Never broken.

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A young girl called Rose, taken from her hometown whilst walking her dog through the Forrest.
You'll have to read to find out more:3

Chapter 17 (v.1) - Never Broken.

Submitted: June 24, 2013

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Submitted: June 24, 2013



I quickly stopped crying, remembering what my dad had said "We better get this money ready for you and her to move out of here and become a couple, also we gotta do something about the hair and eyes, make sure no one will recognise her." Andy said with an evil smile playing on his face, Jake nodded and smiled down at me before quickly carrying me upstairs to take a shower and get some clothes on.

Over the months I had been bought my own clothes to wear and decided to wear tights, my knee high converse which they had let me keep and an oversized BMTH shirt. I put on my usual makeup which was black eyeliner that covered around my eyes and a light cover of foundation.

Jake walked in the room just as I had finished up, he placed one hand on my ass and another on my waist then started kissing me, he pecked me on my lips before going in for the long, passionate kiss with tongues and everything, catching me off guard he started repositioning his hands, his left hand that was resting on my waist slowly slid down so he could get his hand in my shirt, I soon felt his cold touch running along my ribs up towards my small C sized breasts, his hand went beneath my black laced bra and cupped my right breast, pinching and twisting at my nipple whilst the other slid forward from my ass, quickly reaching down my panties, he began rubbing my already wet clit making me wetter, going faster and faster, I was close to orgasm as he pushed his index and next finger into my Pussy and began pushing on my G-spot, I now started to moan loudly as I came closer and closer, he finally started fingering me as fast as his hand could go, still involved in the long kiss I let out a loud moan which almost turned into a scream as my body shuddered all over as I at last reached a huge orgasm.
"I love you" Jake said as he pulled his hand out of my panties "rrr my god" I said still half moaning, I lowered my head and placed it on his lips, he gently kissed my forehead before I dug my nails into his back and kissed him, I now felt in control for the first time I had been here, but that control lived only a few seconds as Jake pulled me away and let out a little laugh "c'mon babe, I've got you a little something downstairs in the back" he said with a smile.

He grabbed my hand and now led me down the corridoor past a number of open doors, "YES JAKE!" I turned my head to see who it was, Mitch was sat on his bed smiling at me, I smiled back feeling good about myself as we carried on walking I noticed Jake was smiling to himself, shortly after hearing Micth we now heard a different voice "Get in there you little fucker!" Ashley said to jake as we passed his room, me and jake simultaneously laughed.
We finally reached the bottom of the stairs before hearing Tim's voice in the kitchen "You wanna make a little more noise next time Rose?" He said sarcastically.
Me and jake still smiling from Ashley's comment were now walking through the front door, we both stopped as we stepped outside the door "Russia sure is beautiful don't you think?" Jake said in a calm voice "RUSSIA!" I almost screamed, Russia was over 6000 miles away from my hometown in Scotland. He laughed a yes before he carried on walking me, I looked around as he led me to my 'surprise'.
I could see that the corn fields had been Harvested, the only thing left now was a large fertilised field, a chain linked fence that cut off the land from the outside forest that I had tried to flee for, the black van was parked just outside of the house and lastly a large heap of sleeping dogs, mostly German Shepards were silently lay on the sandy ground.

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Never broken.

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