Chapter 1: Happily ever after take two

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Part One

Narcissa Colden parked her motorbike in front of \"Dustin's\"-the coffee house she worked at in Miami. She walked around the building till she reached the back door. She put on her green apron with the house's logo printed at the front. \"Hey, Ronnie\" she greeted her work buddy, Ronnie Lutz. Ronnie was the same age Narcissa was, but he looked so much older, he was six-foot-three and he shaved his head. Narcissa loved Ronnie, he was the coolest guy in the neighborhood and they were very close friends. They hung out during and after work, sometimes they snuggled some latte's and hung out at the dock while laughing and making fun of some of the residents at the elite beach. \"Hey, Ness\" he gave her a high five and handed a customer his coffee. \"Wanna catch a movie later?\" she asked. \"Love to, but I can't\" he started on another order. \"Got a date\" \"Who?\" she asked excitedly, Narcissa loved relationship stuff. But since she loathed the majority of the girls here in Fortson Beach she didn't have a girlfriend with which she could swap stories with, so she settled with Ronnie and Chace's stories. Chace was their third friend, he was a lifeguard and had a lot of stories to tell. \"Irene Walden\" he sealed the cup and gave it to a woman with a bad hair dye. Narcissa wasn't a big fan of Irene, they weren't nice to each other whenever they met but Ronnie was cool with her, so Narcissa kept her mouth shut and just nodded. \"Your pretty boy is here\" he said in a sarcastic tone. \"Stop calling him that\" she punched him lightly. \"I'll let you know he's a very manly man\" Nathan Dawson was Narcissa's latest boyfriend, he worked at a bar called \"Hartley's\" and performed there with his band sometimes. He was two years older than her but she liked to think that she had some control over him. She spotted him with a couple of his friends at a table in the corner, her face fell when she recognized two of the girls she disliked a lot but was forced to spend time with because they were Nathan's friends. Sabrina Zemaitis, a fake blond who flat out loathed Narcissa, and Jodie Samuel, a nineteen-year-old that was Nathan's friend and ex-crush. But Narcissa's mood uplifted when she recognized Trent Dixon, he wasn't Nathan's closest friend but he hung out with Nathan's crowd a lot , and Narcissa liked him best in the group. He was a lot like her, they even drove the same kind of motorcycle, when they hung out sometimes people thought he was her boyfriend from how much they got along. Her next best was Chad Morris. He was a surfing tutor and was probably the hottie of the hood, they had a lot of laughs when they hung out but that was about it. Trent waved to her and she walked over to them. \"When are you gonna leave this place? For god's sake your dad owns half the business around here\" Chad gave her a one-arm hug. \"I can't sit around and do nothing\" she kissed Trent on his cheek and high-fived the rest before turning to Nathan. \"And college is over\" \"Then get a job in a decent place\" Trent lit a cigarette. \"Hey, babe\" Nathan kissed her and put an arm around her. \"Hey\" she rested her head against his chest and changed the subject. \"So, any plans for tonight?\" \"Got a late night shift at the bar\" Nathan said. \"Miss Colden, are you planning to spend your shift talking to your \"I was asking if they wanted anything, sir\" she replied. friends or are you going to serve some drinks?\" her boss, Marcus Bones, asked bitterly. \"Then I suggest you hurry up, before the day ends\" \"Right away, sir\" she waited till he turned his back then she flipped him the finger. \"Well, we just came by to see you and then we're off\" Nathan kissed her again then took his arm off of her. \"See ya, sweetie\" She waved him bye and then headed behind the counter next to Ronnie. \"I honestly don't like this guy\" he said for the millionth time since Narcissa and Nathan started going out. \"I know that, Ronnie. You told me that already\" she replied. \"You two going out tonight?\" \"He's working late. And if you're gone for the evening, who's gonna keep Chace company?\" she averted her gaze to a customer and said \"May I take your order?\" *****************************************************************

Submitted: January 29, 2010

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Phoenix Personiam

I like it so far! The whole things flows nicley, I also like the main charector Narcissa's attitude. Let me know when you update, I'd love to hear what will happen!

Sun, January 31st, 2010 6:13am


Thank u sooo much! :D:D:D I'll update on Wednesday or Thursday at the most, thanks again :)

Sun, January 31st, 2010 6:36am

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