Never broken.

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A young girl called Rose, taken from her hometown whilst walking her dog through the Forrest.
You'll have to read to find out more:3

Chapter 12 (v.1) - Never Broken.

Submitted: March 31, 2013

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Submitted: March 31, 2013



I didn't know what pills Andy had given me but I felt the pain in my body numbing, painkillers maybe? But there must have been something else if be had given me 5 different pills.

I let my thoughts wonder for what felt like hours before hearing footsteps getting closer to my room, "Don't hurt me, please don't hurt me, DON'T HURT ME, NO! PLEASE, please, please…" tears tarted streaming down my face as the footsteps came to a halt, someone was in my room but I was to afraid to look. "Rose? Rose it's me, Jake" he said in a worried tone "I've brought you some food if you want it?" I opened my eyes and nodded my head, I was starving by now! He put the tray of food down on the chair next to the bed and walked out of the room to get clean pillows and a duvet, I looked down at the food, there was a large glass of orange juice, a packed of crisps and a sandwich, Jake came back into the room and propped me up with a number of pillows so that I was in a sitting position, he put the duvet over my legs and then placed the tray of food on my thighs, "thankyou" I said in a quiet voice, he sat on the bed and wiped the tears from my cheeks. I quickly dug into my food and ate it within seconds, not caring that he was watching me.

When I had finished all of the food, he took the tray and placed it onto the floor, he locked the door with him still in the room and then removed his t-shirt which had an asking Alexandria logo on the front, he slid it over my head and helped guide my arms through both sleeves before removing a few of the pillows from behind me and placing them under my cast for extra support leaving me now lying on my back, he now got in bed with me, he flicked off the lights as he pulled the duvet over himself and me and wrapped his arms around me.

I was surprised by his actions and lay there watching him as he quickly closed his eyes and let his dreams take over, now realising that be was going to sleep I rolled over so that my head was on his chest and joined him in his dreams.

IMPORTANT!! The next chapter will be set 4 months later!:3

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