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Chapter 4

 In the morning I got up and walked out into the kitchen to see Jack already gone. I sat down at the table to see my mum not awake yet. James came out and looked at me \"what are you waiting for breakfast you should know by now we don't get that unless were lucky\" James said as he lifted up couch cushions. I didn't remember I forgot Jack didn't earn enough money to feed us properly. I walked into the bathroom to have a shower when Alex came in and got undressed. I got undressed also and turned on the shower and hopped in as did he. We also had to have a shower with someone in the mornings. Not at night because we were lucky enough that Jack let us. I grabbed shampoo and put the thick liquid in my hand and rubbed it into my scalp. Alex did the same and then he washed it out and grabbed the conditioner, I stood there waiting for him to use it as he handed it to me then washed the conditioner out of his thick brown hair. I massaged the condoner into my scalp then washed it out.

I got out leaving Alex in as I dried off then wrapped the towel around my thin waist and walked into my room to get dressed. I grabbed out my trousers, school shirt and jumper and threw them on. I looked very sophisticated in my uniform because going to school made me care about my experience. I walked into the bathroom to see Alex still in as I did my hair. I turned on the straightener and started straightening my thin blonde hair. When I was done I walked out and sat at the table and watched James and Charlie lift at the cushions looking for spare change to spend at the canteen. So far I could see they found 20 cents. Not enough to buy anything at school. You need at least 60 cents to buy a dim sim or an icy pole. Charlie lifted up a cushion and I saw a $5 note \"found something!\" He yelled as James turned around and wrapped his arm around a very satisfied looking Charlie. James glared at me \"you ask me for some at lunch\" he said rolling his eyes as Charlie shoved the $5 note in his pocket. I stood up as Alex made his way over to Charlie and James. I grabbed my school bag and threw it over my shoulders as we all headed out the door to walk to school. Usually mum would take is but when she wasn't well or something we had to walk. Mum liked to act as if she was the best and nicest women on the planet but she wasn't. Okay maybe she was but she was drunk half the time and when she was it wasn't pretty.

James looked at Alex and spoke with an irritating tone in his voice \"so Alexander what have you got planned for today? more se-\" Alex pushed him \"shut up!\" Yelled Alex as he stormed ahead of us. James shrugged as he turned to face me instead \"what about you what are planning to do with Jessica?\" He asked and I raised an eyebrow but not looking at him \"you mean Jacinta?\" I asked and he nodded. I shrugged \"not what you're thinking\" I said as Charlie laughed \"you sure, I know you want to\" Charlie said and I imagined shoving them both on the road next time a truck came by. I ignored them when James shoved me \"oi Charlie's talking to you.\" He said and I looked at Charlie and shook my head and decided to answer his question \"No\" I said \"I don't\" I said answering his question and Charlie shrugged and James grinned as they both walked in front of me. I saw the school ahead and saw that Alex had ran ahead of us and was already there. I saw Connor walk over to him and then Alex pointed to me and Connor walked over to me, Charlie and James. He nodded at them and walked behind them to me. He smiled \"hey\" he said and I smiled also \"hi\" I said as we walked towards the school. He looked at Charlie and James \"they giving you a hard time again?\" He asked and I nodded as he rolled his eyes \"and Alex? He giving you trouble?\" He said I shook my head \"not him he's too tired to bag anyone in the mornings.\" I explained as my tummy rumbled. Connor seemed to hear it as he reached into his pocket and grabbed out a chocolate and shoved it in my hand. I looked at it then looked at him and shook my head and tried giving it back but he didn't let me \"no, mate take it you're starving you never have breakfast and I brought that for you anyway, my mum picked it out after I told her that you were always hungry at school because you never had breakfast.\" Connor said and I felt tears begin to form in my eyes. It was always good to know that another family cared about you a lot more than your own. I began unwrapping it then threw the paper on the ground and shoved the chocolate in my mouth. I felt the caramel fill my tongue and the chocolate slowly melting on the surface of my tongue as I swallowed. I took another bigger bite and did the same thing. Connor watched me with fascination and then chuckled. I looked at him and raised an eyebrow at him \"what?\" I asked and he smiled and pointed over my shoulder to Sylvia Monk and Demi Triskin dancing together and singing loudly. Connor had a huge crush on Sylvia sense grade 6. I had to admit she was a sight. Blue eyes, platinum blonde hair with a full fringe, skinny waist and long legs. She was much taller than me or Connor. James turned around and saw me eating the chocolate then turned to Connor \"where's mine?\" He asked and Connor shrugged \"I don't know maybe it's up your ass\" he said as Charlie walked over to him and went right in Connor's face \"we don't get any breakfast either\" Charlie said as I heard his tummy rumble. I rolled my eyes \"you got $5\" I said and Charlie looked at me then walked back over to James as they both walked away from us.

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I really liked your word choice. You are a very good writer, it was really good :)

Fri, July 8th, 2011 12:52am


Thankyou so much for reading it, and thankyou also for your feedback, much apreciated :D

Mon, July 11th, 2011 5:30am


jaysons brothers are total A-holes just lik their step dad anywayz great novel love how its written and everything. keeep up the great work.

Mon, July 11th, 2011 2:15pm


I know lol I made them to be that way :3 and thankyou for your feedback I apreciate it :p

Fri, July 15th, 2011 8:09pm

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