looked at me like I was cruel, then laighed with me. She is always so determined to do what she wants, kinda like me. I still like the Chinese Hairstyles. - And I still WANT a hairstyle and color. I am sorry I havn't wrote to you in a while, I have just been busy flying, All the way from China, to England. Evergreen plants are growing! Is that natural in England? I mean, I am not that smart about the Lands in England. - Haha, speaking of, I have to enroll in my school again!!!! I am excited, But,.... I mean seriously, Pudong got me really hyped up. And actually I really got used to China, now I kinda miss China. Uhg, I had an attitude with Star, I hope she's not mad, if she is, I will certaintly snap back, then? WE APOLOGIZE, Haha, ... Because we just can't discipline eachother for to long, or not even 3 minutes,... or even 2... or 1.... or... a second... or a milla second... Look, we just can't. DON'T JUDGE US! We're best friends and ALWAYS will be ***Insert Smiley Face Here***
- Sarah Minnie McFreely (Got's to loves my name!)" She was excited, she wasn't over her pain, but it didn't hurt as bad... She just couldnt wait for tomorrow, hopefully it'd be better. She slipped on her Pajama's ( The monkey one's, because her nickname was Wild Monkey ), she looked at the ceiling, laying on her back. She was extreamly sleepy, but couldn't sleep. So, she flipped over, and closed her eyes. In the morning, it was one of those feelings where it felt like you had only been asleep for about 4 minutes at the most, so she was really suprised. She went down to mother and said "How long have I been asleep?". "Around 6 hours, dear" said mother, turning the eggs. Sarah sat at the table, feeling dizzy, she was obviously still half way asleep. Mother handed her a plate with a biscuit, sasuage, and 2 eggs on it. "You can have more if you want. But eat fast, we have to run some errands up town, Ok, Sarah?" said Mother, smiling. "Ok mommy!" and Sarah began to feast apon her sassuage, then, ate a egg, then combined what she had left of her sansuage and eggs, she put in the buscuit, then ate that aswell, in around 7/8 bites, she took medium bites at a slowish speed, but fast enough to where she could hurry to do Errands. She put her plate and fork in the sink and headed in her bedroom to do her hair and put on some clothes. She came out, and Mama was walking out the door saying loudly "SARAH, COME ON, DEAR!" and Sarah rushed out the door. They hopped in the car and went to town, she looked over at the fountain, it was bubbling, so that means someone had put shampoo or something in the fountain to make it bubble, but they didn't want anyone too, but they wouldn't get in trouble. Overhead, she saw a rainbow, In England, a rainbow resembled good luck. - And so were black cats, solid black. But, she seen a ALMOST solid black cat, but it had some white on it's paws. Then mother pulled up at the candy shop and handed Sarah 5 dollars to go get some cotton candy and some lollipops. So, Sarah went in, The sign said: Bridgenorth Candy Shop -The Sweetest Sweets in Town-. She went up to the man, and grabbed some lollipops out of the bucket, then went to get the cotton candy, she chose purple and red color for her cotton candy, she knew mama liked purple. She went up to the clerk, and payed for everything. "How did you make that sign ..? The Bridgenorth Candy Shop sign?" she asked gentely. "We made it from a man down town, he is elderly, tell him the color's and the thing you want it to say, he'll match a good font to it, then you're good to go" he said, "His house is Un-missable, it's tall, yet fat" he continued. Sarah walked out carrying the candy, she got in the car and kept riding. Mama checked her mail in a post office, One of the letters was to Sarah, Sarah opened it: Hi, Sarah, It's Heather. I am glad you moved back. I am moving for a month, to ... like... some kind of different Southern state. Ugh, My mom wanted to show me her Childhood house. I really don't care much, she thinks I do though. My cursive seems to be getting better. I am extreamly proud of my Handwrighting, and do you remember our old teacher? - Holly Evergreen? Yeah, she died from a heartattack yesterday. Her and my mom turned out to be good friends, Who woulda thought? And- My mom was worried about you in China, ( She hates China!!! ). But, she cares about the saftey of children, and she's a control freak, Haha! The demands it her way, or nothing. Yesterday I did chores for 5 hours, I really wanted to come see you, Cause I was SO excited you were back, ... Well, Nice to know you're back! --- Heather, Sarah was happy to know Heather had been working on her cursive, before this time it looked like a slime ball. Sarah wrote back in the car: Hi, Heather, I am glad you have been working, I can't write long, so I am going to just say Hi, and Bye..............................................10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 : Hi! Bye!!!
She then stopped back at the house and mother left again, Sarah was to clean to Barn. Heather walked up, "Hi, Sarah!!! I am kinda sick, but I wanted to see if you wanna go horseback riding up in the mountains!?", Heather ran into the barn, knocking Sarah off balence a bit. "Oh sorry!" said Heather. Sarah smiled and climbed on her Horse, Missy. Missy was white with brown boots on her feet, and Beautiful greenish blueish eyes. Heather climbed on Sallie, Sallie was a bit off balence, but she could carry Heather, It was Heather's favourit horse, Sallie still hadn't fully recovered from her fall, she had broken a leg. It was well enough to ride her though. Heather, Sallie, Missy, and Sarah took off for the mountains. - They weren't exactly mountains, they were more like hills, hills like mountains, about as tall as one anyways. Missy made it to the hill first, she climbed slowly and steady, for if she fell........ they'd fall on rocks. - Ya see, The hills have water beneath them, in that water, lies rocks. Heather came up on Sallie, slowly steadying her horse, when all the sudden, Sallie had fell on one knee, Heather had fell off, and was holding on to a rock on the hill, before she went in the water. Sarah hopped off and grabbed Heather's hand, then, Heather fell, she landed on the bank, but had obviously injurded her leg. "It's time we got rid of Sallie, Sarah! Sallie is in NO shape to be rode, or even trusted to support anything! Exspecially not Heather! She weighs to much for the horse!" said Sarah's mom after she had heard the story and after Heather had left. Sarah sighed and agreed, She'd have to get rid of Sallie. - Sallie was a good horse, she couldn't help Heather rode on her KNOWING she PROBABLY wasn't gonna balence over the rocks. She'd have to apologize to Heather, even though she already had said she was sorry, and even though Heather had accepted her apoligey, Sarah felt sure Heather was still mad. - Heather was easlily UpSet, witch meant she didn't get over it to well eaither. - Should Sarah Stalk Heather and keep telling her sorry? Or should Sarah just leave Heather alone and hope she get over it? - Sarah was awful at deciding, She chose to just Leave Her Be. Maybe they could patch things up, Maybe not. Either way life went on before and after she met Heather so she'd think she'd be over it pretty dern soon. Well, then sad sad sad news came apon Sarah, Heather shall be moved to Germany. Sarah knew Heather's mother was furious with the case of Heather breaking her leg on Sarah's horse. - Of course it was obviously all Sarah's fault for thinking Heather would KNOW the horse NO balence whatsoever! Qiuckly, Sarah ran to Star's house. She knocked, gentely tapping, wrapping. Star answered " Oh hi, Sarah! Hey, why all the sudden Heather's mom becomes mad at you? Oh and please, please come in! Rose is upstairs.." she said. Sarah came in, and went up to Rose's room, Star following behind. "Hey Rose! Star and Rose, Heather's mom is mad at me, because Heather decided to horseback on MY DISABLED horse, and ended up breaking her leg, and so now she's moving to Germany." Said Sarah flipping her long brownish diry blonde hair. Star looked amazed, "Wow, did she KNOW the horse was disabled? Seriously, it's nonsence, It's not like you flipped her off the horse or anything! It was because the horse had some kind of Injury I suppose! and she was littarley so stupid not to know that the horse wouldn't give the BEST ride in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!". Atleast Sarah knew SOMEONE was kinda on her side. "Heather has always been that way, I love her, but she seriously needs brain work!" said Rose, putting on her pale blue dress, the dress she ALWAYS wore when she felt fancy. Sarah sighed "I know Rose, I TOTALLY agree! She really does". From the look on Star's face, Sarah could tell she was thinking, she didn't know what, but she was obviously thinking. "Wait..." Star blurted out. "She could sue you for that! - I'd come up with Evidence! - If the mother is mad enough, She COULD say you did it TO Heather! The last thing YOU need is to be SUED!" she continued. Sarah hadn't thought about that! She didn't know what to think! - Would Heather's mom or Heather REALLY do that? "It's only a broken leg, that I imagine is already half way healed! It's not like I broke every bone in her body!" said Sarah, preying. Rose looked startled, "Well.... I forgot but Heather did tell me she was furious with Sarah" she said. Star looked at Sarah, "Oh Gosh what are you going to do!". Sarah smiled "You can say you're on my side, you seen EVERYTHING" she said. Star smiled, "But we don't know EVERYTHING" she said. Sarah smiled, and gave EVERY LITTLE detail of what happened, every movement, every feeling,  EVERYTHING.

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