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Chapter 2

Well whatever it was I couldn't stop thinking about her, her pretty pink lips and slightly squinted eyes, her light brown flowing hair and her winter uniform. She always wore the school shirt, jumper, skirt and tights. She also wore a scarf. She was perfect in every way. She had no flaws that I could see. She was my dream girl and I hope that she someday finds me as her dream guy. After only a few minutes Mel pulled up and put the car on park, she looked back at us and Connor greased her off \"get out I’m going to John's house.\" She said as me and Connor got out of the car. We both ran for the house and walked inside. I saw Connor's mum in the kitchen cooking dinner. She looked at us as we came in drenched. She sighed and pointed to our shoes; Connor rolled his eyes and kicked his shoes off, and did the same as we both headed for Connor's room. \"Jayson, are you staying for dinner sweetie?\" she asked and I thought about it then decided I liked Connor's mums cooking much better than my mums. I looked at her and nodded \"yes, thanks\" I said as she smiled and I walked into Connor's room. Connor was on his bed setting up the PlayStation. I sat down next to him on the bed and grabbed a remote and plugged it in then grabbed another and did the same. When we finished setting it up we out in 'grand theft auto san andreas' and began playing. We liked playing this one because it happened to be two player. He was the main guy and I was always the cop. After a while we heard his mum call out to us from the kitchen \"Connor, Jayson, dinner\" she yelled as we both walked out. We sat at the table with our steaming plates of fried rice already sitting there. Jayson and I began shoveling food in our mouths as Connor's father came out. He sat down next to Connor's mum and began eating in the same way as me and Connor. Then Connor's younger sister Stacy and younger brother Devon came out. Devon sat next to me and Stacy sat next to Connor. Stacy looked at me, Connor and Connor's father and scowled. \"Mummy why do they all have to eat like that?\" She asked as her mother shrugged \"because they're guys\" she said and Stacy nodded. Then she looked at Devon \"but Devon eats like a gentleman why can't they?\" She asked and Connor's mum laughed \"because Devon learned from me not your father.\" She explained and Stacy nodded and began eating. They had the perfect family. The kid’s ages were spread out enough so that they didn't have to deal with arguments as often. Mel was the oldest being 24, Connor next being 16, Devon next being 13 and Stacy the youngest being 5. They had a nice family house in a nice family street. They had visits from family every week or so. Not mine. I had 4 kids also. James oldest being 18, Charlie next being 17, Me next being 16 and Alexander next being 15. We all fought all the time. About anything and everything whether it was about who was the 'hottest' or about who did the dishes that night we'd find a way to argue about it. Especially me, Alex and James. Charlie didn't really fight much mostly because he and James were like a team. If someone had a disagreement with Charlie James would step in. My mum married some loser with hardly any money but he knows how to shut us up when we fight. And we live in a street where junkies hang out in the street in the middle of the night. They drink, do drugs and smash things and the police are usually called in. I hated it but we didn't have the money to move anywhere else.


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