Never broken.

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A young girl called Rose, taken from her hometown whilst walking her dog through the Forrest.
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Chapter 13 (v.1) - Never Broken.

Submitted: April 01, 2013

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Submitted: April 01, 2013



I had spent 4 months in that place, in that one room and bathroom, it felt like a prison and the only good thing in there was Jake, but I was t going to let him ruin my chances of escaping.

Jake had let me go to the bathroom to shower by myself for the past few weeks as I could walk now that my cast was off and my ankle was fine,he had probably began to trust me by now, I had taken the key to my room and locked him in there whilst he was still sleeping.

I walked along the corridor looking for the stairs, when I finally reached them at the end of the corridor I could see straight down them and had sight of the front door…it was wide open to let the house air out as the temperature was pretty hot this time of the year.

I took my chances as I silently snook down the stairs, making sure that none of the other guys were in sight before quickly walking over to the front door, I stood in the doorway and took in the fresh air and my new surroundings, there was an endless supply of corn fields and a large forest behind them, there was nobody outside and it was still pretty early in the morning.

I made sure that the door would lock behind me as I closed it silently before taking in a deep breath of the fresh air and then running for my life, I shortly reached a large corn field and ran straight through the middle of it, there wasn't a sound when I stopped to calm my breathing when I realised there was nobody after me. I carried on walking through the corn trying to make as little damage to the corn as I could incase they noticed I was gone and tried to track me down.

I had been gone for what felt roughly 20 minutes and was still wondering through the corn field before I suddenly reached, the fence, it was the fence I had ran into when they had first taken me, without hesitation I touched it, to test if it was still working or not, but it was, before I could do anything about the fact that I had a 12 foot tall electric fence blocking my path and the forest was just over it, I heard Jakes voice in the distance, then followed by Tim's, Andy's, Mitches and Ashley's voices, each one of them calling my name, my heart started racing as I now knew that they were looking for me.

I ran beside the fence, hoping there would be a gate of some sort to free me from this hell hole, but my hopes were short lived as I now heard dogs barking, I never knew that they had dogs, but by the sound of it, they did and lots of them.

I tried to run faster and faster beside the fence until my whole world shattered right in front of my eyes as I tripped and fell flat on my face, there must have been around 9 to 10 German shepards that quickly surrounded me and growled, some of them were snapping at me, some howling and some still barking.

While I lay on the floor, I remembered what Grey had taught me when I was still at home, she had taught me that no matter what, any dog would be silenced by the pack leaders howl, she had also taught me to make my own howl that sounded very familiar to a pack leaders, in a desperate attempt to get away, I let out the loudest, most power fullest howl I had ever done before and to my surprise the dogs became silenced.

I quickly got back onto my feet and again started running, I could now hear the engine of a car getting closer and closer and thought to myself 'they really don't want me to get away do they?'

I tried to run faster but the black van had soon caught up to me, plowing through the 7 feet tall corn field, the van was now only about a meter away and it stayed that way for a long time, I ran for the next few minutes before I became tired and started to slow down to a steady stop.

I then heard both the back doors and the driver and pass anger doors open, I now looked up to see all 5 guys walking towards me, including Jake, who was trailing at the back with his head down, but before I could do anything Mitch and Ashley had hold of one arm each and held them out to the side, stopping me from struggling, Tim was right behind me, he had hold of my hair to keep my head up and to stop me falling, I now looked Andy dead in the face as he formed both his hands into fists, I closed my eyes knowing what was going to happen, I felt a heavy punch to the face and then the stomach "you're not gonna escape again are you slut?" Andy said through his teeth "Fuck you" I spat out at him, he started to laugh "well then we're gonna have to teach you a lesson aren't we?" He said with a large smile on his face, I received a last punch to my face as I began to black out.

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