Never broken.

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A young girl called Rose, taken from her hometown whilst walking her dog through the Forrest.
You'll have to read to find out more:3

Chapter 4 (v.1) - Never Broken.

Submitted: March 24, 2013

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Submitted: March 24, 2013



When i woke up from the sleepless dream that i was having, my head was being nudged slightly by what seemed to be a mans chest.
I opened my eyes wider as they were a little blury from the light that shone in them from the sky and found myself being carried bridal style, looking up at the man who had the guns chin, he had taken the black scarf from his mouth and i could see his expressionless face.
I wasn't sure where he was taking me but I decided that I should try and put up a fight.

From all of the trees and snow i could see around us, I gathered that we were still in the forest and if I escaped now that i may have a good chance of getting home alive.
I tried moving my hands but soon realised that the cheeky bugger had used the scarf to tie my wrists and legs together, there was no point in trying to struggle against them as i could feel how tight they were just from laying there and feeling my pulse against my skin.
However he hadn't done anything about my mouth, I took a deep breath to prepare a scream for my mothers help, as soon as i did so the man who was carying me looked down, it was almost as if he was looking inside my soul.
His dead eyes glared into mine for a few moments as he carried on walking, then in one swift movement he raised his arm that was benethe my shoulder blades so that we were literally face to face.
Before i gathered what was happening his lips locked onto mine, the force of his now raised arm prevented me from pulling away, then what felt like years, he slowly slipped his tongue into my mouth and started massgaing my tongue with his.
He slid his tongue across mine all the way to the back of my throat, so much so that he could almost lick my tonsils and slid his tongue back too the opening of my mouth as if he were going to pull away and finish, he did this over and over before I soon gave in, closed my eyes and started to kiss him back.
Our tongues danced around eachothers taking quick turns on massaging eachothers tongues and opening our mouths simultaniously for breaths of air.
I had no idea how long this went on for but i sure as hell wasn't complaining. The taste of his saliva mixing together with mine was almost turning me on.

He abruptly stopped his walking and pulled his face away from mine, leaving me to want more as the other 4 men overtook him, i followed the 4 men now infront of me with my eyes as they walked to the black van that the 2 small guys had arrived in, both back doors of the van were being opened by the man that i had punched in the crotch and the man who called the 2 guys in the van to come.

As soon as both doors were opened i found myself being placed just behind the drivers seat by the man who had carried me here, there was what seemed to be a chained link fence that seperated the drivers and the passangers seat from the back of the van, my hopes of being safe with the man who had just finished giving me the best kiss i would ever receive in my life in the van soon ended as he turned his back on me and got out of the van, he stood a few feet away from the back doors of the van and stared into my eyes before saying \"Thanks for the help tim, appreciate it\" in a pleased tone to the biggest man who i had punched in the balls..Tim. He wasn't big in a fat way, i should say that he was the tallest out of the 5 men, he gave a half smile in return and slumped down his head as he got into the back of the van with me.
The other man who was on his mobile earlier closed both of the back doors before i could hear him and the man who had kissed me quickly walk away talking with muffled voices.

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Never broken.

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