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Chapter 4

After about an hour I heard the front door open to see Charlie walk into the lounge room and push Alex and me over and sit down next to me. Alex got up and I moved over to allow more room for Charlie to sit. James came out of the kitchen and saw Charlie and immediately his eyes lit up. Charlie had his eyes closed and James ran over to him and swung his arm around him. This seemed to startle Charlie as Charlie jumped and then they both laughed at him. James looked at me then kicked me softly on the knee. I rolled my eyes and looked at him \"what?\" I snapped and James grinned \"have a nice time?\" He asked and I raised my eyebrow at him. James always liked to insist I was having a secret love with Connor. He and Charlie laughed \"any way, so Charlie why didn't Becks come?\" He asked and Charlie shrugged \"her dad didn't want her to.\" Charlie explained and James made the loudest gasp I’d ever heard in my life. Charlie chuckled and his brown fringe went over his eyes as he flicked it away \"well her dad's an idiot\" James said in a Spanish accent and Charlie nodded and replied with a Spanish accent also \"yes but who didn't know that James?\" He asked and James shrugged. Then they both shot me angry glances and James kicked me again, this time harder but I didn't budge. James kicked harder and this time it really did hurt as I let out a loud 'ow' and they both laughed. \"Ok now seriously Jayson nobody wants you here, or anywhere else.\" James said as Charlie laughed loudly \"yeah Connor must get paid a lot from you to wanna be your friend. No wonder we hardly have any money.\" Charlie said and I rolled my eyes \"Charlie you can't talk, Becks was obviously lying to you pretending that she wasn't allowed to come out but infact the truth is that she hates you and she's waiting for the right time to break it off with you.\" I said and James's face imediently changed as did Charlie’s. James looked so angry now his face was going red from anger and Charlie’s looked as if he was considering that possibility. James breathed in then spoke \"Jayson, how does it feel? How does it feel when the girl you love love's your best friend?\" James said calmly but I could hear the insulting and intimidating tone in his voice as he spoke.

I could feel tears trying to force their way out but I wouldn't let them. I kept calm and spoke as calmly as I could \"well answer me this James, answer why she wants to meet with me after school tomorrow?\" James glared at me as I spoke then he shrugged \"who knows why anyone would want to speak with you.\" James said and Charlie laughed \"actually James I think he's lying\" Charlie said and James nodded then they both looked at me \"you lying to us Jayson?\" James asked and I raised an eyebrow at then and shook my head \"why would I lie to you?\" I asked and Charlie shrugged as James spoke \"because you want to win our love.\" He and Charlie laughed and I sighed.  Then Jack came in and stood there watching them laugh \"you guys aren’t arguing are you?\" He said as Charlie looked up at him and James looked at me and smirked \"no\" he said and Jack crossed his arms without moving his legs and creased his eyebrows. He shook his head \"yes you are now you're lying to me, Charles, James and Jayson come with me imediently.\" He said as we all got up. He headed out the back and into the shed where he lead us inside and closed the door with him still in. It was now too dark to see anything until Jack shined a torch and grabbed Charlie's wrist. I saw the fear in Charlie's face as we all knew what he was about to do. Jack grabbed down a big meter ruler and slapped it hard across Charlie's arm. He hit it again and again and again and again until it broke the skin and started bleeding ever so slightly. Then he slapped it across Charlie’s face hard twice and then let him go. He then grabbed James and did the same thing but harder. Charlie was holding his arm with tears in his eyes watching as he hit James. He hit it until his arm started bleeding then grabbed me. I closed my eyes tight as he hit me harder than he did the other two. He always believed I started all the fights we had. So he hit me the hardest. He hit me as I felt the pain spread towards my chest and realized he was hitting me chest area. I let him knowing that if I fought back he's hit harder and more times. He finished then threw me on the floor and stormed out cursing under his breath. Charlie and James looked at me as I stood up. It didn't take a genius to figure out that Alex was Jack's favorite because he was the youngest. Another thing you might be wondering, why don't you tell someone? Well we tried but Jack's a cop and he knows how to hide evidence from experience so because of the rule 'innocent till proven guilty' we were stuck until mum decided to dump his ass. I rubbed my saw and we all headed inside. I went in my room and shut my door but left the light off. My room was more 'homey' with it off. I walked over to my tiny bed in the middle of my tiny room and sat down and played one of my mixed CD's with people like James Blunt and all those old bands and singers. I loved the old music because it reminded me of how things used to be. I missed when my mum didn't get drunk every time she felt she needed to. I missed when she had my dad to keep her company in the day. I missed, I missed my dad.

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i love this u should update made me cry a little

Mon, July 4th, 2011 4:55am


:D thankyou for your feedback i'll update it soon

Mon, July 4th, 2011 12:50am

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