Waking Alone (1D Fan Fic)

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - How We Met: Part 1

Submitted: March 03, 2013

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Submitted: March 03, 2013



Okay so here is the deal, there are ten of us, me also known as Rylie, my best friend Anna, Maddy, Shania, and Cara. Then there are the boys, Liam, Louis, Niall, Zayn, and Harry. We are all very close friends and go everywhere together. All of us are either seventeen or eighteen and go to the Miami Arts Charter School or MAC for short.

Harry and Louis were the ones who convinced the rest of the group (the guys of course) to audition for the singing elective. Liam was the one who had the most experience with it because he had auditioned for freshmen year but didn’t make it, so when Harry mentioned it again to him he thought well why not give it a shot, the worst that could happen is that I don’t make it into the school. To make a long story short all of the boys made it into the school for their sophomore year and now is where it gets interesting. The day that us girls met the boys.


Flash back to our sophomore year.


It was the first day of school and somehow, Cara, Maddy, Anna, Shania and I were all in the same gym class. We were all getting change into our gym clothes in the locker room. Shania, being the know it all (in a good way) says,

“Hey Rylie, did you hear about the new students?”

“Yeah, I heard that they moved to America from Britain about 5 years ago, and one of them is Irish.” I said.

“And their accents are so sexy; it just makes me want to drool, well at least every one of them with a British accent.” Anna said trying to keep the spit from leaving her mouth.

“I love people with Irish accents. I am also Irish too.” Maddy said confidently.

“Uhh Mads, I hate to break it to you but your Polish.” I said with a chuckle.

“Close enough.” Maddy said a little offended.

“I have seen them in the halls and they are all really cute. But I agree with Anna, what makes them even hotter is because they have British accents.” Cara jumps in. Everyone but me nods their head in agreement.

“I don’t get it? What do girls find a boy with a British accent even more attractive, and I’m a girl! Its just the way that they talk.” I said in disgust.

Shania jumps in, “Rylie, have you ever heard a boy with a British accent before?”

“No, and I will not drool over someone just because they are British. Now come on, let’s go before we are late for gym class.” And I stormed out of the locker room doors.


We all walked into the gym and sat down in the bleachers. Ms. Raff took attendance and then made us run four laps around the gym. I like running so gym class is always fun for me. Anna and I are on the MAC Lacrosse team so gym class couldn’t be much harder than that.  Anna had told me how fun it was and she said that I would be good at it with the speed that I have. Cara, Maddy, and Shania are on the Volleyball team, so there is some difference between us.

I auditioned for the film production and animation elective and Anna auditioned for the singing elective. Cara auditioned for dance, Shania auditioned for creative writing and Maddy auditioned for theater. We all made it in for our freshman year and the cool thing was that we went to school together all throughout elementary and middle school. We had our different crowds but got closer after we became students at this school.

In this school, boys are separated from the girls during gym, because the boys play “rough”. But towards the end of the semester, both classes come together for a week and play boys’ vs. girls’ softball.

After the four laps were over, the boys’ gym class came out so Coach H. could take the attendance. Suddenly, I spotted something different, but almost pleasing. New faces had shown up in the school, faces that we handsome and attractive. One of them had really curly hair and another had hair that looked like a skateboard ramp. The other three had either a short buzz cut, bleach blonde hair, and then, yes, Justin Bieber hair.

I turned to Shania and asked, “Who are those guys over there?”

“Those, my dear friend, are the new kids who have the hot accents.” She answered.

“Oh, okay.” I said

“Why, does Rylie have a little crush on one of them?” Maddy taunted me.

“No, I was just wondering who they were.” I said trying to hide by blushing.

“Okay, class!” exclaimed Coach, “we are going to be playing a game of…dodge ball!” Coach said.

My friends and I were so excited, while the rest of the girls groaned. Dodge ball was our thing, every time we played, we always won. And like always, the boys were on one team and the girls on the other.  Ms. Raff went to get the dodge balls while my friends and I took our positions. I stood in the front in the middle of the others because I could run the fastest to grab the balls.

“On your mark,” Coach started, “get ready…get set…GO!” and he blew the whistle.

I dashed towards to grab the ball straight in front of me, but wait, the boy with the buzz cut grabbed it before me. I stopped and looked up and he was standing there smiling at me, not a friendly smile but more of a competitive smile. That’s when I felt something hit my left hip. It was the kid with the curly hair, just standing there, with a great big smile on his face.

“Rylie, you’re out!” Coach called from the side lines. Me, out, how could I be out? I am the best at this game and it’s all because of that kid with the buzz cut. Okay now it’s on, nobody gets out Rylie James.

I kept yelling to my other team mates to catch one of the oncoming balls and finally someone caught one. I ran straight back onto my side of the room, being careful not to get hit by a dodge ball, again. Anna handed me one of the balls and I got ready to aim it right back at the curly haired kid. If he wants to play hard, then let’s go, I’ll play hard.

I tossed the ball back and forth in my hands getting ready to aim at my target. The kid with the bleach blonde hair was covering the curly boy, probably because curly over there doesn’t want to mess up his dew. Maddy threw the ball as fast as she could and it zoomed right past me and knocked blondey over.

“Haha, yes, one in the win column!” Maddy said raising her fist in the air. I smiled and focused on my target. Curly was right out in the open with no one to block him. I looked back at Anna and she gave her head a little nod. I whipped the ball as fat as I could. I could hear the zip of the rubber as it left my fingertips, flying across the room and then bam! Curly gets hit in the arm, by muah.

He points his middle and index finger at his eyes and then his index points towards me. I nod my head almost mocking him and he walks off into the side lines.

After a couple of minutes curly boy comes back into the game. He rushes over to Wanna-Be-Bieber and takes the ball from him. From what I could see, it looked like Curly was explaining something to Bieber and points in my direction.

I knew by the way he was looking at me, that I was in for some trouble. I slowly started to move around my side of the room so it would give him a harder target to throw at. I stopped moving once I was standing in front of Anna. Reason being is, she had a red dodge ball in her hands and if I get out because of Curly, she can whip the ball at him and he would never see it coming.

I could see that he was starting to warm up his throw and I knew it was coming straight for my face. I steadied myself and got ready to dodge the ball. My heart was racing and my legs became stiff. What was going on? I couldn’t move my legs, how am I going to dodge this ball? And in that instant, Curly flung the ball across the room and I had no other choice but to duck and fall on the floor.

I heard the ball come into contact with something other than the floor or the wall. I realized that it was Anna that the ball hit when I saw a drop dark red blood fall on to my pant leg. Oh my god, Anna!

“Goodness, I am so sorry.” A British voice came from behind. I turned around to see Curly standing over Anna.

“Damn, you have an arm on you.” Anna said in a nasally voice, trying to keep the blood from coming out of her nose. I helped Anna up off of the floor and started to walk her over towards the gym doors when Curly came over and said, “I got her,” and grabbed her arm, “it’s my fault she got hit in the face so I’ll take her to the nurse.”

“Try not to let the door hit her in the face on your way out.” I said disgusted and kind of amused.

“Hey, look,” he started, “I’m sorry we got off to a bad start with the whole dodge ball thing. I’m Harry Styles.” He holds out his hand.

“I’m Rylie James.” I shook his hand.

“And I’m bleeding, now can we hurry this meet and greet up!?” Anna said walking towards the door.

“It was nice meeting you Rylie.” Harry said with a deep voice.

“Right back at ‘cha.” I punched him in the arm and headed off back into the gym with the others.

What a gentleman. You don’t meet many boys like that nowadays. Most of them are rude and obnoxious, but there is something about Harry that is just different but I can’t figure it out yet.

As I am walking back into the gym, I find my other friends talking about Anna and asking if she is okay. I told them that everything was fine and that Harry is taking her to the nurse. They all gave me a confused look and I realized that they haven’t met Harry yet so I explained to them who he was.

“Hey guys I’ll be right back.” And I walked over to the kid with the buzz cut.

“Nice game, no one has ever beaten me to grab a dodge ball before. I didn’t think anyone could run as fast as me.” I patted him on the shoulder. By the way, I am very social so even if I don’t know the person I will still talk to them.

“I’m Rylie James.” I held out my hand imitating Harry.

“I’m Liam Payne.” He said shyly and shook my hand.

“Liam, I like that name, I have never known a Liam before.” I said with a smile. Liam was cute and sweet, kind of shy but that’s ok.

“Th-Thanks, I have never really gotten compliments on my name before.” He said scratching his head. “I like your name to, Rylie, I never really hear that name.” Liam looked me in the eyes and I stared back into his. They were so mesmerizing I couldn’t look away until Shania called my name.

“Rylie, come here!”

I regained consciousness and said, “Hey sorry, I got to go. It was nice meeting you. Maybe we can talk later?”

“Sounds good.” Liam said in his British accent. I waved goodbye, turned around and jogged towards Shania. Liam Payne, I thought to myself and giggled.

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