The Rumour Mill

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Chapter 14 (v.1)

Submitted: April 13, 2013

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Submitted: April 13, 2013




Hiya, sorry it has taken me so long to update, but with the last chapter being so, well...crapola, I decided to rewrite the ending, hopefully its better than it was so please if you haven't read the updated version please go back and check it out.

Any way fingers crossed you like this chapter.



Libby’s POV

What the fuck! Even though it was now Wednesday evening I’d said little else since the professor’s little bomb shell. After watching me banging my head on the desk numerous times Bailey had asked if I was okay, my reply was - what the fuck! When Elliot had smiled brightly into the tiny webcam and enquired how my day had been my response was - what the fuck! When Tom had suggested meeting in the coffee shop before our tutorial slot...well as predicted my riposte was - what the fuck! Yeah what the fuck just seemed to be my answer for everything these days, I don’t know it just seemed to fit.

I glanced again at my watch - 6:27, what the fuck! my inner voice screamed in my head, it had been 6:29 the last time I’d looked. Either time was now in reversal or I was losing my mind. As I scanned the college coffee shop for evidence of a glitch in the time space continuum I was sorely disappointed to find nobody was walking backwards, un-drinking their coffees or conversing in a language similar to ‘Klingon’.  Being unable to substantiate my theory of time distortion I realised I must be losing it.

As I drained my second extra large hot chocolate I peeked at the clock behind the counter – 6:31. With the copious amount of liquid I had swilling around me I decided to head to the bathroom then make my way to the professor’s office. With the endorphins from the hot chocolate starting to kick in and the pleasantly comfortable feeling of my now empty bladder I was in a relatively good mood. I even stifled my groan when I noticed Tom sitting on one of the two chairs outside Professor Adam’s office.


Tom’s POV

Oh man, she still looks pissed, I muse as I quickly take in her perfect fitting jeans and snug white tee shirt clinging beautifully to her pert breasts. Stop staring man! Hmmm that was going to be harder than I thought. Stop staring, if she catches you gawking at her tits she’ll be insufferable.

“Hey Lib” I offered finally pulling my eyes from her chest to her face. Jeez I swear she gets better looking every time I see her. Rather than answer me she plonked herself down in the uncomfortable, rigid seat next to me.

“Well at least you managed to make it here on time.” Her tone was a mixture of spite and sarcasm.

“Come now Lib, you know I’d never be late for a date with you.” I grinned at her knowing her infuriation was certainly bubbling away just underneath the surface.

“In your dreams, loser” I could see her winding herself up; yeah she was a long way from finished. “Firstly this is not a date, nor will it ever be.” She had that whole finger wagging thing going on, and whilst she thought she was the personification of furious to me she just looked adorable, getting herself all wound up. I didn’t even try to hide my amusement. “And secondly, even with your limited brain capacity, you must have realised there is no way I am going to be your partner.”

“Well Miss McKenzie” in her little rant neither of us had noticed Professor Adams stood in the doorway. “I’m sorry you feel that way as unless you can provide a restraining order Mr Butler here is your study buddy.” I could hear the laughter in his voice as he tried desperately to maintain his professionalism. “Now this way please.” He smiled brightly at the both of us as he ushered us into his office.

The room was immaculately tidy; the main focus of the room was a large oak desk which sat in front of a huge bay window. Apart from a laptop the only other things on his desk were a lamp, a stack of post-it notes and a pen caddy. A place for everything and everything it it’s place – immediately sprung to mind. As I took in the rest of the sparsely decorated room I noticed there was nothing personal to him in there.

When I’d visited my dad’s office as a kid it was like an extension of home, with family photos on his desk, his mug, a picture I’d drawn when I was six of my family in a frame on the far wall, certificates for something or another adorning the walls and various sports equipment, depending on what was currently the ‘in vogue’ leisure pursuit amongst up and coming executives at the time.

Hmmm Professor Adams was clearly not a creature comforts type of man. His office had the musty smell of old books, and on either side of the room the walls were filled with ceiling high bookcases filled with neatly lined up books. If I was betting man I would definitely put my money on them being stored in some sort of order perhaps by author or print date. Yeah you could just tell he was that type – the OCD type. My theory was only further proved when I finally spotted the array of notice boards on the wall with the door. There were at least six of them, on each were perfectly lined up different colour sticky notes. Yeah he was definitely a man of order...a little scary actually.

“So do you have a restraining order?” His voice instantly pulling me away from my interior design appraisal. At Libby’s lack of answer he continued. “Good well I guess it’s all settled then.” With a self satisfied grin he relaxed back into his overstuffed black leather recliner. After seeing his office it was obvious Lib was fighting a battle, she was never going to win, there was no way a control freak like the professor would or could ever rearrange his meticulous plans, his ‘condition’ clearly would never allow it.

“So let’s crack on, shall we?” He nodded at us enthusiastically before continuing. “So for the rest of the academic year you will be working together on assignments, research tasks and presentations.” As the list got longer out the corner of my eye I could see Libby’s shoulders sagging further and further.

“I have to say Miss McKenzie I am rather disappointed, I had hoped your pairing would be one of the best as both of you produced a good assignment and you seem to complement each other, in terms of your writing strengths and weaknesses.” He was staring straight at her waiting for a reaction; with her face a painful shade of scarlet she nodded her defeat and swallowed hard. “I trust you will co-operate fully with Mr Butler as both of your grades will depend on your performance.” There was a slight harsh tone in his voice and he was again staring at her.

“Of course professor.” She answered in little more than a whisper. He again stretched back into his seat knowing he had won the battle and kept her in line.

“Your assignment is to do an oral report on a recent event in the news regarding an unethical business practice.” Libby frantically started scribbling down the professors every word. “It is due in four weeks time” Again her pen flew across the page. “Now, I will also see you this time every week and you can update me on your progress.” With Libby still writing the professor looked at me and waiting for me to nod my understanding.

“Finally, by next week’s tutorial I will have a list of all the presentation groups and sessions, so I will give you a copy, any questions?” When neither of us answered immediately he wasted no time in getting to his feet and showing us to the door. “Well it’s a lot to take in, but I’ll expect you to have lots of questions and queries when I see you next week.”

Still slightly dazed from the overload of information in the last 20 seconds I glanced at my watch and noticed it was only 6:55. Wow he was concise; a straight for the jugular type of guy, there was obviously no messing with him.

I glanced over at Libby, I’m not sure if it was the lighting but she had a slight green hue to her cheeks and if I wasn’t mistaken she had the look of someone who was about to vomit.

“Hey Lib, are you okay?” She shot me a confused glare. “You look like you’re going to be sick, do you need to sit down or something.” I reached out to steady her.

“No I’m fine” she pulled her arm out of my reach but her words weren’t harsh, more crushed. “I’m not sick it’s just the thought of spending so much time with you, that’s all.” Although I smirked instantly at her remark it took her a while to see the funny side but eventually her resolve broke and she joined in my laughter. As her smile spread across her face, brightening her features I watched mesmerised yet again by just how beautiful she was.

“What are you looking at?” She asked dragging from my reverie.

“You, you really are pretty.”

“Erm thanks” She replied awkwardly, oh shit, I hadn’t realised I’d said that out loud. “That’s a little weird and I still hate you but thanks, I think.” It was her turn to laugh now and to hide my embarrassment I quickly joined in.

“So, although it pains me to say it, do you want to grab that coffee now?” She asked. “We need to talk through the assignment.” She quickly added, making sure I knew this was not a social event, we were there to work. I instantly agreed, after all I didn’t care why we were spending time together, just so long as we did.

We spent the next hour and a half drinking overpriced tepid beverages and fruitlessly trying to come up with a topic. I realised after ten minutes that unless it was sport related I had no idea what was going on in the world. With Libby faring only a little better than me we decided to call it a night, as we were getting nowhere fast, and try again tomorrow. We agreed to meet in the library after classes and I was under strict orders to do some research as we each needed to come with a list of topic ideas.

“So it’s a date then” I grinned happily, I just couldn’t believe have fantastically well this whole partner thing had turned out, I guess it must be fate I told myself.

“No it’s a study meeting, not a will never be a date, understand?” With that she brought me back to earth with a harsh thud.

“See you tomorrow.” I called after her as she strided off towards her dorms.

Yeah whether she admits it or not, tomorrow was most definitely a date. I chuckled to myself as I walked back to my room.

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