The Rumour Mill

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Chapter 4 (v.1)

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Libby’s POV

My mum’s voice crackled through the school’s ancient tannoy system, seeping through the heavy atmosphere in the room. She began by welcoming the student body back to the new academic year before proceeding to inform them all uniform infringements would be dealt with severely. The sixth formers around me groaned their complaints, I could tell by their nonchalance they thought they were above her jurisdiction, but oh boy were they wrong, in her old school she had made an example out of them. I had often thought her punishment to them had actually been the harshest of all, with the younger kids she had made them wash their faces, remove nail varnish or in the event of trainers being worn to school she had made the offender take them off and walk round in only their socks all day. Yeah my mum was stubborn, I thought and I knew nobody got the upper hand on matter what.

When the sixth formers had broken a rule she had a whole range of unusual punishments lined up, from assisting the teachers with coaching sessions, running after-school study groups for the younger students, helping the cleaners and her personal favourite, making the miscreant spend the day in a year seven class, taking part in all their lessons, her justification was that if they acted like children they would be treated like children. And that was when she was only a deputy head, so god only knows how the power would go to her head now she was top dog. My brow furrowed into a heavy frown as I realised once the other’s found out she was my mum I’d be lucky if I made it out of the place alive, hmmm perhaps I should just accept the next two years were going to be very, very lonely.

The atmosphere in school this morning had taken an unexpected turn for the frosty, I thought as I headed towards second period and the gym. My timetable was a little vague, for the next two hours I had PE, but I had no idea what form of exercise this physical education class would take.

By the time I got to the changing rooms a couple of girls were already in their kits, there was no set uniform and like me the majority had shorts and a t-shirt. I found a space to change and rushed to get out of my clothes and into my sports gear. I was just pulling my t-shirt down when one of the girls, I think it was Zoe, shoved passed me, elbowing me in the back as she went. I jerked round quickly to see her walking off with two others I recognised from last night, she cast me a snarl over her shoulder before flicking her head back round spraying her long white blond hair out behind her, ooh very shampoo ad, I thought to myself before a flame of annoyance ignited inside me.

"What's your problem?" I called after her, although I am not normally confrontational I knew I couldn't let this pass...there was no way I was bring a victim for the next two years.

Zoe and her friends come to an abrupt halt a couple of yards away from me and they turned to face me, they looked at each other and started to smirk.

"You're my problem, slag!" Zoe challenged, the other girls getting changed all stopped what they were doing so they could catch my reaction.

"What did you just call me?" I spat as I took a step closer, my eyes fixed on hers. Out the corner of my eye I could see girls all around me fishing in their pockets for their phones, clearly they were expecting a fight and they didn't want to miss the opportunity of filming it so they could share the moment with the rest of the world.

Her smirk spread across her face as her posse of friends closed ranks around her; I just knew I couldn't back down. So I stepped forward, bridging the gap between the two of us and readied myself for the inevitable ‘set-to’ which was about to explode in the confinement of the girls locker room.

"I asked you what you called me!" I could feel the anger bubbling inside me, I had no idea what had happened, how she'd gone from a potential friend to my nemesis.

"I called you a SLAG, because that's what you are." I could feel her breath in my face as she spoke; she pushed my shoulder heavily on the last syllable for emphasis. Oh it’s on, I thought as I looked at her, she was at least four inches shorter than me and from her tiny frame and perfectly manicured nails I knew she was no fighter, I quickly weighed up my options and knew I could take her...if it was just the two of us that is.

The odds of it being a fair fight was probably not stacked in my favour, she was after all, clearly one of the ‘popular’ kids and me, well I was the new kid, the new, friendless kid. Yeah I didn’t really think this through, did I? I thought as the image of me lying on the floor, covered in cuts and bruises swam in my head. Perhaps I should have kept my big mouth shut? Well that wasn’t an option any more; no I had to face the music.

"Come on girls!" The teacher’s bellowing voice split through the tension, causing both of us to back away from the other.

PE was atrocious, possibly the worst class I have ever had to endure. This morning we were having a go at football, of course I was picked last, then nobody would pass it to me, whenever I did manage to get it one or more of the other girls would take great pleasure in kicking or elbowing me and if that wasn't bad enough every time one of them were close enough to me they would whisper obscenities to me or advise me to whore it up at some other school.

By the time I had changed back into my clothes my fighting spirit had evaporated, I got dressed as quickly as I could and raced out of the locker room conscious my resolve would not hold out much longer. I could feel the sting of tears burning the back of my eyes and knew I had only seconds to find a secluded nook in this hell hole before I could no longer contain them. My face burned with embarrassment as the thought of letting these girls see how much they had upset me caused me far more pain than any beating could ever do.

My head was spinning as I sprinted out the door and down the hallway; I raced round the corner and collided heavily with something or someone. The force of the impact caused me to lose my balance and stumble backwards; I scrunched my eyes tightly shut as I braced myself for the imminent collision of my head with the dirty, linoleum floor.

“Whoa, steady there.” A disembodied voice called out as strong arms grabbed at my waist pulling me back, just in the nick of time, from the imposing floor. “Hey, be careful.” He advised, I knew he wasn’t telling me off, his tone was kind. I sighed; relieved I was spared the ordeal of having the whole school seeing me sprawled out on the ground.

“I’m so sorry” I said as I still held onto his arms trying desperately to regain my balance. “And thank you so much for saving me.” I smiled up at him and finally released him from my death grip. His pastel green eyes smiled back at me, matching the grin warming his expression. The pallid hue of his tourmaline green eyes held my gaze for just a second too long, I could again feel my face tinge with a blush.

“I’m Elliot” he said, blinking and breaking our connection.

“Oh hi, I’m Libby and thanks once again.” I answered quickly looking anywhere except at his eyes.

“So how’s it going?” He added, I could feel his eyes looking intently at me.

“Fine” I lied, sighing heavily. I mean what else was I suppose to say? I hate it here.

“Oh okay” he raised his eyebrows, clearly not buying it. “Its lunch time now, I’m heading over there do you want me to show you the way, walk with you?” He offered, I nodded my acceptance, relieved I wouldn’t have to walk in there on my own.

As we walked into the canteen, I could feel the weight on the stares on me, watching, curious, some I knew were checking me out, other’s were trying to decide for themselves if I truly was what they called me and some were trying to figure out what I was doing with Elliot. As he ushered me to the counter a hush spread over the room, I put it out of my mind and concentrated on the lunch lady and the food on offer today. By the time we found a seat the volume in the huge room had returned to a normal level, but I couldn’t shake the feeling many were talking about me.

I picked at my food, knowing I would be unable to stomach anything heavy, I ate a couple of chips, and broke my cupcake up into four or five pieces, considering whether or not I could control my nausea enough to eat it.

“Can I sit here?” I looked up to see Reah motioning towards the empty seat next to me; I smiled tentatively at her and nodded. “So I heard what happened with Zoe.” She began, I exhaled relieved, finally I thought, a girl in this place who doesn’t hate me.

“Now you need to listen, and I mean really listen.” Her tone suddenly harsh, “You need to get the fuck out of my school.”

“That’s enough Reah.” Elliot warned from next to me.

“I know she puts out Elliot, but I thought you’d be more discerning.” She screeched incredulously at him before scraping the chair across the floor and storming off, I watched her befuddled as she stomped away.

“What did she mean?” I questioned more to myself than him.

“She’s no vestal virgin, just ignore her.” He said calmly, trying to soothe my temper.

“No, but I am!” I spat. “I’ve had this all day, what does she mean?” I could feel my body tense as I regurgitated the morning in my thoughts.

“She thinks you had sex with Tom last night.” He watched me carefully trying to gauge my reaction; it took a while for his words to sink in.

“Why would she think that?” I asked slowly, trying to figure out what had happened.

“It’s all over Facebook, Tom told Connah himself.” My eyes went wide; I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, fury swept through me.

“I’m going to fucking kill him when I get my hands on him.” I stood up sharply and scanned the dining room for Tom, he caught my eye almost instantly, I felt my expression harden.

“You lying fuck!” I shouted from across the table as I approached him quickly, my hand connected crisply with the side of his face as the slap, clapped loudly in the room. There was that silence again, I thought, but this time I didn’t care. “You told them I had sex with you?” I could hear the incredulity in my voice.

“Hey baby, you rocked my world I didn’t know I had to keep it a secret.” The unctuous tone of his answer infuriated me and I launched at him, ready to rip his deceitful head off.

“You two, to the principal’s office, NOW!!!” The teacher’s voice echoed around the room halting me in my tracks.

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