Just good friends, best friends and boy friends

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Chapter 27 (v.1)

Submitted: March 17, 2012

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Submitted: March 17, 2012



We had arranged to get the 2pm train back to Wrexham and before I knew it I was putting my coat on and double checking I hadn't left anything.

"Daniel, we'll need to leave in the next five minutes." his dad called up the stairs. Within thirty seconds we were both stood in the living room waiting to go.

As well as his dad, both his mum and sister had also decided to wave us off from the station. Daniel had foolishly sat between Emma and I in the back of the car for the return journey, thinking it would be the most polite thing to and at several times he did try to speak to his sister, but she spent the whole journey talking over him, very often in some sort of code I was supposed to be fluent in but which she definitely didn’t want Daniel to understand, I don’t think she had anything to worry about there was no way he would have any grasp of what she was saying, her conversation comprised of incoherent snippets of information in the form of ‘you know, the thing’ or ‘when he said, well you know’, it was all very cryptic. Finally we pulled up at the station, relieved and exhausted from trying to keep up with the Emma we retrieved our bags from the boot of the car.

"Don't leave it so long next time love" Maria said hugging her son, fighting back tears.

"See you soon mum, dad." Daniel said slipping out of his mothers grasp and pulling me away.

"Alex, are you sure you can't stay?" Emma asked, I smiled brightly at her "Come back soon, you don't need to wait for Daniel, you can come on your own, can't she mum?" And she hugged me fiercely; I could feel my eyes sting and blinked hard to disperse the tears trying to form in my eyes. I know it sounds silly but I was a little overwhelmed by how easily this girl had welcomed me into her family and embraced me like I was a true friend.

"Well erm thanks Em." Daniel said pretending he was offended.

"No love she's right you're always welcome, it was so lovely to finally meet you." Now it was his mothers turn to hug me, she kissed me on the cheek before letting go of me.

"Thank you so much for letting me stay, I've had a lovely time it was really nice to meet you all." I said as Daniel dragged me away from them before one of them could grab me again. "Daniel will ring once we get back." I pledged.

"Thanks love, see you again soon." His mum sung after us as we rushed onto the train.

"Well thank fuck that's over, now the fun can really begin." Daniel said wiggling his eyebrows provocatively as soon as we sat in our seats. "Oh and I'm not ringing them." He said folding his arms in protest

"Yes you are, I've promised your mum now, you wouldn't want to make me out to be a liar?" I opened my eyes wide and looked up at him with my innocent ‘puppy dog’ face.

"What's it worth?" he said pretending not to notice my cute, pleading look, realising I wasn’t winning this particular debate I quickly changed tactics.

"If you don't ring them I will, then I'll stay on the phone to your sister for ages." And I folded my arm mimicking his earlier pose.

"Oh yeah, what the hell was she talking about?" The look of confusion on his face made me giggle.

"Even if I knew I'm sworn by the girl’s oath not to divulge our secrets." I teased

"There's no such thing."

"No there's not, but I didn't understand half of what she said and the bit I did manage to decipher about your little sisters love life, I don't think you really want to know about." I scrunched my nose and shook my head slightly to let him know he REALLY didn’t want to know.

"Yeah just stop now, don't say any more, ever!" like a child he put his fingers in his ears and started humming loudly, trying to block out anything I might say on the matter.

As soon as the train pulled away Daniel set about making up for lost time, he had barely waved his parents goodbye before he was attempting to hoist me onto his lap.

"Enough! This is public transport, there are children on this train now behave yourself." I chastised in my best disapproving voice.

"But I just wanted a little kiss." He pleaded; I instantly noticed how much better he was than me at the ‘puppy dog’ face. I jealously sneered at his attempts to get his own way.

"No you didn't, a little kiss would be okay but the x-rated groping you had in mind isn't." And although my arms were still folded across my chest I refolded them for emphasise, sensing he was beaten he slumped back into his seat.

"Spoil sport." And he again looked like a young child sulking because he hadn’t gotten his own way.

"I think you need to go for a cold shower when we get back, you're way too excited."

"The choice is yours, I either behave myself on train or when I get you back to the dorm, so which is it to be?" he held out his hands as if each contained an option.

"Just behave yourself." I warned.

The rest of this journey followed the same pattern. The walk from the station back to the campus was no better; Daniel virtually sprinted back to the dorm. As soon as we put our bags downs Daniels arms were round my waist pulling me into him, kissing me urgently. Within seconds he was pulling at my clothes.

"Erm Daniel, you need to phone your mum."

"Shush, I'll do it later." He said still frantically trying to unbuckle the belt on my jeans.

"No do it now, I need to use the bathroom anyway, might as well get it over with then it's just us." Before he could complain I headed into the tiny bathroom.

"Right all done" Daniels said a couple of minutes later, "Now where were we" and he again pulled me into his arms and started removing my clothes. I figured playing hard to get could possibly cause his head to explode and there was no way I could explain that to his mum, ‘the thing is Maria...’ I chuckled as I thought of how awful that conversation would be. Misinterpreting my giggle for encouragement Daniel smiled broadly.

"You don't want this leaving on do you?" he asked pulling my bra strap so it snapped on my skin, whilst shaking his head, as if trying to hypnotise me into copying his head movements.

"Yes I do want it leaving on and you won't be taking any more of my clothes off me either." I pointed out. Clearly unperturbed by my rebuttal he looked me up and down and raised an eyebrow.

"So do you want to undress me or should I do a striptease for you?" I really wanted to pick the second option the images of him dancing around provocatively looking like some sort of drag queen out of ‘Moulin Rouge’ made me smile but I knew all too well he wouldn't stop at his underwear. So I instead decided to help him with his clothes, much to his delight.

He sat on the side of the bed and lifted his arms so I could pull his t-shirt over his head, revealing his strong sculptured chest and muscular arms, fighting off his spaghetti arms I pulled his shoes and socks off then pushed him so he was laying flat on the bed. Next sitting astride him I unbuckled the belt and slowly unfastened his zip. Then mimicking what he had done to me only a few days ago I told him to 'lift' and pulled his jeans off. I then clambered back up his body and kissed him softly on the mouth, catching his upper lip between mine. With his hand around my waist he pulled me tight to him, pushing his tongue into my mouth kissing me fiercely. In one smooth movement he was on top of me, moving my legs so they were either side of his hips, he moved his hands up and down my body never allowing his lips to leave mine. I could feel the desire in his body as he pressed himself harder and harder against me I shaped my body around his and wrapped my arms around him trying to bring him even closer to me. I loved the feel of his skin on mine and run my hands over his smooth toned back and into his hair. Finally Daniel pulled his mouth away from mine and breathed heavily, grinning happily.

"Hmmm now you took my breath away that time." He was gasping a little as he spoke. I looked into his face and deep into his beautiful green eyes, I knew I was staring but I couldn’t draw my eyes away from his, finally regaining the power of speech

"I love you." I whispered quietly

"Good because I love everything about you” and he kissed me on my forehead.

“But I especially love the way you make me feel; knowing that I am the only person you'll ever be like this with, it makes me kinda special." His face seemed to glow with a warm satisfaction; I closed my eyes and pulled him into a kiss.

I thought Daniel was joking when he said we wouldn’t leave his room for three days, if anything he had severely underestimated our compulsion to just be together. Only feeling the need to leave the tiny room to either eat or go to the shops to buy more food. For ten whole days we were the only inhabitants of the top floor dorms, as I enjoyed hour after hour of Daniel’s company I often found myself thinking if this is how it will always be? Each morning bursting with contentment as recognition flooded my brain and I remembered where I was and more importantly that Daniel was lying right beside me. I never wanted that feeling of happiness to leave me; I swear I could feel the warmth of our love around me. If I closed my eyes I could imagine our future together, fantasising how our lives would develop, I especially cherished the thought of closing the door on the rest of the world and escaping to our own little haven, I sighed contentedly.

“What are you thinking about” Daniel asked one morning as I was lost in my fantasy world.

“Oh just the future” and although I had answered his question it hadn’t drawn me out of my illusion.

“Our future?” he asked enquiringly, this time he did pull me out of my reverie.

“Yeah” I elongated the word lavishly

“You looked so happy so tell me what you saw in your daydream.” He pulled me closer to him so my head was on his chest.

“Nothing in particular, it was just a feeling of happiness really.” I concluded and snuggled into him and he put his arms tighter round me holding me tenderly to him. I again drifted off to my future perfect life and smiled contentedly. As the days slipped by with merciless haste the urge and inclination to be with other people also disappeared, I knew as long I had him I didn’t need anything or anyone else. I was blissfully happy, and best of all I could see in the way he looked at me, he was too.

As the final day of my stay pressed on I was relieved to see how calm I was. Before Easter I had worried about how I would feel going home after spending two weeks with Daniel constantly by my side. Remembering how long each day had been the last time we were apart and knowing how much I had missed him I had doubted whether I would be able to cope with our unavoidable separation. I mean we had only been going out with each other for a couple of days  and it had nearly driven me crazy, so now after a fortnight together I had dreaded how I would react to having to go home.

“So I’ll get the train to Liverpool Friday morning, are you sure it’ll be okay with your dad if I stay for the weekend?” Daniel asked a little nervously as we walked back to the station hand in hand.

“Of course its fine, he wants to meet you anyway” I said reassuringly

“So Friday, that’s not too long, it’ll soon be Friday” he gave my hand a gentle squeeze, but I wasn’t entirely sure if it was me or him he was trying to convince.

“Yeah Friday will soon be here, but I will miss you.” I said sadly

“I know I’ll miss you too, but I’ll be staying until Monday and then you’ll be coming here on Friday, besides we’ll talk on the phone every day.”

“And it’s only a couple of months then we’ll have the whole of the summer to be together” I added encouragingly. He nodded his agreement as we reached the platform.

As always the train was on time, I had decided long ago the Wrexham to Liverpool train must be the most efficient in the country, it was never bloody delayed, and before I knew it I was kissing him goodbye and hurrying into my seat. I waved to him long after he has vanished from my sight and as I finally lowered my arm, finally admitting he was gone, I fought back the tears which were threatening to trickle down my cheeks.

I felt stupid I knew I’d see him in a couple of days but right at that precise second a couple of days seemed like an awful long time. I couldn’t believe I was missing him already; yeah this obsessive behaviour certainly couldn’t be health. So I took a deep breath, wiped my eyes and focused on Friday, oh boy this was harder than I thought.


I hope you have enjoyed this chapter, things will start moving on quite quickly from the next so please stick with me, thank you for your time =D

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