Never broken.

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A young girl called Rose, taken from her hometown whilst walking her dog through the Forrest.
You'll have to read to find out more:3

Chapter 16 (v.1) - Never Broken.

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Submitted: April 01, 2013



I could no longer trust anyone.
I had been raped by 3 men in 4 months.
I needed to escape for good and get back home, my dad would be home soon, I wonder if mum had told him yet, mum, how was she coping with this and grey...did grey run after the van? Did she run back home? Or worst of all, did they kill her? I had no clue.

"BRING THE SLUT TO ME JAKE!" I heard Andy shout up the stairs with an almost excited voice, jake walked Into my room and next to the bed, he placed his head next to mine and started removing the chains "we lost our virginity together, now we are one, we will be together forever, when I get enough money from my dad we are gonna live together, get married and we will die together." He said with a cold voice.
"Your dad approves of his?" I whispered, my throat killed from Andy's performance, "my dad! Aha my dad had his dick down your throat a few hours ago!" Jake now laughed as he picked me up off the bed and started carrying me bridal style down the corridor and stairs then into a large, fancy room, Andy was sat on a large chair infront of the Television, he had it paused on the news channel.
Andy was jakes dad, it almost made me sick the way a father and son could do this…together.
Jake sat down on a chair with me on his lap and looked at the tv "watch!" Andy said as he picked up the remote and pressed play, I wasn't all that Interested in the news but today was different, I immediately turned my head as I heard my name "Rose connie grey" a sweet, professional Voice said as a video started to play, the video showed our forest and outside of the house "Rose was taken from this forest just a few meters away from her home whilst taking her dog for a walk, she was taken 4 months ago, local police estimate there were around 5 men that took her in the space of around 30 minutes, evidence of hair, faint footprints and skid marks on the road from the fleeing vehicle have been found but for now, lets see what her mother and father have to say about this."
The video of the road now disappeared, tears now formed in my eyes as I stood up to watch the tv, my mum and dad appeared in the screen, dad was in his uniform and had his arm around my mum who was crying her eyes out, she looked like she hadn't had sleep in years, "I don't know who you are or what the hell you think you are doing, but if you have our baby, just know that you're getting locked up for many years buddy." My mum said through her tears with a serious, cold tone.
"Rose, hunny we're going to find you and bring you home, don't you be scared, you don't show any fear to these bastards, you hang in there for just a few more days okay? And if you are watching we love you, we love you so so much, remember that." My dad said with a single tear rolling down his cheek, my mum was too involved in crying as she nodded along with what he said.
The screen now changed onto pictures of the town that I lived near, there we're posters and billboards with my face on them and 'MISSING' in big red letters, the news woman now carried on "Rose's parents have spent months on trying to find her, they've sent posters and billboards to their family all over the world, please, if you have any information about Rose and where she is then please ring this number, if you also wish to own these posters and billboards in your own town then please visit this website."
The Tv now turned off and I felt jakes arms wrap around my body, "Get...OFF OF ME!" I screamed as I punched any part of his body that my fists could get to.
He held me tighter as I lost my energy and grabbed his shirt to cry into.

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Never broken.

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