The Christian Epic

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In the beginning, before anything existed, there was the Trinity; Father, Son and Spirit. One, yet with distinct personalities. Together, they created the Heavens and the Earth. Heaven was filled with angels among them were the eight archangels. Earth was desolate. Creation was perfect. However, there was one among them, who would bring darkness not only to the heavens but also the entire world in the ages to come...

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Christian Epic

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Submitted: June 09, 2012






Before the beginning, there was One and Three. Before anything existed, He did. He was the Light, begotten of The True Light. Like one huge flame, the Light spread throughout existence. Though nothing yet existed, the Light was not alone for He was truly Three. The Father, the Son begotten of the Father and the Spirit proceeding from both, yet the three were One.

One being, yet with three distinct personalities. And before anything else, there was a Divine Plan that was yet to be set into motion. Then, with a loud cry, the Father sent forth the Word who was the Son and called forth the Heavens and the Earth.

The Heavenly abode appeared, glittering like a sea of stars joined together by an eternal stream of light. Far beneath the heavens was the Earth, a dark and desolate mass covered with naught but darkness and deep raging waters. Thus was the eve of Creation…














The Light was God. Heaven had been created and it was filled with dazzling light and love. It shone with the radiance of God, changing colours constantly yet never repeating a single colour. God was happy with his first creation, yet his heart ached terribly. He was filled with infinite love and He wanted to share that love with someone, no, with people, no, with a sea of people, no, WITH A UNIVERSE OF PEOPLE.

God took in a deep breath and breathed over the Heavens with a breath of life and love. His breath united with the rainbow of light and the glittering stars and suddenly, Heaven was filled with a joyous chorus. Those were the first sons of God, the angels. They filled the Heavens with their radiance. There were not only angels; there were Seraphim, six-winged creatures. There were also Cherubim, four-winged creatures with four faces at all sides of their heads. There was life and great joy.

Eight of the angels could not contain their joy. Awed with the magnificence of God and grateful for their lives, they raced with all their might towards God’s throne to give him a hug. Seven of them after gaining some distance could not proceed any further towards God’s dazzling light. But one of them filled with zeal and courage ventured further than any of the others. As he drew nearer, the Light Of God transformed him and his hair became fairer than the sun, his arms and feet like polished bronze and his eyes became like gold.

“Brave one, your name shall be Lucifer” God named him.

Lucifer meant bearer of light and this brave angel was overjoyed with his name.

Then God proceeded to name the other seven.

Gabriel which meant “God is my strength” was the name of the second angel.

The third was named Uriel, which meant “Light Of God.”

The fourth was named Raphael, which meant “God Heals.”

The fifth was named Jeremiel, which meant “Mercy Of God.”

The sixth was named Saraqael, which meant “God is my splendour.”

The seventh was named Raguel, which meant “Friend Of God.”

The last, who was also the second angel to be created, was Michael, whose name meant “Who is like God?”

Michael was a bit frightened by God’s dazzling presence and he was also the most humble, so he was the one farthest from God’s light.

There was great rejoicing in Heaven and the angels sang together in one great chorus.

“Holy! Holy! Holy!

Holy is the Lord Of Hosts!

His Glory fills the Universe!

He is the friend of us all!

He is our Strength!

He is our Light!

Through Him, our own splendour is revealed!

There is no one like Him!

Holy! Holy! Holy!

Holy is the Lord of Hosts!

His Glory fills the Universe!”

None sang with as much passion as the Angel Lucifer, whose voice was so beautiful that, it moved God deeply. Because of this, God was pleased and exalted Lucifer above all the other angels. That was the first day since the creation of Heaven. All the angels left the dazzling presence of God to move to their places of rest. The Eight angels’ resting place was in the same mansion. Michael felt quite out of place and shy. He wondered how the other angels would treat him because their ranks were above his. When they dined together, he did not dare to approach them and when they warmed themselves by the fire, he kept his distance. Raphael, the kindest of all angels noticed Michael’s shyness and approached him.

“You are Michael aren’t you?” he asked.

“Yes, that is the name God gave me. I’m still getting used to it though. And you are…um…uh…what was it again?” Michael felt embarrassed for forgetting the names of his comrades.

“I’m Raphael. I’ve been watching you since our creation. You seem somehow…different” Raphael said.

“Different? How?” Michael asked.

“You were the first one to start running towards God’s light. Why did you stop?” Raphael asked.

“I…I…I was…afraid” Michael confessed.

“Of what? You saw the Light in God’s eyes didn’t you? Why were you afraid?” Raphael asked.

“Seeing God’s purity made me feel as though I was unworthy to be in his presence” Michael confessed.

“Wow, you really are strange. Come, let me introduce you to the others” Raphael beckoned.

Michael followed Raphael shyly. Soon, they stood before the other six.

“Hey guys, this is Michael. You remember him don’t you?” Raphael asked.

“Of course! How can I forget?! He is…um…who was he again?” Gabriel said, trying to recall Michael.

“You just can’t keep anything in that head of yours can you Gabriel? He was the first person to run towards God’s light!” Uriel scolded Gabriel.

“Really?” Gabriel asked.

“Sheesh, you’re hopeless” Uriel slapped his forehead.

“Too bad I beat you to it huh Mikey?” Lucifer taunted.

“Take it easy on him Lucy” Raphael taunted in return.


“It looks like his rank is already getting to his head” Raphael whispered and Michael began to laugh.

The other angels stared at him in surprise.

“What’s so funny?!” Lucifer roared.

Michael stopped laughing and cleared his throat.

“Nothing Sir Lucifer” he said respectfully.

“Now here’s someone that knows respect” Lucifer said as he retired to his chamber.

“Jeez Raphael! You should stop trying to get on his nerves!” Saraqael scolded Raphael.

“I’m sorry, I just can’t help it” Raphael laughed while rubbing the back of his head.

“We’d better get some rest” Raguel suggested.

“That’s a great idea! Tomorrow, we’ll start the day with Sky Soccer!” Gabriel cheered happily.

“What’s Sky Soccer?” Michael asked innocently.

“It’s a game! We fly in the sky while trying to hit a ball into a Skynet!” Gabriel explained.

“What’s a game? What’s a ball? What’s flying?” Michael kept asking questions.

“Tomorrow, you’ll see” Gabriel assured Michael as he and the others retired to their chambers.

“Michael, follow me, you and I will be resting in the same chamber” Raphael directed Michael to a room.

The room was brightly lit. Stars floated over the open roof and best of all, God’s dazzling presence could be seen above them.

“Listen to this song, my dearest precious sons,

There’s naught more precious than you my holy ones

Each of you filled with life though separate beings

Are one in love and unity, and one in love with me

You are full of purpose

You are filled with faith

Together you are like the rainbow

As one your love is great!

Never lose your love

Never lose your heart

You are not alone

We’ll never be apart

Love one another, like I love you

Keep this simple Golden rule

And I’ll always be with you.”

God sang this beautiful song to his precious sons. They couldn’t help shedding tears as they drifted off to sleep. And even after they had fallen asleep, He continued to sing and he watched over them till the morning light.

The following morning, there was a loud ruckus in the mansion. Gabriel ran around the mansion waking everybody up.

“HEY WAKE UP! IT’S MORNING! IT’S TIME FOR SKY SOCCER!!!” he screamed excitedly.

The noise he made infuriated Lucifer to such an extent that he actually fired a fireball towards Gabriel. Gabriel ducked and the fireball missed him closely. So close was the fireball that it actually made a parting in Gabriel’s hair.

“Heh Heh Heh! This is a good look for you” Lucifer taunted.

EEEYYYAAAHHH!!! LUCIFER! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!” Gabriel screamed in horror while touching the bald part of his hair.

“Keh Keh Keh heh! This is the look meant for you” Lucifer added more flames to the fire, which was his specialty.

“URIEEEL!!!” Gabriel ran to his companion.

“What have you been doing Gabriel?” Uriel asked in a harsh tone.

“Lu-Lu-Lucifer! He’s barbered my hair with flames!” Gabriel complained.

“And why did he do that? What did you do?” Uriel asked.

“I didn’t do anything wrong!” Gabriel defended himself but then, an image of Lucifer appeared in the glass window.

He had an evil smirk on his face.

“Okay, okay! I was making noise but it was just a little noise” Gabriel said.

Uriel raised an eyebrow.

“Okay, so it was a lot of noise but isn’t using flame indoors prohibited?” Gabriel tried to get Uriel on his side.

“Don’t you know that noise is equally prohibited indoors you silly cherub?!” Uriel scolded.

“I’m sorry. You don’t have to yell” Gabriel pleaded.

Uriel patted him on the head.

“What am I going to do with you? See Raphael, I’m sure he can help you and don’t cause any more mischief” Uriel said with a smile.

“Okay Auriel!” Gabriel said cheerfully and ran to Michael’s and Raphael’s quarters.

He knocked three times and Michael opened the door.

“Hello Michael, is Raphael in?” Gabriel asked.

“Ppppphhhh!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!! Depends on why you’re looking for him!” Michael burst into laughter.

“Go ahead. Laugh while you can” Gabriel muttered.

“Raphael! Gabriel’s looking for you. I think he’s searching for a wig!” Michael joked and laughed some more.

“Michael? What’s so funny? I’ve never heard you laugh this much” Raphael said as he approached the door and when he saw Gabriel’s hairstyle, he too burst into uncontrollable laughter.

“Jeez! You’re all the same!” Gabriel complained.

“Lemme guess, you want me to regrow your hair right? Okay, tell me the cause of this freakish hairstyle” Raphael asked.

“The cause is Lucifer! He shot flames into my hair!” Gabriel complained.

At the mention of the name Lucifer, all laughter ceased.

“That’s serious. Okay, I’ll help you” Raphael said as he lay his hands on Gabriel’s hair.

“Lord God, if it is your will,

Let Gabriel’s hair regrow”

Raphael prayed and in an instant, Gabriel’s hair was restored.

No sooner was Gabriel’s hair restored than he began to shout again


Uriel heard him from a distance and shook his head.

“Gabriel really is incorrigible” he said.

Soon, the eight angels assembled outside.

“LET’S PLAY SKY SOCCER!” Gabriel chanted merrily.

“Lucifer, will you please ask permission from God on our behalf?” Gabriel pleaded.

“Sure, but you should know beforehand that…I own the field!” Lucifer boasted.

Then he crouched and leapt into the sky like a rocket. Wings spread behind him and in less than a second, he was out of sight.

“That there is flying” Gabriel informed Michael.

“That’s flying?! IT’S SO COOL! CAN I FLY TOO?!” Michael asked eagerly.

“Yes, but flying requires two things. One is your faith in God. The second is your faith in yourself. The size, strength and magnificence of your wings depend on these two things” Raphael explained.

“Okay! Lemme try!” Michael said as he crouched.

“Remember to activate your wings when you reach the peak of your flight or you’ll fall” Saraqael advised.

“Okay, here I go!” Michael exclaimed as he leapt into the air like a shooting star.

“Wow, he’s fast. He almost rivals Lucifer’s speed” Uriel noticed.

By that time, Michael had reached the highest point of his leap.

“Now to activate my wings” he said as he tried to concentrate.

There was a discharge of energy behind him but it was unstable, so Michael inevitably crashed to the ground. Luckily, the ground was cloudy and grassy so his fall did not have much effect though it hurt a bit.

“What happened?” Gabriel asked.

“I can’t fly” Michael sighed in dismay.

At that moment, Lucifer descended and in a deliberate effort to show off, he landed with such force that a tidal wave was created.

“So who’s up for Sky Soccer?” he asked with a smirk.

“YAY! GOD AGREED!” Gabriel couldn’t contain his joy.

“So who’s on my team? We need at least ten to start the game but we’re seven” Lucifer said.

At that moment, three other angels arrived on the scene. They were Shealtiel, Samael and Phanuel.

“Hey guys, up for a game of Sky Soccer?” Gabriel greeted.

“Why not? We need the entertainment” Shealtiel said.

“But you need one more player, I can’t play” Michael said sadly.

“Why not?” Lucifer asked.

“Because…I can’t fly” Michael admitted.

Lucifer burst into laughter.

“An angel that can’t fly? Tell you what? If you can’t fly…then you’re not really an angel” Lucifer taunted.

The words weighed heavily on Michael as the other angels descended to the desolate earth. Their light illuminated the earth. They played the game over the raging waters, Lucifer’s light shining more brightly than the others. Michael sat on the ground watching them sorrowfully. He felt lonely so he decided to visit the Temple to pray.

When he arrived at the Temple, Jesus was waiting for him outside.

“What’s wrong Michael?” Jesus asked.

He knew what was bothering Michael but he wanted Michael to tell him.

“I can’t fly and Lucifer says I’m not an angel. Am I without purpose? Is my faith in you weak?” Michael asked.

He couldn’t help but burst into tears in the Saviour’s arms.

“There there, every angel has a purpose and you have great faith in me. The only thing is, some angels discover their purpose sooner than others. You do have faith in me Michael but you’re lacking faith in yourself. Don’t think I didn’t notice that you were the first to draw closer to my light. That in itself has great significance. It means you have a great destiny. But for your destiny to unfold, you must have faith in yourself and remember, I have great faith in you” Jesus said as he ascended into the highest realm of heaven.

It was evening by the time the other angels returned. Michael had prepared supper.

“Mmm, what’s cooking?” Gabriel sniffed the air and entered the mansion.

The table had been set with all kinds of delicacies. Gabriel rushed to the table and served himself hurriedly. The others did the same. Michael sat between Raphael and Uriel, and Gabriel, between Jeremiel and Lucifer.

“Let’s share the Grace” Raphael suggested as the angel’s held hands, their light flowing through each other.

“Bless Us O Lord

And this food which we are about to receive

From your bounty. Amen”

The angels prayed together.

No sooner had they finished praying than Gabriel gobbled up all his food and snatched two pieces of meat from Lucifer’s plate. Just when he was about to snatch the third, Lucifer grabbed his arm.

“TOUCH MY FOOD AND DIE!!!” Lucifer grabbed his arm.

Gabriel flinched and served himself again.

“This is so delicious! Michael, you made it right?” Gabriel asked.

“Yes, I did. I thought you guys would be hungry so…”

“You’re a real good guy! From now on you’re my best friend!” Gabriel said with a laugh.

“Best friend? I’m honoured” Michael said.

“And you’re really humble too” Gabriel said but in his mind, he thought “The perfect guy to pick on.”

After eating, Lucifer officially declared Michael head chef and they all went to bed. Once again, God sang them to sleep. The following day came. On the Heavenly Calendar, it marked the beginning of classes for angels.

The angels flew to the Mountain of Benediction, Gabriel and Michael walking the whole way. Gabriel didn’t want Michael to feel lonely and with Gabriel’s sense of humour, the whole trek turned into a party of laughter.

At the Mountain of Benediction, God awaited the angels. When Michael and Gabriel arrived, He greeted them.

“I’m sure you are all wondering why you are here. Today, each of you is going to learn how to hone your skills. So begin!” God said.

“But what are we supposed to do?” Michael asked.

“I think God wants to see how far we’ve improved our talents” Raphael whispered.

“Hey Gabriel, come here!” Lucifer whispered harshly.

Gabriel dared not obey. He approached cautiously.

“I want you to tell Michael to get out of here. He’s no angel. He should be at home cooking” Lucifer whispered.

“I won’t” Gabriel refused.

“What did you say?” Lucifer threatened.

Gabriel prepared to run.

“I said NEVEEEER!” Gabriel screamed as he charged off at high speed.

Lucifer went after him but Gabriel skilfully evaded Lucifer. The others watched in awe. Lucifer was gaining on Gabriel so Gabriel leapt into the air with all his might and concentrated. Magnificent white wings flowed from his back. Lucifer chased after Gabriel, shooting fireballs. Gabriel evaded with skilful precision.

“Hmm, it looks like Gabriel has the skills to be a messenger. His ability to fly fast and his ease to express himself is really a formidable combination” God observed.

“Stay still Gabriel!” Lucifer ordered.

“Who would do that?!”Gabriel asked rhetorically.

Lucifer charged up a huge fireball and shot it at Gabriel. The fireball struck Gabriel’s wings and he fell to the ground. Lucifer charged another ball of fire.

“Next time I say stay still…STAY STILL!” Lucifer roared as he threw the ball of fire toward Gabriel.

Gabriel stared at the ball of fire in fear. At that moment, Michael leapt toward the ball to receive its blast for Gabriel but God dispelled the fireball.

“That’s enough Lucifer!” God commanded.

Lucifer frowned and descended.

“He did not hesitate to sacrifice himself for his friend. That is a trait truly worthy of praise” God observed Michael.

Raphael rushed to Gabriel’s side and began to heal his wings.

“Raphael’s kindness is unparalleled” God observed.

Lucifer was still trying to pick on Gabriel but Uriel restrained him with heavy chains.

“Uriel has the trait of a Guardian” God observed.

There was a strong flame coming from Raguel’s hand.

“I see Raguel would have stepped in if Michael hadn’t”

Saraquel was glaring at Lucifer as though he intended to punish him.

“Saraquel’s sense of Justice is very strong” God observed.

Jeremiel was pleading with Lucifer to calm down. He was telling him to be merciful.

“Jeremiel seems to have the trait of reconciliation” God observed. “These six angels are really amazing but the seventh…he has a grave problem” God observed Lucifer.

“Lucifer, anger, pride and hatred aren’t qualities of a good leader. You must learn to humble yourself. I’m beginning to wonder if I did the right thing by putting you in charge” God said.

Lucifer was enraged by God’s words and he stared at Michael with intense hatred. Michael couldn’t help but shiver.


A period passed in heaven with angels getting to know each other better as well as other angels. They became acquainted with their duties and Lucifer made an effort not to show his hatred publicly. God noticed Lucifer’s progress and summoned him one day.

“Lucifer, I have been watching you closely and I must commend you for the effort you’ve made in controlling your pride. Therefore, as a reward I believe you should be the first to know of my plan” God said.

“I’m honoured” Lucifer bowed.

“I have created countless galaxies. I believe it is time for us to spread our love throughout the universe. Of all the planets though, I have a very special plan for earth. It was the first planet I thought of and now I believe the time to fill it with life has come. Earth will become a new domain. I would like you and the other angels to aid in this creation” God said.

“I’m honoured” Lucifer repeated.


The news spread like wildfire in Heaven that the earth was about to become a new domain brimming with life. The angels were excited and couldn’t hold their joy for that day, and that day soon arrived.


“LET THERE BE LIGHT” God’s voice resounded in the heavens like thunder.

Almost immediately, a powerful spirit of light from God descended unto the earth and illuminated it. The angels stared in awe. God clapped his hands and a huge force ripped through the earth’s atmosphere. Light moved to one side and darkness to another.

“Light, you shall be known as Day. Darkness your name is Night!” God declared. “It is perfect” God said.

Evening passed and morning came and that was the first day. That day was, and would forever be known as ‘The Beginning’

 “LET THERE BE A DOME TO SEPARATE THE WATERS ABOVE FROM THE WATERS BELOW!” God declared for there was a continuous torrent of water like a huge waterfall pouring from the heavens unto the earth.

Immediately, a force-field appeared around the earth. It was a sea of gases that forcefully separated both waters.

“IT IS PERFECT!” God declared and evening passed and morning came, that was the second day.

“LET THE OCEANS GATHER!” God declared and a powerful wind pushed the waters back.

The waters gathered and as they gathered, one huge gigantic land mass appeared. But the land was barren and without life.

“LET PLANTS AND FRUITS AND GRASSES OF ALL KIND APPEAR ON THE LAND!”  God called and immediately, plants began to spring up from the earth and fruits and grasses of all kind.

“LAND, YOU SHALL BE KNOWN AS EARTH! WATERS, YOUR NAME SHALL BE SEA! IT IS PERFECT!” God called. Evening passed and morning came and that was the third day.

The angels watched the changes with joy and awe, and they praised God for they could hardly believe that the once barren earth had changed so much in such a short time. God had shared his creative powers with the angels. He guided them to bring certain creatures into existence. Raphael used the abilities God had given him to imbue some of the plants with healing properties. The other angels aided with minor creations. Then God called out,


Almost immediately after God had made this declaration, countless heavenly bodies appeared. But that was not the only thing God did that day. On that fateful day, God linked the Heavens to the Earth and allowed part of His Glory to manifest on the earth. On that day, God created Time. He created the Heavenly Law. This was the law that governed the movement of time throughout the universe, and the Heavenly Calender manifested on Earth and throughout the Galaxy. God also created the summation of the world’s history. The entire history of the world was divided into twelve phases. Then evening passed and morning came, and that was the Fourth Day.

Then God called out,


God blessed the birds with the gift of song. The fish, he blessed with the gift of grace. Then God said to the fish and the birds,

“Be fruitful and multiply, fill the skies and the oceans!”

Then evening passed and morning came, that was the Fifth Day.

Then God called,


At that moment, there was a lot of movement on the earth.

“WHOA!” the angels exclaimed in awe for on the earth, there were tons and tons of living creatures. Some were bigger than the elephant and others were tinier than the ant.

It was at that moment that God allowed the angels to exhibit their creative talents. The angels created more animals. Some called elements into existence. Lucifer being an extremist and wanting to outshine the others called into being the Dragon, which would later be known by all of mankind as the serpent. However, the creations of the angels were without life since the gift of life comes only from God, so God had to give life to them.

God had saved the best for last.

“Now let us make man in our own image, according to our likeness; and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the air and over the beasts of the earth and all the earth” God suggested.

Most of the angels were happy, but a few of them disliked the idea. The one who hated this idea the most was Lucifer. In the first place, he didn’t want creatures that would be almost equal to angels in magnificence. Secondly, he believed it was his right to rule over all earthly creatures and not some alien creatures! Lucifer strongly disputed this idea but God wanted to extend his Love so he did not budge. The other seven Archangels believed that God’s idea was a good one, in fact, they thought it was great!

There was a lot of talk and excitement in heaven.

“What will they look like?”

“What will their traits be?”

“How graceful will they be?” the excited heavenly beings wondered.

The opposition on the other hand had all the wrong questions.

“Won’t they be a threat?!”

“Won’t they take our place?!” they argued.

“I hope God is only joking.” Lucifer spoke to a few angels that agreed with his stand. 

But as they were talking, God Himself, One and Three, descended to the earth! Can you imagine?!  HIS HOLY FEET TOUCHED OUR EARTH! God bent down and began to form something from the earth with HIS HANDS! He did it patiently, lovingly. The angels noticed that God’s presence had left Heaven so they watched the earth with pounding hearts!

“What is He doing?” they wondered.

God continued carving from the earth, slowly, yet with more precision than a pin-point. Soon, the form was complete. It was a symmetrical creature lateral-wise, but it was not alive. God smiled, then he breathed in deeply and exhaled over the creature. His breath was like a powerful wind. His breath came out sparkling like the joining of millions and millions of tiny stars. The Breath Of God entered the carving.

“Now, you are like us, tripartite in being. You have a body, a spirit and a soul. Now Awaken, Adam!” God called and the carving took in a deep breath and opened his eyes. He looked up and saw God.

“Welcome to Life” God greeted with an outstretched hand. The creature held his hand and stood up. He wasn’t yet used to walking so he nearly fell but God caught him on His Shoulder and helped him to steady himself.

“My Lord God!” the man called and fell on his knees to worship God.

“Arise” God commanded softly and the man stood up.

“Follow me” God said as he walked before the man.



He was perfectly infuriated by what God had done.

“So, you’re planning to cast me to the background however…I will not allow that to happen!” Lucifer roared. Then, he smirked. “Go ahead and play with your little creature however…by the time you get back…things will be a little different” he said.

Then he flew to the highest realm of heaven. Soon, Lucifer stood before the throne of God.

“It is about time you bowed down to me…Creator!” Lucifer declared as he tried to sit on God’s throne but an invisible force threw him down.

He growled angrily.

“Have it your way then, if I can’t sit on your throne…THEN I WILL SET MY THRONE ABOVE YOURS!” Lucifer roared as he stretched his hand above God’s throne.

There was a great discharge of ominous lightning and an ominous black throne appeared beside God’s. Lucifer was furious that his throne would not appear above God’s but now he began to feel that he was equal to God. Michael and the others noticed it.

“LUCIFER! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!” Michael exclaimed in shock and dismay.


Saraqael frowned.

“Lucifer! Stop this madness at once!” he demanded.

“Don’t you see what is happening?! God doesn’t care for us anymore! He has abandoned us! God has pushed us to the background! He only cares about his precious human!” Lucifer yelled.

“Stop lying Lucifer! God cares about us! He only wants to share His Love with everyone!” Michael declared.

Lucifer laughed. If that is true…then can you explain why he abandoned a Higher Realm like Heaven for a sub-realm like Earth?! Can you explain why God…ABANDONED US?!” Lucifer roared.

(Food for thought. Riddle Riddle, can you tell why the devil has a forked tongue?)

“No one can understand God…but one thing I know above all other things is that, no matter what happens…God loves us and He will never stop loving us!” Michael declared.

Lucifer laughed.


Michael opened his eyes in shock and then he smiled.

“Fine then…if you think I am a human…then as a human…I MUST STOP YOU!” Michael declared.

“Let’s see if you can. All you heavenly beings that agree that we angels deserve a higher place than man! Bow before me!” Lucifer commanded.

Many angels began to descend on their knees.

“NO! BROTHERS DON’T DO IT!” Gabriel screamed desperately.

Many more angels refused to bow down.

“From now on, those of you that refused to bow shall be considered...HUMAN VERMIN!” Lucifer declared.

“Then we will fight you as humans! Come on brothers! WHO IS LIKE GOD?!” Michael roared as he leapt into the air towards the Highest Heaven.

“CAST THEM DOWN TO EARTH!” Lucifer ordered.

“WHO IS LIKE GOD?!” the good angels declared as they began to battle against the evil angels!

In that single moment, beautiful Heaven was turned into a sea of endless fire and pain. Never again would a battle like that be fought till the very end of the world! Lucifer waited for Michael to arrive at the Highest Realm Of Heaven. Michael couldn’t fly so he had to leap from height to height. Soon, he stood before Lucifer.

“So you’ve come to fight me eh?  Have you already forgotten which angel received most power from God?” Lucifer boasted.

“No, I’ve not forgotten Lucifer, please stop this nonsense!” Michael pleaded.

“I don’t feel like stopping! Being king feels good” Lucifer taunted.

Michael stretched his hand and a flaming sword appeared in his hand.

“Oh what a lovely weapon however…you lack the power to stop me” Lucifer said.

“My power is my faith in God!” Michael declared.

“Oh? Then let me summon a weapon of my making!” Lucifer roared as he stretched his hand. A terrifying black trident appeared in his hand.


Meanwhile, God and Adam stood in a very beautiful garden.

“This is my garden. I prepared it especially for you. Do you like it?”

“Wow! It’s really beautiful” Adam exclaimed.

“It’s your new home. Every creature in this world is within your dominion. I give you the power to name, the power to tame! Go ahead” God showed Adam the way.

“Cool, this one looks doggish!” Adam laughed.

“Then why don’t you call it dog?” God asked.

“Yep, from now on your name is dog” Adam said.

“I’m dog, pleased to meet you. Bow-wow!” The dog greeted.

“Aaaaaah! It can speak!” Adam exclaimed in shock and hid behind God.

“Yes it can. Actually you are the one that understands its language” God explained. The dog ran around boasting to the other animals that it now had a name and soon all the other animals came trooping to Adam for a name.

“I’ll call you Lion, you shall be Tiger, you will be called Dinosaur, you’re serpent” Adam named the creatures.


In Heaven, the terrible war raged on! Michael and Lucifer were locked in combat but it was obvious that Lucifer had the upper hand since he could fly.

“See the difference in our power Michael?” Lucifer mocked as he blocked one of Michael’s strikes.

“Maybe you’re more powerful than I am but I won’t allow you to take God’s place!”

Michael declared as he raised his sword to attack Lucifer but Lucifer disappeared and appeared behind him. Before Michael could turn Lucifer pierced him through the shoulder with his trident. Michael began to bleed.

“Oh look…you’re hurt. Looks like your God has abandoned you after all” Lucifer mocked.

“Shut up!” Michael roared as he tried to remove the trident but Lucifer threw him to the ground and pinned him with the trident.

Michael screamed in pain.

“That’s just the beginning of your pain. I’ll show you how much more pain you can feel and who knows…maybe you’ll just die!” Lucifer roared as he released bolts of lightning through the trident into Michael’s wound. Michael screamed in pain. His screams were heard throughout Heaven.

“Michael!” Gabriel screamed in concern and flew to Michael’s aid but Michael stopped him.

“No Gabriel! Don’t leave the others! Don’t allow any more of our brothers to…fall to darkness” Michael said painfully.

Gabriel was reluctant but he obeyed and returned to defend the good angels.

“I admire you. You’re actually more concerned about your brothers than you are about yourself. To be honest Michael…” Lucifer said as he increased the intensity of the lightning. “…from the very first moment you took that first step towards God…I knew you would always be a threat to me. Why? That’s because you have the power to inspire others!” Lucifer roared.

By then, Michael began to feel his strength draining. He began to see glimpses of his past. From the time he was created, his first step towards God, Gabriel’s haircut, dinner with his brothers.

“Remember Michael, I believe in you” he heard Jesus’ voice.

“I’ll tell you a secret now Michael…I’ve always detested you! I’m sure by now you feel the same way” Lucifer laughed.

“You’re wrong…Lucifer” Michael said weakly as he opened his eyes.

“What did you say?!” Lucifer stared at Michael in anger and surprise.

“You are my brother…I love you…” Michael said as he grabbed the trident. “That’s why…I’M GOING TO STOP YOU!!!” he roared as a tremendous golden light engulfed him.

He began to pull the trident out of his body.

“What’s this?! Where is this power coming from?!” Lucifer exclaimed.

 “IT DOESN’T MATTER WHETHER I WAS FARTHEST FROM GOD’S LIGHT OR NOT! WHAT MATTERS IS THAT…I TOOK THE FIRST STEP!!!” Michael roared as a brilliant blast of light from his body knocked both Lucifer and his trident to the ground.

Michael was raised to his feet by an unseen force. Golden armour appeared on his body, his sword began to radiate with golden flames and a golden crown appeared on his head. Michael stared at his palms in surprise.

“What is this power?” he wondered.

“You have proved yourself worthy Michael! The power you wield now is as a result of your faith in me and in yourself. You are now complete! I proclaim you Prince Of The Heavenly Army!” God’s voice sounded in heaven. In fear, some of the angels repented. A third of the Heavenly beings refused to repent and remained on Lucifer’s side.

“It will take more than a flashy light show and a silly transformation to defeat me! Have you forgotten who I am?! I am Lucifer! king of Heaven and earth!” Lucifer roared as dark flames began to escape from his body. “Prepare to face my wrath! MICHAEL!” Lucifer roared as a he slowly began to grow in size.

Michael watched his transformation with no look of alarm on his face. He had honestly expected Lucifer to reveal his trump card sooner.

“Gaze upon your final doom Michael!” Lucifer roared as he suddenly transformed into a gigantic black dragon. “Obviously you’ve forgotten your handicap! You can’t fly!” Lucifer mocked Michael as he spread out his huge black wings and flew into the air.

“Maybe you didn’t hear right! I have complete faith in God and in myself! Last chance Lucifer…REPENT!!!” Michael roared as magnificent, sparkling white wings spread from his back in perfect symmetry.

“Keep dreaming head chef!” Lucifer mocked as he took in a deep breath and blew intense flames towards Michael.

For a moment, it seemed as though he had hit Michael but when the flames cleared, Michael was nowhere to be seen. 

“Huh! Looks like I actually succeeded in incinerating him, there’s nothing left of him” Lucifer praised himself.

“Think again Lucifer!” Michael’s voice sounded from above.

Lucifer stared above.

“Impossible! He flew above!” he exclaimed in shock.

“IT’S OVER LUCIFER!!!” Michael roared as he flew towards the dragon with the speed of a shooting star, baring his sword in the process.

Michael raised his sword and sliced off Lucifer’s right wing. Without his wing, Lucifer lost balance and fell to the lowest realm of heaven. Michael raised his sword.

“How dare you?! Who do you think you are?!” Lucifer roared angrily.

“I am Michael, Prince Of The Heavenly Army, a servant and son of God!” Michael declared as the Heavens began to tremble.

“What are you doing?!” Lucifer suddenly seemed scared.

“I’m sorry Lucifer but you made your choice. God gave us a one chance at complete free will. You misused yours and disobeyed him. Now, you can no longer dwell in Heaven!” Michael declared as he stretched his sword towards Lucifer.

Massive bolts of lightning struck Lucifer and all the evil angels. Their Grace left them and they were transformed into demons of all kinds. Terrible, slimy and stinking creatures covered with leprous sores.

“That is the true form of evil” Michael said sadly.

Lucifer was transformed into the worst demon of all, a terrifying creature with horns that resembled a serpent and had a forked tongue, the symbol of all liars.

Michael thrust his sword out of the heavens and as his sword fell to the earth, all the fallen angels were forcefully expelled from heaven. God watched them as they fell, then he looked at Adam.

“I have to leave you now Adam, my other sons need me” He said.

“Thank you for everything Lord” Adam said happily.

God ascended to Heaven. The demons watched him as he ascended and desperately called for forgiveness but it was already too late. Michael destroyed Lucifer’s throne. By the time God returned, everything was back to the way it was.

“Welcome back…Father” Michael greeted.

God smiled.

“I was watching you all and I must say Michael that, you far surpassed my expectations. I’m impressed. You grew so much in such little time. Look, the sun is setting on the sixth day, creation is complete” God said with a smile.

And evening passed and morning came, and that…was the sixth day.

On the seventh day, there was a great celebration in all of Heaven. God restored Heaven’s beauty and made it even more beautiful than it was before. The seven archangels were promoted.

Michael was formally named the Prince Of The Heavenly Army, Gabriel became God’s personal messenger and was known henceforth as the Spirit Of Truth. Uriel was named Guardian of Tartarus, the realm of the fallen spirits, Raphael was named the Great Physician, Jeremiel became in charge of reconciling souls to God, Saraqael was placed in charge of those that sin in the spirit and Raguel was placed in charge of fallen luminaries.

Till this very day, the Seven Archangels defend the Throne of God. Thus was beginning of this world’s ultimate epic, the true epic…THE CHRISTIAN EPIC!



© Copyright 2017 Edwin Mwintome Bozie . All rights reserved.


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