Never broken.

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A young girl called Rose, taken from her hometown whilst walking her dog through the Forrest.
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Chapter 9 (v.1) - Never Broken.

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Submitted: March 29, 2013



I grabbed his hand with both of my small, childlike hands as my feet were moving as fast as I could make them as the hand dragged my hair back trough the grass to the way I had ran, longer peices of grass kept whipping my face as the hand pulled me along. I wasn't sure which man was pulling me, but I could tell by how hard and fast his feet were hitting the ground that he was not a happy bunny.

\"You shouldn't have done that you stupid little bitch, you're in a lot of fucking trouble now.\" I could tell from the volume of the voice was that it wasn't the man pulling me, but the man now walking beside me and I could tell from the slight accent that he had, it was Andy. I had a suspicion that he was Russian, I had learnt a bit of Russian by myself as many different language always seemed fascinated me by the way they sounded, the accent that andy had seemed to sound familiar to the Russian videos that I had watched to help me learn. But I doubted that it really mattered what nationality he was.

I now knew that it was Tim who was pulling me roughly by my hair which I didn't appreciate but in a way, I deserved it for punching Andy's carefully sculpted face and probably making it bruise.

We were shortly clear of the tall grass and now quickly walking on a gravel like surface.

I could now hear both of the men's and my own footsteps grinding on the gravel, crushing it with their weight as I struggled to keep my footing kicking and tripping on the gravel. We had been walking for a good few minutes when an automatic, outdoor light had turned on and was now shining on us before I heard what sounded like a large door being unbolted and opened by someone from the inside, Andy and Tim carried on walking, our footsteps were soon silenced as we walked onto another, smoother and much shinier surface, I guessed it was marble? But it didn't matter.

After taking a few steps onto the marble like floor, the hand pushed my head down with such force that I was thrown onto the cold, hard ground. Andy and Tim carried on walking, leaving me lying on the ground \"move and you're dead bitch\" Andy said loudly and strictly. I lay still on the ground, luon my body was in such pain that I could of blacked out again, but I held on, not wanting to show any sign of weakness, my breathing was shallow and almost non existent.

My body flinched as a surprised voice almost screaming said \"Jesus fucking Christ what did they do to you!\" To my surprise it sounded strangely male, I then felt a soft touch of a hand grab my upper arm, I immediately flinched away from his touch and covered my face with my hands \"PLEASE DON'T HURT ME\" I screamed, now bursting into tears and curling up into a ball, trying to block out the world and escape the pain, I heard the sound of footsteps quickly walking to where I was lay \"what the fuck Andy?\" The new voice said in a disappointed tone, \"what?\" Andy said in a calm voice as he shrugged, \"look at her, she might as well me buried 100 feet underground in a coffin, she's almost dead!\" The new voice said, I heard footsteps walk away as andy replied \"you take care of her then\".

Me and the new voice were now alone together \"please don't hurt me\" I whispered through my tears, \"don't be scared of me, My names jake, and you are?\" He said in a calm, reassuring voice, I opened my fingers and peaked through them to see his face, he had long, black, straight hair, blue eyes and the palest, clearest skin I had ever seen \"Rose.\" I whispered in a now calm voice, a smile appeared on his face \"that's a beautiful name rose\" he said happily as he reached his arms out, I closed my fingers to again hide my face, I felt one arm go just under my shoulder blades and the other guide its way just under my thighs, he lifted me up without a problem and started carrying me bridal style, I discreetly peeked through my diners and stared at him, I felt safe with jake and didn't care where I was going now, but before I knew it, I was placed down on a large king sized bed and he then walked away, I watched him as he left the room before quickly returning with a black material in his hand \"hope you like Black veil brides\" he said with a smile on his face as he placed the material on my lap, I picked it up, realising it was a t-shirt so held it up by the shoulders and stared at it, it was a large band t-shirt with the black veil brides album cover on the front. \"Take of your clothes and wear that, then try and get some sleep will you?\" He said with a smile on his face, I looked into his beautiful eyes and nodded my head slightly as he walked out of the room once more, locking it behind him and not returning.

I took a short moment to look around the room I was now locked in, there was a large, black chandler hanging from the ceiling which was turned on, the walls were black along with the fluffy carpet which was also black, there were 3 connected windows on the wall to the right of me and only piece of furniture in the room was the bed I was sat up on.

I then turned back to the shirt I had been given, I placed it next to me as I removed my own shirt and tights, I threw them on the floor, leaving on my bra and thong, I slipped on the t-shirt, pulled the fluffy white covers up over my head and lay down curled up.

I closed my swollen eyes and let my body rest at last.

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