Just good friends, best friends and boy friends

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Chapter 42 (v.1)

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Submitted: August 12, 2012




Much to my surprise and disappointment it was Katie, and unfortunately Chris, who had come to retrieve me from the airport. With everything else swirling around my mind I had hoped I would be able to travel back in silence, internally alone with my thoughts. My dad and I were definitely cut from the same cloth, neither would force the other into conversation, we could respect each other's privacy; leave the other to their thoughts.

However Katie did not follow the same set of social rules and restraint and although I loved her dearly I cursed my dad for surrendering to her haranguing and assenting to her picking me up from the airport.

"Alex, Alex, over here" As always I could hear her loud, overly enthusiastic voice long before I could see her, blushing slightly as the other passengers turned to look at the centre of Katie's attention. I waved subtly at the bobbing ball of excitement that was my best friend.

"Ooh you're so tanned, you look fantastic!" She announced flinging her arms around my neck, Chris's sneer said otherwise. I hugged her back and gave her the brightest smile I could muster, considering my shitty mood.

"I've missed you so much" She said speaking loudly into my face before again pulling me in for another bone crunching embrace. "Right let's get you home should we?" Although a question I knew it was an order, I nodded my submission and reached for my bags.

"Chris, get her bags" She ordered as she pulled me towards the entrance doors. I saw Chris huff in annoyance but he didn't dare complain, he picked my bag up and followed behind us.

"Yeah, I've got him well trained" she whispered in a giggle out of ear shot of him, clearly I hadn't hidden my amusement at his subservience from my face. About time I thought remembering how much of an arse he'd been that first night.

I helped Chris with the bags as Katie got in the car, but not before she ordered him to sit in the back, she and I had lots to talk about apparently. I sighed unenthusiastically knowing it was going to be a long, depressing drive home.

"You're very quiet." She observed, after we'd been on the road for about ten minutes.

She was right I'd been little more than a mute but even if I'd had the burning desire to share my holiday experience with her she hadn't given me a chance. In the oh so close proximity of her mum's car I'd heard her endless twittering, like a fog of White noise filling the space. I'd of course remembered my manners and smiled and nodded every thirty seconds or so but my subconscious was still watching reruns of the Adam and Alex show from earlier, sad to say but that was the only conversation I was interested in.

"So how was Spain? How's your Gran?" I opened my mouth to answer at least one of her questions but before a single word had left me she had turned her head fleetingly to Chris.

"Oh Chris, Alex's Gran has a beautiful cottage in southern Spain, it's right on the coast about ten minutes walk from the beach. I've been there a few times, some of the best holidays I've ever had." Uninterested Chris's mouth turns up and he nods clearly like me not listening to a word she was saying. But now she was again on a roll and her voice sung out.

"Oh and Chris, you should see Alex's Gran, talk about glamorously granny. She's got all the ex-pats drooling after her offering to help this poor defenceless female out with gardening, DIY, heavy bags...you get the picture, whilst their haggard wives seethe. But Alex's Gran is sooo nice, everyone loves her so..." Pausing for a second a smile played across her face, then reaching over she squeezed my hand before continuing. "She's just like Alex." My eyes flicked from her to the rear view mirror, I was curious how Chris would respond to this evaluation of me. His raised ginger eyebrows said it all.

"So Alex, you've told me nothing!" She pouted, but in my defence there'd been little to no opportunity to slip even a word or two between her incessant rabbiting.

"How is the ever so lovely Adam?" Katie had always been quite taken with Adam and on more than one occasion she had not too subtly thrown herself at him. With skill and grace he'd always managed to evade her advances, which I think was part of the reason I thought he was gay. Katie was after all a typical beauty, tall, slim, blonde with one of the prettiest faces I'd ever seen, I again wondered what she saw in the ‘ginger minger’ in the back.

"Oh he's fine." I answered blanching slightly as I again thought back to earlier. Sensing my hesitation she immediately jumped.

"Oh fine is he?" A huge grin blossoming across her face. "Did you two have sex?" Her indignant and slightly jealous tone very clear.

"What! No, God NO NO NO!" I exclaimed my innocence but I could feel the reddening heat in my cheeks and knew it had given me away.

"Well something's happened, look at you you're blushing." She teased happily.

"Nothing happened, well nothing good." I added dejectedly. Furrowing her brow in a deep frown she looked at me and waited for me to elaborate.

Normally I'd tell Katie everything but these last few months our relationship had changed, or at least I'd changed. Looking into her warm, concerned eyes I knew she was the same old Katie, the same old fun loving, ‘if anyone gives you any shit I'll kick their heads in’ Katie. My heart contracted a little as I realised I had missed my friend, I'd pulled away from her recently, closed myself off and again glancing in the rear view mirror I knew the reason why.

"Just tell me" She said squeezing my knee supportively, feelings of déjà-vu stirred from this morning and I swallowed hard.

"He's not listening anyway" She half smiled as she cocked her head in Chris's general direction.  

I turned to see him with his head against the window staring blankly out of it. Yeah he was thoroughly bored with our girlie heart to heart; I sighed and nodded my submission. It'd be good to get some perspective, I was too caught up, too emotional, and Katie would say it how it is.

For the rest of the journey I went through my earlier ordeal and despite my best efforts I couldn't keep the emotion out of my voice, needing to pause several times to regain my composure before I could continue. For perhaps the first time in our friendship Katie was silent, listening avidly to my every word.

The more I spoke and reasoned through what had happened the more I realised how hurt I was. I was surprised my pain couldn't be blamed on Adam, no my anguish was from knowing the hurt and pain I'd caused him for God know how many years. My shoulders sagged as the weight of guilt pressed down on me. Had I really no inkling of the strength of his feelings for me, or was it just selfishness on my part secretly revelling in his blatant attention and affection.

"So how did you feel after you kissed?" Katie gently asked pulling me from my thoughts.

"Sad" I barely whispered.

"Oh Alex, I'm so sorry." The mixture of empathy and sympathy in her tenor mirrored by the pained expression she wore.

I slumped further in my seat, who knew talking could be so exhausting? Sensing my reticence Katie left me to my melancholy for the few remaining minutes of our trip back home.

She pulled up at the curb directly outside my house, directing Chris to retrieve my bags from the boot of the car. By the time I'd thanked and hugged her Chris had pulled my suitcase onto the pavement and was just holding my hand luggage out to me. I smiled weakly showing my gratitude and reached for the bag.

"Poor, poor Alex." Sarcasm and venom thick in his voice, my face clouding with confusion.

"Excuse me?" What was his problem?

"Always the victim, but nothing's ever your fault...is it?" He spat the words at me with such ferocity I flinched away. A smug, satisfied grin spread across his face and taking a deep breath he let me have it.

"I knew from that first night you were a head-fucking slag." His entire head had turned blood red, oh boy was he angry.

"I warned Dan to stay away from you" Chris's casual use of his name sent a constricting ache through my chest and I braced myself for the rest of the inevitable barrage.

"This Adam ‘dickhead’ should count himself lucky, so you've messed with his head..." He stepped dangerously close to me; I could feel his hot breathe in my face as he continued to deride me.

"So fucking what, Jesus you do that without even trying, it's like a sport to you. I bet the stupid prick doesn't even know he's had one hell of a narrow escape." Drawing another huge breathe in, he concluded his tyrannous tsunami of abuse.

"You make me sick, whilst you've been living it up in Spain I've watched my mate tear himself apart with guilt. So don’t expect any sympathy from me, I am bored of listening to your pathetic whining. You have no idea what he’s been going through whilst you moved onto your next conquest, you’re just a dirty slut.” His words hit me like a cold, hard slap across my face, rousing me from the guilty stupor I’d been in since Adam had walked away from me at the airport.

“You have no idea what you’re talking about” I managed to contain the ire in my tone, for now, but my wrath was building.

“Listen shit for brains...”

“What’s taking so long?” Katie’s cheery, bright voice sliced through the toxic atmosphere between me and Chris, as she joined us. I swallowed hard deciding to hold my tongue for her sake, Chris raised his eyebrow and smirked triumphantly knowing his verbal assault would remain largely unanswered. His infuriating leer ignited an all consuming rage I couldn’t contain.

“Your dick of a boyfriend” I almost screamed at her, “Was just in the middle of telling no how his mate knocking his ex up was my fault.” I grabbed my bag off him, leaving both of them with mouths agape as I stomped the short walk to my house.

“Alex wait” I heard her call after me, quickly followed by “You can walk back you fucking prick” followed by, what I presume, was a sharp slap across his face.

By the time I reached the door Katie was at my side, wrapping her arms supportively round me. “Oh Alex I’m so sorry, he shouldn’t have said anything.” She said consolingly.

“No he shouldn’t, he should mind his own fucking business!” The vehemence resounding in my words.

She shrugged, I know holding something back, and followed my through the door. Dumping my bags in the hallway I marched into the kitchen, flung the fridge door open and grabbed the customary bottle of wine from the top shelf. Then turning abruptly and pushing passed Katie I snatched a pint glass from the draining board and slumped in the nearest chair. Correctly assessing my God awful mood Katie silently retrieved a matching glass from the cupboard and joined me at the table.

“Do you mind if I join you?” She whispered sheepishly, I still couldn’t talk yet so as my answer I poured the rest of the bottle into her glass.

“Thirsty?” Indicating wide eyed to my pint of chilled chardonnay. The disbelieving, even frightened, look on her face thawed my mood immediately and I found myself laughing.

“Oh you have no idea.” I replied shaking my head and rolling my eyes to the ceiling. Raising her glass she clinked it to mine and we both drank.

“I don’t know what to say to you, I don’t know how to make this better.” Her gloomy tone mimicked in her expression. “It’s killing me seeing you like this...again.” She trailed off, both of us knowing further explanation wasn’t necessary, the silence growing uneasily between us.

“I’m not trying to excuse him, he was out of line, but he’s really upset.” She began slowly; I looked at her over my now half filled glass waiting for her to elaborate.

“Daniel phones him a couple of times a day, asking after you, asking him to pass on messages of his regret and misery, enquiring when you’re due back. It’s just been really hard for him, hearing the heart-rending desolation growing every time he calls.” Her eyes dropped as she continued. “I know it’s no consolation but he’s devastated, I hear him crying from the other end of the phone line every day.” Taking my hand in hers she held it tightly, then looking into my eyes searching for understanding.

“I just miss him so much.” The silent tears tracked down my face. “I’m so angry with him, how could he have been so stupid?” Again silence fell.

“He’s asked if you’ll speak with him” She was watching me carefully for my reaction, I’m pretty certain my look of horror wasn’t what she was hoping for.

“No, no chance, there is absolutely no way I can do that.” I could hear my heart thumping against my chest.

“Okay” She said clutching my hand benevolently.

“I have to let him go” Closing my eyes and sighing I concluded. “I don’t want to speak to him; I don’t want to know when you’ve spoken to him, he has to let me get on with my life.” As I uttered the words I felt her arms wrap round me as we both sobbed.

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