Never broken.

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A young girl called Rose, taken from her hometown whilst walking her dog through the Forrest.
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Chapter 14 (v.1) - Never Broken.

Submitted: April 01, 2013

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Submitted: April 01, 2013



I couldn't see anything when I woke up, I think I had a blindfold over my eyes that prevented me from seeing, I tried to scream but then realised when no sound came out that I must have tape over my mouth again, I now tried to move my arms and legs, I could easily move my legs even though I was in a kneeling position, but as I tried to move my arms, they didn't budge.

I soon came to the conclusion that my hands are tied together by a rope that was attached to the ceiling, causing my arms to be above my head, I'm kneeling down with tape and a blindfold on, it's pitch black and I'm wearing nothing but a thong.
A few minutes pass before I hear the door open and footsteps approaching me, I start to struggle against the rope that was holding me up before the blindfold was snatched from my face "it's time to play bitch" I could tell from the accent that it was andy, a spotlight had been turned on, causing the room to be black everywhere apart from me.

I now stand up and pull on the rope in a desperate attempt to get away again, "now now, there's no need for any of that little girl." Andy said with a laugh before thrashing his whip on the ground, he was going to whip me, I knew that now.
I dropped back to my knees and looked at the ground, quickly feeling his hand cover my boob, he felt them for a little while before slapping one causing me to whimper in pain as he removed the tape from my mouth and then thrashed his whip closer to my body this time.
I kept my head down staring at the floor as he started to untie my hands, almost immediately after my hands were free he told me to take off his pants and underwear, I hesitates before lightly grabbing the top of his pants, I pulled them down about and inch before I quickly stood up, placed my hands on his shoulder and kneed him in the crotch.

He made a low growling noise, like a dog would if angered and grabbed his crotch, I took my chance and ran for the door, I grabbed the handle and started twisting as hard as I could until I heard it open, but it was too late, Andy was now very close behind me when I felt a sharp pain that spread over my whole back and fell to the ground, pushing the door open and screaming as I fell.
I opened my eyes briefly and saw jake, he was sat outside of the room sitting on the floor, he looked at me as if he was going to cry, but within seconds I felt my mouth being covered and my body being lifted up from the ground, the door slammed shut as I was thrown back onto the ground before Andy whipped me again on the back, "Do as I say you little slut or its the whip that you'll be facing" andy said in an angry tone, I kneeled back up and willingly pulled his pants and underwear down around his ankles, he shook them of with his feet as I looked at his huge, erect cock.

"Go on" he said "taste it", I shook my head and closed my mouth, he gave me a few seconds to change my mind before aggressively grabbing a handful of my hair and forcing his cock down my throat, I tried to scream but it was too late, his cock was huge and was at the back of my throat by now, I gasped desperately for air as he kept pushing his cock further and further down my throat, he then began thrusting in and out of my mouth going deeper and deeper with each thrust, my throat was in so much pain, I swear it could have probably bled. I struggled helplessly for a few minutes as be pushed his cock down my throat over and over again, I saw that the only way out would be to use my teeth, I bit down as hard I could, pulled away from his cock and grabbed the whip that he held tightly in his hand, hoping I could control him instead of the other way around, he again growled at me, a little louder than before and then laughed at my pathetic actions, he kicked me back to the ground, he kicked me in the ribs once and then focused on the whip, he repeatedly whipped my naked body as I screamed and cried "I told you this is what would happen If you didn't do as I say." He said In a calm voice.
He turned me on my front and whipped my ass, I screamed out in pain as he turned me back and started bringing his cock closer to my mouth, I lay still until his face was closer to mine and when it was within distance, I spat in his eye "what the fuck do you think you're doing" he shouted and slapped me across the face.

He quickly pulled me back up by my hair and forced his cock as deep as it could go down my throat which was now painfully stretching and contracting, trying to push his cock back out, he seemed to enjoy the contracting of my throat so I stopped and lay motionless on the floor while he pumped in and out of me, it took him a little while longer of forcing me to deep throat until he finally came about half way down my throat, his hot load dribbled down my throat and Into my stomach as he walked out of the room.

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Never broken.

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