Never broken.

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A young girl called Rose, taken from her hometown whilst walking her dog through the Forrest.
You'll have to read to find out more:3

Chapter 11 (v.1) - Never Broken.

Submitted: March 30, 2013

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Submitted: March 30, 2013



He took me back out of the bath after making sure that every inch of my body was cleaned of blood and sweat and wrapped me in a large, white towel, he carried me back out of the bathroom, down the corridor and back into the room I had slept in.

The bed had been stripped and was now just a mattress and a frame, he placed me on the bed without saying a word as he walked back out of the room, I grabbed the towel and started to rub my hair In it before wrapping the towel back around my black and blue body.

It had been a few minutes before I heard footsteps getting closer, then I saw Jake and Tom enter the room, Jake had brought some underwear for me to wear, he placed it on the bed and told me to get it on, I felt a little nervous getting dressed in front of Tom and jake but told myself thr Tom had probably seen a million naked bodies as he was a doctor and Jake, well he had just given me a bath. I slid on the black and pink frilly underwear on and under the towel, as I reached for the bra before realising that Jake had it in his hands and was motioning to put it on me, He hooked my hands through the straps and brought it up to my chest, then moving round the back of me he fastened the 2 hooks, saving me the hassle I guess?

Jake then left the room and came back with a chair, he placed it beside the bed and sat down on it, he took my hand and held it in both of his. Tom asked me a number of questions and examined my body before telling Jake and myself that I had 2 broken ribs and a broken ankle and the rest of my injured body was just covered in cuts and bruises that should be Okay with a little sleep and care, he carried on for the next half hour putting a cast around my ankle and half way up my leg.

Jake then saw Tom to the door before he came back with a number of small boxes in his hand. "Tom left some medication for you to take, it'll help you get better" Jake said with a smile on his face, I opened my eyes wide to the fear of taking pills, I had never been able to take pills whatever the case and shook my head, He then sat on the bed next to me and said "c'mon rose, for me?" I again shook my head, but quickly stopped as I saw Andy's tall, muscular frame enter the room, he looked at me "Not gonna take your pills are we?" He said with a smirk, I didn't do anything as my fear stopped me from responding.

I thought that I would like Andy from the passionate kiss he had given me, but my thoughts changed now that I knew he was a dangerous man.

He walked over to Jake and snatched the boxes of pills out of his hands, andy looked at me with evil in his eyes and started walking towards me, Jake almost immediately stood up and grabbed Andy's shoulder "Don't you fucking touch her." Jake said in a cold, serious voice, Andy swung his arm around and punched Jake in the face, Jake stepped backwards from the force of the punch and quickly walked out of the room, slamming the door behind him.

Me and andy were now alone in the room, I wanted to scream, but I held on, not wanting to show any sign of fear, I just stared at him with cold, dead eyes.

Andy wasted no time taking 2 sheets of the different pills out of the boxes as he walked towards me, "open wide" he said in an angry tone, now holding some pills in his hand, I kept my lips sealed and carried on staring at him, "so it's gonna be that way is it?" He snapped at me and quickly sat on top of me, both his legs were bent up so he was in a kneeling position with me in between his legs, he had sat on my stomach trapping my arms underneath his legs. I had no way to protect myself, I had my legs but one of them was too heavy to move and the other, well…what use would one leg have? I was helpless, laying underneath his body, he quickly forced his index finger and thumb into my mouth and held my teeth open, I tried to bite down and shake my head as hard I could but he easily overpowered me, when he opened my mouth as far as it could go, he dropped all the pills into my mouth and quickly cupped his hand that was forcing my teeth apart over my mouth so I couldn't spit them back out, he then started to rub my throat with his other hand, I kept the pills in my mouth until they started to dissolve in my mouth and make a horrible taste, I couldn't take it anymore, there was no obvious way out of this situation, I shut my eyes tightly as I prepared to swallow the pills, there must have been about 4 or 5 pills in my mouth to swallow, I wanted to get it over with as quick as possible and I forced the pills down my throat all at the same time, it hurt like a bitch and the pain from the pills added to the pain from dehydration.

He placed his hands on my ribs and leaned towards me so that his face was only an inch or two away from mine "good little slut." He said with his teeth showing an evil smile before he pushed down hard on my ribs to get himself of me, he walked out of the room not bothering to shut the door as he knew that I couldn't walk.

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Never broken.

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