Never broken.

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A young girl called Rose, taken from her hometown whilst walking her dog through the Forrest.
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Chapter 1 (v.1) - Never Broken.

Submitted: March 23, 2013

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Submitted: March 23, 2013



It was a calm, cloudy day, it was snowing as usual, the thick shower of snow covered each inch of land, I live in a small cottage in the middle of a large Forest area, there was one road that lead from our driveway out to the main road a good 15 miles away.

I decided rather than sitting inside next to the fire all day as usual that I would go out and explore. I threw on a few pairs of thin black tights, a large, oversized t-shirt, black fingerless gloves, my brown/grey jacket decorated with crosses and my black knee high converse.

I walked silently down the hall, stopping outside of my mothers bedroom as I did so, she was still sleeping, all bundled up in her covers, I walked into her room silently and kissed her cheek then retreating back to the door, I heard a shuffle of her covers and then heard a calm, slightly tired but beautiful voice \"Rose?\" I turned back to face my mother, she had long black hair, clear pale skin and the most beautiful colour of blue eyes \"where are you going?\" She continued, \"just out for a walk\" I said smiling at her \"okay, but make sure you take grey\" she said before giving me a quick smile and then lying back down, burying herself in her fluffy, thick, white sheets, \"will do mum, love you\" I said, knowing that she had already slipped back into whatever dream she was having.

I turned back around and crept down the stairs not making a sound, hoping not to wake mother. Grey was my 3 year old Husky, she would do anything in her power to keep me safe and to make me feel happy, I walked into the living room where grey was lay on her belly looking up at me, she turned her head as if to say 'walk?' I smiled knowing what she meant, I slipped her Leash from the hook that was screwed into the wall about shoulder height and dangled it in front of me, grey immediately sprung to her feet, wagging her tail and jumping up at me, \"get of me grey\" laughing whilst I said it, I quickly hooked her leash onto her collar and walked towards the back door with her following behind me.

All of a sudden she abruptly stopped, forcing me to jerk backwards almost falling, I turned to face grey as she had her paw placed firmly on my pocket knife that my dad gave me to protect myself before be left, he was a royal British marine and had to leave a few months ago, I grabbed the knife and placed it in my shoe near the top, tying it in place with the remaining who laces that I had left, I gave grey a cocky smile and opened the back door, the air was calm as I stood there for a few minutes observing the beautiful scenery, grey was getting impatient with me and quickly got infront of me, pulling me out of the door and onto the soft, crunchy snow.

I walked out with grey after locking the door behind me and then carried on walking through the snow which was just above the ankle height, grey was eager to look around for herself and use natures bathroom, I unhooked her leash and watched her race past trees, excited to play and have fun, I ran after her as fast as I could, she was by far a lot faster than me, I stopped in my tracks knowing that I would never catch her and decided to start climbing a tree \"HIDE AND SEEK YOU'RE ON!\" I shouted, knowing she knew what I meant.

She almost immediately howled up at the sky before turning around and racing to find me, I could hear the quick crunching of the snow getting closer and closer before grey was in my sight, I placed both hands over my mouth to minimise the sound of my breathing.

Grey suddenly stopped and dropped her head down to the ground, trying to catch my scent that was being quickly hidden by the new snow that was still falling, it took grey less than a second to catch it, she followed my footsteps from when I was running after her and made her way towards the tree that I was in, she playfully growled before snapping her head in my upwards direction and started barking and jumping at me.

I laughed and screamed playfully at her before jumping down and lying in the snow, she quickly jumped I top of me and started licking my face, my arms catapulted on top of grey's back and hugged her tightly, we lay in the snow together for a few minutes until there was a light blanket of snow on top of us. She quickly jumped up and lightly bit my arm knowing it was my turn to find her, I covered my eyes and started counting to 20, that was plenty of time knowing how fast she could run, when I got to 20 I shouted her name and received a bark in return, knowing she was ready I carefully examined the snow an began to follow her footsteps.

It had been a good 5 minutes by now and I was still following her tracks with my head facing down, I suddenly heard a breaking twig, as if someone had broken it by stepping on it, a smile appeared on my face as I ran to where I had heard the noise, \"I know you're here somewhere grey\" I said curiously looking on the ground for her long, grey fur poking out of somewhere.

Out of nowhere I heard a loud clinking noise, familiar to the sound that we heard when a gun was triggered, I stood still as I could hear the husky breathing of a man, fear welled up inside of me as I opened my mouth to scream, but before I could I heard him \"make a sound and I'll blow your head clean of understand?\" His voice was deep and sounded slightly bunged up from the cold temperature I guessed.

I slowly shut my mouth close and turned around to face the end of the gun with my hands raised just so my fingers were above my ears, the man looked out of breath for some odd reason, he had long black hair, about shoulder length, he was wearing a black scarf over his mouth, he stared intently at me with his almost black eyes.

He was wearing black snow boots, black jeans and a big black coat. We stared in each others eyes for a few moments before I heard grey getting closer toward us, I was fearing the worst as I knew the man would have no trouble shooting her with one, cold bullet, his head turned towards grey as she was now in our sight, \"NO\" I screamed \"STOP GREY, YOU STOP RIGHT THERE\" she obeyed my order and stopped before sitting quietly in the snow, the man turned to face me after he knew grey was going to be no trouble, he yanked the leash from out of my hand and told me to be still or else, he quickly walked towards grey who was just a few feet away from him.

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Never broken.

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