Never broken.

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A young girl called Rose, taken from her hometown whilst walking her dog through the Forrest.
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Chapter 5 (v.1) - Never Broken.

Submitted: March 24, 2013

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Submitted: March 24, 2013



It was quite dark in the back of the van before 'Tim' as i knew him, flicked a switch on the roof of the van which turned a small light on in the middle of the roof.
I could now see quite clearly, there was a matress which almost filled the whole of the floor of the back of the van, a black douvet and a couple of pillows and some posters of half naked women on the inside walls of the back of the van, this had obviously never been touched by a girl ever before and was not the slightest appealing apart from the posters, which made me slightly aroused due to my attraction to all both genders.

I could now also see clearly what Tim looked like, he was wearing a black T-shirt (short sleeved) which barely hid his muscles that were bulging out of his shirt, he obviously worked out which scared me a little knowing that i had no chace of overpowering him if he tried anything, he wore blue, wripped, baggy jeans and black, shiny boots. He had short black hair and light grey eyes which were now staring at me.

He moved towards me and placed my hair behind my left ear, he then whispered into my ear with a calm but stern tone in his voice \"Don't you dare move a muscle.\" That short sentence was enough to bring fear into my system as i jerked my head to the side, facing away from him.

He then got a pair of scissors and started cutting away at the scarf that had been tyed around my arms and legs, circulation quickly rushed back into my hands and feet as they were now free, i knew that he was about 5 times the size of me but in a desperate attempt to escape, I jumped up and did a quick few steps towards the back of the van, ignoring the pain in my ankle, i reached the doors and desperatley yanked both handles trying to escape, to my suprise one of the handles clicked and openned the door, i took a long deep breath of the fresh, cold air before i felt a thick, cold, heavy chain wrap around my neck, pull me down to the floor of the van and drag me back towards the chained fence.

\"little help Mitch?\" Tim said in a now angry tone, Mich immediatley grabbed both ends of the chain through the fence either side of my neck and attached them together through the other side.
I now had no hope of moving again, Tim slammed the back door shut, then quickly moving towards me he openned a pack of cable ties, he tied each of my wrists to the bottom of the fence causing me to choke and have to raise my head upwards to be able to breath, i then felt him pulling both of my feet out to the side of me and somehow tying my feet to the floor of the van.

I soon felt very vulnerable and exposed as Tim had a full veiw of my black, laced thong that i was wearing, i jerked both of my legs in an attempt to close them and hide it.
Mitch soon realised that i was strapped in securley and loosened the chain a little so that i could now face Tim and breath with no difficulty.
I soon noticed Tim was sat across from me on the matress, he was staring down between my legs with delight, a second passed before he teasingly licked his lips and lowered one of his hands to his crotch, i followed his hand downwards with my eyes and noticed the huge bulge down one of the legs of his jeans, i gasped in shock and fear that he was going to rape me right there and then, this bulge was honestly bigger than a ginie pig if you were going to compare it.
He lightly rubbed up and down his bulge, making him breath heavy and close his eyes, he was quickly interupted by the the sound of a fast car zoom past the van, the van shortly afterwards, came to life and started to move, the force of the movement sent Tim flying backwards, causing him to hit his head on the back of the van, before i could realise, a huge grin had appeared on my face, pleased to know that Tim was now hurting, however my grin soon dissapeared as i noticed Tim's huge hand flying towards my face to slap me, the force of the slap left a bright red hand mark almost instantly on the side of my face followed my a pleased tone \"little bitch\" as Tim said directly to me.

Tim quickly lay down on the matress, bringing the douvet over his giant figure, his head placed (but not looking up) directly inbetween my legs on a few pillows, \"CLOSE THE BLIND WILL YOU?\" he shouted in a now tired tone of voice.

I heard a loud rattling noise as a black shutter was brought down on the drivers section of the van, shorty followed by the flicking of the light switch that caused the back of the van turn pitch black.
Tim was soon sleeping silently on his matress, the only noise i could hear was the purr of the engine as we quickly sped up the road that linked to my driveway, i guessed the 2 men, Ashley and Mitch were busy driving to wherever we were going to, too busy to speak, not that i would hear them anyway.

I soon felt my eyelids becoming heavy and i closed them, not wanting to drift into a sleep but taking it as the only thing that would pass the time, i let my mind take me into my dreams.

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Never broken.

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