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Chapter 1 (v.1) - Aera Danes

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Submitted: March 28, 2013



Chapter 1: "Aera Danes"

It's my first day of Highschool at Hansville Academy. For the past few years my family's always on the move and we were basically like migrating almost every year. So, I never had something such as a permanent home, school or even friends.

Today I arrived at Hansville, We're living here for at least two years or so. It's the longest one so far. Hopefully, this place doesn't bore me and I'll finally find something to kepp in my heart. The place is peaceful, there are trees on the sidewalks, it's not that crowdy and noisy... and well,, it's peaceful. It's chilly though, well.. the wind. It's August here in America. It's mid-summer. The sun's out brightening the day and the blue sky is so clear with some tiny clouds around but despite all these, it doesn't change the fact that the breeze is cold.

The thought of the cold breeze made me rub both of my shoulders to feel some slight heat to warm me up. I also let down my brown wavy hair that reached to my shoulders to help me find warmth. I kept staring out the window as I sit down on my seat inside the moving bus on my way to school. First days, usually a person's anxious or nervous and always has worries but as for me, I don't think of it much. I'm already used to it. I was 12 when all the migrating started and I've been doing this for 7 years and here i am now, I'm 18. I'm not looking forward much.

As I kept thinking looking out through the glass window of the bus I'm currently on, a person with short black-spiky-kind-of hair with a blue shirt, a grey vest and jeans to pair with came to sit next to me. Our eyes met and she smiled a greeting.

"Hey." I said with a slight smile. A smile always sets up the mood right?

"Hi. I'm Blu. What's yours?" She tilted her head to the side to see me in another angle for her dark brown chocolate eyes to scan on my pale skinned face.

"Blu?" I squinted my eyes at her.

"What?" She shrugged. "I don't know. My mom must have been so obssesed with the color blue."

"Doesn't it sound like a guy's name?"

"I'm a girl, I can assure you that." She looked at me from my feet to my head.

"Hey, I'm not questioning your gender." I shook my head, raising a brow while smiling in a wierded out manner at her.

She leaned back on her seat and sighed. She looked at me again with focused eyes.

'You still haven't told me your name."

"I'm Aera Danes."

"Aera...Danes..." She got a notepad in her bag beside her and listed my name.

"What's that for?" I asked, confused.

After writing my name, she placed it back in her bag and continued looking for something else in her backpack. Hearing all the rustling in her bag, I can say she stuffed a lot of things inside. She abruptly got a camera inside her bag and clicked the on button as it faced me.

"Cheese!" She smiled as the flash in the camera burned and blinded my eyes.

"God! Blu!" I abruptly looked away with a hazy vision and covered my eyes. Damn, it hurts.

"Oh God! Fuck! I'm sorry! I forgot about the flash." She touched my back for comfort and turned her camera off before putting it away, panicking. "Are you okay?" She asked worriedly.

I slowly got my hands off my eyes and tried blinking to stop the blur I'm seeing right now. Thankfully, I still have my eyes working.

"I'm fine." I replied.

"Oh, Thank God." She sighed in relief and got her hands off my back. "I'm sorry. I'll be careful next time." She said.

I faced her and her face looked completely guilty. Well, that makes me feel better. At least I know she's sorry.

"It was an accident, I forgive you." I smiled at her slightly for one second and exhaled. "So... what the hell was that for?"

"I'm part of the school's newspaper club."

Ah. That explain everything. All it took was those seven words...

"You're doing an article about the new students?" I touched my back at the back of my seat for comfort.

"Yeah." She nodded. "Everyone has to know you eventually."

"Can I at least see my picture?"

"Oh! Sure!" Her face gleammed full of glee and she didn't waste time at all getting the camera. "Here." She showed me the picture enthusiastically as she closed the space between us.

I looked at it and i loked dead and frozen. My hair looks so messy with my eyes that looked so dull-looking.

"I look like shit."

"Not really. Way better looking than this guy." She clicked the previous button for the picture.

"Ugh. Gross." We both said in unison.


"So? What's your first class?" Blu asked as the both of us walked by the hallway filled with loads of people.

I looked at the sheet of paper I'm currently holding which is my time schedule in classes and it said I'm having physics.

"Physics." I stated and kept my schedule paper in one of my pockets on my jeans.

"Oh. My least favorite subject."

"What's yours?" I asked her as i kept my hair up in a messy bun. I frankly don't care about what people think about me or my looks. So I don't mind the stares if i seriously look like crap to everyone. Although, I'm my worst critique.

"My 2nd least favorite subject. History." She sighed in disappointment while slouching.

"History? That's a cool subject." I looked up at the ceiling remembering my past with history in my previous schools.

"Well, I'm that kind of girl that sticks with the present. SO... fuck history." She laughed.

I looked at her with a  chuckle and I just let out a snort while slightly smiling while moving my head side to side. thinking of: 'Unbelievable' in my mind.

The bell rand telling students that they had to be in class. Everyone started walking to their designated classes. Slowly, the hallway is getting empty.

"Say Blu, where's physics class located?" I asked her before setting off.

"Oh. You just go to the northeast hallway and turn right twice."

"I see. Thanks." I smiled at her and turned my back on her, walking away.

"Hey Aera! Let's meet up here again during lunch!" Blu exclaimed a few meters away.

I raised a hand up with a nod in agreement.

I could see her smile even wider before she completely got away from my vision.

I looked back front and walked my way to physics class. As I kept walking, I could see the room's door in front of me and I could hear some noises inside. I touched the doorknob and had a quite strong grip to turn it and open the door. I poked my head out and all the people inside were chatting continuosly and at front, I could not see an teacher. I got inside and closed the door.

I took a slight glance at the classroom looking for any available seats and by the very corner of the room stood an empty chair. I didn't hesitate in taking it so I took a step forward closer to that chair. I was able to sit down and place my bag down on the floor beside me and I waited for classes to begin. Unfortunately, our teacher is taking time. It's been 10 minutes and the people inside this classroom don't seem to care. I leaned my chin on my knuckles as i placed my elbow on my desk for support as I move my eyes around, navigating the whole perimeter of the room.

It's not that different compared to other schools. It's pretty normal. Noisy jocks, giggling little ladies, the quiet one, the bookworms and gossiping girls that have eyes that could pierce through your skin. Just like any other crowd in highschool. I looked at my side and found a guy eating. Eating cheese. Eating a cheese stick, a stick purely made of cheese. Doesn't that taste a little... bitter? I raised a brow at the guy and he didn't seem to notice me giving him a dirty look. He had light brunette hair, fair complexion... and... I can't properly see his eyes since he is looking forward. I looked away and sighed. 'I forgot to mention the weirdos.' I thought.


Both of my brows suddenly went down and I turned my head over my right shoulder. It's the guy. He's facing me.

"What?" I threw him back a question.

"What???" His shoulders raised up with his hands up in bent elbows. His eyes... had the color blue.

I looked side to side with my eyes alone and faced him. "Nothing." I said.

"What? Never seen a guy eat cheese alone?" He questioned.

I guess he noticed that I looked at him. I wonder if he got bothered. Or maybe he's getting wrong ideas. Ok, This situation is a little awkward.

"I didn't say anything." I paused ."...about you and your cheese..."

There were 3 minutes of awkward silence...

How does one socialize with a weird guy like this? I really don't want to start my days here in this school letting some people assume I'm weird too. He finished eating his cheese stick and then he got another one is his pocket of his jacket. His pocket seemed to bulge and I could see a plastic wrapper of his cheese sticking out of his pocket. Damn, that's many chesse sticks.

"Seriously, what's your problem?" His eyes looked at me strictly and he furrowed both of his brows at me.

"Jace." A hand abruptly slammed the guy's desk, interrupting the both of us. But honestly, I'm glad we both got interrupted. I guess the weirdo has a friend.

"Damn it Jared, what do you want?" The guy said while chewing his cheese stick in his mouth.

"Let me borrow an eraser. I left mine at home." He was sitting in front of the cheese-stick-eating-guy and he had black hair, light brown eyes and a pale complexion. He held out his hand in front of the guy and waited.

"Goddamnit. It's not like you to leave your eraser at home." He sighed and gobbled up his cheese stick and placed the wrapper inside his pocket and shifted to his bag to get an eraser. "Here." He let out a sigh.

"Thanks." He accepted the eraser and faced his notebook on his desk. His notebook was labeled 'Physics'.

Why would he be studying physics at the first day of school? I took a little glance at his face and he looked very serious and frustrated looking at an equation. Definitely a workaholic.


It's the tardy bell. In a spur of moment, the door flung open and our teacher arrived at last. Finally, we can start our physics class. The class teacher apologized for getting late as his sweat was trickling down from his forehead to the sides of his head. He wiped them off with his handkerchief and fixed his loosened tie. As soon as he finally looked presentable, he cleared his throat and faced the class after closing the door.

"Good morning everyone. I'm Richard Roberts, your physics teacher and I will be guiding you in physics throughout the whole schoolyear. Since this is our first meeting, I would start by getting to know ourselves better and hopefully, we would get along well. Let us start by the front with--

The door opened once again, revealing a guy with blonde hair, crystal blue eyes and pinkish complexion. Everyone stared at him and some of the girls giggled when their eyes would meet his.

"And you must be...?" Our teacher looked at the new late comer with brows, furrowed.

"Oh. The name's Jacques. Jacques Stafford." He looked at everyone in the room full with confidence in his eyes and smile. Everyone, almost everyone, chuckled seeing him. I can say, he's popular.

"Please take a seat, Mr. Stafford." Mr. Roberts extended his hand out to class, letting him find a seat for his own self.

There was an available seat next to this guy who is studying physics, he sat beside him and placed his bag down. There was a girl at his other side, giggling as she looked into his 'mesmerizing' eyes. Jacques looked at her and gave her a flirty smile. Looking at that scene made me feel like barfing. Another weirdo. The girl even blushed and giggled with her friend. I sighed; looking away.



"So... How's your day so far?" Blu asked with a looking-forward smile as she sat down across me holding her tray on her hands and she placed it down on the table; getting a fry from her fries.

"It's not that bad." I replied while peeling an orange with my hands. I successfully peeled the skin off, and I got a piece of an orange to take a bite. I slowly got my eyes looking at Blu and she continuosly stared at me. "What?" I shrugged my shoulders at her.

"An orange?" She raised a brow.

"Yeah, so?" I got another piece and ate it.

"No wonder you're so skinny."

"I'm not THAT skinny." Why do people say remarks like that? I just don't have a huge appetite. Looking at Blu's tray, she had fries, a burger and a can of coke and her body ain't fat at all. She must have fast metabolism. Looking around the place, people around here are noisy. A time where they can fool around I guess. I continued strolling around with my eyes chewing my orange inside my mouth and what caught my eyes was a girl with long black hair that probably reached to her shoulder blades at the back, she had green eyes and a pinkish complexion, she's also walking this way to our table. Blu noticed me staring at something and so she followed where my eyes were stuck at and she lifted her arm up high waving hello at the stranger.

"Hey Al!" She called out. They both exchanged smiles and the girl placed her tray of food at our table and sat beside Blu.

"Hey." She greeted Blu. SHe took a slight glance at me and she looked back at Blu, waiting for something.

"Oh.Right." Blu seemed to get the message and she swallowed her food in her mouth to talk properly. "Alix, Aera Danes, Aera, Alix Quinn." She introduced for the both of us.

"Hi." She smiled at me as a greeting.

"Nice meeting you." I nodded once at her with a slight smile as always.

"Oh, and by the way, Alix is part of the school's newspaper club. She's damn smart too." Blu sadi before taking a bite from her burger.

"And Blu's the stupid one." Alix sighed with non-challant eyes. Blu looked at Alix unbelievably insulted in a way. "But she takes good pictures." Alix continued.

"Thank you very much." Blu said in a manner where she was trying to slap Alix with her words.

I rolled my eyes away from them while shaking my head side to side with a slight curve in my lips.

"I heard you're a new student here." Alix said while eating her chicken satisfyingly.

"Yeah." I raised my brows once while finishing my half-eaten orange.

"If I remember correctly, your first subject in the morning is Physics, right?"

I stopped chewing and looked at her curiously. Then I continued chewing looking side to side with my dark-brown eyes waiting for her to continue.

"You must have met the 3 Js right?" Her lips turned into a sly grin.

"3 Js?" It sounds like a kid's group name. Pretty childish and stupid if you ask me personally. I smirked at her and sighed. "What's that?" I asked.

"It's not officially their name but you know... Their names start with the letter J so..." Alix shrugged at me; chewing her sandwich.

"Their names are Jace, the glutton. Always eating every minute. Oftenly caught eating in class and is still impossibly fit." Blu said after finishing her burger. "And--

"There's Jared. Jared Goodwin." Alix inserted. "Good in arts... no...excellent in arts and anything that involves the right brain. But is incredibly almost clueless when it comes to the left brain's activities despite being a workaholic in both hemispheres of the brain." I could hear her sigh in disappointment.

"Aaaand... There's Jacques." Blu said.

"Jacques..." Alix scoffed while putting down her sandwich.

"What's with the double mention?" I looked at the both of them, confused. But I've heard that name. He's the blonde late-comer this early morning in physics class.

"Jacques the popular guy. All with the 'Handsome'  features, girls chasing him, guys admiring him. The big deal in this school." Blu explained further.

"I can see that." I wasn't wrong about him being popular. It just looked so obvious.

"Well..." ALix abruptly stood up from her chair, catching our attention, and she said: "I forgot to get a drink. I'll be right back." She got her tray with her finished food and then went off.

"Oh and by the way, Alix and Jacques are kind of close friends... or something. Yeah, let's stick with friends." Blu nodded as she placed her fingers from one hand on her chin.

Alix and Jacques as friends? I can't seem to picture it in my mind.

"I'm back." Alix came back while fixing her straight dark black hair and sat on her seat next to Blu's.

I looked at Alix picturing her with Jacques... no, it's not there at all. It's too bizarre.

"What?" Alix looked at me confusingly.

"Nothing." I sighed and finished my orange.

"You told her didn't you?" Alix sharpened her eyes at Blu.

"Hey! If she's going to be our friend, she'll find out one day. So why not tell her now?" Blu backed away from Alix while taking a sip from her can of cola.

"Aera. You won't tell anybosy, will you?" Alix looked at me with dead serious eyes. SHe was really keen seconds ago.

"I've got nobody to tell to anyway."

"And if you do?" She crossed her arms at me.

"I won't tell. I promise." I reassured her anxiousness.

"I'll trust you then. I don't want screaming fangirls yelling at me, chasing me just to kill me." She sighed in relief.

I chuckled at the thought and said: "It won't happen." I smiled at her to make her feel better.

"Thanks." She smiled back.


"Okay, so who's having Trigonometry?" Blu raised her hands up waiting for one of us to raise ours too.

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