The Rumour Mill

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Chapter 3 (v.1)

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Wrong Impressions

Libby’s POV

Although my mum had offered to give me a lift to school this morning with her I had decided if I was going to keep the distance between the two of us it would be foolish to be seen getting out of her car on the very first day. Besides the school was only a ten minute walk away and there was every chance I’d see a couple of the people I’d met last night on the way, then at least I wouldn’t have to walk in alone.

I surveyed my appearance in the full length mirror by the front door, checking I looked okay before heading out. In my old school the sixth formers had to wear a uniform, white open neck blouse, navy checked skirt and matching navy blazer, at least moving here had spared me from the awful, ugliness of having to dress in that. No my new school, St Margaret’s, only had a uniform for years seven through eleven, once passed the compulsory part of school the sixth formers could wear what they liked, ‘within reason’ my mum had warned this morning before she left.

She had previously been the deputy head at large high school in my home town of Reading; thankfully not the school I went to. She had worked there for six years and had risen through the ranks, joining the school as a supply teacher covering maternity leave. By two years she was not only a full time member of staff she had also been promoted to head of department, from there, well there was no stopping her, she was deputy head within another two years and had thrived, stamping her mark on the place, raising standards and achievements. I knew the first thing she would tackle would be appearance, I had seen her loading two bags of cleansing wipes and nail vanish remover into the boot of the car. During the drive up from Reading she had told me at least five times all parents had been sent letters spelling out the new regime and the consequences of any infringements. I could tell from her tone she was secretly hoping there’d be a few diehards who thought they could get away with false eyelashes, purple hair, orange skin or trainers, who she could make an example of, and I knew she would and even more worrying I knew she would relish it.

I shrugged on my jacket as I closed the door and made my way to my new school. It was unseasonably cold for early September and pulling my coat around me I hurried down my pathway.

“Good morning Libby” Connah chimed from a few yards away; I looked and smiled in his direction before turning to smile my hello to his sister, Reah.

“Hiya you two” I chirped back, Connah chuckled whilst Reah glared at me.

“Come on Connah” She snapped grabbing him by the hand and yanking him away before I had chance to ask what was going on.

Hmmm I take it she’s not a morning person then, I thought to myself as I watched her stomp down the road dragging her brother behind her.

By the time I reached the main entrance to the school I had noticed two things:

  1. My mum was going to have to buy more cleansing wipes; every girl I passed had a face full of make-up.
  2. New students were obviously a rarity, as not only had I lost count of the number of students who’d stared at me, but also there were a huge number who had blatantly pointed me out to their friends and then started talking about me.

I let out a massive sigh as I walked through the double doors and headed to the reception desk. The lady behind the counter smiled warmly at me as she nervously rolled her wedding ring around and around her finger.

“Good morning” She greeted, “It’s Libby isn’t it?” Not waiting for an answer she fished around under the desk and pulled out a folder with my name on it, she handed it to me and continued.

“Your timetable is in here along with a map of the school” she watched as I opened it and took out the couple of sheets of printed paper. “Oh and your mum thought you’d be interested in this.” She handed me a booklet listing all the extra curricula activities the school had to offer, as I opened it I noticed my mum had highlighted a few, she had also annotated little notes. I shook my head, oh God she was so controlling! The first of my chosen after school clubs was the school council, her note besides it read ‘This will look good on your university applications’. The next were the orchestra and hockey, I knew what her advice would be even before I read it, I’d heard it a million times, ‘these enrichment activities will make you better-rounded and you can discuss them in your personal statement for university next year.’ Oh God she was obsessed, I was beginning to think she couldn’t wait to get rid of me.

I still had two years in this place to get through before I headed off to college but I had already visited at least half a dozen universities, my parents were both staunch advocates of higher education. Ever since I can remember I had known the short list of colleges I’d be applying for, I don’t even think I was ever asked by either of them if I actually wanted to go, but hey, it’s not like it matters...what I want, after all it’s only MY LIFE, I thought as I continued to glance through the list of activities. To be fair to my mum she had picked what I would have chosen for myself, she knew how much I loved lacrosse and hockey was the nearest thing they had to it.

I came from a very musical background; my dad’s side of the family, well half of them had been in the town band, so at some point or another I had learnt the basics for almost every instrument in it. My maternal grandmother was a classically trained pianist, she had often joked I had learned to read music before I could actually read. One of my earliest memories is of the two of us sat next to each other on the piano bench, it was Christmas day and I was three, we’d practiced for weeks, I can still see the beaming smile of pride on my mum’s face as I very, very slowly played the first couple of bars of jingle bells. Ever since then I had loved to play, but I had never quite been able to replicate that feeling of jubilation or accomplishment.

“So do you think you can find your way to the sixth form common room or would you like me to escort you?” She asked pulling me from my reminiscences.

“Erm” I said quickly surveying the labelled plan of the entire school, “If you point me in the right direction I am sure I’ll be fine.” I said still frowning at the mass of tiny squares and barely legible numbers inside them.

She pointed it out and told me to turn left out of reception and follow the corridor to the end and turn left again, she then assured me I couldn’t miss it.


Tom’s POV

I walked into the common room and was immediate mobbed by my friends,

“She was looking fine this morning” Connah informed me from the other side of the room, I could see his head nodding in approval, play it cool man I thought as I  smirked and shrugged my shoulders hoping to give off an air of nonchalance.

I looked round the long narrow room, I recognised every face in there but I couldn’t find the one I was looking for.

“She’s not here yet.” Connah said as he got to my side, jeez is he a mind reader all of a sudden; well it was either that or I was so blatantly smitten with her I looked like a love sick puppy or something, I shuddered at the thought and reminded myself to play it cool...after all my playboy reputation could be at stake here.

The girls were gossiping on the other side of the room, and although I had no idea what they were talking about I knew it wouldn’t be good news for whoever had caused such a kerfuffle amongst them. An image of witches gathered around a cauldron, cackling and stirring up trouble flashed into my subconscious and I sneered at the acuteness of my comparison.

I watched as each of them turned to look at me, I was amused by the mixture of their expressions; Reah looked like she had just eaten something nasty, the snarl on her face made her usually attractive features look slightly grotesque. A couple of the others gave me a sad half smile then shook their heads at me sadly making me feel like I had disappointed them in some way. The rest had the usual, tiresome wistful look, the drooling had long since gotten boring, somebody needs to tell these girls desperation really wasn’t a turn on, losers!!

Their talking suddenly grew silence at the same instant their bodies stiffened, oh boy somebody had gotten the covens heckles up. I turned to look at the object of their hostility and was astounded to see them glaring at Libby, oh man does she look fit, I was very conscious of my open mouthed gaping, but I was unable to pull my eyes away from her as they raked over her body again and again.

Last night I thought she was pretty but today she gorgeous, I could just see the mounds of her pert cleavage through the tight black shirt she was wearing. I swallowed hard as my eyes drifted downwards, I was again surprised I hadn’t noticed how long her legs were, and although hidden underneath a snug fitting pair of jeans I knew they were lean and toned.

I heard a derisory snort from behind me from one of the girls and was again reminded of their initial reaction when she had entered the room. Jesus things change fast in the world of GIRL, I thought to myself. Only yesterday these same girl’s had been desperate to ingratiate themselves to her, and now what they can’t stand her? What’s with that? I wondered, are they jealous because she is, undoubtedly, so much fitter than any of them? I shook my head in disgust as a realisation occurred to me, they’re jealous because of me, sad bitches; I turned and scowled my disapproval at them, and they wonder why they get used and abused by us lads, pathetic!

“Hi Tom” she said shyly just barely audible, I could see her cheeks flush pink as she cast he eyes to the floor hoping to hide her embarrassment, before busying herself with the papers in her hand.

“Hi Lib” I answered trying to hide the face splitting grin I knew I wore.

“Come on man” Connah said as he grabbed my arm and pulled me away, “We’ve got practice, you know if we’re late coach will cut off your balls, and you’ll be no good to her then.” He laughed at his own, really bad joke; I shrugged my apology, just catching her scarlet blush making her look even more adorable.

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