The Rumour Mill

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Moving across the country and starting in a new school is daunting for anyone, so settling in unnoticed is the best you can hope for, especially when your mum is the school's new head teacher. So when Libby makes friends and meets the boy of her dreams even before school starts she can't believe her luck. But as we all know nothing is ever that easy.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Rumour Mill

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Submitted: January 02, 2013




First Impressions

Libby’s POV

“Libby, come on!” My mum yelled from downstairs, yeah well you can shout all you want, I’m not going I thought as I threw myself onto my bed, before reaching over putting my headphones on and turning my stereo up.

Why couldn’t she understand? I didn’t want to be in this stupid town and I certainly didn’t want to spend my last night of freedom before I had to register at my new school with a bunch of strangers. Just because she’s decided it’d be good for me to meet the neighbours, I DON’T CARE! So what if they’ve got kids my age, unless they are some kind of freaks surely they’ll already have friends of their own, I mean why would they want to suddenly buddy up with me? I know if I was in their shoes I’d wanna keep a wide berth from the ‘new kid’. Oh God I feel sick, the new kid, new kid! I didn’t want to be the fucking new kid; I want to be popular, I was one of the faces in my old school, all I wanna do is hang out with my ‘real’ friends, is that really too much to ask for? Well apparently yes it is!

“Jesus, Libby” My mum screamed to me at the same time the blaring music from my ears pounded round my room. I opened my eyes to see my mum diving for the volume dial whilst still holding the connection for my headphones.

“What’s your problem?” I screamed at her, I cringed internally as I heard the tone of my voice. My mum must have the patience of a saint, I thought, cause believe me if someone would have spoken to me like that I’d of kicked the shit out of them.

“We’re leaving!” She yelled, oh yeah she was pissed, that was a tone that said ‘don’t even think about messing with me’. I sighed and mumbled my disharmony, but I knew it was futile...I was going.

I looked at myself in the mirror; the reflection staring back at me wore the uniform of every other teenage girl I knew, skinny jeans, converse and some nondescript top, way to go to be an individual Lib, I thought as I ran the comb through my mahogany pixie cut before applying a little light make up. I may not want to be friends with these people but I also didn’t want to gain a reputation as a troll before I even got to the stupid school. Quickly appraising my look and deciding I’d pass I stomped down the stairs to my waiting mother.

“Oh you look nice love” She patronised, yeah now you want to be all pally, pally, cause you know you’ve got your own way I scowled as I trudged passed her, she didn’t even try to hide the victorious grin on her face.

We were spending the evening with the Dawson’s and their twins, Connah and Reah, they were in my year but I think a couple of months older than me. When our removals van turned up yesterday morning Mrs Dawson was the first to pop over and welcome us to the neighbourhood. After she had discovered my mum was a successful, even though it killed me to say it, extremely pretty divorcee, she was suddenly my mum’s new BFF. What’s that old saying? ‘Keep your friends close but your enemies’ closer’, well to be fair to her I’d be worried my husband might stray too, if I looked like her and my new neighbour looked like my mum. Not that my mum would even look twice at Mr Dawson, no, middle aged, balding and with a paunch where his six pack should be really wasn’t my mum’s type, so I’d say he was safe.

“Oh Jenny it’s so great you could make it, and hello again Olivia.” Her over enthusiastic joy at seeing us again really did nothing for my mood.

“It’s Libby” I corrected rather curtly, my mum shot me a quick warning glare, I stretched my eyes wide so she would know I was shouting what? Back at her. I wasn’t trying to be cocky but in my experience if you don’t nip this wrong name thing in the bud I’ll end up always being called by the name only my paternal grandmother knows me by. No, my name is Libby, I mean I wouldn’t dream of calling her Mrs Dowdy-son, even though if she calls me Olivia again I just might.

“Well ‘Libby’” She emphasized my name, touché to you I thought, “The kids are in the den, why don’t you run along and play, there are plenty of drinks and snacks as well as loads of games and things to keep you occupied.” I looked at my mum, surely this woman is insane, I’m almost 16 years of age I don’t even remember the last time someone told me to ‘run along and play’. My mum was of no help at all, she could barely keep the smirk off her face as she nodded in the direction of the ‘junior play pen’.

As I peaked round the door to the den I was surprised to find at least a dozen kids in there, all just hanging out. The boys crowded around the Xbox, engaged in a mixture of loud cheering, belching and mock fighting, oh teenage boys are just soOOoo mature. The girl’s on the other hand were far more civilised, they were sat next to the stereo on an assortment of huge beanbags.

“Oh hi, its Olivia isn’t it?” A cute little blonde girl asked who was sat on the beanbag furthest away from me.

“Just Lib or Libby’s fine.” I said stepping further into the room.

“Well don’t just stand there, come in and sit down, I’m Reah by the way.” She said smiling, “Oh and this is Keira, Jess, Amie and Zoe.” She pointed at each as she introduced them; I casually waved my hand knowing I was definitely not going to remember all their names.

“Hey Re, aren’t you going to introduce the new meat to us?” I loud, confident voice shouted over from the Xbox area of the room.

“Ignore him, that’s my brother and he’s a DICK.” She shouted back in just as loud of a voice. “So do you want a drink?” She asked getting up from her lounging position. I followed her to the fridge in the far corner of the room; she purposely walked in front of the TV screen much to the annoyance of her twin brother and his friends.

“So tell us all about yourself.” Amie or perhaps it was Jess asked as we returned to the safe haven that was the girl’s zone. I spent the next five minutes or so telling them about where I’d come from, the reason why we’d moved, namely my parent’s divorce, well that and my mum getting a job offer she just couldn’t turn down, her words not mine. Yeah I pretty much told them everything, except for one tiny detail, which I decided it was probably better not to mention, I mean it was going to be hard enough for me to settle in but if they know my mum was their school’s new principal, well let’s just say the term ‘social suicide’ would not be over exaggerating. No I’ll keep that little fact to myself as long as I can. I was hoping my deception would last for at least a couple of weeks, I mean it wasn’t obvious, my mum had reverted back to her maiden name of Edwards and I still had my dad’s name, McKenzie so unless some teacher spilt the beans I should be good for a while.

The girl’s and I chatted easily for a couple of hours, they filled me in on the town, places to go, where the nearest shopping centre was, which boys had girlfriends, which boys didn’t have girlfriends and why they should be avoided at all costs. It was going pretty well, and certainly much better than I expected.

I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket, pulling it out there was a text from my mum just letting me know she was heading home, she’d be leaving in a couple of minutes if I wanted to go. I was having a good time so I texted her back saying I’d stay for a little while longer, we only lived next door so getting home wasn’t a problem. She messaged me back with nothing but a smilie face and I knew she’d be patting herself on the back right about now.

“So beautiful” Connah, Reah’s brother, drooled as he threw himself on the other half of my beanbag, instantly draping his arm over my shoulder, “See anything you like?” He raised his eyebrow expectantly.

“Leave her alone, Connah, come on, don’t be a dick.” I followed the sound of the male voice; it belonged to possibly the best looking teenage boy I had ever seen outside of a magazine. He had the whole boy next door thing going on, his dark, messy hair fell perfectly, framing his stunning blue eyes, they were the colour of faded blue jeans and the type of eyes you just knew would change depending on his mood. He flashed me a bright smile before returning to his game.

Thankfully Connah quickly grew bored of my company and within a couple of minutes he was heading back in the direction of the Xbox. By half ten I was ready to go home, I still had a lot of unpacking to do and sorting out before I could go to bed, so I said my goodbyes.

“Where do you live?” I recognised the voice from before; hoping I wasn’t blushing I quickly explained it was only next door.

“Hey, it’s getting late I’ll walk you back.” He offered, I was too surprised to say anything. “I’m heading off now anyway, so it’s no big deal.”

We chatted about school and which teacher’s to look out for; before I knew it the two minute journey was up. “Well thank you for walking me home that really was very kind of you.” I said smiling gratefully at him, hmmm perhaps this town isn’t going to be so bad after all I thought to myself.

“Hey no worries, I’m Tom by the way.” He said holding out his hand for me to shake. As I took his hand he pulled me quickly to him and kissed me lightly on the lips. “Well goodnight Libby” he said pulling away from me after a couple of seconds. “It was a pleasure to meet you, I’m sure I’ll see you in school tomorrow, I’ll look out for you.” He gave me another peck on the cheek before quickly heading off down the street.

I stood there for a second still shocked at what had just happened, had he really just kissed me? No matter what, I had to give it to him that hand shake thing was one hell of a move. I touched my lips remembering the feel of his mouth on mine, as I headed towards my door I knew I wouldn’t be able to hide the broad smile on my face.

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