Rocket Ship

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - Prologue - The Party

Submitted: January 04, 2009

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Submitted: January 04, 2009




He watched her try to wash the everlasting engraved emblem on her arm off. It wasn’t going to come off; it never does. He was perched outside her window, peering in to make sure she made it to school. Even though she wouldn’t be going.
It was A09742’s eighth year searching for “Newbies”. For the past four years, he’s only found two reliable agents – they’re dead.
So far she’s tried three different types of soap. It won’t work, he thought. He retrieved her file from his bag.

Name: Lilliana Moore
Sex: F
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Date of Birth: 3/9/94
Place of Birth: San Francisco, CA
Father Name: Nathaniel Moore – G00034
Occupation: Pediatrician
Alumni Level: Final Chi
Mother Name: Elizabeth Moore – G00035
Occupation: Virologist
Alumni Level: Final Zeta
Training: N/A
Level: Newbie
Mentor: A09742
Extra Info: Grew up in San Francisco, CA, then moved to Normandy, France (5 years) then moved back to California. Fluent in French. Now lives in Los Angeles. Mother and Father are alumni Generals. In 1963, G00035 was awarded CAAYP’s Number One.

Jesus, he thought, she’s just a kid. Most of the kids they recruit are at least seventeen, maybe sixteen. She’s fourteen. How am I gonna train her? She won’t be able to cooperate, let alone comprehend anything that goes through her head.
7:14. She should be leaving now. He climbed down from the tree and waited until the silver Prius pulled out of the driveway – License Plate URK 15D. He climbed in his black SUV as he planned his 90th kidnapping.

Chapter 1 – The Party.

“Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit!” she muttered to herself. She was trying to rub some tattoo off that she found on her arm. “How did this happen? I didn’t even drink!” It was true. She didn’t drink. But someone slipped a pill in her apple juice that made her pass out and then forget everything afterwards.
Lilly Moore attended a party that she didn’t even want to go to. It was a school night and she was missing Karate. But once her mom found out about it, she encouraged her daughter to diverse her social life.
“Who knows? You might make some new friends.”
“I know everyone in my grade! We have 47 people.” Her mom ignored her, bought her a dress and drove her to the party.
She rang the doorbell and Brittany Wooldridge answered. Brittany wasn’t the smartest girl, but she threw great parties. Even on school nights.
“Hi.” Lilly said bluntly.
Brittany eyed Lilly up and down, making sure she wasn’t going to disrupt the party with unattractiveness. She let her in.
“Everyone’s downstairs in my basement. Feel free to get a drink or something.”
Lilly descended the stairs to an animal-zone. There were people everywhere – making out, grinding, laughing, drinking, etc. The music was very loud; she could barely hear herself think. She poured herself a cup of apple juice and walked over to some people she knew.
“Lilly! You never come to these parties. What’s up?” Christine said. Christine loved the parties. She loved them so much she would do anything to be invited to one. In seventh grade, she wasn’t invited to someone’s bat mitzvah, so she bought them a personal iPod, and took them to see four concerts in a month.
“Yeah, I’ve been really busy with everything. So, are these parties any fun?”
“YES!” Matt said behind her. Matt was one of Lilly’s closest friends. They told each other everything since third grade.
“Matt! I didn’t know you went to these.”
“Well, actually I was being sarcastic because this is my first one.”
“Oh. Yeah party virgins!” They high-fived.

Later that night, Lilly, Matt, Christine and some random senior were all sitting on the couch, talking and drinking (not alcohol – except for the senior).
“OK, I really have to go to the bathroom. Where is it?”
Christine showed Lilly where the bathroom was. It was a nice bathroom: ivory tile with blue, dolphin soap. As she was washing her hands, some “senior” slipped something into her drink that would change her life.
Lilly returned to the couch only to find the senior there, her friends were gone.
“Did you see where these people that were sitting here went?” she asked him.
“No. Sorry.”
Lilly started to leave, not taking her drink.
“Hey, wait!” he said after her. “What’s your name?”
“Lilly. And you?”
“Brian. Why don’t you sit down?”
Lilly knew where this was going and she wasn’t going to take that path.
“Um, no thanks. I’m gonna go find my friends.”
“OK. Don’t forget your drink.”
“Oh right! Thanks.” Lilly waved good-bye and took a sip from her red, plastic cup. Twenty minutes later, she was in a black van, passed out, on her way to a tattoo parlor. But she doesn’t remember a thing.

“Lilly! It’s 7:10! Where are you?” her mom yelled. Lilly needed to get to school.
“Coming!” She didn’t know what to do about the random tattoo that appeared on her wrist. She put on a long-sleeved shirt, grabbed her backpack and went downstairs. Lilly didn’t eat much breakfast, even though she knew she should. She grabbed a banana and climbed in the silver Prius and was off to school.

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